Wednesday, July 1

The Beginning... B.T. (before Twilight)

My world is now divided into two eras: B.T. - before Twilight came to my life and A.T. - after Twilight came to my life. I know I´m not the only one, there are millions of chicks like me out there and this is good. This is more than good, it´s wonderful, because otherwise I would feel desolate!

Twilight came to me rather late, March this year to be precise.

The funny thing is, I had a chance November last year, but I missed it !!! Mr. Vanquish and I spend three weeks in Thailand. One day it was so rainy that we drove to the next city and looked for a cinema. As the theater is so small, they only show one movie at a time, and guess what they showed this day? Yes, right, Twilight.

But as stupid as I am, I told Mr. Vanquish that this is just a shitty,cheesy, boring teenager love story, nothing for us...

Blame me!!!

How foolish!!!

One the other hand, it would have been not the best idea to watch Twilight for the first time with Mr.Vanquish: I would have been completely dazzled and he totally confused. So I missed my chance.

Then suddenly all happens so quickly, extremely fast!

Beside my love for books and reading, I like audio books, specially when I´m driving to work. When I finished all the stuff around I browsed in my favorite internet book store... and I found something called: "Biss zum Morgengrauen" and just bought it. At that time I had no idea that this is the German title for Twilight!

Loosely translated: "Bite till dawn". Heeellloooooo ???? I´ve not the slightest idea why they call it like this, it´s gross!! Extremely dreadful!! (apart from the obvious translation error....)

And then the cover,*no words*. Why the heck did they changed this wonderful cover to THIS:

But, as I was so desperate, I just gave it a shot.... and this brought my directly into the A.T era !!

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