Monday, March 1

Randomness - Beautiful Creatures and spreading some Love

Lately it seems that either I post a giveaway or I tell you about something I wrote or did for other blogs... Well, I promise to get better and actually write a real post! Not that this ain't one, but.. uhm... you get the point.

Somehow I have been busy with creating the platform for our Bewitched Bookworms Blog, which seriously was a hell of a lot of work. I wanted to create a real bewitched layout, matching our blog title so I guess I overdid a bit - but I'm so in love with this layout. Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, then pretty please check out my BookBlog project with my lovely friends!

Ok this was one excuse, the next one you can see on fragile little humans blog. She is running with her friend Greta a Beautiful Creatures Book discussion and guess what, she really asked me to take over one part of the discussion. Me?!?! YEES, me! Damn it, I was thrilled! Nobody ever asked me to not just comment of a discussion but also really write a recap!

Me, The German, who reads books in a language that is not my mother language and is definitely not a Grammar expert! (But, I'm also that bad in German Grammar... )

Anyhoodle, this week it's my turn to discuss four chapters of the book and ask the people some questions they might consider interesting enough to answer. So, if you read Beautiful Creatures (and if not, why haven't you started yet!?) then head over to fragile and read my tiny post.

If you find some truly eloquent sentences, well obviously they might not be from me. I asked my beloved friends The Lemon sisters : One Pushy Fox and Uhyesplease to take their precious time and correct my stuff and make sense out of my nonsense. I am extremely thankful and beyond happy they are my friends and corrected my odd stuff!

Love you girls, like a whole fucking much!

Oh and I have yet another thing to tell you guys, which you might find interesting and really really cool! We, the Bewitched Bookworms have another contest and you can win something really really , (did I say really?!) cool : A signed copy from Beautiful Creatures!!! Signed by the wonderful authors themselves. You can also follow those wonderful authors on Twitter:
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, those two ladies are wonderful so follow them!!
Coming back to the contest: Heather and Heather - or Pushy and Call of Duty Widow meet last week for the first time in RL and were at a BC Book signing in their area. Pushy was lovely enough to get a signed copy that she is giving away to one lucky winner! Isn't that cool? (Apart from the fact that I can't enter *frowns*) Isn't Pushy awesome for doing this?
Well, Yes and Yes!

So don't miss your chance and enter the giveaway:

BC contest

Oh and Ladies, don't forget to enter my giveaway where you can win a super duper extremely cute Beautiful Creatures Bracelet from Mary. Seriously
you don't want to miss it!

BC giveaway

With that I close my Randomness for today and hope you are all still with me, I love you *points at my Readers, Followers and Lurkers"
all of you, that you are still with me!

5 truly lovely comments..:

uhyesplease said...

oh - you're the sweetest! Helping you out was no trouble at all! I am still in complete amazement how awesome your english is and that you also are so brave to join in a book discussion, not only with a book in english, but then to post all your ideas and thought in English! You are so good!!!!

Big huge gold star for you!

And i love your little pic with me and pushy's sigs!!! oooooh lovely!!!!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Now aren't you the loveliest pimper ever? :)

rpfangirldc said...

I love what you did over at Bookworms... What is it that I am missing that you hate?

You are pimpette of everything...

And you should be so proud to be reading in English when your native is not. I have been told by a lot of foreign friends (Norwegian, German, & Spanish) that it is so hard to learn as a second language.


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks Lovelies !! ;))

your wonderful words mean a lot! *hugs* *kisses* and everything!

One Pushy Fox said...

I thought I commented here already!!! Sheesh, what a slacker I am!

Thanks for the love, babe! You know we love you like WHOA lots and would do anything for you. Reading your post early was SUPER EASY! And I got a jump on thinking up my answers. :)

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