Friday, March 12

Look at this....! My Beautiful Creatures Bracelet!

This morning when I left home for work I found a package leaning at my door: It was a package I desperately waited for! (why on earth haven't I've seen it yesterday evening?... )

Last Month, when I found this super sweet shop from Mary Tippett at (who makes Beautiful Creatures inspired Jewelry) I immediately contacted her if she would want to do a giveaway with me for you.
BC giveaway

Since I never give away something I don't like myself I also ordered a custom Bracelet for myself. I told her exactly what I wanted and she made it exactly how I pictured my Bracelet. I wanted to have a moon (16 moons - remember?) and something green from Lena's eyes and sure there needed to be something purple since this color stands for Beautiful Creatures.

When I opened my package with pure excitement, first I found the Bracelet wrapped in purple paper, how sweet and considered is that?
I love such tiny details, like a loot!

Then I opened it and screamed - It is soo lovely and beautiful - I'm in Love with it!

She made 3 strings -
one metal , two black with a nice misty stone and a super sweet toggle.

Oh I love such things, handmade just for me and unique. But the best thing is, it will always remind me of the time I spend with
  • the wonderful Book,
  • my Friends discussing this peace of lovely book (at fragile's blog )
  • the lovely ladies that wrote this wonderment Kami Garcia and Margarete Stohl (btw, follow them on Twitter because they are sweet and super funny!!!), and
  • with all of you.

Yes, I'm freaking emotional like that! Take it! That's me! Like, when I look at my Bella ring and get this dazzled look in my face or when I hear the Twilight soundtrack and get lost in it. That' s me... *sigh*

So if you haven't entered my giveaway, where you can win such a cute Bracelet yourself, then why the heck haven't you yet??? Click at the Button and enter already!

BC giveaway

But in the sad case you won't win you can always take your inspiration, go to Mary and tell her what you want and she will do it for you! It might be also a sweet gift, hu? Well, this sounds like a promotion *giggles* but when I truly love something I wanna spread the love!

Happy Weekend, because It's freaking Friday girls!

5 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Oh it's a beautiful bracelet!!!! And I'm sure it looks beautiful on you <3

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Oh, Wow, it's beautiful. I can totally understand why you were so excited. And, trust me, I think the vast majority of us here are very emotional and attached to the fandom in such an insane wonderful way. :D

One Pushy Fox said...

So pretty!!!!!!! And I love you all WIME so no changing that! *hugs*

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Mrs V, considering we will be with these authors for the next two years (two more books), I'd say you will be a fan for quite some time.
Can I just add, I'm a huge BC fan and I'm desperate for that bracelet. I will head over to her site and order something.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@HG: OoOoooo lovely!!!! She will be soo happy!
And really she does it exactly how you want to have it!
You have to show me when it's ready!! So excited for you and Mary ;))

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