Tuesday, December 22

The Giveaway of Choices! Celebrate the 100th Follower with me!

*jumps up and down*

You made it! Yesterday, my beloved blog reached 100 Follower! This is a milestone, a benchmark, a fucking wonderment! When I started blogging I didn't even dreamed that I'd find one single person who would be willing to read my stuff. Never ever did I dream about meeting all of you! I remember my first follower who was Peacefield! I run around screaming and happy happy like a little kid.

Then happened the wonderment that is called cutie from SSTB who found somehow her way to me and was my next follower and she was the very first one who ever comment here! How I adore you cutie!! This was pure joy!! And apparently she send over some other girls I now can call friends, which truly brings tears in my eyes, Annie the Danger Magnet, Uhyesplease OnePushyFox and marie. What started small is now something truly wonderful and just because of you all... :

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for following me, comment here, lurk here, read here, be part of this community and be part of my live now!

In this context I want to thank my beloved Twinancé Betti who follows me with every part of her mind and became a true friend and I love her the most!

This I want to celebrate with you by holding a wonderful giveaway of choices, (because you all choose to follow me)! I will give away 4 prizes, yes four! Divided into two different giveaway, so it's your choice what you would like to win!
Sounds complicated ? Well, give me a minute!

First look at the prizes I have for you:

*jumps up and down* yes, this is the wonderful Bella moonstone Ring and I adore this one, so I'm blessed that I am able to give you one of this wonderments!

Please make sure to go to BellaBejeweled blog and check out the wonderful stuff she does! I browsed forever but finally decided for the Ring, because it will always remind us that we have parts of Bella in us and that Twilight brought so much joy in all our lives!

Next, I have something for you that will keep your company and I'm sure will bring so much fun into your live! I know that some of you have already The One Mini-E, that's why you will have the choice! Want to have Mini-TayTay or Alice, or Bella? It's up to you! And if you don't have yet a Mini-E, it's about time!

So, when you win this prize all you have to tell me which little sweetness you want to have.

This two gifts are one part of the giveaway! Now I come to the second part and here I will give away two (not one but two) Custom blog designs!

Twispired blogdesign

Now comes the tricky part, read this carefully before entering!

You have to choose which giveaway you want to enter.
Either you go for the
Ring and the Mini giveaway
or you join the
Blog design giveaway!

Some of my dear friends have already a design from me, or they don't have a blog! So for them it would makes sense to enter the Ring and Mini giveaway, while others would like to have a design rather then a ring.

Your choice!

Ok, what do you have to do to enter this giveaway?

1.) Choose the giveaway path: Ring and Mini giveaway or BlogDesign giveaway

2.) Leave a comment below and mention which giveaway you want to join.

3.) Leave your email address and leave some nice words for me (that is all I ask for)

4.) If you don't follow me yet, I would be blessed if you do now, but this is not a criteria to enter the giveaway. Some of you don't have a google account but I want you also to be able to enter my giveaway.

and... If you find the time then please go and visit my Twispired Design blog and the wonderful Bellabejewelled and leave some love.

Are we clear now? I hope so!
If you still have questions, or can't comment you can also email me : mrsvanquish@me.com

The giveaway will go until the 1. of January and I will announce the winner as a good start in the new year which hopefully brings us even closer together with our love and passion for Twilight.

Make your choice and enter the giveaway, tell your friends, tweet about this let's celebrate the wonderment of the Twicommunity!

I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Edit: I need to clarify a few details *blushes*. Since I was so excited this morning, I forgot some important information.... I will draw 4 winners in total!

  • for the design giveaway: 2 people will each get a Custom Layout!

  • for the Ring/Mini giveaway : 2 people will win. The first place can choose either the Ring or a Mini and the second will get the other gift.
I love you all from the bottom of my heart, specially because you endure my intricacy!!

Monday, December 21

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people!!!

Since we are now super close to Christmas and I get more and more beautiful Christmas cards from you, I made a christmas card myself just for you!

And ... uhm... *bites nails* I ... uhm thought long about which faces to include in this card... Well for sure I included the pretty face from HHH but since I heart you all the most and I thought it would be really about time... to... well.. uhm... show my face.... I also included... ... uhm... me.
Yes, this is me down there in the corner...

A few things I still want to say: I had so much fun with your comments for my New Moon posts about Bella and TayTay, I love you all a lot for your amazing comments and thank you so much for being wonderful readers, commenters and lurkers.
I will come back after Christmas with my thoughts about Robward and some other stuff I'm dying to share with you about New Moon. I hope you all come back and join!?!

Besides that I'm thrilled to see that I reached 97 Followers! How is that possible? I still have no clue how that happened but I'm blessed and this makes me incredible happy! I have already plans for a wonderful giveaway as soon as I reach 100, so if you don't follow me yet I would be super happy if you would do now. Because I'm super excited about this giveaway and I hope you will all love it too. I can't wait to celebrate this milestone in my bloggy live with all of you!

*points to you my readers, followers, commenters, lurkers, friends*
*hugs and kisses*

Anyhoddie, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have some time to rest with your families and enjoy some quite days.

Merry merry Christmas! Love you all!

Sunday, December 13

Mrs V speakes out about New Moon and TayTay!

Sweet little TayTay: First I have to apologize that I have been so mean to you in all my last posts, but please you are still under age (Are you? I dunno..) and I’m in and out Team Edward. But, you won a little piece of my heart in New Moon. Don’t grab too much, but yes I’ll give you a piece of my heart. You ask what the Heck happened? Ok let me tell you ….:

Yesterday I saw New Moon again. After my last post about KStew and Bella and all the lovely comments from you girls, I saw New Moon with a tiny different eye. I never expected soo many comments, thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all and I enjoyed reading them.

Thank you : fragile little human, Stan, Stoney, Erikasbuddy, Snarkier than you, Honolulu Girl, Anonymous, Amy, Susi, Bella, Annie, uhyesplease, Anonymous, Spellbound, Smuttier Than You, TwiNabler and Alice.

But I digress; we wanted to talk about TayTay. Yes he surprised me with his passion for this role. In Twilight I really gave a shit about Jacob, Jacob who? I mean, this wig was horrible but they really didn’t do any better in New Moon, just saying. I went into the theater ready to not like Jacob and after I saw New Moon the first time all I had in my head was KStew with her wonderful performance and well Edward … Yesterday sweet little boy TayTay won that piece of my heart.

I was honestly a bit confused why he came to Bella’s school on her birthday, normally they are not real good friends at this part but when he gave Edward THIS look it was awesomeness and great! However, the wig is still ugly!

I really felt his joy when Bella came to see him, sweet! The scenes were they are working on the bikes were sweet and nice.

I won’t go into a detailed New Moon discussion I’ll rather focus on the scenes that are prominent in my mind.

What I liked most on the bike scene was not seeing his naked chest (under age, remember?!) it was rather his ability to bring a weird situation back to normal with a tiny joke and a smile. “How hard did you hit your head?” .

Really good was TayTay in the “break-up”, he performed this scene with such a passion and despair it was wonderful. Really great!!

Should I mention the scene when TayTay climbs or better jumps into Bella’s room? Awesome!

One of his best scenes (for me ) was in Emily’s house were he leaned cool on the door and waves his head to Bella to follow him! There, I totally forget this under age thing!!!

What I really liked is that Chris Weitz changed a bit the scene at Bella’s house when Alice comes back. I never liked that Jacob just went away without seeing that everything is fine after he realized that there is a Vampire. He didn’t do that in the book but I always thought Jacob would have to make sure Bella is safe. The kitchen scene and this almost kiss was wonderful and in that scene I really wanted them to kiss!!! Yes I’m still Team Edward but TayTay would have deserved this kiss. When he said in Quileute “Stay with me forever” it was all heartbreaking and sweet. The despair when he begged Bella to stay was perfect delivered!

Damn, and I felt so bad for him in the very last forest scene when he realized he will have never have a chance to get Bella back, that she will always choose Edward over him. I read people complaining that Bella said “ I love you” to him but I found this very appropriate to be honest. She does love him, not like a lover but she loves him more than anybody else apart from Edward.

And this Mr Weitz was simply genius!!:

TayTay: That is all why I love you now, you did a wonderful performance in New Moon and I wish you a happy ending from the bottom of my heart. But, be aware you will always be the dog for me because I know you want to take Bella away from Edward!

So girls, now it’s you. Were you surprised by TayTay’s performance? Did he also get a piece of your heart although you are all Team Edward? To all the Team Jacob peeps do you now love me now a bit more? ;)

Friday, December 4

MrsV speaks out about New Moon and Bella!

Wake up from the New Moon coma, it’s time!

It’s been now more than two weeks ago since New Moon finally hit the theaters. We waited so long for this and now I have the feeling that we are all sitting in a black hole. The excitement slowly went down and now we have to wake up.

I expected that I would read reviews, opinions’, screaming’s all over in bloggy world but it’s been fairly quite. Annie at the Danger Magnet gave a really cool review and slowly the other blogs come out now of the black hole and start telling about their experience at the premiere and what they like or dislike about New Moon. I already told you about my New Moon weekend with my beautiful Twincé Betti but I now want to tell you what I think about New Moon itself!

Yes, I woke up! I came out of the coma and left the black whole and now I will tell you!

I start with something all of you would probably not expect from me but I will talk about Kristen Steward and Bella first. Hu???? Read on please, don’t leave me now!

When I go back to our Twilight Book vs. Movie discussion it became clear that most people really don’t like KStew, don’t like her being Bella and dislike her acting skills. Well, I came out of New Moon and one of the first things I said to Betti was : “ I love KStew in here! Period!! “

First of all, she got older and she’s super gorgeous and beautiful. In Twilight she was a girl I wouldn’t even recognize on the street because she was just not shining. Apart from her lack of glow the stupid makeup she had in Twilight, this ugly blue eye shadow was so unnecessary! One had the feeling she was still trying to find the “Bella” inside her, in New Moon she IS Bella.

The way she showed Bella’s grief and despair was heartbreaking, when you looked into her eyes you saw the emptiness, at least I saw it! One scene will always make me cry and breakes my little heart is when she is sitting in the chair and we go through October, November, December. I even have goosebumps now while writing it and thinking about it. Together with the song “Possibilities” it gives me exactly the feeling I needed to have in this scene!

I heard some people complaining that she didn’t cry during the breakup scene, but for me there was no need for it. She was beyond being able to cry and when she’s lying in the wood rolled inside her it was all how I pictured it while reading the book.

I saw the happiness coming back into her eyes when being with Jake and I saw her anger when she punched Jared in his face! I saw her attempt to show Charlie that she’s willing to try and start living again, you know in the scene when they are standing besides her truck and Charlie tells her that she has to go back to Jacksonville!

And, I believed her despair when Jake who told her that he’s not good for her.

I loooooveeeeeed how she told Edward to shut up during the voting scene!

When talking about Bella, one more thing comes into my mind what I found super clever and perfect, the emails to Alice. You get two things with that, First how close the relationship between Bella and Alice is and Second, Bellas desperate feelings and grief. Something you always deal with while reading the book but in a movie one can’t get that so it was clever to do it that way, I loved it and how excruciating it is that all those emails come back …

The only scene where I’m not sure about is the Meadow scene! First, it was a perfect twist to make the Meadow all sere – great idea!!! It matches perfectly Bellas feelings when she arrives at the Meadow, before you see the beautiful Meadow and then all is gone and sere… But I’m not sure if I got the right feeling about her heartbreaking, maybe I would just have to see it again.

However, to conclude once more: I love her in New Moon. She finally became my Bella and I can’ wait to see her in Eclipse and finally as a beautiful and breathtaking Vampire in Breaking Dawn!!

So my lovely girls and guys, tell me all about it:

Do you love Bella or still don’t like her? Was she better in your eyes than in Twilight? What did you like and what not? Was there a scene where she surprised you ? Was there a scene where she totally annoyed you ?

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