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The sexy tortured Vampire

Since I need things to distract myself from all those spoilers floating around, I´m happy there are things out there like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I´m glad I found a *cough* link *cough* where I can watch those shows, although they haven´t reached Germany so far.

Anyway, I guess I have a crush on Vampires at the moment,  or, should I say, the crush came back. When I was much younger, I loved Buffy - a lot! I ´ve seen every single episode and was a proud owner of all the seasons on DVD. This is years ago, and it´s nothing compared to my Twilight obsession - nothing! (Did I say nothing?)

However, let´s count what we have: Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, and Moonlight.  Side note: You probably know Moonlight from fragile little human's wonderful story Breath Me. It was a TV show but only had one Season, which is a pity because I liked it quite a bit! Side note two: I didn´t include Interview with a Vampire, although they would fit perfectly, because I just didn´t want to write about Brad Pitt ...

But, they all have a few things in common, without which I wouldn´t love them so much. One of these things: The tortured Vampires.

Let´s name them : There is Edward *sigh*, Bill (True Blood), Stefan (Vampire Diaries), Angel (Buffy), and Mick (Moonlight)

All of them struggle with being a Vampire, and they desire a human girl.  Love is what makes those stories so beautiful. The "good" and gorgeous Vampire would do anything for the fragile human (although Buffy was far away being fragile..), even being mortal again, to have a long and happy life together *wink*.  What makes them also so adorable is that they are so tortured by being a vampire; they hate themselves, which seems so  vulnerable. Strong and vulnerable at the same time is an amazing mixture!

Apart from all that, we can easily imagine us being the beloved human. Hey, who wouldn´t love being adored by a strong man who is totally nuts about you, protects you against everything evil, and thinks you are the best and most beautiful woman in the world??

And let´s face it: Vampires are sexy and hot!

Why? Well it's not just because they are mostly played by gorgeous guys, but it's also that the whole mythos around those Creatures-of-the- night is dark but yet erotic. Somehow, the combination of pain and love makes our tortured Vampires so sexy, and this will last forever since they never die! While the erotic part is definitely missing in Twilight, we get quite a bit in True Blood! I´m not sure where the Vampire Diaries will go, but I guess it won´t be as hot as TB. Buffy at least had sex with Angel and later with Spike - although the scenes are definitely not as erotic as in True Blood. So if you want some hot scenes, including biting, blood, eroticism, and sex - watch True Blood!

Anyhoo, let´s have a closer look at the guys:


My first! The Vampire with a soul, and gosh I was in love with him! This big dark guy who always looks as if he´s in pain - and indeed he was! He appeared quite often in my teenage dreams... I was mad that Buffy and he didn´t end up together just because they made this Angel Spinoff!

Mick St.John

Thinks of himself being a monster and follows the human girl since she was a small kid, finally falling in love with her. This so sweet and lovely!  I liked him and the show a lot, but he hasn't appeared in my dreams. But I included him for fragile little human!


Before I hear a few of you screaming, stay calm! I´m still Team Eric. Eric belongs into a different category of vampires (coming soon). Anyhow, I have to separate the books from the show, and the first season was really nice to Bill! He takes advantage of the new synthetic blood to live among humans, because he doesn´t like to be this frightening Vampire. He would do everything for Sookie - even dying! I like dark guys, brown hair, and, although he´s a bit older than the other boys, I like him still a lot in the show! But the white make-up was sometimes way too white! And, I always have to giggle when he says, "Soooookie!"


Ok, the first thing that caught my eye were his brows!! Hell, they are way to prominent!!  But he´s kind of cute - also again a boy with dark hair. The first episode didn´t do it for me, but the second was much better! And he has such kissable lips! Really, look at them! I have to see the rest of the show to write more. I haven't read the books (so far...), so let´s see how the show progresses.

Edward (oh Edward...)

Oh well, Edward, he is really the most adorable, loveliest, prettiest and.... well he´s Edward!!
What makes him so much more wonderful than the other ones? Look at him, just look at him!!! I mean, although I like all the other guys, Edward really won my heart. None of the others made me obsessed and addicted like Edward. I guess it is the way SM describes his personality, and Midnight Sun just did the rest! Besides that, Rob really became the Edward/Robward, and I just adore him an awful lot! Yeah, I guess you know how I feel ...

This was the part about our tortured vampires, and, before I hear something about Eric or Spike, let me say this: they belong in a different category, and I´ll write about them soon! Promise!!!! Next week, or sooner, let´s see ...

Edward is obvious, but who is your favorite tortured Vampire? (Eric doesn´t count here!!) Is it Angel? Stefan, maybe Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire? Mick? Did I forgot one??

Tell me girls!!! Say it, say it out loud!

Thanks so much fragile little human for proofreading this post, I love you!! Really do! 

22 truly lovely comments..:

Smuttier Than You said...

Brad Pitt!!!

Honolulu Girl said...

Well since we can't count Edward or Eric. Then Louie from Interview With a Vampire. He is my most favorite. I just watched this the other night and BTW my daughter is now reading The Vampire Chronicles so I wanted her to see the movie so she could have a visual. I forgot how good the movie is and now I want to reread the Vampire Chronicles and Armand.

Anonymous said...

Awesome and epic post! Thank you so much for including Mick for me - he is the wonderment, is he not? ;)

Even with my love of Mick, Edward is my favorite tortured vampire. It was never even really a contest. Mick's okay, though, he has Beth ;)

(You know, of course, I totally downloaded that Mick collage?)

Mrs. Robward said...

Um, you put tortured vamps in the same category as Edward? I think he needs his own.

Sorry, but the others don't compare =]

But I did like Brad Pitt in IWaV.

Ahhh, vamps...............


One Pushy Fox said...

Why can't we pick Spike? Is it because he didn't want his soul. I LOVED Spike way more than Angel. Spike was rough and a jerk and that's just how he rolled! Well, if I can't pick Spike then I pick, um....I guess Angel, 'cuz I don't know enough about the other guys to think they're hot.

I'll be waiting for the Spike post!

Team Spike!!!!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Goodness, I should have included Brad and Interview with a Vampire, maybe I do that tomorrow (my tomorrow) for you girls!

sprtzmom1721 said...

I feel like I'm cheating if I look at, or even think about, another vampire besides Edward ;)

Just a minute while I cover Pocket Edward's eyes. Okay. It's hard to type with one hand, but here goes. LOL! My vote is definitely for Brad Pitt in IWaV. He was so damn sexy with long hair!

I have to admit that I am trying out The Vampire Diaries, but my obsession has nothing to do with vampires and everything to do with Rob Pattinson, so I doubt I will stick with it.

On a side note, I have to tell you that your site is visually stunning!!


tasha... said...

ANGEL! Angel will forever and always be my 1st vampire-love. *swoon* Even when he makes those scary faces and has demon spawn with Darla. ;)

Fire Crotch said...

*sighs heavily and loudly*

Okay, so I think that Eric is tortured...I mean look at book 4 and the books that followed when he didn't remember what happened in book 4. Torture! And in the show...he is totally in love with Sookie. Come on now!

Okay, so if I must choose another, it's definitely gonna be Angel. Nom.

Alice said...

There will always be only one vampire for me *sigh*. It's lame but it's true ...

My Twilife said...

No one can replace Edward for me....*sigh* Good post though!! Sorry about all the spoilers on my blog...I miss your visits! :(

Anonymous said...

I wasn't a buffy fan.. I watched an episode or two but see.. my prob isnt with the show.. its with tv in general so I can't make a fair comment about any tv vampires.. I just don't watch enough tv..

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

If any, besides Edward.
I'm off! *hurries*

Anonymous said...

Ummm, you're missing Mitchell on Being Human. Guh.

marie said...

Of course my first choice is, and will always be, Edward! My runner up would have to be Angel though!

P.S. If I move to Germany, you think we could watch all the seasons of Buffy along with watching Twilight in German?

* said...

OME - yes Edward, but you've forgotten El Hottie - ERIC FREAKIN NORTHMAN!!! DROOOL!!!

Joie Cullen

uhyesplease said...

ooooh, yes. Mitchell on Being Human (BBCAmerica) is one hell of a tortured vampire. And he's hot.


I love the show too - it's campy and fun, and completely crazy.

ladyhawke_2006 said...

I am 150% Team Mick St. John. There are 2 more that I find very appealing. 1st would definately be Bill Compton
(True Blood... NOT Southern Vampire Mysteries. Followed very closely by Mitchel from BBC America's Being Human. While I did enjoy reading the Twilight books, they are aimed at a much younger audience. I prefer my Vamps to be adults!!!

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

One Pushy Fox is right!! Team Spike FTW! Huge fan of Buffy too (points at self erratically) but all those other guys totally deserve to be on it too! I have another one to add that hasn't been added yet..what about Michael from The Lost Boys. Yes he was only a half vampire but damn it he still counts lol

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey girls, thanks a lot for all your comments! I see i should have definitely included Brad Pitt here.

However, some of you really loved Angel as much as I did. But there is no shame to admit that our Love to Edward is much more!

For all those who have been disappointed that Eric was not here, have a look at my newest blogpost I did together with FireCrotch there we talk about this issue, quite intensively!

And I´m still planning the Bad (not so bad) vamp post soon:-)

Love you all for discussing here with me!!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but my #1 is definitely Edward. Nobody has ever made me so OCD with my internet exploits. And (like a few of the other girls) my #2 is Louis/Brad Pitt. That jawline...those lips...his tortured attempts to do the right thing while missing his human wife/daughter. Argh...I need to go buy this DVD so I can rewatch it. So there...my ultimate tortured vampire Bradward ;)

cutie said...

Edward Cullen. But I'm with marie, can I come watch Buffy at your house too?

Oh and I miss you. =(

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