Friday, September 18

Me and the disaster of the New Moon premiere!

Caution: this will a whiny pathetic post, in case you are already in a shitty mood yourself, don´t read on but come back and read it later! I definitely need people who pity me... 

I guess I need to start at the beginning. When the dates of the New Moon premiere have been released I was immediately pissed, because the former Germany release date was January7. Ridiculous!!! There was no way I would see NM that late, rather will hell freeze or Bella will go with Mike to prom before I would see NM first time in January.

At the same time, BFF applied for a two weeks workshop in the states, New York to be precise and this would go until: November, 19!!! 
Destiny!!! Fate!!!
We formed the genius, marvelous plan that she will fly home later and I would meet her in NYC on the 19., we would see NM and have a great weekend in New York. 
Doesn´t that sound fabulous? Oh Yes it does!!! I was so hooked! MrV even promised to take care of a good hotel. I was even close to convince my Twiancé Betti to come with me ( you remember we are twigaged?).

However, they changed the German releases date and accelerated it to November,26.! Better, but not good enough! This is still one week later - one week where nearly every blogpost will look somehow like this: 

*Squeeeeee, cutie and Memory_Jean in the New Moon premier* - *Twitarded fighting the kiddies at the New Moon premiere* - *New Moon - Bitches!! * - *fragile little human, BFF, drinks, New Moon premier*  

and so on and on ....

Anyway, the plan was still on, and BFF and me were still excited about it. The only little, tiny, small thing missing was the acceptance. I never ever doubted they won´t take her. I can´t post a picture form her, but she is all lovely, beautiful and so smart!!! They would be stupid not to take her.. 

But!!! so they did. They rejected her! We got his fucking email this week.. 


All this wonderful master-plan dead, over, not working any more! I can´t tell how fucking pissed I was, or still am! Unfortunately, she just can´t do it either way, meaning flying with me just for this weekend.

I still could do it alone - MrV thinks this would be crazy like hell, but he did crazy stuff himself. But do I really want that ? Seeing the movie alone might be OK, but I´m not that kind of person who likes spending so much time alone on a trip. And hey, what is better to see this film with someone as excited as you are? We are not talking  about any movie, we talking about New Moon - my favorite book and Edward fucking Cullen, played by Robert fucking Pattinson. I would sit alone in a big city and would have nobody to talk about it and I´m such a chatty person.

So here I am desperate, whiny, pathetic, pissed, mad and simply fucked up! 

The only thing which keeps me up, is the knowledge that my lovely Betti  will come to Munich and we´ll see New Moon together! This, we would have done nevertheless, but it makes me incredible happy to finally meet her - I never even thought we would meet at some point, but Twilight brings us all together, even in real life.

However, I won´t see New Moon at the same day as you all, but I´ll have Betti!!! We will scream, cry and laugh together and me thinks we will get some bruised from squeezing our hands and wrists...

My new photoshop love made me do this here, but Betti is truly the bestest of the best, she made this beautiful Comic-Betti and the popcorn!! Lovveee you soo much!!!! 

19 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Your comic-you and my comic-me
make a cool couple!
Can't wait until your real-you and my real-me
will meet in Nov!
I will have sleepless nights until then (as you can see yet from the shadows under the eyes of my comic-me...)
Now I will just pretend you DIDN'T put a *gag* Eric pic *vomit* in the same post *choke* here, and say: Yikes! We'll have such a great time!!!!
Lover you too, my twiancé,
Betti <3

Anonymous said...

I'd tell you I won't post about the movie until after you see it, but we both know I won't be able to contain myself. Too bad we can't all get you over here and have one big movie-watching meetup :)

cutie said...

I am so very sorry you have to wait a week... does it help to know that the lovely KG will have to wait for three or four weeks? I am so sad for her it breaks my heart! And all I want to do is find a money tree, fly you ALL to my super secret location (for those who know my super secret location they know it is a good place to be. *wink*) and we would ALL go together with the sassy Memory_Jean to see the movie...

But alas the fates are fucking with us and this makes me sad... Plus last time I checked money didn't grow on trees and this just pisses me the fuck off.

*sigh* WOOT to you and the lovely Betti seeing New Moon together. It will be AWESOMENESS!!!!

My verify word is duckppi.

As in this all sucks duckppi. ;)

uhyesplease said...

Whine away sweetie!!!! I'm going to either go to the premiere alone - or try to get my BFF who just had twins to go with me. if she can mentally handle it by then, of course!!!!

But, I think Ms. Foxy might be headed out my way or me to her....we only live 4 hours apart by car - so we have to see it together, right?????

And yes, if money only grew on trees....I would be flying to NYC to see it with you if you were there! Or even Cutie's super secret location!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little graphic with Betti!!! Soooo cute!

Kay said...

My dear Mrs Vanquish.... You do know that Cinemaxx and Cinestar are showing an early "Vorpremiere" on November 22nd? Only two days after the USA, UK, other normal countries.

I'm in Germany also - Berlin - and I am so relieved that they brought the release date forward.

It's a shame you're in Munich - I would love to share the viewing experience with a fellow crazy Twihard :)

Anyway...check the Cinemaxx/star websites! Tickets available 17th October 12:01am!

Alice said...

Ohh that sucks! I'm so sorry! *begin child-mode* Stupid workshop people! *end child-mode*. Why don't you come to Belgium to watch the premiere? We have it on November 18th, in English. I've submitted an abstract to a conference on the 18th-19th and I'm praying I don't get chosen, because that means I'll be stressed out and that is not the right mood for watching new moon. However, I'll probably watch it again in the weekend. We should keep track of the number of times we watch it :p.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Kay!!! Thank you so much! No I didn´t know that. Maybe I´m hanging around too much on US sites instead of checking out what´s going on at home.!

I´ll check that and make sure as hell I get some tickets!
Thanks so much :-))

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Alice: Ahh yes, I remember you said Belgium is so far ahead. Don´t offer such things, I might do it and just fly over to you :-)

Actually, they wanted to send me to a workshop in the week of the release, I changed the dates. Good luck that they offered different dates.. and this workshop is on Belgium, just saying - I think around Brüssel. I don´t know that yet.

And please, I´m so curious, in what field are you working?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Betti: Why don´t you get the hottness of Eric? You saw Season 2 and still don´t like him ?
I just read the show a double feature at some places, we should make sure to do that, right?

@fragile: sweetie, I just need to stay away from your blog for a few days.. and just spread your excitement when you saw it. I totally understand that!

@cutie: ohh pooor KG, yes I´m so sad for her too :-(
And if I would tell MrV that I could fly to your super secret location and see it there, he would immediately be with me in the plane! I would love seeing your eyes if I would just do it *giggles*

@uhyesplease: ohh you have to do that and see it with foxy!! This would be so lovely, or? I mean really I can´t imagine something better than seeing it wit someone as crazy about it as we are.! 4hrs is nothing. Betti and me are even further apart. As
small as Germany is, Betti is all in the north and me is all in the South!

I`m somehow very chatty now, I could write comment-novel today...

Mrs. Robward said...

I finally got around to reading this & I super sad for you.

If it helps, I don't know when I will be seeing it. I'm not sure if I want to fight the teeny-boppers in a full cinema & go on opening night at midnight or just go sumtime that weekend.

Plus, DH is going 2 insist 2 go with me & I will sumhow have to suppress my fan girl, bummer!

Smile =]


Annie said...

Oh noes!!! I'm so sorry you won't be seeing it on November 20th but hey, look on the bright side, you get to meet the lovely Betti in person! That sounds like so much fun.

Congrats on your "Twigagement!" ;)

Alice said...

OMG that can't be a coincidence! It is probably the exact workshop I'm talking about! Was it in Leuven? That means you must be doing research in the same field as I am. Finally some twilight appreciation in my nerdy world!
You should def. go to the workshop and we'll go and watch new moon in the evening hahaha. This could even mean I already saw you at some other conference. Does Toulouse in july ring a bell?

Alice said...

So I forget to mention I'm doing research in statistics.

Anonymous said...

AWWW!!! I'd be totally pissed too!! Buti 'm so glad you have the wonderful Betti to go with you to watch it!

Honolulu Girl said...

That sucks but the main thing is that you have someone close that you can share that amazing experience with even if it will be a week later. You're lucky to have a twiance! LOL!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Alice: I so forgot to comment!!! shame on me!!! I feel so truly sorry I forgot..
unfortunately I´m a Biologist and not working in statistics.. Which might be better for the world of statistics. *giggles*
Anyway, I´m in Brüssels end of October, I´d love to tell you when and where exactly if you like?

@Mrs_Robward: As I told you before, lock the fangirl deep inside somewhere and then take her out when you a finally able to watch it alone.. Sometimes men don´t get anything!!

@Annie: Thanks, we are quite happy together, and yes I definitely look at the bright side.. It will be epic when Betti and me finally meet!

@Aimee: Thanks girl!!! Alone when being pissed sucks!!!

@Honululu Girl: I never thought having a Twiancé , it all happened so fast !! LOL And Betti and me will really freak out when seeing it!

Bereth said...

Dear Mrs. V this is just too bad! I hope you can work out something and not have to wait so much until you see NM! I also have yet to find a real Twihard to watch it with me down here. Fortunately we do get it on the 20th, and besides its a Holiday in Mexico so I can watch it over, and over, and over... but I'm fearing that will be on my own.


P.S. You can come to watch it here with me! :D

Bitches said...

I know I'm extrememely late on this...but, I wanted to express my deepest condolances. I'm sooo incredibly sorry and can't imagine what you're going through!
I know you and Betti will have an amazing time both meeting one another and watching the movie together! The graphic of the two of you together is too cute!

Sara said...

Or you could come to Sweden, our premier is the 20th. And it's not far from Germany :)

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