Thursday, July 30

The Twivirus pandemic!

People all over the world are infected and it seems that there is no curse, or it's just my weak immune system. Anyway, how did the virus spread like this? All I can say is, how I spread it around and try to get people on the Twi-site of life!

I mean, I'm rather strict, either you come to my Twi-site of live or stay where you come from!! If you want to talk to me about Twilight you have to know about the depth of my addiction, so take it or leave it. I would never start arguing with people who don't like it. Makes now sense.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if you don't like Twilight, but please don't fucking argue with me about it!!! I'm also not teasing you because you love The Partridge Family or whatever, your life - your addiction!

mod. from here

The girlfriend from a co-worker likes the books, but hated the movie and Rob (Can you believe that???). I get why some people don't like the movie, most of them just say it's not close enough to the books.But I like it. Period! Don't try to convince me that it's a shit story or a shit movie. Also, I don't like discussing with people about the Hotness of Rob. It's already enough that MrV don't get my addiction.

However, with all that in my mind I still tried to infect some people around me, and in the end I found five of them. With more or less success:

BFF - I took her to the cinema and she loved the story, the movie and Rob. I showed her my blog and she still loves me!!! (right?) No need to say more, she's the best!

MommyV - Told you already about her, look here! She's nearly done with BD. But she's not the person who gets addicted like me. Obviously I don't have that from her! I don't mind MommyV is great!

LovelyCousin - Because I know her quite well, I told her that she has to read the books, so she did and was directly addicted. She bought the DVD and her youngest son (although he doesn't like to speak much) learnt to say „Edward". Always when he sees Edward on the screen he's pointing to him and says: "Edward". How damn cute is that?

ohhh, so cute....

Workmate I - Likes the books, but doesn't want to see the movie. She says she's too old for that (44) - stupid. Apart from that, she's always teasing me with my Rob addiction: „He's 17, how can you adore a 17 year old boy.!" My answer: „ First: Edward is 100, hence much older than me. And second: Well, Rob is 23, which is not that young!!! I'm still in legal terms with that!" I really want to see her face when I get finally my Rob poster on the wall in the office! *evil smile * (We share the same office)

Workmate II - She made me happy last week, when she ask me for the books. She said she heard so many people talking about so that she needs to read it. Next day she got Twilight and the day after she was finished! Good girl!! No she's reading the rest, and loves it. When she's done, I'll give her more and let's see, maybe she will come completely of my Twi-site of live. I just need to feed the flame as long as it is burning, right?

Friday, July 24

Rob - I'm your slave

I still cannot believe I did that!

After seeing all those beautiful pic around this week, I decided late yesterday to fight the Vanquish-Shame and do something I'd have never - ever done before.

I did a fucking video with Rob pics! I spend my whole evening trying to figure iMove out. Fortunately, this is a damn easy program, so even untalented chicks like me can work with it. Still, it took my hours to get to the final version. I'm still shaking my head over myself...

Do I have any shame left? No, I doesn't look like.

I mean, I'm 30, married and did a video with a face which definitely NOT belongs to MrV. But, I'm fucking excited! I'm glad that all my Realifers have no clue what keeps me so buys the last weeks. Anyhoo, this here raises my obsession to a new level. Honestly, this level increases steadily since I started this blog.

MrV. followed my attempt to do this and even ask me I've he could have a look.

Seriously !? I was afraid!

Showing him this video would make my unconditionally obsession real. But he didn't give up until he saw it, and guess what: MrV. was just proud of my new found moviemaking skills. He just couldn't understand why Rob is so damn sexy to me, especially the hair looks so weird. What?! His hair is just the pick of the bunch!? Men!

Anyways, here it is and all I can say is:

Rob - I'm really a slave of your hot Sexiness and I can't fight that!

Note: The scaling is a bit wired here on the blog,so If you´d like to have the full scale version, go to youtube.I have no clue how to fix that...

Tuesday, July 21

Squeee!!! The wonderment of the Twi-community

Ok girls, this here is so fucking exciting. It all started with a simple blogpost, where I complained about the lack of Twi-related stuff here in Germany. All of you really felt with me, which made me feel so much better. It was the time when The Precious came out and all off you US girls where so excited about it.

However, little Mrs.V sat down in Germany and read all about your excitement and looked sad in the screen. It was July 13, when a Twichick came over to my blog, read the post and met me in Twitter:

The wonderful FireCrotch from webiteprettyhard!

And I still cannot believe what happened afterwards. After reading the post she unhesitatingly said:

„OMG! Just read your blog and you don't have the precious?!? I will send you one."

I was stunned, I was excited and I was overwhelmed! This women don't know me, at all, and would like to send me the precious just because we share the same obsessive passion for everything Twilight and Rob?!? And because there are many more wonderful people out there, the sweet marie directly offered to help. Super cute Cutie just said in this moment „ I have tears of joy"

Yeah exactly, that's how it felt!

One week later, meaning TODAY, I opened my mailbox and started screaming! Too bad that my neighbor just worked outside since I was so excited and started making pics from my mailbox. I guess, he just thought I completely lost my mind.

Squeee, it arrived!!!

As if I'd care!!! The Precious is in my mailbox!!! Squeeee!!!

the wonderful unpacking moment....

There they are, with a sweet letter from FireCrotch

So, now I sit here with a big fat smile on my face writing this post and just thinking about this wonderment! When I started this blog, it was just because I felt somehow alone with my constant thoughts of Twilight and Rob. But, I never dreamt that I would meet so many amazing wonderful sweet people, which are as crazy and obsessed as I am!

Love you all!!!

You, FireCrotch will always be my crazy Twi-hero and you will always have a special place in my Twi-heart. You just rock!

Do I sound gooey? Yes, maybe. Well, I don't care:-)

Sunday, July 19

Edward - Robward - Rob, Love them all

It all started with reading the books. There is a book, you read it and you fall in love with it - or you don't. With Twilight everything was a bit different, I didn't just fall in love with the books I fall in love with Edward. A pretty sparkling vampire! I thought about this and tried to remember when this happened before. And just for the records, I read a lot! Mr.V always teases me when I pack the bags for holiday because I pack usually tons of books. Anyway, I've never had this addiction to a fictional character before.

I love Edward because he's exactly what every girl dreams about: protective, sexy, beautiful, *cough* rich, smart and incredibly in love with you.

After I read the book, I had to see this movie, there was no way I'd miss that. I had no real idea about the movie-Edward, I just saw the posters and well, they locked horrible. But, Robward won my heart as soon as he entered the cafeteria. This little smile on his face, made my heart beat faster.

When I look back, I guess that my adoration took a step further during the 2nd Biology scene. The look, his eyes and the smile on his face when he's talking to Bella makes me just sigh.

I think after seen the movie things started to get mixed up. There was the book-Edward and Robward. In my mind Edward was now totally the same as Robward, which is nice while reading the book and heaving this adorable face in front of you.

My addiction started to get into an obsession after google around in the internet and during this I found tons of articles and pictures of Rob. In the beginning I forced myself not to look any closer, I mean this is just an actor, right? I've never cared really about celebrities or stars or whatever and I always told myself:

„ Fuck, you are 30!!! Try not to be a teenager!! Damn, try harder!!"

Well apparently, it didn't work.

The more pictures I saw from him and the more interviews I saw, the more I adored him. I loved watching interviews and see how shy and cute he's and totally unaware of his own sexiness and how he attracts all those girls and women. I couldn't help myself, but things really got mixed up by the time. There is Edward, there is Robward and there is Rob. And every one of them won my heart in a different way:

  • Edward for his incredibly way to love
  • Robward for picture exactly my Edward on the screen
  • Rob for being such a shy, cute, sexy and adorable boy




And I just feel sad for Rob that from now on he will be always the pretty sparkling Vampire who is adored by millions of girls.

.... and me. :-)

Thursday, July 16

Team Carlisle anyone?

I'm Team Edward, no doubt! However, I think Carlisle should get some love, too. I mean it's due to him that Edward is in our lives. Carlisle is Edward's father and at least for that he needs our support.

Yeah, Team Edward!!!

Unfortunately there are mostly Team Edward or Team Jacob (aka. the dog) people out there! ( I apologize now, once for all, for being rude with Jacob, don't blame me). For example, if you just go and do a simple google search and compare the number of hits :

  • Team Edward 60.8 million
  • Team Jacob 25.5 million
  • Team Carlisle 3.9 million

I think, this didn't do him justice!

Anyhoo, why is that so?

It's not like Edward or the dog are still on the market, at least not after Breaking Dawn. Edward, well he has Bella and dog apparently likes monsters from Scotland. Therefore, it cannot be the fact that Carlisle is married to Esme.

Might it be the age? Yeahh, the dog is definitely out of my range, 17 is really punishable. While Edward is also 17, this doesn't matter since he's in fact around 100, much more mature and sexier and hotter and *yummie*, simply it's just Edward! Carlisle was 23 when he got turned and now he's a few centuries old. Well, with vampires age doesn't matter.

Maybe it's the hair thing. Nobody has hair like Robward! Here is a nice lecture about rob's hair. Maybe some girls might like Jacob´s hair, I have no clue... And honestly, Carlisle hair is just ordinary.I could find a billion reasons for Team Edward, while I can't find any for Team Dog. Maybe just this one pic there.... but sill, it's a dog and I have an animal allergy.

So, just take a second and remember some Carlisle moments from the movie. Carlisle is always the good guy. Really, he's amazing and it's not just MommyV who thinks so.

As he entered the ER I thought „Damn he's hot and that smile!",... apart from this freaking white make up (Specially in this scene it's horrible!).

Recall the ballet studio where he said: „Son, remember who you are!", or when he put the bitch Rosalie in her place: „.... and we protect our family!" There he won my heart! He's lovely. Maybe he's not as sexy and hot as Edward, but he's cute and charming. Remember the sweet moment in New Moon where he pieces up Bella. To all that comes the fact that Peter is just perfect for this role. He seems like a really nice and loving family-guy

That's why I think Carlisle will get a special place in my Twilight heart, too.

And think about that: If you'd like to become one of them, Carlisle is your man! You never know if Edward might be bored from Bella at some point (the chances are quite good, I guess) and then: whoosh!! You're there!

Tuesday, July 14

Bella´s real dream of Edward...

I've seen Twilight countless times by now. I guess I'd have something to say to every scene, but I'd like to point to one particular scene. Since I'm focused on Edward - meaning Rob - all the time - I missed one Bella scene, which is freaking awkward. Yes, I know awkward and Bella fit's most of the times...

But have a look at the scene where she dreams for the first time of Edward. Look closer in her face and how she's lying there, really it looks like Mr. Sexy himself is below her blanket! Or maybe she's just having a smutty realistic dream of Edward! Actually she just says „This was the first night I dreamt of Edward". Nowhere is said what exactly she meant by that.

watch her face...

look how she´s holding her hand...

Well, actually I know quite good how my dreams look like, but I'm sure little Bella has no clue about that. I mean, we are talking about the girl who forgot to shave her legs before her weeding night! Heeelllooo??

So, either my interpretation was a bid exaggerated or KStew did a demonstration of her dream about Rob. This, by the way, I would totally understand!

Anyway, the best part of that scene is this here:

he should look at ME like that....
I´m fine with a stalking Edward in my bedroom

Mrs. Robward reminded me of this one here, and I had to add it. Kiss you Mrs. Robward

Monday, July 13

Did you feel the void after BD ...?

After I finished BD I felt so lost, so I started again with Twilight and the other ones. I repeated this five times in a row and I still felt lost. In between I read Midnight sun and I love love love it and I'm so mad with SM that she didn't finish it, but again I felt lost. I was so fucking desperate.

*sigh* things are so different now...

The natural development was the search for compensation. While this search I stumbled over Fanfiction. I had no idea that such kinds of stuff exists. I was cautious. I mean, is it right to read that stuff, as those people take characters from an author and make it their own ?? What if they fuck off the characters ??

But there was this big fat void and I had to fill it! Damn it, so get over here those Fanfic stuff!!

With this a whole new world opened! I started with Post-BD FanFic, but I'm not a big fan of that little small annoying Renesmee. Well, and then there is all this Twi-smut stuff around. Thank God that there are so many bloggys dealing with this, so I didn't have to search myself. Thank you all for this!!!

You know, I'm really picky, I don't read everything!!!

One thing I never read was AU human stuff. I mean, I like the whole sparkle vampire stuff really! A lot!! There was no point reading this, it felt completely wrong, out of space to me.Hmm, then a read this post here! The title didn't tell me much, but if so many people like it, it cannot be that bad, right?

There has to be something and damn, I have to know!! I don't like being left out..

I started and read the whole weekend! I just stop shortly for a nap, but no way, I had to finish this story. I won't go more into detail because we are discussing it here, anyway. (Thanks Cutie) But after that, I'm not afraid any more of reading human Edward stuff and I know that there are tons out there just ready to read!

Such an awesome story !!!

Well, now comes the best thing:

The thing that really helped me filling this void.

First, I was just happy finding all this wonderful blogs out there! And there are all funny, cute, smutty, wonderful and just everything what I need!!

Then, I started commenting, which was already great, still somehow it wasn't enough. So Mrs.V was born and together with her all this here! It's great, to finally have a place where you can tell, write and post whatever you like. The best thing is that there also nice wonderful people who also read this and not run away :-))

I love Twi-bloggy wonderland!

Love you all, Twi-bloggy Sweeties and Follow-Sweeties!

You all made this Twisession thing so much better!

And this is just for all the SuitRob Lovers around:

Friday, July 10

A Friday evening with wine and Rob

Time has changed since I'm living in the A.T. era and Friday evenings now look totally different. Normally, when Mr.V is out for a weekend I take time for myself and watch movies he'd never consider looking or just read a book or even go out with BFF.

Now, there is only one movie I'd watch and only one book - ok, actually four - I'd read. Additionally, I spend an enormous time reading all the beautiful blogs, browsing youtube for Rob-session videos and newly, I also tweet.

Yeah, life definitely has changed....

Today, I started my evening by struggling with US - German stupid license stuff and the fact that I'm far away from all those Twilight-goddies!

Most of you won't care, but I do! I care, a lot !!! I mean, really a lot!

In B.T era , it didn't matter if

  • I can buy a US magazine in Germany or not ....
  • I can hear a playlist from other people or watching US youtube videos.....
  • I'm living in a different time zone and miss all the news because I'm sleeping....
  • a movie hits my theatre months later.... (this is a very important point - keep that in mind. I'll come back to that point later - just not today)

Now, everything - every shitty thing - matters to me. I'm sure you all got my problem, but I'd like to go a bit more into detail to make sure you get the bloodiness of my situation.

Let's start with that:

not fair - I !

Yeah, I could buy it directly from US, but the prize is ridiculous! I think US prize is 9,99$ (?), here it would be 34$. Heeellloooo?? Is that fair, maybe kidding??? I guess not. Ok, at some point I might be so desperate and order it but now, I'm just pissed.

Besides that, there is a big difference in how music, TVshows and video licenses are handled in both countries. But instead of letting the people enjoy the music (I mean they could buy them afterwards!?) and video stuff, they make a problem out of it!

Actually, I just wanted to listen to Mrs. Cuties playlist:

apparently, I violate the law...

Since my evening started so distressed, I wanted to make myself happy, opened a good bottle of wine and spend nearly 1.5 hrs scanning youtube. While there is a whole lot of shit and bad videos out there, I found some really nice ones, too.

My favorite Rob is the suit-yummie Rob, but in addition I have an immense „hand" obsession and Rob has such beautiful hands. When he then runs them through his hair, I can't breathe normally anymore.

Take a deep breath for that:

Now, I feel better and have certainly a good night!

Thursday, July 9

Suit or Jeans ?

Personally, I prefer wearing jeans. However, when it comes to men, the world looks different.

I adore men in suits.

Yeah, certainly not all the time and to all occasions, but I can't resist men in a well-fitting suit! I'm glad Mr.V needs to wear suits often enough for work - this is really good for our relation...

Although it's not like I don't like men in casual clothes. I'd rather compare it to men who love their women in high heels and the little black dress.

I made the experience that there are two types of men, men who can wear a suit - let's call them simply „suit-yummies" and those who can't - let's call them „suit-jerks". I have one friend who is definitely a suit-jerk. Luckily, Mr. V is a yummie!


Anyway, I don't want to talk about the suit-jerks in my life. I rather talk about a man who looks sexy even in a gunnysack.

Although RPatzzzz mostly wears the Jeans/Sneakers thing (and he looks just awesome in that), he wears nice suits for special occasions. Whenever I see him in a suit, my heartbeat goes above healthy. He belongs entirely to the suit-yummies!!! That's why I collected some of the most beautiful pic's. I'm sure you've all seen them more than once, but I guess it can never be enough, right?

black is now my favorite



This smile so incredible!!

Okaayy, no words!!

Imagine that:

  • this man
  • in this suit,
  • in a black Vanquish and then picture yourself inside...
Nice dreams, girls !

Wednesday, July 8

Infecting Mommy with the Twi-virus!

In the Twi-wonderland are many Twihard mums, but here I'm talking about their mums, women in the age of 60++. A few weeks ago, Mommy Vanquish called and ask if I've read the Twilight series that is in all the bestseller lists. Sounds like a simple question..., right?

But omfg, what should I answer ??? Will she likes it?? Will she hate it??? I'm not sure how I'd react if she'd hate it, hate Robward - oh no no no - I couldn't stand that!

So I told her: „Look, this is a very romantic teenager love story, the main characters are 17! And it's about vampires." I tried to make clear in what she's getting into, but she didn't mind and just started reading.

mod. from here

Honestly, I was really nervous. But Mommy likes it!! My 62 year old - old fashioned - mum likes Twilight! She read straight through New Moon and Eclipse and last weekend I gave her Breaking Dawn!

Shit, this is cool! This is so awesome!

While I stayed at my parents place last weekend, I ask her if she'd like to see the movie. Yes yes yes!!! We told the men to go and play somewhere else, so that we can watch it without unqualified comments from them.

It was great! However, she just sees the movie with different eyes:

She loves KStew and Bella: „Oh she's so gorgeous, Bella is such an adorable girl - she always cooks for her dad and cleans up the house... „

What a benchmark...

She took a quick glance at me since she thinks I'm not the perfect housewife. However, this is undeniable true!!! Ok, this separates us. I don't care if Bella is a good cook or a perfect housewife. Honestly, I don't care about Bella at all.

Anyway! When the cafeteria scene came, she started saying:

Mommy V.: „Oh this is Edward? I thought he'd be prettier.."

Mrs. V.: „Stop! Not another word on this! Keep it to yourself. Rob's great! He is the perfect Edward. Period." Normally, I'm more tolerant, but I lost this somehow on my way into A.T., specially with everything Twi/Rob-related!

But she loved the movie and cried just like me. I'm happy that I infected her with the Twi-virus, although she was somehow immune to the Robward-virus... Doesn't matter, then he's all mine and she can have Carlisle, she really likes Carlisle. That's fine with me.

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