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The Twitarded meme and The Cafe Press giveaway!!!

OoOOo Ok my dear lovely friend from True Blood Twilight tagged me. You know her, right? You don’t ?? Then please and visit her, she’s lovely and I heart her tons! But pretty please after you read my stuff :)

Anyhoozer, the lovely crazy Twitarded girls started this meme tagging things and I am truly thankful that cutie explained what this means, because I had so no clue at all. Here is where it all begun:

So here's the deal: STY and I came up with a couple of questions for all you bloggers. If you're tagged, answer the questions and tag four other blogs. Don't forget to link back to the blog that tagged you! Let's see how many blogs we can get to participate and hopefully at the end of all this we'll know a lot more about each other. Believe it or not, we even made the questions 99% other-blog friendly! I don't think I said vagina or cock gobbling in a single question!

On your mark, get set, GO!!
1) What is the craziest/most stupid thing you've ever done (that you would be willing to share!)?
2) One my personal favorite games: Fuck, Marry, Kill. With the Twilight cast. I can't wait to read these! (Or "Eff, Marry, Kill" if you don't have my potty mouth.)**
3) What is your favorite band/type of music?
4) What is your favorite movie besides Twilight?
5) Do you RL life family/friends know you’re addicted to Twilight? A blogger?
6) How many hours a week do you spend doing Twi related things? You know, blogging, looking at pictures of the cast, reading fan fiction, etc.
7) Any random fact you might want to share. Big or small, it doesn't matter. :

Woot, so here are my answers
  • 1.) What is the craziest/most stupid thing you've ever done (that you would be willing to share!)?
Well, since this meme thing started I thought quite hard about the stupid things I did and what I would be willing to tell you. Not easy, really. But ok, *cough* I had two one night stands with strangers in a vacation, while my former poor boyfriend was at home... Not nice I know, but I was young, does that count as an excuse?
When I turned 18 (which is in Germany the age where you are legally old enough to drink any kind of alcohol) we had a big party and I drunk 1 (yes one!) bottle of Tequila with a friend in about one hour. I have no clue anymore about the rest of this party... nothing... all is black, which might be better, I think

  • 2.) One my personal favorite games: Fuck, Marry, Kill. With the Twilight cast. I can't wait to read these! (Or "Eff, Marry, Kill" if you don't have my potty mouth.)**

Fuck: Jasper maybe Alice can join... , Marry: Edward since I can fuck him all the time when we are married, Kill: Jane, sadistic little monster

  • 3.) What is your favorite band/type of music?

Hm, I am really a music ignorant, meaning I hear everything I like. This can be Pop, Punk, Rock, Metal (but no Death Metal), Betti Gefecht, independent, 80s (Gosh I love the music from this time), Queen ( I had a huge crush on Queen), classics, well as I said ... I like a lot and nothing special.

  • 4.) What is your favorite movie besides Twilight?

The movie I was crazy about when I was young was Dances with wolves, I saw this one at least 12 times and once I saw the 4hrs version in the cinema. That was epic.

  • 5.) Do you RL life family/friends know you’re addicted to Twilight? A blogger?

Pretty much. MrV knows it, he even had the idea of writing a blog and I will be always thankful! My BFF and an other good friend from work, both know most of it and also know about the blog but they don’t read it, which is on site disappointing but on the other site very much a relief . My cousin and my parents know I love the books and the movie, although they have no clue about the level of obsession. And yes I thing the rest of my colegues at work have an idea since I have posters from Rob on my wall.

  • 6.) How many hours a week do you spend doing Twi related things? You know, blogging, looking at pictures of the cast, reading fan fiction, etc.

Well, *clears throat* a way too much, like a full time job besides my full time job. Meaning nearly every free time I can find. This includes, writing posts, reading posts, comments, searching for pics, reading Fanfic, talking Twilight, thinking Twilight, thinking Rob, etc etc etc...

  • 7.) Any random fact you might want to share. Big or small, it doesn't matter.

I am totally and truly loyal, when you are my friend you can count on me whatever it is. I would do everything for the people I love. Love Me? Need me? Count on me!
I need lots of love to be happy, be it from hubs, family or friends.
Well, some of you might know already about my incredible emotional nature. Betti therefore gave me a name : WIME (ask her not me! *shakes head*). I cry so easily which is really embarrassing. But where does this come from ? I lost my little brother when I was 17, 5 years later I lost my big love (my Edward) and now I am married to my Edwards best friend who also became my best friend. All this made me what I am now.

Apart from all those emotional things, I am heavily spoiled (very much to MrV’s annoyance). And I love love fancy tech things, mostly when they have an Apple somewhere. iPot, iPhone and myMacbook, hell I love them!
I smoke like hell and love good red wine.

Ok, so when you are still here after reading this... here are the peeps I tagged and it was such a tough decision since there are so many more blogs I love and would like to know better. Why just 4? Anyway, here’s my choice:

The Cafe Press Tee shirt giveaway!!!!

But wait, I have one more goodie for you.You saw that porbably on many other blogs in the Twibloggyland: Cafe Press is giving away T-Shirts for free.
Wooot! This is really cool and honestly a pretty cool marketing strategy. All you have to do is, leave a comment here with the link of the T-shirt you would like to have, that is all, as easy as that. I’ll let MrV picking the winner randomly and announce the winner next Saturday. Here is the one I’d love to have:

So go to Cafe Press, take your time and choose the one you love, come back and leave a comment! And the good thing is: It doesn't matter where in the world you live to participate! US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia,.... wherever you live!

28 truly lovely comments..:

Jenny Jerkface said...

Thank you for playing along! I loved reading this.

One whole bottle of Tequila? Holy crap, I'm impressed. LOL.

Stoney said...

OOOO good stuff.
Me and Tequila = nekkidness and lots of really incrimating photos. I hear you on that one. I keep going back though..glutten for punishment I suppose.

Good times. This is fun.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Awww Mrs. V. I love it. *hugs to you*
Apple? Me too. I put that as my random fact. I'm like a kid in a candy store in an Apple store.
You also forgot to put you're a master of all things bloggy/videos and help others when they need help. Hehehe.

cutie said...

Oh my I LOVE this. =) Thank you so much for sharing so sincerely. *sniffles* I am glad you have your Edward.

So... the contest, let's see. I'm gonna pick the same one I did on Bex's blog:

Let's see if I get lucky. =D

Anonymous said...

I can't do Tequila.. It always ends up with me naked and it never fails someone has a camera..

I kinda like Jane.. She's just sadistic wonderment..

The shirt i'd like 2 have is htis one..

Anonymous said...


I meme'd! I am also cafepressing!

Here is my pick.

One Pushy Fox said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Mrs. V! UYP and I are working on our post now.

In the meantime, I'm going to pick this t-shirt for the give-away. Woot!

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

1. f- alice cullen
2. marry- alice cullen
3. kill jasper cullen
lol jk

for real 1. f- Rose
2. marry - Alice
3. kill - Casius xl

Anonymous said...

I love how so many of us have a thing for Alice; she's so hot! Love Dances with Wolves, too, although my favorite Kevin Costner movie is definitely Bull Durham.

Oh, and I'm totally picking an Alice shirt:

Mrs. Robward said...

Just learning these things about you only makes me love you more!


my shirt pick, i really want one that is UBER smexyy but i want to b able to wear it in RL, so ..


Greta said...

OH!! You would kill JANE!! Noes! Send her over to my house to play ;) LOL!!

OH! Now I know so much about you! I can't watch DANCES WITH WOLVES because I suckle at the reading. HAHA!! I watched it once and my DAD had to read the whole thing to me lol! But maybe since you've seen it a kabillion times we could watch it together cuz you have it memorized lol!

Herere's my pick for the shirt that I wanty want:


Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Tequila makes me do weird shit(there was an Linda Blair incident that we don't mention) We'll be putting our Meme up soon along with our T Shirt Giveaway too! Here is my pick!!

My Twilife said...

Loved reading your meme answers!! :)

And as for the contest...I pick:

Thanks babe!!

Snarkier Than You said...

LOL! So mnay of the crazy stories involve boozing it up! We sure like our liquor here in the Twidom!

And we know we can always count on you - you're awesome!

: )

[it's ok to want my own tee, right???]

uhyesplease said...

Hi Sweets - lots of love to you! On a super serious note - so sorry about your brother and big love. *sigh* So hard to think about losing that. BIG GIGANTIC HUGS and slopping kisses! I'm so glad that you and Mr V became friends and now together!

On a lighter note - I have bad tequila stories...sometime in college we ran out of limes and did shooters with dill pickles slices. GRIM!!! So, me and tequila don't get along anymore....

I'm so wishywashy - and can't decide on a shirt. I suppose if I win, I can decide then, right????

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I don't really have to say anything to this since I'm going to meet my sweet loverly WIME in a few weeks and I'll be holding her hand and reaching her paper tissues during NM.

Just came to say hi. *smooches*

Smuttier Than You said...

Awww Mrs. v! I love your meme! It was both entertaining and heartfelt. I think our losses make us better people in the long run. *hugs* And high five for the one night stand! That's another right of passage ;) Had a hard time picking a shirt, like, really hard time. So I settled. Actually, with my driving record, I think it fits *smirk*

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

WTH? I forgot to put my tshirt choice. Sorry it's this:

ezzierae said...

Love your answers.

As for the tee, there were so many choices and I hade trouble narrowing it down, but I'd take this one:

Alice said...

First of all thanks for tagging us! Although it's just a game We felt honored, truly!

Ohh the one night stands! I feel like such a saint because I've never done something like that. I kinda wished I had. You know, live life the fullest (thatswhatshesaid). (Un)fortunately I have a very stubborn brain that always tends to spoil the fun.

I felt so sad after reading your story about your big love you lost. I'm so sorry! I guess some things in life just happen for a reason. That reason may be impossible to understand, but I hope in the end everything works out and becomes clear.

Annie said...

I'm also sorry to hear you lost your big love. :( You are a wonderful person and all I know is that the loss must have been greater on his end!

Enough blah blah, here's my shirt choice. I think it's very "me," don't you? ;)

Memory_Jean said...

as I have told the Cute one... Cutie...
I am so so so so so busy & I never get a chance to comment the blogs, so I feel extremely entirely lame for commenting for the contest, but the one of Cutie greatness insisted... so I do lovers you!! here is the shirt I like (: because it is oh so very true... (just ask Cutie)

KG said...

I love Dances With Wolves!

oh contest!

I likey this one!
XL please.


itsjustme said...

It is so nice getting to know everyone better. Thx

Peace. Love. Twilight! said...,344882851

In a Small Caribbean Blue.


Fire Crotch said...

I want an iPot and Dances with Wolves? Really? I mean it is the last masterpiece of Kevin Costner, but really? Wow.

Okay, here's what I want. Mr. V. you will pick me!,346412980
XL in Pink/Salmon

SBGDGT said...

Ahhhh! Good ol' Jose Cuervo. That was my poison of choice back in the day... It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Lol

Man, I am an 80s music FREAK! Only here recently have I branched out in my musical taste (but I have always loved classical music). My anthem has been since the day I first heard it is: Fat Bottom Girls. (psst *whispering* I have a big booty for a white girl) Yeah, I love Queen too! Lol

Dances With Wolves is just an AWESOME movie! I really do love the Native American people. The way they lived their lives... Kinda makes me ashamed of how I live now, but what can ya do?

I have to say that I love how you talk about your loss. Everything that happens in our lives makes us who we are now, but there are a few losses that want to burst out so maybe a few people will understand, but... I guess I'm not ready for that. So I applaud you for that! :*)

Ok, *drying eyes* Well, as you know I tend to be a little obsessive at times and so this shirt is just PERFECT for SBGDGT ;),279247006

Awesome Meme answers! Not like there are unawesome answers. Still, I like the learning games like this :) hehe

bierbeck said...,402110648

I wanna win!

@Alice- i am the same as you. I never do anything crazy, my brain just wont let me. And now I am married and can not have any one night stands. Too late for me!

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