Saturday, October 31

And the Twishirt winner is.....

*drum rolls*  OoooOooo MrV took the winner for the Cafe Press Twishirt giveaway. And *dances* we found a winner (one?? hmmm…)!!! Thanks again Cafe Press for sponsoring all those wonderful Twishirts!!!

First, let me explain the ultra complicated picking system we developed. We didn’t want to do it with Excel and I was too lazy to write down all your names on a piece of paper. Sorry ;) I thought we rather have to do it the Twi-way. 

Ok here’s the deal:
We take the Twilight Book, Hardcover – English, MrV picks a number from 1-498 and we look up the first character on the page. So far, so easy. But!
There are a few people with the same initials, how to do that??? We were close to give up that idea and go for Excel instead, but then we figured it out: When we stumble over people with the same Initials, like Smuttier Than You and Stoney, they are both in the second round. In that round MrV picks another page and we look at the first sentence and when the M (for sMuttier Than You) appears first, she wins. If the first letter we find is a T (for sToney) then Stoney wins.
Did you get it? Sounds complicated? Well yes, but it is even more complicated to explain it.

page 124: First word is “Spider” , Ok all people with a S are in!
page: 275: “BuT I want to help, if I can..”  Stoney would win.

Are we clear now? I pretty much hope so.

Anyway, let’s pick the winner!! *rubs hands*

MrV picks page 311: “Now, though,” he said, his voice light again…. Upps we have nobody with an N - next

MrV picks page 107: What’s your definition”  - no W - next

MrV picks page 191: I saw him reach toward me hesitantly with his right hand.... Wooooottt!!! 

Here we have itsjustme and I wear Alice Cullen pjs…
Let’s go on!!!!

MrV picks page 277: “Here.” He Took my hand and placed it against his cheek
Cheeeeerss!!!! This means!! The winner iisssssssss…: itsjustme! Congrats, girl! 

But wait!!! 

We are not done yet! After we picked the winner, I thought it would great to giveaway one more Twishirt. Since I wear Alice Cullen pjs was pretty close to win AND is the only man who reads my blog (if you would be a girl I would say I love you for that…but… uhmm….anyway….) I decided that you will get your T-shirt too!

Soooo Congrats  to I wear Alice Cullen pjs and cheers for getting this T-shirt:

So pretty please write me an email, with your address and a link with  the T-Shirt you want, including size and color.
itsjustme is getting it directly from CafePress
I wear Alice Culle pjs will get it from me.

And because we have here a huge Rob Fan and a huge Alice Fan: This is for you…

Don't forget to comment on the Book vs Movie discussion Pt.3. 

12 truly lovely comments..:

Greta said...


itsjustme121799 said...

OH my, Mrs. V! Thank yu! I'm so happy, I'm speechless. Just as happy about that beautiful pic for you made for me as I am about the shirt!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

itsjustme121799 said...

Crap, apparently, I'm so happy, I forgot how to spell. *Just as happy about the pic you made for me* Sorry, it's hard to type when you're jumpimg up and down.

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Congrats Winners!! Woohooo

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Congratulations you two!!!

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

wow, im so excited *falls out of chair* thank you Mrs . V ,and Mr. V i totally appreciate it.... im so excited i will wear the t shirt to the new moon opening and take pictures :) thank you !!!!!

Stoney said...

I am just excited my name got mentioned so much in this post..I feel so special I am getting tinglies...

Smuttier Than You said...

Congrats to you two!! *does happy dance for itsjustme and i wear alice cullen pjs*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Congrats again.

And Sorry Stoney and Smuttier that I borrowed your names:)

Both shirts are on the way now! Hope you will send some pics when you have them:))

cutie said...

YAY for new shirts!!

Mrs. V is it awesome of you to give a winner a shirt! And being that he's a friend of mine makes me heart you even harder. THANK YOU!!!! *sniffles*

Bitches said...

Yay for itsjustme! Wow, that was one complicated drawing system! *giggle* I also have to say that ever sice Betti pointed our your "oooOOOooo's," I giggle every time I see it! : )

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@cutie: I thought you might know each other *wink*

@Bitches: Yeah you are the only one who comment on my super duper complicated drawing system.. MrV and me thought about this the whole evening,*giggles* at least we had fun doing it

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