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Mrs V speakes out about New Moon and TayTay!

Sweet little TayTay: First I have to apologize that I have been so mean to you in all my last posts, but please you are still under age (Are you? I dunno..) and I’m in and out Team Edward. But, you won a little piece of my heart in New Moon. Don’t grab too much, but yes I’ll give you a piece of my heart. You ask what the Heck happened? Ok let me tell you ….:

Yesterday I saw New Moon again. After my last post about KStew and Bella and all the lovely comments from you girls, I saw New Moon with a tiny different eye. I never expected soo many comments, thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all and I enjoyed reading them.

Thank you : fragile little human, Stan, Stoney, Erikasbuddy, Snarkier than you, Honolulu Girl, Anonymous, Amy, Susi, Bella, Annie, uhyesplease, Anonymous, Spellbound, Smuttier Than You, TwiNabler and Alice.

But I digress; we wanted to talk about TayTay. Yes he surprised me with his passion for this role. In Twilight I really gave a shit about Jacob, Jacob who? I mean, this wig was horrible but they really didn’t do any better in New Moon, just saying. I went into the theater ready to not like Jacob and after I saw New Moon the first time all I had in my head was KStew with her wonderful performance and well Edward … Yesterday sweet little boy TayTay won that piece of my heart.

I was honestly a bit confused why he came to Bella’s school on her birthday, normally they are not real good friends at this part but when he gave Edward THIS look it was awesomeness and great! However, the wig is still ugly!

I really felt his joy when Bella came to see him, sweet! The scenes were they are working on the bikes were sweet and nice.

I won’t go into a detailed New Moon discussion I’ll rather focus on the scenes that are prominent in my mind.

What I liked most on the bike scene was not seeing his naked chest (under age, remember?!) it was rather his ability to bring a weird situation back to normal with a tiny joke and a smile. “How hard did you hit your head?” .

Really good was TayTay in the “break-up”, he performed this scene with such a passion and despair it was wonderful. Really great!!

Should I mention the scene when TayTay climbs or better jumps into Bella’s room? Awesome!

One of his best scenes (for me ) was in Emily’s house were he leaned cool on the door and waves his head to Bella to follow him! There, I totally forget this under age thing!!!

What I really liked is that Chris Weitz changed a bit the scene at Bella’s house when Alice comes back. I never liked that Jacob just went away without seeing that everything is fine after he realized that there is a Vampire. He didn’t do that in the book but I always thought Jacob would have to make sure Bella is safe. The kitchen scene and this almost kiss was wonderful and in that scene I really wanted them to kiss!!! Yes I’m still Team Edward but TayTay would have deserved this kiss. When he said in Quileute “Stay with me forever” it was all heartbreaking and sweet. The despair when he begged Bella to stay was perfect delivered!

Damn, and I felt so bad for him in the very last forest scene when he realized he will have never have a chance to get Bella back, that she will always choose Edward over him. I read people complaining that Bella said “ I love you” to him but I found this very appropriate to be honest. She does love him, not like a lover but she loves him more than anybody else apart from Edward.

And this Mr Weitz was simply genius!!:

TayTay: That is all why I love you now, you did a wonderful performance in New Moon and I wish you a happy ending from the bottom of my heart. But, be aware you will always be the dog for me because I know you want to take Bella away from Edward!

So girls, now it’s you. Were you surprised by TayTay’s performance? Did he also get a piece of your heart although you are all Team Edward? To all the Team Jacob peeps do you now love me now a bit more? ;)

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Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I was delightfully surprised at Taylor's performance. For me other than Billy Burke(who steals all his scenes) Taylor stole the show! I too am very Team Edward and a true fan of all of Robert Pattinson's work but Taylor blew me away in New Moon and I have to say the one time I forgot about my underage radar is when he says, "I was...a good kid, but not anymore." When he says, a good kid, his voice drops an octave and it is hot. Then my radar flashes back on! Bad Susie Bad!

17foreverlisa said...

This is definitely Taycob's movie (damn him!) and I loved him in it (double damn him!).

I think it totally works that Bella tells Jacob she loves him. She does. Just not in the way he wants/needs her to, which is the whole point of the storyline! And, yes, Mrs. V., my heart ached for him in the forest scene at the end when Bella pleads with him not to make her choose because it's always been Edward. Pretty sure I gasped out loud the first time I heard it. It was such a powerful moment.

I think the problem is that people who see this movie without reading the book first miss a lot of the "thoughts" that go into a particular scene. A big example of this for me is the scene where Bella confronts Jacob in the rain outside of his house (btw - he looks way too underage yummy wet; yes, his voice dropping an octave is hot, Susie; hell, I even think KStew's voice dropping an octave in this scene is hot). But I digress. My point is that in that scene, she tells him he can't break up with her. Then she has the subtle shifting of her eyes and then redirects that comment. Nonreaders miss the meaning behind the subtle shift. We know that she's thinking she needs to hit him below the belt to make him feel guilty and not leave her, but she also doesn't want to give him false hope because she knows it's not fair to lead him on like that, which is why she amends her statement. It's just little things like that that non-readers miss, which is too bad.

I am going to see New Moon again this afternoon for the seventh time. I am totally Team Robward, but I appreciate the performance Taycob gives in New Moon. I also also think KStew stepped her game up to a whole new level. The utter desolation in the Oct/Nov/Dec scene is played out on her face and in her voice as she narrates the emails to Alice absolutely brilliantly.

Sorry I rambled on so long, but now I'm even more excited to see it again this afternoon.


P.S.: I had to laugh when you said that Jacob will always be the dog to you. I couldn't agree more, as you can tell from my New Moon inspired Christmas tree here.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

As you already know, my sweet twiancé - I was stunned by Taylor's performance in New Moon right I away when we watched it together. His acting was right on the nail, and I'm sure that many people who, like you and me, weren't too touched by book-Jake, fell for him after watching NM.
I don't care if he's jailbait or not, because I do not love him for his abs, but for the touching impersonating of Jacob Black who all of a sudden had to grow up... to fast... too painful... and is capable to feel such a deep love, no matter what...
Well, I never was Team Whatsoever. Where Edward can dampen my panties, Jake can not. But I love them both, and Twilight without Jake? Unthinkable!
And since NM, Taylor is the face I see when reading the books. Period.

Smuttier Than You said...

Taylor brought his A game, no doubt. I am and will always be Team Edward but man oh man, Jake was serious time pulling at my heartstrings. I wanted to scoop him up like Mother Hen and tell him everything would be alright. His performance was sooooooo good and I can't wait to see him in Eclipse.

Countess_Twicula said...

Taylor has a superb acting skill and surely did win a place in my heart in new moon. But as for the scene when he threats Alice in Bella's living room, I didn't find him intimidating at all-on the contrary he shows his age there! The threat came from his lips sounded unnecessary at the time.Other than that he's perfect but...young.
P.S.:I hate the nose!Or the tiny eyes?Something's spoiling the cute cute face of his!

sparkle for twilight said...

I don't know why this is only the first time I'm commenting on your blog, but I've read both your New Moon takes with Kristen and Taylor, and I couldn't agree more! I wrote about Kristen's performance and the movie and Jacob and I think you had all the same thoughts I had!

I never liked Book Jacob, and even when I read Breaking Dawn I was annoyed that he'd always be in Bella's life because of Renesmee. I seriously just wanted him to go away. But Taylor in New Moon, totally made me understand (and love) Jacob. I'm not switching sides any time soon, but if Bella had to have a human best friend, I'm glad it's him. Her "I love you" was just, and she really did need him.

In that scene at Emily's house, I love how Jacob was the only one that appeared wearing a shirt haha

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

For me, reading the books. I did not become fond of Jacob. He annoyed me and his trickery to steal affection from Bella, pissed me off at times.
BUT, Bella too, irritated me on and off through out the books as well.
With that being said, Taylor won me over with his role in New Moon. Definitely. Not Twilight, but with New Moon. I love the movie Jacob. How could you not? I’m seeing the boy that is hurt instead of reading it about it. Chris W did a great job. I still am not Team Jacob only because Jacob deserves better than Bella. To be Team Jacob, to me, would be saying that I want him to be with Bella and I don’t.

StarlitViolets said...

Personally, I have always enjoyed book Jacob. I think he's always provided the perfect anitithesis to Edward. He's immature and that's what fuels his stupid attempts to force Bella's affection. And then there's Edward and his, "it's all up to Bella" attitude, which wins hands-down.

I think Taycob brought a lot of the more complicated emotions to life on screen. He definitely delivered.

I'm still Team Edward FOREVER! Cuz I know how the series ends. And I don't think younger guys are that attractive. AND - as Mrs. Vanquish so eloquently stated - he'll always be a dog for me too. Imagine how bad his fur smells in the ample rain around the rez. Wet dog! Ew.

spellbound said...

I really disliked & was annoyed by Jacob in the books. But I have to say NM Jacob won me over big time! Of course I'm always & forever Team Edward, don't get me wrong, but I've got to give credit where credit is due. He rocked this movie! I knew from pre-movie interviews that he had a passion for the role, I just didn't know if he could translate that into the needed emotions, but boy, did he deliver IMO! And another thing, NM Jake seems much more mature than book Jake which is another reason I liked him much more. And if you think about it, it's very important for the rest of the saga that we develop a soft place in our hearts for Jake. One question, on another blog, can't remember which one, they said the words he says to Bella in the kitchen translated to "I love you", not "stay with me forever". Where did that information come from & how can we find out for sure which it was? Thanks for the great review! I really enjoy your blog!

sparkle for twilight said...

@Spellbound, about the Jacob quote, I also read on Twifans that someone translated the Quileute and said it was "I love you" but also read from other blogs about the "stay with me forever" so I'm wondering too. Either way when I found out that's what he said, I just died, it's so sad!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I love you girls, all those comments are so great and awesome! And I love reading all of them!

As for the Jake Kitchen Quote: I really don't know where I have it from, I read it a few times so I just took it over. I have no clue if this is right or not?! Would be good to know , hu?

I just saw New Moon again and hell yes poor Jake boy is so sweet and wonderful in this movie!

"I was a good kid" made me cry...

Ok so much in New Moon made me cry but this one too! and my heart brooke for him when he said that...

KG said...

I did not like Jacob when I read the books. But when they started filming New Moon and I started seeing Taylor, I totally fell for him. I love his performance in New Moon. I agree with everything you said. One of my favorite moments in the movie is when Jacob tells Bella she is about to cross a line, and subsequently storms off slamming the truck door closed. its a small thing, but it was very powerful to me. Taylor Lautner is fantastic, and I am so excited to see how he does in Eclipse.

Great review Mrs.V!! oh, and I too, kind of wish he would have gotten that kiss! husband is totally Team Jacob, and was telling me how he feels bad for Jacob and that it sucks that Bella leads him on. awwwwwww.

Alice said...

I was worried about Taylor's performance at first, but boy did he deliver! I'm still team Edward though, without a shadow of a doubt.

I agree with your points -> it's strange that she gets that dreamcatcher gift, even is she wasn't having bad dreams at the time. It would have been better if he gave it to her when Edward had already left.

The "I love you", irritated me a lot. I mean, it becomes a huge deal when she will be admitting in Eclipse that she loves Jacob as well. How will they explain that now it's a different kind of love? I don't think there will be time for a Bella rant in the heat of all the action. It would have been easier hadn't she said it now and only in Eclipse.

Micki_Martini said...

I agree with you all. I was not a big book Jacob fan. He would really piss me off. Then along comes Taylor Lautner in all his buff hotness who is able to be adorable at the same time. I love how the movies have increased my love for all things Twilight and brought out new feelings in me.

Billy Idol's Mom said...

I agree with you all the way Ms. Vanquish! I will always be Team Edward but a small part of me now loves Jacob. I thought Taylor Lautner's performance in this movie was brilliant and he showed so much emotion. His facial expressions were spot on especially when he hugged bella in the school parking lot and gave Edward the stare down was spot on and showed just enough cockiness! Like you i could go without the shirtless scene because to me he is so much more than a pretty body. He is a good actor and I think he will be even better in Eclipse!

StarlitViolets said...

I just can't wait to see the Bella/Jacob kiss in Eclipse. I think Chris Weitz was teasing us to build up the suspense just like SM did in the books. It's a good type of suspense though.

Just think - in Eclipse it'll be all about the passionate kiss...

My Twilife said...

Great post Mrs V!! I totally agree with you! I am team Edward as well but Jacob did take a piece of my heart as well! The first time I read New Moon I practically was speed reading to find when Edward came back and I HATED Jacob. Then I read it again (before the move) and I actually LlKED him...I could totally identify with Bella and the fact that she loved him too. How could you not? I always looked at it as who you could love & live with (Jacob) and who you love and could not live without (Edward)

But I see why she loves them both, I do too! Though Edward is her world, Jacob will always have a part of her...and I totally felt my heart break for him at the end of the movie!

Great post Dani!! *hugs*

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