Sunday, September 6

The Hotties Have Invaded

Okay, well one hottie really. Mrs. V we hope you don't mind us interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some Eric Northman love. Since you've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books during your vacation, we thought it would be apropos.

Thanks for letting us be guests on your blog Mrs. V. Not many others are brave enough to allow us this kind of access. Hopefully we haven't alienated too many of your readers. If we did, please come back, we promise not to blog here, okay, not really. Too bad if you don't love Eric and are stuck with your head over your heels for Bill. Bill is a DB. The end.

Much Love,
Bitches and Fire Crotch

9 truly lovely comments..:

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks so much girls for doing this post here, you I should better say this video! It´s awesome and I sit here, watched it, laughed and maybe did some screenlicking.

And now comes the truth and me picking sites. I´m reading the books and I´m actually at book 6. I like the books a lot although they are not like the show.

But, while reading I switched Teams!

I liked Bill a lot in Season 1 and honestly Eric with long hair lacks his sexyness. But when you read the book you fell in love with Eric and not with Bill and that´s why today I announce :

I´m Team Eric!

Your video is awesome and I so love you both for making this video for me.

As far as I can see, you scared nobody away: I would rather say I might get more readers than before!

Because you two just rock.
The End!

Mrs. Robward said...

::screams at computer:: "BITE ME ERIC! EAT ME ERIC! PLEAZE!!!!"

Ok sorry, I'm done.


Eric is hairless on the body, did you catch that?

::wipes slobber off chin::

Nice done ladies.

Mrs. Robward
Lining up the Vamps, Edward then Eric then Edward then Eric...u get the idea!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Mrs. V is on the right team now!!! GO TEAM ERIC!!

Bitches and Fire Crotch, this video is the wonderment. Favorited it I has.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Seriously, girls - Eric is just... gross! *shudders*
The only bearable seconds are from 3:10 to 3:14 - but then the face comes into vision and: panties shockfrozen... eeek!
The video is nice though. Can I apply for Team Count Count?

Eyes of Amber said...

I must confess...I read the first Sookie book and just didn't get into it, so I never picked up another one. I do not have HBO so I haven't seen a single episode of True Blood.

I'm now realizing that I may have judged the book so harshly because I read it right after Twilight. So, I've been trying to read them again, but can't get my hands on the first one. Part of the reason I didn't like the books was because I didn't get Bill. Just from youtube, I'm thinking I'd definitely be Team Eric as well, but I suppose I should read the books to be sure!

Great post ladies! I loved it.

tasha... said...

@FC & Bitches: niiice video. I'll have lovely Eric daydreams all day now!

@Mrs. V: It warms my heart that you are Team Eric now. ;) See? Bill is a complete douche in the book series. I'm hoping HBO follows closely along with that. ;)

Snarkier said...

OK I haven't read the books (tried but can't get into them!) but I loooove the show - and I loves me some Bill but Eric is totally swoony - frankly I think I'd give either of them a nibble if they asked nice...

: )

Awesome - vid - loved it!

cutie said...

Well, I have yet to watch a single show this season, but this has sealed the deal! Mr. Cutie and I MUST catch up like yesterday. Then I will understand why all of you have lost your mind and turned Team Eric. *wink wink*

Lovers you Mrs. V!! Team Bill for LIFE!

Honolulu Girl said...

Ok Mrs. V, you already know how much I'm obsessed with Eric (there better be some fucking naked Eric in Season 3) and I'M OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS TRUE BLOOD so I completely appreciate this post @Bitches and @Fire Crotch! You guys rule. BTW


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