Wednesday, March 31

One year ago ... or How it all begun...!

I sat here, exactly at this place (meaning at work - sitting on my Macbook) and had nothing to read anymore. No, actually it was a bit different. I just got all the Harry Potter audiobooks (unabridged!!!) and I heard them all in a row and I can tell you this was ePic! (I just talked about my obsessive behavior, this is just one more example.)

Anyway, I digress.

When I finished them, I was in a big whole desperately looking for something new, so I went to my book store (meaning amazon..) and looked out for something new. This was when I had a closer look at my recommendations and (yes you guess it) it was Twilight. Thanks to amazon I still now the exact date: March, 26th!!!

I ordered the audiobook and so it all begun ....

You might expect me now to recap the first weeks, but I'm not going to do that now.

Yesterday, I was chatting with uhyesplease and Betty on gChat (having gChat really helps me getting during the day...) and I remembered how it all started and I asked my girls how it was for them.

I became emotional and nostalgic! *sniffles*

Uhyesplease then said: "Uh no, my story is boring!" No it's not! None of your "how-I-became-twisessed" is lame, because it's your personal story. I know we all talked about over and over again, but I think this never - ever gets old!

What I'm doing now is collecting old "how everything begun" stories from the people I love and spend my Twi-Time with.

And now: I'm asking YOU!
Do you want to share your story with me???
I would love hearing your story and I'm planning a few posts here
about your first date with Twilight.


You can send me an email with your story: mrsvanquish @ me (dot) com or if you have a blog and already wrote your story you can also send me the link to this.
(I might however shorten it then, tell me if you wouldn't be OK with it). You can include pictures, funny stories, basically everything you want to share with me!

I really want to hear it, I want to feel it again, how it felt the very first time. How everything started and we all ended up here *looks around* on all those awesome blogs, on Twitter chatting about it and all those friendships that came just because we all became obsessed and loved the same book....

Sunday, March 28

And the winner is....

More than one month ago we started the Beautiful Creatures discussion at fragile's blog and in honor of that and this awesome book I hold this giveaway where you can win one of those super pretty cute and awesome bracelets.

Wanna see mine?
Because I freaking love it! Look at this, really I love waring it:)

Ok but you came here to see who won, right?

Honestly, holding a contest over more than a month and then giving every one so
many different possibilities to enter and gain entries, makes it
in the end super complicated to draw a winner!
But exel helps - a lot!

*clears throat*,
Anyway, there would be nothing I'd NOT do for you!

*drum rolls*






Congrats girl, please email me your address so that you get your Bracelet soon! Please don't forget to send me a picture when you have it!

And for all of you who unfortunately haven't won - and I'm super sad, I'd love give every one of you a bracelet.. But maybe you make yourself a present and buy one for yourself, you won't be disappointed I promise!!

BC giveaway

Thanks again to all of you who participated in this giveaway and also who were part of the lovely discussion over at fragile's blog. It was tons of fun and I'm sure that we will come back in fall to discuss the next book as well. And a special thanks to Mary who designed those wonderful bracelets and was willing to give away one of them to one of you!

Monday, March 22


What a title for this post, hu?
But it fit's, wait read on and see..

This weekend I did something incredible ... uhm.. (let me find the right work)... stupid - crazy.. yes, I think cRazY fit's best. Hubs was out on Friday night, so I started watching something he'd never watch with me, he really doesn't like Fiction series of movies or stuff, so I'm on my own for this.

Do you know heroes? The TV-show? Well, I do! I've seen the first season some years ago and was hooked, like really hooked. I've also seen the second season, but then I lost track somehow. I think they showed the third season when I was busy with Twilight, so I missed it completely. Well, on Friday I thought with hubs being out, I could watch some episodes of the third season .... (some...*rolls eyes at myself*)

Ok, now starts the craziness: When I started with the first episode and then watched the second and the third, I was hooked again, and I mean really.stupid.crazy hooked.

I have seen the entire third season in one fucking weekend!!! I won't tell you how many episodes this freaking season has because this would be too... embarrassing. Just google it if you wanna know..

I stopped Friday night, woke up on Saturday made a coffee and went on where I stopped. I watched the whole day - drinking coffee, just interrupted by going to the toilet from all the coffee and having a smoke outside, but then I went on. I stopped for cooking and spending the evening with hubs (no heroes) and Sunday morning the same went on.

I simply couldn't stop!! Whenever I finished one episode I wanted to know how it's going on. I finished the season by Sunday afternoon and immediately looked out for season 4. It was just available in english, but this couldn't stop me! So I also watched the first 4 episodes from season 4.
Apart from the series itself there is this Hottie and oH.My.gOOdness. I adore him he's really cute, holy sweetness - he's hot! This might be also a point why I got so hooked, a series without a hot guy that could be admired would be... well boring...

Now that I admit this CrAZineSs I feel better, a bit, a tiny little bit. But I can't avoid reflecting that this is absolutely insane. Definitely insane. Moreover, this isn't the first time I did something like this - something which (when looking closer) looks like an obsession!

I think with Twilight it was worst. I spend all my freaking free time with Twilight, the books, the audiobooks - when I finished the series for the first time I started all over again. I think some of you are totally there with me, some of you did the same, right? (Please don't let me alone here) Then I got the DVD and I watched this movie like 100 times.

Twilight is one thing, like I said and hope I'm not alone here, but then there is True Blood and the Vampire Diaries and ... and!!.. AND.... and...

With True Blood I did the same, hubs was out and I watched the whole season in one weekend. The second season I followed each week on TV but then.. I watched both seasons all over again - like there was nothing else, just one.episode.after.the.other. Yep, crazy... insane... screwy..

Oh and the Vampire Diaries - you get the point here - I did the same. Maybe not as obsessed as with Twilight and True Blood. But still..

Well, and then there is the time when I read a book I really love, when starting it, I just.can't.fucking.stop! Happened a few times, take for example the Percy Jackson books. I started with one book and (thank god to my Kindle: click, buy and get it immediately) I finished one and started with the next one.

Beautiful Creatures is just one more example of this. I mean just look at my previous post, they were all more or less about this book. *heavy sigh* This book, finished in one day! Yep, one day!

When talking about books, I also need to mention Fanfics. Yes you guess right, also here my obsessive disorder takes over. Know Wide Awake? Well, this is a HuGe ( and I mean it!) fanfic and I read it in one weekend! but here I know, that there is at least one more that did the same and funnily during the same weekend! (yes fragile, I mean YOU)

I mean, this level of obsession differs from time to time. One day it's Twilight, the other day it's (let's take the latest example) heroes and it feels like being drawn into a world where I don't want to get out, like being in trance.

I would be nice that I had this obssesion about serious things like, writing my damn fucking thesis, doing sports or loosing weight - some stuff which really have a value in the end, but no... didn't happen yet...

Ok girls, please don't tell me I'm alone with this insanity.
Did you do something similar - ever?
I know some of you have kids which might be a problem
with watching an entire season in one weekend,
but did you do something similar
where you felt a bit awkward when reflecting it?

Or am I alone and need seriously help?

Friday, March 12

Look at this....! My Beautiful Creatures Bracelet!

This morning when I left home for work I found a package leaning at my door: It was a package I desperately waited for! (why on earth haven't I've seen it yesterday evening?... )

Last Month, when I found this super sweet shop from Mary Tippett at (who makes Beautiful Creatures inspired Jewelry) I immediately contacted her if she would want to do a giveaway with me for you.
BC giveaway

Since I never give away something I don't like myself I also ordered a custom Bracelet for myself. I told her exactly what I wanted and she made it exactly how I pictured my Bracelet. I wanted to have a moon (16 moons - remember?) and something green from Lena's eyes and sure there needed to be something purple since this color stands for Beautiful Creatures.

When I opened my package with pure excitement, first I found the Bracelet wrapped in purple paper, how sweet and considered is that?
I love such tiny details, like a loot!

Then I opened it and screamed - It is soo lovely and beautiful - I'm in Love with it!

She made 3 strings -
one metal , two black with a nice misty stone and a super sweet toggle.

Oh I love such things, handmade just for me and unique. But the best thing is, it will always remind me of the time I spend with
  • the wonderful Book,
  • my Friends discussing this peace of lovely book (at fragile's blog )
  • the lovely ladies that wrote this wonderment Kami Garcia and Margarete Stohl (btw, follow them on Twitter because they are sweet and super funny!!!), and
  • with all of you.

Yes, I'm freaking emotional like that! Take it! That's me! Like, when I look at my Bella ring and get this dazzled look in my face or when I hear the Twilight soundtrack and get lost in it. That' s me... *sigh*

So if you haven't entered my giveaway, where you can win such a cute Bracelet yourself, then why the heck haven't you yet??? Click at the Button and enter already!

BC giveaway

But in the sad case you won't win you can always take your inspiration, go to Mary and tell her what you want and she will do it for you! It might be also a sweet gift, hu? Well, this sounds like a promotion *giggles* but when I truly love something I wanna spread the love!

Happy Weekend, because It's freaking Friday girls!

Friday, March 5

Award for the Best Twiancè Ever!

Today is day to celebrate:

It's the Birthday of my beloved friend Betti!

I don't even know how old she gets today, but this is so not important because she just looks like 35, never met a woman who looks like her. She is beautiful but not just outside, inside even more. I had the luck to meet her last year when she came here to watch New Moon together with me and it was a wonderful exciting weekend!

Since I cannot hug her today I thought of a tiny something special, so I created a once in a lifetime Award for her:
The Best Twiancè Ever Award!

I love you Betti and I'm blessed to have you in my life and beyond happy we met last year. See, one thing more to be thankful for Twilight, without Twilight I wouldn't have met this wonderful woman and couldn't call her friend now

I wish you the bestest Birthday today, I hope you'll have a wonderful day full of Love because you deserve all of it if not more. I hope soon we'll have more time together since lately I was always too busy and distracted with other things.
I would love to hug you, but since I cannot do it, I send you virtual hugs - tons of them!! - virtual kisses - lot's of them!! and all my Love across Germany! Do you feel it?

Love you, Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 1

Randomness - Beautiful Creatures and spreading some Love

Lately it seems that either I post a giveaway or I tell you about something I wrote or did for other blogs... Well, I promise to get better and actually write a real post! Not that this ain't one, but.. uhm... you get the point.

Somehow I have been busy with creating the platform for our Bewitched Bookworms Blog, which seriously was a hell of a lot of work. I wanted to create a real bewitched layout, matching our blog title so I guess I overdid a bit - but I'm so in love with this layout. Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, then pretty please check out my BookBlog project with my lovely friends!

Ok this was one excuse, the next one you can see on fragile little humans blog. She is running with her friend Greta a Beautiful Creatures Book discussion and guess what, she really asked me to take over one part of the discussion. Me?!?! YEES, me! Damn it, I was thrilled! Nobody ever asked me to not just comment of a discussion but also really write a recap!

Me, The German, who reads books in a language that is not my mother language and is definitely not a Grammar expert! (But, I'm also that bad in German Grammar... )

Anyhoodle, this week it's my turn to discuss four chapters of the book and ask the people some questions they might consider interesting enough to answer. So, if you read Beautiful Creatures (and if not, why haven't you started yet!?) then head over to fragile and read my tiny post.

If you find some truly eloquent sentences, well obviously they might not be from me. I asked my beloved friends The Lemon sisters : One Pushy Fox and Uhyesplease to take their precious time and correct my stuff and make sense out of my nonsense. I am extremely thankful and beyond happy they are my friends and corrected my odd stuff!

Love you girls, like a whole fucking much!

Oh and I have yet another thing to tell you guys, which you might find interesting and really really cool! We, the Bewitched Bookworms have another contest and you can win something really really , (did I say really?!) cool : A signed copy from Beautiful Creatures!!! Signed by the wonderful authors themselves. You can also follow those wonderful authors on Twitter:
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, those two ladies are wonderful so follow them!!
Coming back to the contest: Heather and Heather - or Pushy and Call of Duty Widow meet last week for the first time in RL and were at a BC Book signing in their area. Pushy was lovely enough to get a signed copy that she is giving away to one lucky winner! Isn't that cool? (Apart from the fact that I can't enter *frowns*) Isn't Pushy awesome for doing this?
Well, Yes and Yes!

So don't miss your chance and enter the giveaway:

BC contest

Oh and Ladies, don't forget to enter my giveaway where you can win a super duper extremely cute Beautiful Creatures Bracelet from Mary. Seriously
you don't want to miss it!

BC giveaway

With that I close my Randomness for today and hope you are all still with me, I love you *points at my Readers, Followers and Lurkers"
all of you, that you are still with me!
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