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Edward - Robward - Rob, Love them all

It all started with reading the books. There is a book, you read it and you fall in love with it - or you don't. With Twilight everything was a bit different, I didn't just fall in love with the books I fall in love with Edward. A pretty sparkling vampire! I thought about this and tried to remember when this happened before. And just for the records, I read a lot! Mr.V always teases me when I pack the bags for holiday because I pack usually tons of books. Anyway, I've never had this addiction to a fictional character before.

I love Edward because he's exactly what every girl dreams about: protective, sexy, beautiful, *cough* rich, smart and incredibly in love with you.

After I read the book, I had to see this movie, there was no way I'd miss that. I had no real idea about the movie-Edward, I just saw the posters and well, they locked horrible. But, Robward won my heart as soon as he entered the cafeteria. This little smile on his face, made my heart beat faster.

When I look back, I guess that my adoration took a step further during the 2nd Biology scene. The look, his eyes and the smile on his face when he's talking to Bella makes me just sigh.

I think after seen the movie things started to get mixed up. There was the book-Edward and Robward. In my mind Edward was now totally the same as Robward, which is nice while reading the book and heaving this adorable face in front of you.

My addiction started to get into an obsession after google around in the internet and during this I found tons of articles and pictures of Rob. In the beginning I forced myself not to look any closer, I mean this is just an actor, right? I've never cared really about celebrities or stars or whatever and I always told myself:

„ Fuck, you are 30!!! Try not to be a teenager!! Damn, try harder!!"

Well apparently, it didn't work.

The more pictures I saw from him and the more interviews I saw, the more I adored him. I loved watching interviews and see how shy and cute he's and totally unaware of his own sexiness and how he attracts all those girls and women. I couldn't help myself, but things really got mixed up by the time. There is Edward, there is Robward and there is Rob. And every one of them won my heart in a different way:

  • Edward for his incredibly way to love
  • Robward for picture exactly my Edward on the screen
  • Rob for being such a shy, cute, sexy and adorable boy




And I just feel sad for Rob that from now on he will be always the pretty sparkling Vampire who is adored by millions of girls.

.... and me. :-)

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Fire Crotch said...

I was a total late-comer to this deal. I had seen Rob, but he didn't really push my buttons. Then I read the books like a couple weeks before the DVD came out and then watched the movie...yeah it all clicked for me then. Now I'm Yay! Great post!

Annie said...

Ditto what Fire Crotch said. Rob didn't do it for me until he became Robward. :)

I loved this post, Mrs. V!

Bereth said...

Well... for me it was first Robward, then Edward, then Rob... but def love them 3... don't we all? They're just HAWT!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Mrs.V - did you see the movie in German? I guess so... that was what ruined Robward for me - the voice over was all wrong: the sound, the expression, even the translation was f*cked up!

I never really had a choice though to imagine a Edward of my own, because when I bought the book (more or less accidently), it was the pocketbook which was released when the movie hit the German theatres, and ther where movie stills in it.

I actually love Rob before Robward, because I googled the song "Let me sign" after I'd seen the movie, and when I found out it was Rob... oh boy! A cute guy who can sing like that is the most sexiest thing I can imgine.

When my Twilight dvd arrived and I could hear Rob's own voice for the first time, he got me completely. I guess I pressed rewind at least 100 times to hear him say "I feel very protective of you". *swoon"

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Fire, Annie and Bereth : Exactly the same here, just remember Rob in HP... omg..

@Betti: Yes, I saw it first time in german and i didn´t like his voice and neither Bellas. I was happy when I got the DVD and finally could watch it in english. I just saw it once more in german, when I watched it together with MommyV.

half_my_self said...

The same for me, Mrs. V...I fell in love with Edward's character after reading the books, and after I watched Twilight, I fell in love with Rob...I was Rob-hungry and have been ever searching the internet for everything Rob...swooning after every picture (his eyes and jawline just do it for me)...giddy after watching his interviews and seeing his charisma and charm ooze out...I couldn't get enough...and after finding out that he sang "Let Me Sign" and "Never Think," I fell in love with him even more...because not only was he drop-dead gorgeous and a completely convincing actor, he had an amazing voice!

Thank you for your makes me feel better to know that my addiction is justified! :)

I'm a 32 year old woman, married w/ kids, obsessed with a 23 year old, and PROUD OF IT!

Caring E H mom said...

I love him, I didnt when I first saw the terailer, but about 20 minutes ( yes 20 min) into the movie...AHHH the way he introduces himself in Bio.
@Betti, my favorite part is in the restaurant too....when he says " I can hear everyones thoughts in this room, apart from yours" some shit like that, and man I think I almost licked my TV. These blogs are great they are like AA meetings, its an addiction, luckily we have an online community of enablers and dont have to give it up!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@half_my_self: Glad to make you happy. :-) And I agree, our addiction is totally justified, I mean if it makes us all so happy, so why not?

@caring EH mom: lool, AA fits so perfectly, that´s exactly how it feels. And yes, this Twi community here is just so wonderful and I love being a part of it!

That´s why I love all your comments so much, they always make my day :-)

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