Monday, September 14

Spoiler free - or how to remain pure

The last days have been horrible! Truly.fucking.horrible! 
It´s been a while since I decided among others to stay spoiler free, which means to avoid any trailers, teasers and set pictures. Why the fuck doing so? I mean I know the plot by heard and New Moon is absolutely my favorite!

Well, I save my brain, my eyes, my screams for the big day - meaning November, 20! It is in a way stupid, since I gonna see New Moon definitely tons of times afterwards, but I won´t miss the first feelings I´ll have sitting in the cinema and see it for the first time on a big screen. This will be heaven - true pure heaven, and it will be overwhelming and Betti really  needs to hold my hand! You will do that my friend, yes? 

I mean, I´m not completely pure. I ´ve seen the MTV movie awards and saw the first official trailer and it was like a unicorn. I just knew: this movie will be great! They will do it right! Apart from that I saw set picture, yeah I saw them and I was like a junkie. I had to see them, all of them, now. But the reunion scene pictures changed me. This was just too much, way too much, way more than what I wanted to see. And around this time I met some wonderful people in Twitter and some of them told me they stay spoiler free. But what really changed me completely was this post from KG and cutie. (There is also a list from people which stay together pure) 

But how do I manage this??? The web is full of spoilers and the days where there is a new teaser release are horrible! Twitter is going nuts about it and nearly every blog post something about it. The last days have been pure hell. I needed all my willpower not to watch  it and somehow I managed! 
I´m pretty much proud of myself! 
What helps also to stay pure is a blogroll, you see immediately the post topic and can simply avoid going to this site.

Well, basically what you need it an enormous amount of strength and will! Still, it is pure freaking fucking hell!  So, don´t click at the links and avoid the spoiler blogs. 

But are there any  spoiler free blogs left? I mean, we need something to distract ourselves, apart from reading FanFic or other Vampire books.  A few, only I few I know are left. Here is a list of blogs, I know won´t post any spoilers: 

SuperSecret Twilight blog - cutie is really the purest of all of us

If there are more sites, let me know I´ll update the list and add yours. You will find the list on the sidebar :)

So find the will! It is never to late... 

11 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I'm very proud of you indeed!!
You really do resist your own personal brand of... omg you're brave and strong like a true Cullen!

And though I'm a spoilerbunny beyond help myself, I at least don't post spoilers on my blog (except maybe regarding the music) - just sayin.
I'll have my bits and bites of it but I won't let the venom spread...

Anonymous said...

OMFG, I had to completely stay away from Twitter when this last trailer leaked! I have not seen the trailer, and I'm not watching the Death Cab for Cutie video just in case. And Eclipse set photos? Haven't seen one yet.

I'm glad I have TiVo, 'cause I'm sure I'll have to start skipping commercials soon so I won't see spoilerrific ads, either.

Only 66 more days, Mrs. V. 66 more days.

bouncy72 said...

Wow yr commitment is impressive. I decided I wasn't gonna watch any of it (even before the first trailer) but I caved & it seems no matter how hard I try & stay away, it's like a magnetic pull (lol or my own personal brand of heroin) Argg. So I'm veery much in Awe of you. (clapping madly)

Mrs. Robward said...

All I can say to u crazies, is "More Power To Ya!"


So pass me sum popcorn, this spoiler bunny will be peeking like rabbits..the vids, the pics & the ROB! SQUEEEEEE

I still luvers you all!


Call of Duty Widow said...

Hey, my blog is spoiler free since I almost never post! HaHa! I know I don't have the willpower to stay spoiler free so I don't even bother. The movies still going to be brand new since I'll look at stuff and promptly forget all about it. Stay strong!

cutie said...

Mrs. V I heart you something fierce. I am so sorry you are having a hard time with the spoiler free thing. I think, because I've been doing this for months now, I don't even think about it anymore. I will give some thought to doing a post about it, but I try to stay away from talking about my spoiler free ways to much.

mmMoxie said...

Good luck V. I hope you can hold out.

Anonymous said...

I have managed okay so far! Havent seen the new trailers.. The only eclipse set pics i've seen is well only 1 really.. K stews god awful wig.. Other than that I saw the one that was tweeted with sharkboy doing the backflip but that totes doesnt count imo.. newp.. I've tried for the most part to stay off the blogs that I know the pics are there b/c i'm tryin to be good.. trying key word.. However.. I havent managed 2 well when it comes to seeing pics of Kellan . you can't hold that against me. It's Kellan!!!!!!!!! those pics just draw me to the blogs.. ugh.. so can't help that.. but really.. i'm being good..

Alice said...

I admire your strength! As you know we are NOT spoiler free at all hehehe. I love me some good spoilers. I just know the movie will overwhelm me nonetheless. I just like to enjoy the thrill of the trailer as well. Will it help if I say that the last trailer sucks and that you're not not missing out? (total lie).

Good luck!!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

My dears , over the award thing I totally forgot to comment the comments, shame on me!
But here I am:
@Betti: I added your site to the list, so make sure Fanny is not freaking out:)

@fragile: we so have to stick together!! Together we will stay pure I´m sure! aww, a rhyme... 65 more days! ...well and than we start counting again!

@bouncy: Thanks so much! I feel this pull as strong as you but somehow I get through it.. I hope it stays like this!

@MrsRobward: I love you too, Spoiler-Sis!:)

@hmmile: Hehe Now I know to whom I´m talking!! and I added you to the list !

@cutie: That´s why you are the purest of all of us. I lovers you a lot!! Would like reading a post from you about this!:))

@mmMoxie: I´ll give my very best!

@sjAimee: Hey you are excused for Kellan, totally understand that! And I know you´re good! I heart you a lot!

@Alice: hehe, I just saw your last blogpost just couldn´t go and visit you, I´m so sorry! And well, this lie was OBVIOUS :)) but thanks so much for at least trying to make me feel better, I pretty much appreciate!

marie said...

I was also junkie when all the New Moon set pics came out! I lived for those pictures as if my life depended on seeing every single one of them.

I have taken the vow of Twi-purity right along with you lovely ladies for Eclipse. And I'm pretty darn proud of myself! I haven't even been tempted in the slightest.

P.S. I love you Mrs. V. =)

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