Thursday, July 30

The Twivirus pandemic!

People all over the world are infected and it seems that there is no curse, or it's just my weak immune system. Anyway, how did the virus spread like this? All I can say is, how I spread it around and try to get people on the Twi-site of life!

I mean, I'm rather strict, either you come to my Twi-site of live or stay where you come from!! If you want to talk to me about Twilight you have to know about the depth of my addiction, so take it or leave it. I would never start arguing with people who don't like it. Makes now sense.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if you don't like Twilight, but please don't fucking argue with me about it!!! I'm also not teasing you because you love The Partridge Family or whatever, your life - your addiction!

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The girlfriend from a co-worker likes the books, but hated the movie and Rob (Can you believe that???). I get why some people don't like the movie, most of them just say it's not close enough to the books.But I like it. Period! Don't try to convince me that it's a shit story or a shit movie. Also, I don't like discussing with people about the Hotness of Rob. It's already enough that MrV don't get my addiction.

However, with all that in my mind I still tried to infect some people around me, and in the end I found five of them. With more or less success:

BFF - I took her to the cinema and she loved the story, the movie and Rob. I showed her my blog and she still loves me!!! (right?) No need to say more, she's the best!

MommyV - Told you already about her, look here! She's nearly done with BD. But she's not the person who gets addicted like me. Obviously I don't have that from her! I don't mind MommyV is great!

LovelyCousin - Because I know her quite well, I told her that she has to read the books, so she did and was directly addicted. She bought the DVD and her youngest son (although he doesn't like to speak much) learnt to say „Edward". Always when he sees Edward on the screen he's pointing to him and says: "Edward". How damn cute is that?

ohhh, so cute....

Workmate I - Likes the books, but doesn't want to see the movie. She says she's too old for that (44) - stupid. Apart from that, she's always teasing me with my Rob addiction: „He's 17, how can you adore a 17 year old boy.!" My answer: „ First: Edward is 100, hence much older than me. And second: Well, Rob is 23, which is not that young!!! I'm still in legal terms with that!" I really want to see her face when I get finally my Rob poster on the wall in the office! *evil smile * (We share the same office)

Workmate II - She made me happy last week, when she ask me for the books. She said she heard so many people talking about so that she needs to read it. Next day she got Twilight and the day after she was finished! Good girl!! No she's reading the rest, and loves it. When she's done, I'll give her more and let's see, maybe she will come completely of my Twi-site of live. I just need to feed the flame as long as it is burning, right?

8 truly lovely comments..:

half_my_self said...

this last post makes me think that you and i are living a similar life...were we separated at birth? :)

thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Robward said...

Girl, you got plenty of us TwiHards to share your TwiLife Robession with!

Gotta back a TwiSista up!


p.s. My 3yo lil girls' fav part is when Edward sparkles, she always runs in to watch that part! *Sigh*

Fire Crotch said...

I love the fact that the baby says "Edward," it's just so cute! I'm am slowly but surely working through all of my close friends and getting them addicted to Twilight. It is sometimes a slow and painstaking process, but oh so worth it in the end!

EtomyB said...

LOL! I want to teach my kid to say Edward... except I don't have one. :(
Don't you love infecting people? I do! I am going to try one this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have tried to infect people around me, but I'm not having any luck :( I'm so glad to have met you and the ladies on Twitter and the blogs. Now I know I'm not alone in my insanity.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I infected 4 workmates and my female boss.
It's interesting though, that intelligent persons are easier to infect than dummies or indifferent people.
Anyone else noticed that? Or is it just me? Wondering...

Have I said "great post" yet? No.
Great post! :)

Bitches said...

Nothing is more important than sharing your love of Twilight with others. I was reluctant when Fire Crotch harassed me into agreeing to read them, but I couldn't be more thankful! must put up an Edward poster in your office! Just think, you can gaze at him all day!
Don't feel bad about Mr. V not understanding. We got a magazine in the mail today with Rob on the cover & when I did a happy dance and showed him, he scowled and said, "I really don't understand everyone's obession with him." hehe He still hasn't seen the magnet on our big ass fridge!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@MrsRobward: Like you said: We are all TwiSistas who share the same obsession and it´s so good to have blogs Twitter etc to share that.
That´s awesome! But spreading the virus is fun, when you see that smile in face while they are reading it. For example when they get pissed in Eclipse when Bella kissed Jake. Priceless.

@Half_my_self: It´s always amazing to read a post and think: *damn, I fell the same!, or I did the same!* I had that so many times before and really you stop feeling alone with your obsession!

@EtomB: Sure , I love it!!! At least I can talk to them while they are reading and discussing the books!

@FlH: Although I´m infecting the people, they don´t share this obsession with me. Meaning, I can talk to them while they´re reading the book, but then it´s over. But that´s why I´m here now :-)

@Betti, Lol I didn´t notice that, I have to think about this!

@Bitches and FireCrotch: Let you know as soon as the poster is on my wall! And I really would like to see which magnet you pic finally! MrV is now following my Tweets on Twitter and now he starts realizing about the depth of my obsession...

Thanks again for all you lovely comments!

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