Saturday, February 20

When Girl meets Girl and they share a love for Books....

then... they team up and make a BookBlog!

A few weeks ago (I just finished Fallen I think), I had this desperate wish to talk about this book and thought how cool it would be to have a Book Blog. But, I have my wonderful Vanquish blog here (how do I love you *sniffles*) and I have my Blog Design Site so there is no time for one more blog. I wouldn't be able to run it alone.

But, I have friends! Friends who read as much as I do and who love books just like me and I just asked them why not do it together?! Guess what? They agree instantly! Who wonderful is that?

Here are the lovely Ladies who will run this Blog with me:

This was the easy part, then we had to think about a name... OoooooOoO this was a bit more challenging but finally we agreed on

So if you love books like we do and like talking about it then please meet us at the Bookworms Home and spread the word. Oh and we have one more goodie, we have a Forum where we can discuss books freely spoilery and funny.

So it would be wonderful if some of you would find your way over to our blog and share with us the Love for books. And it would be even more wonderful if you would Grab Our Button and Link back to us:

Bewitched Bookworms

Saturday, February 6

The Beautiful Creatures inspired Giveaway!!!

Woooohoo!! Yes you see it right, we are hosting a giveaway! We loooove giveaways don't we??

Wait, who is "we"? Well, fragile and me accompanying the Beautiful Creatures Discussion fragile is holding with her friends. Since I'm so in love with the book and really really love discussions I thought about doing this giveaway.

Last week I found this super sweet and cute shop that is owned by Marry and she does Beautiful Creatures inspired Bracelets. How cute is that ??? Well and I love Bracelets and charms and this stuff and I'd never give away something I don't like.. I immediately asked her if she wants to do this giveaway with us. Guess what, she agreed!

So in honor of Beautiful Creatures and the discussion we are giving
away one super sweet Bracelet!

The giveaway will run as long as the discussion will last which means *claps hands* we have a loong time to play...

How can you enter? Here are the deals: You can collect entries that raises your chance to win this Beauty thing by...

  1. Leave a comment here (1 entry)
  2. Either be a Follower of my blog or become one (1 entry)
  3. Post about the discussion and the giveaway (3 entries)
  4. Visit Marys shop and link an item you love ( 2 entries)
  5. Tweet about the giveaway (1 entry)
  6. Join the discussion at fragile's blog. Each week participating the discussion will give you one additional entry and by participating we mean not just "Hey all is cool". Nope, we want you to really discuss with us! (Each week 1 entry that makes 9 possible entries in total..)
Numbers 3, 4 and 5 can only be done once. It's not possible to tweet 10 times to gain 10 entries;)

Please leave for each point a new comment, that makes it easier to keep track on all your entries. So first leave a comment and share some love, then for Nr.2 make a new comment and write something like : I am a Follower since ages, or I just joined now or whatever!!! You get the point!!

The winner will be announced at the end of the discussion - March 26th, which gives you tons of time to: Read the Book!! (do it, you will love it!!), enter the giveaway and gain a few more entries and be Part of the discussion!! Well and most of all... Have Fun !!!

Here is a Button to grab, link back and share the Love:

BC giveaway

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