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Infecting Mommy with the Twi-virus!

In the Twi-wonderland are many Twihard mums, but here I'm talking about their mums, women in the age of 60++. A few weeks ago, Mommy Vanquish called and ask if I've read the Twilight series that is in all the bestseller lists. Sounds like a simple question..., right?

But omfg, what should I answer ??? Will she likes it?? Will she hate it??? I'm not sure how I'd react if she'd hate it, hate Robward - oh no no no - I couldn't stand that!

So I told her: „Look, this is a very romantic teenager love story, the main characters are 17! And it's about vampires." I tried to make clear in what she's getting into, but she didn't mind and just started reading.

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Honestly, I was really nervous. But Mommy likes it!! My 62 year old - old fashioned - mum likes Twilight! She read straight through New Moon and Eclipse and last weekend I gave her Breaking Dawn!

Shit, this is cool! This is so awesome!

While I stayed at my parents place last weekend, I ask her if she'd like to see the movie. Yes yes yes!!! We told the men to go and play somewhere else, so that we can watch it without unqualified comments from them.

It was great! However, she just sees the movie with different eyes:

She loves KStew and Bella: „Oh she's so gorgeous, Bella is such an adorable girl - she always cooks for her dad and cleans up the house... „

What a benchmark...

She took a quick glance at me since she thinks I'm not the perfect housewife. However, this is undeniable true!!! Ok, this separates us. I don't care if Bella is a good cook or a perfect housewife. Honestly, I don't care about Bella at all.

Anyway! When the cafeteria scene came, she started saying:

Mommy V.: „Oh this is Edward? I thought he'd be prettier.."

Mrs. V.: „Stop! Not another word on this! Keep it to yourself. Rob's great! He is the perfect Edward. Period." Normally, I'm more tolerant, but I lost this somehow on my way into A.T., specially with everything Twi/Rob-related!

But she loved the movie and cried just like me. I'm happy that I infected her with the Twi-virus, although she was somehow immune to the Robward-virus... Doesn't matter, then he's all mine and she can have Carlisle, she really likes Carlisle. That's fine with me.

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Ana Cristina said...

I have no "Real Life" friends that love Twilight. All attempts to infect them with the virus have been unsuccessful. I think they may have been vaccinated against the disease. ;p

cuteangiek said...

This is extremely funny! I am sorry it took me so long to comment back!

Mommy V is AWESOME. I can't imagine my own mother reading Twilight. She knows about it, but thinks I am slightly insane.

And here's my secret, between me and you, I encourage people to like "the others." You know, that Jasper guy (who?) and Mr. Emmett. Heck, even Dr. C, because you are so right! More Mr. Pattinson for me! Us die hard Pattinson lovers have GOT to stick together.

I LOVE your comic! Great post!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks so much for you comments!, girls! Somehow I need to fix this "comment checking" thing. It´s stupid that I have to check every comment. That´s why it took so long, I just overlooked that! Sorry!!!

@ Ana Cristina: I know what you mean, I also have a hard time infecting people and honestly, some just do not deserve it! While my BFF likes the books, she´s not obsessed like we are. That´s also why I´m here !

@ cuteandgiek: Mommy V is sweet and I´m so happy she likes it !
And yes, I think we don´t need sooo much more RPatzz die-hard lovers, but there are places free for the other Team´s :-) Although I ´d never leave my place in Team Robward!

Heather said...

Mrs. V!!! I had no idea you had your own blog. I love your comments out and about in the bloggy land and when cutie sent me your link I had to come read it right away!

I think you're so lucky Mommy V likes Twilight. Like cutie, my mom gives me the look that says, "Don't go overboard or I'll have your hubby lock you up in the funny farm!" Nor have I gotten my RL friends into Twilight like us. My BFF gave me the books in the first place, but that's where it ended for her. Me on the other hand.... :)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading all your other posts.

PS - My German connection? When my sister was very little I told her if she learned a language fluently, I would take her to visit it's country. She learned German and five years ago we had a lovely trip to Munich. Unfortunately it was during that crazy heat wave where people were dying and stuff. But Germany was lovely and we really enjoyed ourselves. Especially on the Autobahn! Fast = fun!!!!

Sorry for the long comment!! Too much coffee this morning. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey heather, if you could see me, you´d see me blushing!
Your comments are all so sweet!! Anyway, as you see I just started this blog not long ago, mainly because I missed a place to express my enormous love for all this here. In order not to stress the other people around me, I tried myself on this blog. Actually it was Mr.V ´s idea, since I told him daily about this awesome cool bloggy land out there.

And I´m so happy you like it!

Please, no excuse for long comments! Love you for that. I´m always happy to interchange with like-minded people!

Pretty cool that you have been here. Specially Munich is one of the pretties cites in Germany. I think our Autobahn is beloved by many people, since we don´t have so huge speed restrictions :-) I appreciate that too!

Kristen said...

Such a cute blog!!!! Cutie sent me this way too - so now I have lots of catching up to do. :) Also huge props to your English! I can't imagine writing a blog not in my native language.......

I love Germany - My great grandparents were German (from the Munich area) and I loved visiting the country when I was in college. I stuck out like a sore thumb in Spain, Italy and Greece. After visiting Italy, it was fun to look around and see myself at 'home'.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Really, you made my day! I never thought that people would read this here and now you are there and so sweet!

@ Kristen: I decided to write in english, because the best Twi blogs out there are in english. So I read since months everything in english, in addition it´s a good exercise.
You know, I need to be prepared for Rob´s visit to Munich.

I´m glad you like Germany and Europe. Italy is really a nice place and a thought about a short trip to Montepulciano last month. Certainly just because the wine is so good there ;-)

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