Monday, March 22


What a title for this post, hu?
But it fit's, wait read on and see..

This weekend I did something incredible ... uhm.. (let me find the right work)... stupid - crazy.. yes, I think cRazY fit's best. Hubs was out on Friday night, so I started watching something he'd never watch with me, he really doesn't like Fiction series of movies or stuff, so I'm on my own for this.

Do you know heroes? The TV-show? Well, I do! I've seen the first season some years ago and was hooked, like really hooked. I've also seen the second season, but then I lost track somehow. I think they showed the third season when I was busy with Twilight, so I missed it completely. Well, on Friday I thought with hubs being out, I could watch some episodes of the third season .... (some...*rolls eyes at myself*)

Ok, now starts the craziness: When I started with the first episode and then watched the second and the third, I was hooked again, and I mean really.stupid.crazy hooked.

I have seen the entire third season in one fucking weekend!!! I won't tell you how many episodes this freaking season has because this would be too... embarrassing. Just google it if you wanna know..

I stopped Friday night, woke up on Saturday made a coffee and went on where I stopped. I watched the whole day - drinking coffee, just interrupted by going to the toilet from all the coffee and having a smoke outside, but then I went on. I stopped for cooking and spending the evening with hubs (no heroes) and Sunday morning the same went on.

I simply couldn't stop!! Whenever I finished one episode I wanted to know how it's going on. I finished the season by Sunday afternoon and immediately looked out for season 4. It was just available in english, but this couldn't stop me! So I also watched the first 4 episodes from season 4.
Apart from the series itself there is this Hottie and oH.My.gOOdness. I adore him he's really cute, holy sweetness - he's hot! This might be also a point why I got so hooked, a series without a hot guy that could be admired would be... well boring...

Now that I admit this CrAZineSs I feel better, a bit, a tiny little bit. But I can't avoid reflecting that this is absolutely insane. Definitely insane. Moreover, this isn't the first time I did something like this - something which (when looking closer) looks like an obsession!

I think with Twilight it was worst. I spend all my freaking free time with Twilight, the books, the audiobooks - when I finished the series for the first time I started all over again. I think some of you are totally there with me, some of you did the same, right? (Please don't let me alone here) Then I got the DVD and I watched this movie like 100 times.

Twilight is one thing, like I said and hope I'm not alone here, but then there is True Blood and the Vampire Diaries and ... and!!.. AND.... and...

With True Blood I did the same, hubs was out and I watched the whole season in one weekend. The second season I followed each week on TV but then.. I watched both seasons all over again - like there was nothing else, just one.episode.after.the.other. Yep, crazy... insane... screwy..

Oh and the Vampire Diaries - you get the point here - I did the same. Maybe not as obsessed as with Twilight and True Blood. But still..

Well, and then there is the time when I read a book I really love, when starting it, I just.can't.fucking.stop! Happened a few times, take for example the Percy Jackson books. I started with one book and (thank god to my Kindle: click, buy and get it immediately) I finished one and started with the next one.

Beautiful Creatures is just one more example of this. I mean just look at my previous post, they were all more or less about this book. *heavy sigh* This book, finished in one day! Yep, one day!

When talking about books, I also need to mention Fanfics. Yes you guess right, also here my obsessive disorder takes over. Know Wide Awake? Well, this is a HuGe ( and I mean it!) fanfic and I read it in one weekend! but here I know, that there is at least one more that did the same and funnily during the same weekend! (yes fragile, I mean YOU)

I mean, this level of obsession differs from time to time. One day it's Twilight, the other day it's (let's take the latest example) heroes and it feels like being drawn into a world where I don't want to get out, like being in trance.

I would be nice that I had this obssesion about serious things like, writing my damn fucking thesis, doing sports or loosing weight - some stuff which really have a value in the end, but no... didn't happen yet...

Ok girls, please don't tell me I'm alone with this insanity.
Did you do something similar - ever?
I know some of you have kids which might be a problem
with watching an entire season in one weekend,
but did you do something similar
where you felt a bit awkward when reflecting it?

Or am I alone and need seriously help?

12 truly lovely comments..:

Anonymous said...

i dont watch tv.. but I did read the saga more than once in one week. I finish huge fics in weekends too... and i watch the movies obsessively till a new obsession comes along..

One Pushy Fox said...

I totally take things in gulps! I read the Twilight books over and over and over.... Ditto for watching the movie (which wasn't even that good!). Ditto for lots of stuff. I think the only TV series I've done that with was Buffy, but one New Years Day I just sat down and started watching the series all day long. It was glorious. It was decadent. It was DEFINITELY before I had kids. :)

So you're definitely not alone, darling!!

ahz1 said...

I watch an episode of True Blood while I am on my exercise bike, thereby combining obsession with exercise.....Great eye candy....

Betti Gefecht said...

...some stuff with a real value in the end???? You are kidding, aren't you? I mean I don't know about those other obsessions of yours, but redarding twilight.... well, I consider a lot of things that emerged from MY twi-obession, of GREAT value, especially when it comes to personal benefits... friendships, twigagements and such? ;-)
But besides that, I know what you mean.... sigh!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

You're sooo not alone. Before this whole Twilight saga, I had one major addiction, and it was the TV show Lost. My hubs and I watched the entire first two seasons in a matter of days. We just couldn't stop.

I love things like that pull you in. I was just telling my hubs yesterday how everyone who has read Twilight did so in a matter of days, even though the writing was really nothing special. But there I was, reading a highly acclaimed book such as The Time Traveler's Wife, which is well written, bored to death. I've started it weeks ago, and I'm only half way through.

twilightcupcake said...

Your obsession patterns echo mine. I read all my fanfics in one go if I can. No sleeping or two hours max. Even emancipation proclamation and Wide awake. Read whole twilight saga in a bit over 72 hrs. I guess some of us will die early from sleep deprivation but we'll die happy. We always buy a whole season of a show and watch it in one go. So no you are among friends albeit crazy ones.

rottymama said...

I was a fan of Heroes and Lost. Then when it got to be reruns and skipping the weekly into in two weeks, I lost them. I haven’t rented the seasons or purchased. I figure they’ll come on TV eventually.
I am a Alias fan and have all 5 seasons in the little Irena box. I rented True Blood and watched it in one weekend, me & the hubs. That first opening scene, HAWT!

Vampire Diaries, I think I am up to speed on that. Another one I like is Drop Dead Diva and just recently Breaking Bad. There was a marathon on A&E channel and the hubs has been watching that. Oh and Greys’ Anatomy. Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy!
No Mrs. V you are not alone. I also watch the trilogies/sequels of Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Shrek, God Father.
Twilight, I saw the movie first, and my daughter had all the books. She’s the one that started me on all that. I read the books like in two weeks. I do have the Twilight audio cd and plan on getting New Moon next. Picked up the Borders copy of New Moon DVD on Friday night and my daughter got the necklace, which is very pretty. Stayed up til 3 am watching it and that messed up my entire Saturday! So yea, you are not alone.

KG said...

Oh Danny, my husband and I do the same thing with TV series. We wait til they are on dvd and then marathon it. We love Heroes, but havent watched the 3rd season. we also watch LOST, Stargate SG1, and Smallville. My husband also started watching Legend of the Seeker, he gets the dvds through netflix. You are definitely not alone, my friend.

I really need to watch The Vampire Diaries, cause Damon is SMOKIN' HOT! oh and I love Milo! He is dreamy! He is my Patch from Hush Hush!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh I feel so much better, really! Like a lot!!

@aimee: Yes, movies I also watch over and over!!

@pushy: Buffy!! Yes, it's been a long time ago but I had all the Buffy DvD's and watched them over and over...

@ahz1: well combing this is a perfect idea though!! and motivation!

@betti: you are right Sweetie! Our Twilight obsession at least brought us all together!

@Jelena: Ohh yes Lost!! this is next on my list since I totally lost track, but Lost is such a great show!!

@cupcake: It's so much fun doing this! Yes you are right it actually makes me happy!!

@rottymama: I have been at the Triple feature for Lord of the rings in the theater, It was EPIC!! although my butt really hurt afterwards hehe!! I think one day I also watched some Harry Potter movies one after the other... such days are awesome!

@KG: Squueeeee, Milo for Patch !! Awesome! perfect, he's just a bit to old to play a 17 year old looking guy... Milo is so hot!! and he's my age which is so much better than lusting after teenagers :))

Alice said...

I have only been this obsessed with Twilight really. Although I watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (entended version obviously) in one day from time to time. And also the first season of Gossip Girl and Prison Break were finished in one week. It always feels a bit like a black hole when once finished.

Laura said...

Um . . . yeah, I am totally in the same boat with everything, except Beautiful Creatures. It's been two month's and I still haven't been able to get through it. ::shrugs:: Anyway, Twilight, Vamp Diaries, Sookie Stackhouse Novels . . . fanfic. Yeah, obsession doesn't even cut it. :)

17foreverlisa said...

Late to the party :) You are not alone in your obsessive behavior. I used to obsess over TV shows and not be able to put a good book down once I started it, but that was before Robsanity set in. Now all of my time is spent obsessing on everything I can get my hands on about Rob, blogging, twitter, fanfic, etc.


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