Monday, July 6

A weekend without Twilight??? Doesn´t exist...!

Since my parents live around 400 miles away from me, once in a while Mr. Vanquish and I have to visit them. We have a good connection to my parents and a weekend with them always means: good food (MummyVanquish is an incredible good cook) and fine wines (DaddyVanquish has a cellar full with wines).

But one weekend out of home means: no internet browsing the whole day, no blogging update, no Rob pics watching (sounds like whale-watching..) and so on.. Honestly to keep up with everything it takes an enormous amount of time....

Do I have other hobbies? uhmm at the moment the answer is : NO !

Anyway, living in A.T. makes things more complicated. So I prepared myself for for this weekend by packing my bag like this:

  • New Moon: this is what I´m reading at the moment (I stopped counting how many times I read them)
  • Breaking Dawn

  • Twilight DVD : Since I´m going nowhere without my MacBook, I took the DVD with me so that I can see it whenever I fell like seeing it.... ( Which can happen nearly ever time...)

When Mr. Vanquish took the luggage, he ask why the heck is it soo heavy, since we don´t need much for 2 days???

I just stuttered: uhmm, I just need a few things.. you know woman stuff....

He just rolled his eyes and knew immediately what I meant, : Ahh, shit you carry all that Twilight stuff with you?? Can´t you be 2 days without??

The answer is obvious....

and apparently we all pack our bags the same way:

TWITARDED: Edward Spends Time With the Family

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