Saturday, October 3

Rob - so sexy it hurt's ! (MrsV 's newest video)

Since I spent the last weeks with all the other hot vamps, it felt a bit (only a tiny little bit) like cheating on Rob.  That's why I sat down yesterday and looked through my Photo collection. I realized I have tons, tons of wonderful hot and sexy pics from Rob. I collect them like crazy, whenever I see a good one  *right click* – save it. (It seems that I have more pics from Rob than from my own hubs… but schhhtt don't tell anyone)

Dealing with the enormous amount of Hottness on my computer, there was just one reasonable and logical answer: Yep, a new video!!!  Honestly it was time for a new one, but I'm really picky with music and I'm always thinking twice about a song (and I admit here and now I'm a douche when it comes to music, which makes this part extremely  and enourmous tough for me…).

Ok, what do we have here in the new video: Rob’s face, Rob's hands, Rob's jaw and well yes Rob’s eyes and Rob’s … you get what I mean.
What about the music: Sugarbabes sing Get sexy  - ohh that fit’s, doesn’t it? Uhmmmm, you all know I’m German, right? (Which explains my odd English!) However, I understand enough English to get the fact that the girls are not singing a) about Rob b) about men in general. But, I like it anyway. All this singing about “hey sexy” and “soo sexy it hurt’s “ was enough for me to take it for a "Rob is sexy" video.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! If you want to see the full Hottness than watch it in HQ, you can even see it full scale on your screen – but I’m not responsible for any fainting etc. And when you want to be nice and really enjoyed this piece of sexiness, than please go and rate it on youtube. I love you for this, and for so many other things…

Happy Weekend!!!

13 truly lovely comments..:

Alice said...

Awesome video Mrs. V! Have a wonderful weekend~!

Annie said...

Great video!! The song perfectly matches him. He is so sexy, it hurts. And I think I know the perfect medicine... ;)

Bex said...

Oh god!! Mrs V you're killing me! I'm hurtin now!!!! Love the vid A LOT - perfect song choice!

Smuttier Than You said...

SOOOOOO HAWT!!! Mrs. V., you are amazing and your stash of Rob Porn is awe-worthy! Love it! XOXO

Mrs. Robward said...

Going 2 watch it over at YouTube, (my puter does better over there).

YOU know how I feel about you & ur vids!

I'm sure this one is just as hot!

I'll comment over there 2!

Love, Stacy

Snarkier said...

Hi Mrs. V!!! LOOOVE the new vid - you have a way with Rob-pics!! And I do the same thing - "OH! there's another smexy RPatts pic!!" [click] & it's mine!! I had to have someone at my company's IT dept look at my computer once and I felt like the biggest dork in the world explaining that I had "a little bit of an obsession" with Twi & Robward - lol!

: )

I'd love to repost this if you're ok with that - lemme know!

Happy weekend to you, too!

P.S. yes "Snarkier" is same as "STY" - just in different google acct... stupid google...

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey girls, thanks for the love and the comment! A new video is always something special for me and I'm always like a small kid and hope while biting my nails if you girls will like it!

STY: just go ahead with the video:)) Like seeing it on other pages - this shows me how much other people like it! And seeing it at Twitarded is really exciting !:)

uhyesplease said...

that's just what I needed! you are becoming the video queen!!!

Honolulu Girl said...

Mrs. V, I love your video!! Perfect song and you know I'm going to post your video on my blog because I heart you!!!

Heather said...

I love the new Video,awesome as always.

One Pushy Fox said...

OME, Mrs. V, I TOTALLY needed that this afternoon. You are awesome!!!!

Selene said...


Just came strolling from Twitarted to your blog through your videos.

Just want to say they're hot! Love'em.

And love the act that the last pic is of Rob bitting his lip *sigh*


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Again I want to thank all of you for watching it and for you love.. :))

This keeps me going and I have already an idea for the next one.. but for that I need to collect some more pics..

I <3 you all!

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