Thursday, July 9

Suit or Jeans ?

Personally, I prefer wearing jeans. However, when it comes to men, the world looks different.

I adore men in suits.

Yeah, certainly not all the time and to all occasions, but I can't resist men in a well-fitting suit! I'm glad Mr.V needs to wear suits often enough for work - this is really good for our relation...

Although it's not like I don't like men in casual clothes. I'd rather compare it to men who love their women in high heels and the little black dress.

I made the experience that there are two types of men, men who can wear a suit - let's call them simply „suit-yummies" and those who can't - let's call them „suit-jerks". I have one friend who is definitely a suit-jerk. Luckily, Mr. V is a yummie!


Anyway, I don't want to talk about the suit-jerks in my life. I rather talk about a man who looks sexy even in a gunnysack.

Although RPatzzzz mostly wears the Jeans/Sneakers thing (and he looks just awesome in that), he wears nice suits for special occasions. Whenever I see him in a suit, my heartbeat goes above healthy. He belongs entirely to the suit-yummies!!! That's why I collected some of the most beautiful pic's. I'm sure you've all seen them more than once, but I guess it can never be enough, right?

black is now my favorite



This smile so incredible!!

Okaayy, no words!!

Imagine that:

  • this man
  • in this suit,
  • in a black Vanquish and then picture yourself inside...
Nice dreams, girls !

7 truly lovely comments..:

cuteangiek said...

You have won my heart now completely! Did you know that suit Mr. Pattinson is my favorite? No?! ALL TIME FAVORITE! I stare at the 2009 Academy Award Pictures of him everyday! Oh my! NOT TO MENTION, all of these. You are very correct, a girl can NEVER see enough of these. Thank you!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Glad to make you happy!! Those pics bring a huge ( and I mean really huge) smile on my face! Im´thinking to take the InStyle pic as a new desktop pic. It´s just that my workmates would then have the final proof of my obsession...

AJ said...

Hi Mrs. V:) Cutieangiek sent me over to check out your loveliness! Me likey! And for the record, I like my Rob any.way.I.can get.him:):):)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Mrs.Cutie is my hero:-) Thanks AJ, for coming over here.

Yeah, Rob´s sexy in any kind of clothes... :-))

Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was suit Rob that really had me going...(not really wetROb..shhh, don't tell)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love SuitRob. I haven't seen the last picture before - NICE!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

The last picture is originally with Kellan next to him, I just cut him out:-) Maybe you know that one.
So happy, that you all love SuitRob just like me!!!

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