Saturday, January 30

For the Love of books and Beautiful Creatures!

Lots of us are here because we felt in love with Twilight in the first place, which was a book that immediately hooked you. Same happened with Beautiful Creatures.

I will keep spoilers to a minimum and just try to explain what makes this book and his character so intriguing , lovely and just a Must-Read.

Why do I love the book:

Ethan: He is the main character and the whole story is written from his point if view. He's sweet sixteen and a normal guy who lives in a tiny town in the South. His mom died and his father is a writer who looked himself into his room after the death of his wife. Although he is raised in a small town, he is different and tries to hide it from his friends and just appears like every one of the other kids in town. He is strong and has personality and clearly is not small minded like most of the kids and people in town!

Lena: She is the new girl, she is mysterious and extremely beautiful. And because she is new and different everyone hates her right from the beginning. She is fascinating because she is clearly different and one has no clue what makes her so different. She moves in with her Uncle who is apparently the creepies and weirdest person in town. She wears a necklace with tons of junk on it, which I found so lovely! :)

Apart from the main characters there are some secondary character which are as much as important and as much as interesting!

Macon: I clearly love this mysterious guy! He is definitely my favorite character in the books! He is Lenas Uncle but nobody ever saw him in town. He is even more mysterious than Lena and the towns people like to gossip about him. When we finally meet him he is such a charismatic guy that I really felt for him

Amarie: She takes care of Ethan and his father and is the mother role in Ethans live. Apparently he can read Tarot cards and like putting small Talisman thingys everywhere in the house. She is a super strong person and really has the reins in her hand. Although she is rigorous, all she wants is the best for Ethan and therefore one cannot NOT like and love her!

Marian: She was Ethan's moms best friend and the head of the local library. She lives for books so she is always citing something or someone. She is funny and really a crazy scientist but a great friend.

Link: The crazy best friend of Ethan who is loyal to his friend above all what might happen he is the best friend you could think of!

Love Story:

Ethan has dreams about a girl and he knows somehow that he is connected to this girl although he has no clue who that girl is. Lena and Ethan are meant to be together we get that right from the beginning but we have no idea why! It's an innocent love story, but strong enough to keep you hooked and fascinated.

What is up with Lena? Why has Ethan dreams about a girl he doesn't even know?
So will the get together? Will love triumph about all the things which keep them apart?

All you can do to find that out is read the book. You will not get disappointed!
And then be part of the book discussion fragile, Greta & friends are holding and discuss the book chapter by chapter with them!

So girls, when you read it why do you love the books? (without being too spoilerish...) And for the ones who didn't read it, why do you want to read it?

I have one more thing to make you want to read it. You saw those incredible pictures I found I posted here?

They are from Vania's Life Captures she did this Photoshot specially for this book and she made a trailer for it .. and damn it it's awesome, fantastic, wonderful and everything:

Friday, January 29

Some Kindle and Beautiful Creatures Love !

Looookkkk at my new Love and toy! This week I got a Kindle and I am sooo freaking in love with it! I love reading book, tons of books and hubs always gets crazy when I pack our bags for holidays and I take at least 5 big books with me. So he asked if this wouldn't be something for me. The ones who know me a bit know about my passion for technical stuff and I said YES YES get me one!
Although one can buy it here in Germany it's still send from the US so FireCrotch (How I adore that woman...!) helped me to get one...

Apart from just getting it finally in my hands, I was excited because the first book I bought for it was Beautiful Creatures! I desperately wanted to read it since fragile and cutie started talking about this book and how wonderful and amazing it is. So I just decided to read it without even reading the Summary. This was the first book I'll ever read on my Kindle and I ever read without knowing anything apart from the fact that people I love like it...

I just started and I'm in the early third of the book and I love it! I won't post any spoilers here but Ethan is a cute boy and Lena is super intriguing.

What I find amazing is that at the moment writing stories from a certain POV is so popular. I barley read a book before which was written only from one POV but Twilight did it, The Host,
The Vampire Diaries (which are in fact much older than Twilight!), The Sookie books (which are also older than Twilight) and now Beautiful Creatures.

What is surprising was that here we have a guy's POV, we get into Ethans head and Lenas head remains mysterious. I think it was a good choice and I really like being in his mind:)

One thing you might need to know before getting into that story is: It is NOT Twilight, don't go and compare it is something else but so worth to read!

Fragile and her friend Greta were so excited about this book that they started a discussion on fragiles blog. We will discuss 4 chapters each week on Sunday and fragile and Greta will do a Recap of the comments Thursdays! Check out the Discussion Schedule here! It's still time to start reading it and be part of the discussion. I know how wonderful it is to do these kind of discussions it's amazing to read all the comments from the people and their interpretation.

Oh and.. *blushes* fragile asked me to write a part of the discussion and I was thrilled and so happy that she did and wanted me to be a part of this! My part will be posted end of next month, (I still need to get to the chapters I have to recap *giggles*)

So and no go and buy this book and read it! It will be worth it!

Wednesday, January 20

Spoiler free! A report from a Twipure Girl!

November seems now soo far behind now, but I remember so clearly when we all have been in the "Pre - November - Is it November yet?" time and impatiently waited for the New Moon release!

I'm still not done talking about New Moon - definitely not! (You can read my outlet about Bella and TayTay) But now I'd like to talk about my Spoiler free experience and why I was so damn glad I had the strength to do it - all the way!

To clarify:

I do love all your spoiler bunnies with all I have, so don't run away! Maybe you find it also interesting what I have to say ? :)

See, I think it's different seeing spoilers from a movie when you are not head over heels about the story and when you don't know the book behind the movie by heart. I mean we all read the Twilight books probably more than once. I stopped counting after the 5th time - Yes I read all of them 5 times, New Moon even more often. Let's take Avatar for instance : Here I watch the trailer without thinking about staying spoiler free. Why? Because I don't know the whole story behind and I won't compare anything with my knowledge of the book behind (Is there a book behind, I guess not..). Apart from that I won't probably see this movie as often as I saw Twilight and will see the other Twilight movies...

Wooohoo anyway! My point is: when I watch a trailer from a Twilight movie I instantly compare it to what I know from the book. Which scene is that? Is it the meadow scene? Is it this one, or that one?

Now I come to the most important thing ever: The trailer most of the times fools you!! They are mostly done when the movie is not finally cut and ready, so they take what they have and put together a trailer or a teaser. This bothers me most!


1) Twilight trailer - The scene with Emmet saying "She's not one of us" . Where the heck is it in the movie? Yes, this scene didn't make it in the movie. Emmet was banned in the Deleted scenes..

2) New Moon trailer: The scene with Bella facing Laurent - running away and screaming "Jake - Run!" Completely out of the context right? Two scenes mixed together to make a decent trailer. I.Don't.Like.This!

Second thing: The intonations and the pauses in the dialogues. Here we have to same problem, scenes are taking without knowing if those are the final scenes in the movie.


1) Twilight Trailer: "What if I'm not the hero.....(dramatic pause!!!!) What if I'm the bad guy?" You know, I've seen this Trailer a million times and this two sentences are burned into my brain - with the dramatic pause. But in the movie it comes out differently, no pause.

2) New Moon trailer: The Birthday party scene : "It's time it's time.... and there is a cake too!" Where is the cake in the movie? Yes it's there on the table but Alice doesn't mention it.

Does that seem fussy? Yes maybe but it bothers me , a lot! It really does!

Next thing are all the pictures which are floating around in the internet. I remember when they filmed the Reunion Scene in Italy and people afterwards put the pictures together. Awww , too fucking much for me!

Don't even mention the pictures from the set: Which scene are they filming there - And damn it I hope they get it right!!

Don't care - I trust them! Seeing set pictures might confuse you and again: I.Don't.Want.This!!!

Those are all examples why I personally like it better staying Spoiler free and be a complete virgin when I see the holy movie the first time. I love it!

Actually, I doesn't bother me anymore, I got used to it. In the beginning it was hard to remain pure. When the first trailers came out it was hard staying in Twitter because nearly everyone tweeted about it. Now, I don't freaking care anymore!

Same for blogs with spoilers, I know that there are a some blogs which often post spoilers and I just visits them when I'm sure it's a spoiler free post.

You know what helps? The Google Reader! The blogger Dashboard is shit for us Spoiler Purists because it always shows a thumbnail of the pictures inside - too risky! The Google Reader is much better, you just see the titles of the blogs you follow and most of the times you get already from the title if it's a spoiler post or not.

Best thing ever are the blogs which love us Spoiler Denier so much that they put a Spoiler warning in the title of each post and use the "read more" function so that we don't accidentally see things we don't want to see. One perfect example is The Danger Magnet! Wonderful, thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart for doing this!

See? We can exist side by side.

How was it in the end for me?

Well, I saw one New Moon trailer in the beginning, which was before I announced my Spoiler Purist live. ( I wish I wouldn't have seen it either, but anyhoodle) The others I didn't see and really, believe me when I'm saying I looooved seeing the movie completely free of expectations!

It was pure and it was epic!

And yes it is different, although you know the blot by heart but seeing it all put together in a movie is something else!

You might still say: But girl, once you saw the movie you will probably see it 100 times again. You are right, but all I have then in my mind is the movie - the pure movie, not any pictures from the set or weird trailer scenes. Just the epic purenes of a movie...

With that I want to ask you now:

How was it for you Spoiler Bunnys - did it bothered you in the end that you knew nearly the complete movie before? Or don't you care at all and enjoyed New Moon no matter what you knew before?

My Twipuirist girlies: How was your first impression when you saw the movie the very first time without knowing anything? Was it worth it?

One more question: Who is going Eclipse Pure with me and my girlies?

And for all of us I made Buttons some time ago to grab and put them on the sidebar, you can find them all on my Twispired Blog Design site!

Part one for the Twipure ones and Part two for the Spoiler Bunnys!

Go there and grab them, there are different ones, hope you like them!

 Button Bad Girl  Button Eclipse pure

Monday, January 18

And the winners are...

Hey girls, here are the lucky winners I 've picked randomly from your entrys:




I hope you'll have a lot of fun with this gorgeous kit.
Please email me to get the code,
the code is valid until the 20th of January!

Thursday, January 14

Twilight Artwork - giveaway !!!

This is something special today and I'm extremely excited about this! Some of you maybe know my Blog Design page and there I work with design kits from different designers to create a layout. One of them and truly my favorite is Kimla. I'm suer glad I met her because she is just wonderful and she creates so truly amazing kits!

Some weeks ago I asked her - maybe begged a bit- to create a Twilight kit, and guess what Kimla is a Twilight fan herself and said Yes, why not? This week she finally showed me her kit which launched today and I adore it! All those tiny details which only Twilight freaks like us see: the pillows the feathers, the forest - all is there!

Here you can see what I created with this kit. I couldn't resist and tried myself to scrape a page with the wonderful elements:

Bella's Lullaby page:

This one here is special: It's a desktop wallpaper and you You can download it from here. I have it as well on my computer and I love starring at it! Feel free to grab and take it:)

And I have one more special thing for you:

Kimla gave me 3 Coupons to giveaway for YOU.
Just leave a comment and
I'll pick 3 random winner on Sunday!
(either here or on my blogdesign page)

You can create wonderful things with it,
from Twitter backgrounds
FanFiction Banner
beautiful layouts to post on your blog!
Just never forget to credit Kimla!
All you need are simple Photo editing programs,
or for sure Photoshop if you have it.
Start today and create something beautiful, I'm sure you will have tons
of fun just like I have :)

Make sure to leave me a comment for the giveaway
and show Kimla some love because
she truly is such a wonderful person!
You will also find some gorgeous layout
which could inspire you.
And I can proudly say
also my page is featured in her post!

And if you want a blog designed with this kit,
go ahead and look

Friday, January 8

Give and Take - Fan Fic spotlight!

I've never posted much about Fan Fictions here on my blog, mostly because other blogs do that much better than me. But Fan Fiction is a huge part in our Twilife since we all read a lot of those wonderful stories out there.

I never had the intention to write a story although I love reading, but I'm not a good writer so I let people do that which really can write! Really! Well and it happens that some of my beloved friends write wonderful stories.

I have to admit I really was a bad bad friend lately. I never reviewed my beloved fics and I haven't even read the newest chapters. I was distracted... But I know how important it is for authors to get feedback and reviews, which makes it even worse I didn't review lately..
Anyway, all this here works because we are a community and this means giving and taking. I took all the stories and never gave something back. I realized I had to do something, to make up for my reluctance.

Which is why today, I gonna talk about two of my all time favorite stories and I'll tell you why I love them.

Here is the summary from Betti:
Annie is a single woman, fetching, lucky and mildly obsessed with Twilight. She doesn't miss a thing in her life. Until one day she sees her own personal Edward. Her fantasy starts running wild about a beautiful boy, way too young to even think about it

Why do I love this story? (Apart from the fact that it's Betti who wrote that...)

I love unique stories and Betti's writing style is something I've never seen somewhere else and if you know Betti, you immediately recognize herself in this story.
Annie is like Betti a tough independent woman who happens to fall in Love with Twilight - just like us girls! She has not much love in her life until the day she meets her own Edward in the train: Kiddo, or RPatzz 2.0. He's much younger than she is, but that can't keep the two away from each other.

Most of the fics we are reading are about Edward and Bella, even Jake and Renesthings (how does one spell this name?) but there is nowhere a fic about us. A woman just like us who falls in love with the books and dreams about meeting her own Edward and that is what makes Bettis story so unbelievable adorable and lovely.

I love how Betti brings all those Twilight quotes into her story and creates situations around it. Most of us all know the quotes from the book and specially the movie by heart so it's awesome how Annie always finds the perfect quote for her situation!

Why should you read it?

Because I'm sure there is nothing like Bettis story out there and you will fall in love with this wonderful strong woman that is Annie. And you will love this wonderful cute and vulnerable boy that is Edward. It's a sweet love story and some really hot lemons, but it goes also so much deeper into the souls of Edward and Annie.
It's all funny, hot, sexy, sweet, lovely, innocent, amazing and just truly a wonderment!

This is my Banner for you Betti
(although you can do that much better but I wanted to make something for you... )

Here is the summary:
After 91 years, Bella returns to Chicago to find a mate. Edward mourns the loss of his humanity and his abandonment by his maker. Can they overcome their dark pasts and forgive?

Why do I love this story ?
First, the story is about Vampires and I love fictions about Vampires, there are tons of wonderful fics about humans but the Vampire ones are rare so I appreciate a good Vampire story. But this one is different.
Bella is an old Vampire who lives a "normal" vampire live, meaning she kills to feed. She felt in love with Edward while he was a human, turned him but they didn't see each other again. I love that fragile - who writes Bellas POV creates a Bella which is how a Vampire is supposed to be, meaning a killer but still, you will love Bella because she feels lonely and vulnerable and she's searching for love in her existence.
Pushy (who writes Edwards POV) has always a deep feeling for her characters and really creates the counterpart to Bella. Edward is a lonely tortured and innocent boy who never could forget Bella. And Edward works in Carlisle science lab, which I love!

Fragile creates a violent sexy Bella while pushy creates the counterpart, the innocent lovely Edward. So far, the story lives from those opposed characters.

Why should you read it?

If you love Vampire stories as much as I do, than read it. Bella is an old Vampire and the chapters fragile writes are sometimes deep and violent but never over the top so that you would feel uncomfortable. She seems to know what she can do to us ... Edward is how we love him (at least I do), tortured, vulnerable and sweet innocent.
It's the contrary what makes this story so special, together with the incredible writing skills from fragile and pushy.

This is my Banner for you...
(you might recognize parts of your banner here...)

I truly adore all the 3 authors I mentioned here and I hope you step by and read their wonderful story and leave them your love. I, now go and read the chapters I missed and I will also promise now to review. (I truly hope you are not mad at me and I promise to be a better friend in the future!)

I love you!

Links to the stories :

Monday, January 4

My wonderful Twilight Year 2009

Today, I went out for a walk in the park which is close to my home and I remembered my last year with Twilight and smiled. I had my iPod with my and I heard the Twilight audiobook I just bought at iTunes and I remembered the beginning. Last year, March it happened that I found Twilight ( I already talked about all this in detail here) and I started by hearing the audiobook. I spend hours in the park walking around and listening to this wonderful story, it literally crashed on me. This moment changed my life and brought so much joy to me. After I've seen the movie I was hooked and this whole new world draw me in...

I started reading blogs and was just a lurker for some time until hubs asked me why not to start my own blog. Hu? Could I really do that? Me? I'm not a writer but I wanted an outlet to express my incredible love for the books and this movie. So June this year I just did it, I started this here, my own Twilight home. Which was just one more wonderment along all these wonderful things happened last year.

When the first people came to read my stuff here I couldn't believe it! I will be forever thankful the adorable cutie found me!

July, I joined Twitter. Gosh! Twitter really is a whole world on it's own. It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful people there who are as addicted and devoted as I am. Twitter also brought Fire Crotch to my blog who read about my lack of The Precious I and didn't hesitate but send me a copy right away. Yes this is the wonderment of the Twi community I'm blessed to be part of.

In July I also did my first video, my attempt to deal with my enormous obsession with this pretty face of Rob! People actually like it?! Hu?! Couldn't believe it again...

July and August cutie started the Wide Awake discussion which was so wonderful and truly brought us all so much closer together. It was a such a great time and I enjoyed it a lot! I was happy to be also part of it and I did a Wide Awake video as a farewell.

In August I also got my first layout for my blog and I will never forget the joy I felt when I finally saw it online. This was when I started playing around with html and designs. But this design I got from a super talented designer. (My dear old Vanquish layout, I gonna miss you *sniffles*)

It was in September where I spoke out about my Twipurness and my attempt to avoid any spoilers out there in the world, and I managed! I will definitely still need to talk about how it affected the way I saw New Moon!

In this month something else happend which brought so much more love into my life. I created the "wonderful comment award" inspired by Betti and you remember what she did? No?! She proposed to me! Yes she did : "Will you fucking marry" and sure I accepted and since then thw two of us are Twigaged ... OoOOO!

October was a wonderful month and a truly busy one, it was the month of the Book vs Movie Discussion. I did this together with Betti's Fanny and it was a freaking wonderful time! I was stunned about the response we got and how all of you were part of this with all your awesome comments. It was tons of work but it was so worth it when we saw all of you here on my blog!
I desperately hope Fanny will do this again with me.... Pretty please, I beg you!

November *gasp* - November - freaking November! How long did we all waited for this month?!! It was the month of New.freaking.Moon! And besides the excitement that New Moon comes closer, I had something else to be excited about. I met my Twinancé Betti, here at my place to watch New Moon together!?! Hello?! How awesome is that?
It was wonderful, it was awesome, it was fantastic, it was - put in all the word that express this wonderment. We had such a great time and I didn't know that I could love more, but I did!

My fucking Twigagement Bracelet from Betti!!!!

It was around that time when I finally started my own Blog Design page called Twispired Blogdesign.

Twispired blogdesign

I learned so much about html the last weeks that I badly wanted to really design blogs. I've never been a creative mind, I'm a scientist but in designing blog I finally found something where I could be creative. KG from i heart mythical creatures and cutie form Super Secret Twilight blog were the first peeps who were brave enough to gave their blogs into my hand. I could't imagine how much joy it brought to my in designing blogs, and specially Twilight blogs! I still can't really believe that...

End of November I did my first interview with a wonderful Fan Fiction author, fragile little human was brave enough to come over here and talked with me about her story Breath Me. It turned out wonderful and she let me even announce the Sequel to Breath Me!

December, this was a month where I mostly designed blog for so many wonderful people. For my friends out there in the Twiworld which was why I really neglected my beloved blog a bit. Can you forgive me? Pretty please? But, it was so amazing working with all those peeps on their blogs.

But December was also the month of wonderful Twipresents, I got from my friends. Annie, send me a beautiful necklace with a moon and earrings with crystal hearts, why?!? I still don't know why I deserved something like this but she just wanted to thank me for being part of her giveaway on the Danger Magnet. Well, Annie, it was all MY pleasure and I truly love the wonderful sparkling jewels.

Uhm, yes it's me waring Annies earrings..

I was also part of the Secret Santa thingy my friends from the Lemmon Sisters hold. Where I designed a blog for itsjustme: The RobMusement park .

But I got the freaking best presents ever! From Heather (Call of Duty Widow) I'm so happy to call her a friend because she put so much thought into her presents that it made me tear up! ( Which reminds me that Betti gave me a name: WIME which I truly deserve btw. It means Water In My Eyes. Well Thank you Betti). I got Alice gloves (self knitted), a Vamp magazine, trinkets for my twi - bracelet and she wrote me a freaking wonderful letter! Read about all I said about this here!

Me holding all my precious presents from Heather

And I got all those wonderful Christmas cards from you my friends. Thank You!

Well this was my year Twilight Year 2009. Thanks to all of you how I can call friends now who are part of my life here in this bloggyspere: my freinds, my Twinacé, my followers, commenters, lurkers - I mean all of you. You all made this a beautiful year! I hope this year will be as beautiful!

Saturday, January 2

A New Year - A New Look

*bites nails* *looks around nervously*

Yes, you are at the right place. Hey! Don't go it's the Vanquish blog, it... uhm just ...looks. differently!

Well, a new year a new Layout. It was about time that I change the look of my blog, not that I didn't like my "old" one, I did and still do. But, sometimes one needs to be brave enough for a change and since I started my own blogdesign blog 2 months ago. (*gasp* only 2 month ago? I can't believe it...) Anyhoodle, I designed so many wonderful blogs for so many wonderful people, like The Meadow for cutie or The Sweet Darkness for fragilefoxes and I can't mention them all here because by now I designed 14 layouts.. wohooo, but not a layout for myself.

Every time I finished a layout and read about the excitement of the peeps I wished I could also change my own layout. Why doing wonderful layouts for other people when not doing something for myself!!!

Well, the problem were the colors..... With the "old" design I forced myself into a color scheme : black, white, red - and I freaking adore this combination, but I never found a kit which really looked perfect for me...

After days of days and weeks of lurking at my designers I stumpled over Lily's Little Red Bird kit and I stoped: Hmmm, there is red and, white and it looks super pretty and sweet and cute and dreamy - shall I try it?! Could I really do this?! YES I did!

And here and now I have to thank all my friends who held my hand during this and gave their input, without you girls I think I wouldn't have done this *sniffles* and *hugs* I was so nevous about this and truly without your encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do this..

*clears throat* Well, yes look around, this is what I designed for myself.... I know I know it's totally different but I love it. This is a totally romantic and dreamy layout and apart from the fact that I'm not a "dreamer" I'm incredible romantic and emotional which I think flows into this layout. While designing this layout I heard the New Moon Score and this might also have influenced this look. When I designed this header, at some point the quote "If I could dream at all it would be about you" came into my head and I knew it fit's perfect to the new layout.

I'm happy how I could include the Vanquish - driving on this road - because with my blogtitle comes a responsibility in having this exclusive car somewhere in the layout... Well luckily I found this road..

However I tried to stay with a few things so that you not completely feel out of space here... I kept the Papyrus font and the font for my title, I stayed with white, grey, black (uhm a bit... see, the font is black!!) and red as eyecatcher however I included the green form the meadow.

So say goodbye to the old layout:
I loved you a whole freaking much, but now it was time for me to move on, you looked wonderful and I will always remember the day when I say you for the first time and when you were finally online so that everybody could see you. *sniffles* ByeBye we had a wonderful time you and me..

Anyhodie, please look around and I hope you will like it the new layout as much as I do and if not, well just read my posts I'm also fine with that.

If you want you can Grab my new Button and replace the "old" one.
I have a bigger one and a smaller one, take which one you like.

Let's ride the Vanquish

Let's ride the Vanquish

I wish you all a wonderful start in 2010 and I hope you all will stay
at the new looking Vanquish blog!
Love you all!

Friday, January 1

And the winners are...

Wooohhhoo!!!! I picked the winner for the giveaway and I really can't believe who has won.

But before that I want t thank you all from the bottom of my heart for you warm words you all left me. They touched me and I was overwhelmed by your love. *sniffles*

OkOk, I come back to the more interesting part, the winners.

This time I didn't do a complicated drawing system I simply went to Pick At Random and put in the names of the people who signed in for the contest, then I clicked "Thrill Me" twice for the blog layout and twice for the Ring/Mini Contest and made a screenshot.

*drum rolls*

First the winner of the blogdesign giveaway....:

Congrats to Peace Love Twilight and Poptart!

(I gonna email you later about this so that we can figure out what you want. I'm so excited to start designing your blogs!)

Now the winner for the Ring/Mini contest!
The first pick will get the Ring and the Second pick can choose a Mini... Wohhoo
I truly couldn't believe it when I clicked the first Thrill Me
and then the second time...

Yes you see it right the two winners are..

cutie who wins the Bella Ring and

one pushy fox who wins one of the Mini's

I truly hope you all enjoy your prizes and you gonna hear from me soon!
Happy New Year!
Blog designed by TwispiredBlogdesign using Lily's Little Red Bird kit.