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Eric is So Tortured. Well, is he - or not?

Well, somehow my last post really gave way for a lot of discussion. Some of you have been disappointed that I didn’t include Eric in this post. But I had my reasons. I didn´t consider Eric being one of those tortured Vampires because he obviously loves being a Vampire. He never had problems killing humans or taking their blood.
But I’ll let someone speak for Eric, so here is what FireCrotch from WeBitePrettyHard has to say ( you will find everything from FireCrotch in black and my thoughts in red :

(**I’m going to try and do this without spoilers from the books (which makes things awfully difficult because that’s how I fell in love), but if you haven’t finished season 2 of True Blood, you should finish and then read this post.**)

I know I know…people are still so Team Bill.  And you are all still probably sobbing uncontrollably wondering what happened to Bill after he proposed to Sookie in the season finale.  Yes, I understand the Bill love, truly I do, because I too cared for Bill…but the adoration has waned and now I only have eyes for Mr. Northman.  “Why?” you may ask.  I know he seems like a BAMF and up to no good (case in point, chaining a bunch of peeps up in the basement of Fangtasia including our beloved Lafayette). Yes this is a good point, Bill would have never done that and this was really mean and so bad-vampy like.  He has been around for a thousand years and there is very little humanity left in him.  He doesn’t have a problem killing or drinking from humans (unlike Bill).  He seemingly gets off on the power he wields being sheriff (especially over Bill).  But let me count the ways that I heart Eric:
1.      He can fly and he likes teacup humans. (I hope we will see him flying in the next season! But yeah Fire this is really really a reasonable reason for loving him …;) )

2.     He doesn’t take crap from anyone (well except for the Queen…Yahtzee anyone?).  He was a warrior, and a good one at that.  He was so good that on his deathbed, his maker asked him to stay with him forever because he was impressed with his mad battle skills.

3.     He’s a tricky bastard.  Yup, he totally tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so that they would be bonded together.  And then we all (ok, all of us minus Betti) got the treat of a totally erotic dream with Eric. If only the camera man could have swooped a little further down and to the left. *sigh* (Gosh this scene was awesome and seeing him smiling was so wonderful)

4.    He is loyal.  See number 5 below for my comments about Eric’s loyalty to Godric.  Have you noticed how close he and Pam are?  I could say so much on this subject from the books, but I won’t, except that Eric is Pam’s maker.  And Pam colors and styles his hair.  ‘Nuff said.

5.     He loves deeply.  Raise of hands for those who teared up when Eric pleaded with Godric not to leave him. (I cried like hell and even watched it again… ) Yup, that’s what I thought, you can put your hands down.  For a thousand years Godric and Eric raped, looted, pillaged, and plundered their way through the world.  Godric taught Eric everything he knew about his new life in death.  We are only left to wonder at their close relationship, but doesn’t this picture really say it all?

Just for the record, I love him too! While I was definitely Team Bill in the beginning, Eric gained a lot of profile in Season 2 – and the haircut finally made him sexy! Reading the books made me love him even more. He is the more interesting character, he´s conflicted and not knowing what goes on in his head makes him even more fascinating.

But coming back to what FireCrotch has to say about Eric being tortured:

So why do I say that Eric is tortured?  Because he has loved and lost.  And there is something about Sookie that he is drawn to whether he wants to admit it or not.  He has lived for centuries, and yes, very little of his humanity is left, but in those moments with Godric, I think we got a glimpse of Eric’s former life.  He is a deeply private man who is now facing the rest of his life without his maker.  Has he lived long enough?  Does he still have purpose?  And what of Sookie?  Why does he continue to pursue her?  Eric has a lot on his emotional plate right now. 

This is totally true, he starts realizing that his feelings for Sookie are much more than just the wish to have sex with her or  taste her blood. But does this makes him tortured? I would rather say confused. It´s been a long time since he felt something close to Love and that´s maybe why he simply doesn´t recognize the feeling for what it is. Seeing Eric crying in this episode really showed that Eric is a lot mor than just the bad Vampire who owns a bar and likes to frighten some humans. Also, I guess it is hard  for him to admit these feelings to himself.

In comparison, Bill had to leave his wife and children behind, but he’s only had to deal with the loss for 150 years or so.  And maybe he still has some living relatives…who knows?   Yes, he is determined to mainstream, and no he didn’t really want to turn Jessica, but really, why is he such a pussy when it comes to protecting Sookie from Eric?  Bill feels that he was cheated out of his life with his family and death, but it certainly didn’t stop him from living it up with his maker Lorena for decades.  So tortured, perhaps…totally whipped, absolutely. 

Whatever he has done during the time with Lorena, at some point he stopped it because he hated the “life” they were living. You remember the episode where he visited his remaining family? There he realized that this life is gone and he can never have it back. He lived the life Lorena showed him and at that point he simply didn´t know any better. He would do everything to be back human again, do you think Eric would give his Vampire life for a human mortal life? I guess not.

I disagree…I think that Eric would give his life…he did save Sookie during the bombing (even though he tricked her into sucking the bullets out of him and thus ingested his blood, hehe).  But if he had not covered her, she probably would have died.  And for those of you who say Eric wasn’t in danger of dying from his wounds, I say to you that vampires did die in the blast, so potentially he could have died saving her.  I think this was where we finally got to see Sookie’s importance to Eric (even if he did act like a total ass after the fact).

Oh yes you are totally right, this was an important scene and definitely showed how much Eric cared for her. But I still believe he did that with the knowledge he wouldn´t die. I know some of them died, but still I think he cares more for his own life than for a human’s. I mean, yes he wants to have Sookie, but he still doesn´t know that he loves her.
One part for Eric I want to add. It was the episode before the bombing, where Sookie was captured and he came to rescue her and Godric. He handed himself to Fellowship so that Godric and Sookie could go. This scene showed a lot of his character, when I saw it I couldn´t believe what he was doing. I loved him a bit more after this episode and it made me forget the fact that he called Lorena to get Bill out of the way so that he could get closer to Sookie… 

It seems that Mrs. V and I have different views on the subject of Eric being a tortured soul, erm, man, erm, vampire.  What do you think? Yeah, tell us - what do you think??

10 truly lovely comments..:

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

First of all loved the ying/yang discussion between the two of you! You know how to do it right! Here's what I think: I have to agree that I believe at the moment Eric is confused. He actually reminds me of an early 5th season Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He loves the hunt, the kill, the torture, and being a vampire in general but even after thousands of years as an immortal he mourns, he bonds to others. He attaches himself to the human world in a different way as Bill, even if it is to run Fangtasia. I am currently on book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse series and I also have to agree on being Team Eric on that front as well. Yes when he does heroic(and sexy)things like saving Sookie from the blast, he still has a self serving attitude and a selfish agenda as a result but none the less she captivates him in a way that he just can't figure out. Look at the way that he appears to Sookie in dreams. Sweet, loving, seductive, and....nice! Compare that to the tortuous way he appears to Lafayette. I really do have to compare Bill and Eric to Angel and Spike because it is the such a similar situation when it comes to personalities. One is tortured while the other is confused and stubborn. In conclusion...TEAM ERIC!

Tina said...

I wouldn't say that Eric is tortured. Tortured to me would mean that he some sort of existential angst about being a vampire....oops, no that's "the other one".

At the moment he is in denial and confused. His feelings for her are genuine - as an avid bookie I am loving that they've changed TB so that Eric hasn't tasted Sookie's blood at this point like he had in the books. Yet he is still developing genuine feelings for her.

By this time next year everyone will be saying "Bill who?"...including Sookie.

TwiSoup said...

Holy crap I'm so team Eric it's ridonkulous. I would totally hump his hamper over bob's - I mean Billy bob - I mean.. Whats the other guys name again?

Mrs. Robward said...

My comment, short & sweet, like me.....

Bill die.

Eric bite the shit out of Sookie & then turn her already! Then bang her senseless & let us all watch =]

The. End!

* said...

OK. I love Eric and I know I shouldn't talk about the books because many haven't read them, but if you have you will understand. All I really have to say is BOOK 4 people!!!

Eric is so much better than Bill. I loved Bill for nearly the entire first season, but not anymore. While he was out talking to the INSANE Lorena Eric was there to help Sookie, and when ... never mind. READ THE BOOKS - YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!!

Joie Cullen

Honolulu Girl said...

This is frustrating because I haven't finished the first book and I'm curious to see if I learn more about Eric in the books. I have to admit Eric is my favorite character but maybe it's because visually, he's so good looking(but he's also just funny on the show).
Ok, so for me based on what I've seen in Season 2. I don't think that Eric is tortured. I also don't think he is confused either. I think he knows exactly what he feels but he just won't speak of it. I am very curious to see where the fuck he was while Sookie was almost killed by Bull Woman cause that pissed me off that he was the one that saved her but that was my own ending in my head (don't tell me if it's in the books) So I'm looking forward to Season 3. Also looking forward to seeing what Godric and Eric had been up to for the last 1000 years. When did Godric become so wholesome? And did any of his beliefs rub off on Eric? More Eric in Season 3 (and a little more naked Jason too) TrueBlood Twilight~

Annie said...

OMG I fricking love this post, Mrs. Vanquish and Fire Crotch! I used to love Bill and Sookie together when I first starting watching the show (read the books halfway through the first season). But something happened in book 2... I just fell in love (lust?) with Eric. And the same holds true with the show. I was okay with him in season 1. But something just happened in season 2...

Plus he just looks dead-sexy in black leather. There, I said it.

P.S.) I LOVE the "TIMEBOMB" picture. One of my favorite scenes from this past season.

Fire Crotch said...

Mrs. V...this pics are amazing! Thanks for doing this post with me! Looks like I'm the only one who thinks he's tortured, but whatever...a whole post devoted to Eric! Woot!

Whitley said...

I'm so glad you got to see all the episodes of True Blood and that you enjoyed it :) I just skimmed this post since I haven't been able to watch all of Season Two yet, so I'm still Team Bill. Maybe my opinion will change?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I know I‘m pretty late with my answer, but I would like to thank all of you for the great response.
@Susie; First of all I loved your comment! I can tell you Fire and me had a lot fun doing this together. The comparison with Spike is perfect. Book 4 is really THE Eric book, tell me when you´re done!

@Tina: I‘m totally curious how TB will go one and how they will show Eric in the next Seasons and also Bill. But they can´t stay away too far from the books, so I guess (and hope) you are right and next will be „Bill who?“

@TwiSoup: You are in good company, most of the people I know who saw season 2 and read the books are Team Eric.

@Mrs. Robward: Oh yes you are sweet, your comment is nothing more then sweet *giggles* I <3 you Sis!

@Joie: Book 4 FTW, yes after book 4 everyone just has to be Team Eric! Totally agree. I hate waiting for the next book until next year!!

@Honolulu : Read the books, really, seriously read them and when you read book 4 make sure to tell me!!!! I´m pretty sure we will get more Eric in Season 2!!

@Annie: The Timebomb picture is the bomb, right? I love this one too. I felt the same about Bill in Season one and I couldn´t understand at all why all the ppl loved Eric so much. Well now I know:)

@Fire: I would do such a post anytime again !!! It was so much fun, and we have been pretty fast :-))

@Whitley: Because of you I can watch true blood, I will be always thankful !!! Watch the rest and then please come back and read this post again - I´m curious what you will say!!

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