Monday, July 6

Rob´s soon back in Europe? Yes, I like it !!

"Robert is dying to get back home," says an insider. "He's so over everything. He's overwhelmed by all the girls — they terrify him! He says girls grab his neck and clothing all of the time, and he’s not used to that. Fans don’t do that to him in London. Everyone there is a little cooler about the fame thing, which is what he’s used to.”

Check it out here

Yes, I´ll make you relax!

To that I just can say: Come home to Europe and make a stop in Munich and I´ll take care of you!


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cuteangiek said...

Oh my!

Well, I can't say I blame him. Things have been a "little" ridculous here in the good ole US of A. We sure are giving the term fangirls a great name, huh? *lowers head in shame*

Honestly, I hope things settle down for Mr. P and he can go home, be with his family and be surrounded by the familiar. I'll be hoping, for your sake, that he visits Munich. Heck, one day I hope I visit Munich! *wink*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

You are so right, it´s such a shame. I just don´t get why does stupid chicks behave so dreadful. Apparently, they don´t respect other peoples privacy and it doesn´t matter if its a celebrity or a normal person.

I missed my chance last year at the Twilight premiere!! He was here in Munich!! At the same theatre where I saw Twilight - month later-!
Damn!!! I hope he comes back for the New Moon premiere in January!! *cross the fingers*

Whenever this "one day" comes, cuteandgiek,we have to go out for a glass of wine or even a bottle :-)

cuteangiek said...

I could go on forever about this topic! You are very correct, "they don't respect other people's privacy." I'd take it a step further and say they don't respect Mr. Pattinson AT ALL! He is their boy toy, their personal property, and not at all a human being. They also can't seem to remember he is a perfect stranger, that while he is beyond adorable in an interview and EXTREMELY good looking, he is a complete stranger to them. WE DO NOT REALLY KNOW HIM! Okay sorry...

Well, on that beautiful day, when all the "little" cuties get the heck out of my house and Mr. Cutie and I are free to travel (my plan - live a year "overseas") we shall share this wine. But I am thinking a bottle for you and a bottle for me? To much? Not enough? Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay, three (one to share *wink*). Also, I will need you to show me the bestest German beers. I'm a bit obsessed with a "good" beer. Not American crap, by the by. Bud Light, Miller Lite. BLAH. I am sorry to disgrace your blog with their names, but I think you get my point!

And now I am done with this epic comment! LOL

Mrs. Vanquish said...

With this epic comment you took the words right out off my mouth!!
Apparently they all forget that he´s is a stranger. I really don´t get that. Honestly, if I would see him somewhere, i´d just do nothing. Maybe a bit starring... :-) It´s so embarrassing and I really feel bad for him. Just hope that he won´t loose his beautiful smile.

Yeah, the wine, you are right: two bottles and one for safety! This sounds good! Honestly, I´ve to admit that I´m not a beer drinker, so I have no clue about good or bad beer. However, I promise to do a beer research before. :-)

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