Saturday, July 4

Eclipse filming schedule and the consequences

According to different sources the filming for Eclipse will start end of August in Vancouver.

So probably this will bear some changes for me...

First: I have to wake up earlier.

Most likely all the webpages and beautiful blogs will follow the filming. Set pictures, interviews - hopefully most of them with RPaaatzzz, .... *sigh*

To be always up to date, I´ll need more time in the morning to read through everything new. This can take a while... (Reminder: buy more coffee!!!)

Second: I have to change my holiday plans.

Beginning of this year Mr.Vanquish and I booked flights to Canada for September. As I don´t have so much time this year, I choose the east coast, as a flight to the west coast is around 12 hrs.

But this was all B.T. !

Now we live in the A.T. era and the set will be again in Vancouver. Damn it !!! Therefore I have to convince Mr.Vanquish to change the flights. Telling him about the real reason would probably not help, although I need to find a good and convincing excuse.

...I´m still working on that...

It would also be nice to know where His-Hotness stays during filming, after all we need a place to stay right? Why not help my luck to (at least) lay my eyes on him. This is my plan: put Mr.Vanquish to bed, have a drink or two at the bar and go out once in a while for a cigarette (for the first time i´m really happy to be a smoker)

This sounds like a perfect concept !

In the end it would be already something to just see him live!!!

(Reminder: *breath-in* *breath -out*)

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