Sunday, March 28

And the winner is....

More than one month ago we started the Beautiful Creatures discussion at fragile's blog and in honor of that and this awesome book I hold this giveaway where you can win one of those super pretty cute and awesome bracelets.

Wanna see mine?
Because I freaking love it! Look at this, really I love waring it:)

Ok but you came here to see who won, right?

Honestly, holding a contest over more than a month and then giving every one so
many different possibilities to enter and gain entries, makes it
in the end super complicated to draw a winner!
But exel helps - a lot!

*clears throat*,
Anyway, there would be nothing I'd NOT do for you!

*drum rolls*






Congrats girl, please email me your address so that you get your Bracelet soon! Please don't forget to send me a picture when you have it!

And for all of you who unfortunately haven't won - and I'm super sad, I'd love give every one of you a bracelet.. But maybe you make yourself a present and buy one for yourself, you won't be disappointed I promise!!

BC giveaway

Thanks again to all of you who participated in this giveaway and also who were part of the lovely discussion over at fragile's blog. It was tons of fun and I'm sure that we will come back in fall to discuss the next book as well. And a special thanks to Mary who designed those wonderful bracelets and was willing to give away one of them to one of you!

2 truly lovely comments..:

One Pushy Fox said...

Congrats, bierbeck!!! I'm so jealous but so happy for you!! :D

bierbeck said...

YEAH!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!

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