Friday, September 11

The full of Randomness - I´m back post.

Mini-E and me are really back from vacation, although it could have been longer and having to work again really sucks, a lot !!! 
However, here I am *waves* and I´m happy to be fully back in bloggyland and Twitter. 

But before I´ll tell you about my holidays, here are a few things I need to say first:

1.) Cheers for my  55 Followers!!!! 

While I relaxed and the girls took over my blog (here and there), the 50th Follower  found my blog and now there are even more: 55! 
I can´t tell how happy this makes me. Welcome all and thanks so much for following me and reading my stuff. When I started this blog I never - ever thought I would have so many cool, lovely, awesome and amazing followers. Really,  this makes my bloggy heart so fucking full of joy! You are all so wonderful. 

2.) Thanks sooo fucking much for the two guestposts!!! 

cutie and marie: I´m still so thankful you two took your precious time to write a post for me. It was just awesome, I so love this post full of beautiful Rob pics -SuitRob oh my loveliness - and your tit and tat craziness. I love you girls! Your are a wonderment! 

FireCrotch and Bitches: You girls are the best! I knew you would come up with a True Blood post, but this video you did was awesome!!! I even forced MrV to watch it but he was for some reason not as excited as me.. Thanks so much for doing this for me. You are amazing and I give you a big hug!  (Sorry for entering your bubble, FireCrotch; Bitches, you are Ok with a hug? ) 

Girls, if I can do something for you, ask me!  

3.) FanFiction updates

There have been a few updates during the two weeks and I still need to read them all. Here´s my „at-the-moment-(in-the-meantime-updated)-reading-list“: 

Breath Me (fragile little human)
Answering Bell (ilsuocantante)
The Office (tby789)

You know, they all yell at me „Read.Me.Now!!“. I love them all for different reasons and I always try to be a good reader give my review, so sorry for the delay. I´ll try to read and comment soon! 

4.) Blog Updates

There is no way I can catch up with everything I missed. I´m glad I had internet during my holidays so I could read at least some of the posts, but there are still plenty unread ones out there.  And I love reading this wonderful blogs and I love to comment. Anyway, now I´m back and also back to read and comment.

5.) Undercover fragilelittlehuman mission...

The last two days I was quite nervous since I was on a special Twilight-mission for my lovely fragile little human. Today, I managed!!! But it was tough. I can´t tell more since I´ll definitely do a post about it and I´ll not take away the fun. Anyway, all I can say is: you´ll find me brave and you will laugh about me (Betti did...), but that´s fine. So please be patient.... 

6.) short and random vacation impressions 

I´m a shopping addict - bought tons of clothes
I read like hell - read 6 True Blood books 
I ´m a coffee addict - love Starbucks and always buy a new mug
I´m an apple freak - Mac is my life now ;)
I´m devoted to my Mini-E - who posed for every stupid pic! 
... and I bought my first Chucks for 15 years  (this makes me feel so damn old...) 

So this were basically my vacations: quality time with MrV, shopping, sunbathing, swimming, reading, coffee, wine....  I´ll definitely show you some pics in a different post. 

But for now: 
End of randomness!!!! 

15 truly lovely comments..:

Heather said...

Hooray and welcome home! Your blog was well tended to by your double duos of twi-fun! I look forward to more mini-E pics!

marie said...

Awwwww, Mrs. V, you know I absolutely adore you!!! I'm so honored that you asked me to guest post for you! I know cutie and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the post... We always look for an excuse to show the world our TIT & TAT craziness!

I'm so glad you're back, because I know we all missed you like crazy!

Bex said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit to my blog, and for the sweet words! Thats the nicest part of blogging!
Spooky timing though - I was just nosing about on your blog!! (welcome back from your hols!)

I decided against posting a direct link to trailer to avoid ruining it for the spoiler free peeps; I have big admiration for you - I'm far too impatient and greedy!!


Alice said...

Welcome back!

Mrs. Robward said...

w00t! UR Back!

Missed you!


tasha... said...

SUUUPER glad that you are back! I too have an unexplainable craving for Starbucks aka "Sweet Hades Nectar" ;)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Heather: Yes, my blog was definitely not alone the time I was gone and I so love the girls for this! Mini-E pics are coming, I promise *giggles*

@marie: sweetie, I so adore you too! This post will definitely go into the hall of fame. And you and Cutie are always welcome to let out your tit and tat craziness again!!! Anytime!

@Bex: hey girl! Actually this is how I found your blog, I saw someone (you?) came from this blog and curious as I am I had a look!

@Bex and Alice: Are your girls on Twitter?

@MrsRobward: Missed you too Sis!

@tasha: Oh love me Starbucks, I´d do anything to have one right next to me, but the next one is all the way in the city. I collect Starbucks mugs, I can´t help myself but I always need to buy one in every city I am :)

Fire Crotch said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! Can't wait to see the mini-E pics! Thanks for letting us post on your blog!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

It was a little like Xmas for me to come home after a week off and have a bunch of FF updates waiting for me (since it is usually the other way round: me waiting impatiently for updates).
I already said elsewhere I'm happy to have you back, but anyway: I'm happy to have you back! :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! So glad you're back (and that you survived the undercover mission *shhhh*)! You are awesome :)

You left your blog in most capable hands while you were gone - all the ladies did a most excellent job!

Bex said...

@ Mrs Vanquish - yay you've braved following my blog! Thank you tons! *hug* Yeah I'm on Twitter! As Becky_Boodles :) x

Honolulu Girl said...

Welcome Back! I loved your recap. So how are the Sookie Stackhouse books? I'm starting this week.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Fire: I just need to wait for MrV´s camera. He even wanted to hijack Mini-E for making some pics when I´m already at home..

@betti: You are right it feels like Xmas. And I´m also glad you are back,too:)

@fragile: Hehe, your mission was fun and challenging!

@HonoluluGirl: oh they are nice and fast to read. The first one is pretty much like the show, the second not so much anymore. But still , I like them. I guess I´ll have to post about it:)

Bitches said...

Yay! So glad you're back! It sounds like you had a great time & had plenty of time to relax and shop : )
Love the yummy pics of Eric, I was at the grocery store when I read this originally & just stood there and oggled them for a while... I'm happy with a hug! Fire Crotch is weary of them (and we don't hug one another, we just nod to one another ha) but I'll take one! : )

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@bitches: Glad you liked my small collage specially designed for you and Fire! I heard of Fire´s denial of hugs, but then you just get two of them :))

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