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The sexy bad (nor not so bad) Vampires.

Since I promised you something last week, today I want to focus on the other Vampires we find in the TV shows. Apart from our tortured Vampires we always find a second main character which most of the times appears darker then the main figure.
He’s the one who enjoys being a Vampire and never bothered killing humans to feed on them. Specially in the beginning one always has the feeling that those are actually the really bad Vampires, the ones we need to be scared of. It seems like they lack all humanity.

But is that all we can say about them: dark, sadistic, rough, bad, totally vampire, no soul, no heart, no feelings? Nope, there is much more and that’s why I tempt to say that they are often the more interesting characters. 

Let’s see whom we have:
Spike (Buffy), Damon (Vampire Diaries), Eric (Oh my Eric, True Blood), Joseph (Moonlight) … But uhhhh there is someone missing? (And before you say something I didn’t include Interview with a vampire, no Tom Cruise and no Lost Boys… Sorry)
We definitely miss this type of character in Twilight!!! James? Na, he’s dying in the beginning, no nice thing to say about him. Aro, Caius, Marcus: The don’t count in here… They are too different. Too sad…

However, what all those Vamps have in common is the joy being a Vampire and the joy of scaring the shit out of others.They are mostly arrogant, sniffy, and contemptuous of every non-vampire creature. This is how we get to know them.

Anyway, there is more inside those characters than just that. When we get to know them better, we see that they are not as dark and evil as they pretend to be. Although they are the real creatures-of-the-night, they do reform during the show/movie. For example: Spike really goes through a huge development, fells in Love with Buffy and although he was that evil guy one starts to sympathize with them. Just like Damon (Vampire diaries) in episode 3. I’m really curious how this character will form during the next episodes. Eric, well Eric…all we have to say about this particular vamp you find here in this big post from FireCrotch and me.
At some point we see how this bad Vamps fells in love with a girl and shows that he still has something called a heart or even a soul and the darkness mingles with softness we’ve never seen from them before. That’s what makes them more intriguing you see how they find back what they have lost over centuries. Humanity, kindness and probably something like a soul? This confuses them, a lot.
But do they seek for redemption, just like the tortured vampires? What do you think?

Let’s go to the close up:


At the beginning he was pretty much annoying. The punk vamp, truly evil and he likes to hit and scare humans, specially women. But it happens that he felt in love with Buffy and then tries to get his soul back with the hope that Buffy will finally love him. I know at lot of you really liked Spike.


Unfortunately I can’t say so much about him since I didn’t read the books. There have been just 3 episodes released so far. Damon is that entire arrogant, evil and definitely sexy Vamp. Who is just there to torture his brother Stefan. But the last scene of episode 3 showed a bit more from him and that indeed there is some softness in him. We just need a bit more time to see inside him.


He’s Mick’s best friend and enjoys the vampire-living, parties and fresh blood, and this please from pretty women. Although he represents here the “bad (not so bad) vampire” he is mostly a funny guy and one tempts to like him easily. But because I <3 fragile little human, he makes his appearance here on my blog.


Oh well Eric, he is definitely all I said above and more. He’s fascinating and intriguing. The more we see from him the more we want to know him better and see behind the facade. If you are a big Eric fan, read more about him here! And I have to say it, I love this picture with Sookie and Eric.

I’m a bit unhappy with this post because I couldn’t include anything Twilight here. But I promise you’ll get more Twilight you ever dreamt of here in the next weeks… more on that I’ll announce soon…

Anyway girls, who is your favourite bad – not so bad- Vamp? I guess it will be tough between two of them…  I bet on ….   Well, let’s see! Or do you still prefer the ones with more kindness and humanity, the “tortured” ones?

For me – like most of you  - Edward will always be my favourite. He has everything, sexy, kindness, softness but can be tough when we need it.
But like last time, Edward cannot be voted today. So I’ll take Eric! (but Damon is also a hot one….)

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One Pushy Fox said...

Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Singing at the top of my lungs*

So, yeah, he's my favorite bad vamp. I loved him bad, I thought he was funny, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED him tortured, in love with Buffy and unable to do anything about it. I loved how he was cast in the emasculating role of Dawn's babysitter, and then later, used as more of a tool than a person. His love brought him nothing but heartache, which was probably karma, but still great TV.

I'm looking forward to seeing where TVD goes with Damon, too.

Thanks for the post, Mrs. V.

Oh, and by the way....


Honolulu Girl said...

Thank you Mrs. V for recognizing Damon. Based on the show, I clearly didn't care for Damon. He was typically bad but in Epi 3, his character evolved a little. There was the scene in the kitchen with Elena and she tells him that she's sorry about Katherine and that she understands he lost her too. He then looks down. Then at the end of the epi he is Elena's bedroom rubbing her cheek. OMG. I fucking died. Instant love. Why is that we think we can heal the broken?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I think I take...... I take....... I taaaaakeeee.... ERIC!
We're voting bad vampires here, so... yes: Eric! *gag*
He is really bad.
But I'm slowly getting used to him.
Just like a stupid, bad song you don't like at all - and then it's on the radio day and night, and after a while you catch youself singing along, unvoluntarily.
Damon is handsome, sure thing.
But Eric is - yes I fucking admit - he is intense... somehow... or so...
Happy now?!? Fuck!

uhyesplease said...

I'm going on face only since I don't remember Buffy enough for Spike (tho he was pretty damn funny, I have yet to see TVD or True Blood! Yikes, I know!

And i'm choosing that Damon character cuz I loved him on Lost and totally cried when he was killed! And cuz he's hot. Cause right now it's all about the hotness.....mmmmmmm....

Stoney said...

Oh I am going with Eric for shizzle. He is...well...everything that can be said about him was already in your last post so I'm not going to dwell but he get's my lady drawers to melting bad vampire or not.

Fire Crotch said...

Well, I have said my piece on Eric. I have to say that I am taken aback by Betti...hehe. Okay, so I'm not counting Eric in this group because he's not that bad, right? So I'm totally picking Damon. He's hot and really bad...really bad. Yay! I love Thursday night!

KG said...

I haven't watched The Vampire Diaries, but I am just gonna be totally biased and say DAMON...cause Ian Somerhalder is SMOKIN' HAWT!

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