Wednesday, March 31

One year ago ... or How it all begun...!

I sat here, exactly at this place (meaning at work - sitting on my Macbook) and had nothing to read anymore. No, actually it was a bit different. I just got all the Harry Potter audiobooks (unabridged!!!) and I heard them all in a row and I can tell you this was ePic! (I just talked about my obsessive behavior, this is just one more example.)

Anyway, I digress.

When I finished them, I was in a big whole desperately looking for something new, so I went to my book store (meaning amazon..) and looked out for something new. This was when I had a closer look at my recommendations and (yes you guess it) it was Twilight. Thanks to amazon I still now the exact date: March, 26th!!!

I ordered the audiobook and so it all begun ....

You might expect me now to recap the first weeks, but I'm not going to do that now.

Yesterday, I was chatting with uhyesplease and Betty on gChat (having gChat really helps me getting during the day...) and I remembered how it all started and I asked my girls how it was for them.

I became emotional and nostalgic! *sniffles*

Uhyesplease then said: "Uh no, my story is boring!" No it's not! None of your "how-I-became-twisessed" is lame, because it's your personal story. I know we all talked about over and over again, but I think this never - ever gets old!

What I'm doing now is collecting old "how everything begun" stories from the people I love and spend my Twi-Time with.

And now: I'm asking YOU!
Do you want to share your story with me???
I would love hearing your story and I'm planning a few posts here
about your first date with Twilight.


You can send me an email with your story: mrsvanquish @ me (dot) com or if you have a blog and already wrote your story you can also send me the link to this.
(I might however shorten it then, tell me if you wouldn't be OK with it). You can include pictures, funny stories, basically everything you want to share with me!

I really want to hear it, I want to feel it again, how it felt the very first time. How everything started and we all ended up here *looks around* on all those awesome blogs, on Twitter chatting about it and all those friendships that came just because we all became obsessed and loved the same book....

4 truly lovely comments..:

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Happy anniversary honey. :D I agree, reminiscing about how it all started never gets old. The more stories I hear, the more I get the feeling that we were all lured, like sailors by mermaids.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

It's good to remember how it all started, because of Twilight, I blog, I write, I read more. And I needed that. I needed a mental outlet, and through Twilight, I discovered it. I'll email you my story.

Call of Duty Widow said...

I think I had my story here:

One Pushy Fox said...

Sent my story earlier today. Looking forward to hearing everyone else's!

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