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The Book vs. Movie Discussion Pt.3

Whoot, we are back! It has been a super busy week for me while I was i Belgium for a workshop. But I am glad to be back and Fanny and me worked hard on this post in between our regular work. *claps hands* shall we start???? yes?? Ok!!
The "Book vs. Movie" Discussion (Pt.3)

“About 3 things I was absolutely positive... “

MrsV: I love how they arrived at school the first time together!!! The music was great! and again Edward looked completely different. Fanny pointed that out already in the beginning and she’s totally right.
Fanny: Yep, hes like a chameleon through the whole film. Which is weird. Because the book always says, he's like a stone and never changes and such... bad make-up artist probably. I don't think that was intended.
MrsV: I’m breaking all the rules now anyway, since I’m going to hell... Woot!
Fanny: Did you understand what that was supposed to mean? Since I'm going to hell? In the book it is somehow explained, but I had to get the book and re-read it. In the movie, I had no idea what he was talking about...
MrsV: No you’re right, one just sees the glances they are getting from Rose and the others. And then there are out in the woods and talking the first time, they are just talking about everything. We see how Carlisle bites Edward and Esme.
Fanny: U-hu... in sepia...
MrsV: In one scene it is raining and hell, Edward all wet looks just soooo yummy!!
Fanny: Yes, that was hot. But everytime I see that scene I can't help but wonder why he didn't move just a inch towards Bella? I mean, SHE was bone-dry!

MrsV: When Bella asks “Can the rest of your family read peoples minds like you can?” Edward just tells her about Alice being able to see the future, but he totally forgot Jasper! Actually it was fragile little human who pointed that out and she’s so right. But Jasper plays such a tiny role in the movie anyway. I really don’t like that, maybe it was too complicated to explain what he can? I dunno, but I also miss that…
Fanny: Well, they tried to give us an idea of the days – hellouuu, I said: DAYS! - when Edward and Bella took turns in asking each other questions and getting to know each other in a kind of fast track procedure. It was sooo entertaining to read that – especially with Edward shooting rapid fire questions at Bella... in the movie it was more angsty. Edward: brood brood brood...

Except when Edward grinned and said: “...if I were drinking your blood for instance...” That was cute. Oh, his teeth looked really sharp then... and Bella, oh Kristen used face b) in that scene. Smart move...


MrsV: Then Edwards jumps on Bella’s truck and invites her finally to his home. Where he really seemed totally free, happy and funny.
Fanny: … and like 17! Oh, I looooved him in that scene!! And how he absentmindedly took care of the dent in Bella's truck – that was a cool idea! And how quickly she just thanked him and got over it – their relationship had soo much improved by then!!!
MrsV: A mood we missed during the movies while in the book he often showed his lighter mood to Bella.
Fanny: Like I said! - Oh, Mrs.V!! Did you notice? That was a movie quote!!
MrsV: giggles well yes Fanny we should talk in Twilight quotes all day. Billy and Jacob are coming in a car and this was stupid since Billy was driving?? Uhmm, he can’t?? It was apparently just necessary so that Edward could look into Billy’s face while they cross each other…

I know that there are cars who can be driven by handicapped people, but in the book Jacob always drove Billy around.
Fanny: He drove? Really? Shit - totally wrong!! I didn't notice that, but you're right. Plus: I was really wondering how the hell he got out of the car and into the wheelchair in 1,5 seconds???
MrsV: But Billy is just great: Just keeping it real, son” *giggles* - great!
Fanny: Oh, Billy was pretty much like in the book, right? But that brown paper bag... eeek! I wouldn't want to eat whatever it was that was in there...

What did you expect, dungeons , coffins and moats?

MrsV: Yeeeah and now we meet the Cullens!!!
Fanny: WOOT!!!!!
MrsV: First let’s talk about the house: It is completely different from what I had imagined when reading the book. It was described more like an old white mansion with a huge glass front. The movie house was completely different, although I am completely fine with this. I love the movie house, it has style.
Fanny: Mmh... it's ok. I really didn't care much about the house. Did you see how Edward darted around the car to open Bella's door? Wooooosh...
MrsV: And then we see Rose, Emmet, Carlisle and Esme cooking for Bella! This scene was awesome!
Fanny: Baahh... Rose!
MrsV: It’s again different from the books, but I like it a lot. It’s so funny and it fits! Although Edward was not nice telling them that Bella already ate.

The conversation is great: “Is she even Italian?” “ Her name is Bella!” And When Emmet afterwards greets with the big knife *giggles*...priceless!

Then our beloved Alice comes in and hugs Bella, lovely. Ok I know this is fussy, but when Alice jumps on the floor it makes a “thud” I always though Vampires are able to move without making any noise??
Fanny: Yeah... that bothered me too. It was even emphasized with the close-up on her feet. They'd better have spared a little sound effect here, and used it for Edwards meows which were supposed to growls. *chuckles*

Best thing was, however, when Edward rolled his eyes! I mean, come on! Have you ever counted HOW OFTEN book-Edward rolls his eyes?? And in the movie? Just once.

That's just not ok – eye rolling is soo Edward!!! I made some nice Edward eye rolling studies, wait....

MrsV: *giggles* awesome Fanny!!!
Fanny: Isn't it? Betti let me use her photoshop, can you believe that?? I think she's proud of me deep in her heart, she just doesn't tell... cool Eyerollward, hu?
MrsV: Hehe, I like this a lot! The graduation caps on the wall are also a great idea!

“Yeah, this is my room…”

MrsV: Sweet little scene.
Fanny: Oh yes! *sighs* He was so shyly appraising Bella, what she would say and think about his private room. And then: 'no bed?' Great!
MrsV: Bella looked awkward when they “danced”, but Edward was so great. “I can always make you !!!” “I’m not scared of you” - “ Well, you really shouldn’t have said that”. Awesome, his smirk was perfect!

Fanny: Uh yes, Edward.... make me!!!!
MrsV: Hm... and then he takes her and climbs the trees. In the book he’s growling and then jumping at her, which would have been a great opportunity to hear again his growl! Too bad they changed this. In the movie we get instead the Spider Monkey line. “You better hold on tight Spider Monkey!” Personally I like this line, but I know that there are many other who don’t, what about you?
Fanny: Uh, no – an absolute no-go! I always put my fingers in my ears when he says that. It is soooo not Edward, really! But I liked the treeclimbing... the landscape was so beautiful.
MrsV: One funny note: when I watched it with MommyV, and in the beginning she was asking: 'Those Vampires can fly, right?' I said no, they can’t they, are just really fast. But when she saw this scene she said: 'Hey look, sure they can fly!”'
Fanny: Wow! *looks puzzled* Maybe MommyV is right? I mean, it didn't exactly look like jumping... hm. Maybe they did change that too, in the movie script, I mean. Just noone did understand that... you know, that Edward was flying! Go figure!! They could have made this much clearer, if they.... wait.... *gets notebook out, starts scribbling*
MrsV: … err.... well, anyhoodle, This tree jumping scene was not anywhere in the book and two things on that. First: We see how Edwards enjoys running fast through the wood, Bella always described that in the book. How relaxed he seems.

Fanny: u-hu... *scribbles*
MrsV: Second, would Edward really risk taking clumsy Bella that high up on a tree?
Fanny:...don't think so... *scribbles*
MrsV: Hm, I’m not sure, but I for myself would trust him that I wouldn’t fall down. He would catch me before something like this happens. And again we have here a scene where we just see them talking and just hear the music. Uhyesplease pointed that out in the last discussion.
Fanny: u-huh... *put pencil between teeth to use the eraser* uyeffpleaffe knowff alockabout muffic...
MrsV: OOoOoO I really have goosebumps while seeing this whole scene including the music.
Fanny: Me too, gooffbumpff! Abffolutely... *pulls pencil out of mouth* - Now look - that's what I mean with the flying:
MrsV: Uhm...
Fanny: Convincing concept, don't you think?
MrsV: Uhm.... no.
Fanny: But...
MrsV: *narrows eyes* No!
Fanny: Ok.
MrsV: Ok, here comes one of the biggest disappointments in the movie: Bella’s Lullaby. I am not an music expert and I had a hard time imagining what SM described in the book, but I am pretty sure this was not what she had in mind. It was far away from what I thought, but I think Artsie has something to say about that, right??
Fanny: You wanted her to pick some other music which might come closer to the book description, right? Tough thing, tough thing... she'll probably come up with something unexpected like usual - dude, she's sooo weird... You know, I thought about 'I can't get no satisfaction' – you know, because he is always just watching her sleep, and they can not dangdangdang, you know...?
MrsV: Ooo fanny, well this is a very ..uhmm. great idea..? Anyway, after that, Charlie and Bella are eating in the dinner, the only funny thing here is that SM is in this little scene, well and Mikey and his ass…
Fanny: I didn't get that scene *shrugs*

“I wanna try one thing… “

MrsV: The kisssssiiiinnnnngggg scene!!! Squeeee!!! I fucking love this scene. And yes, in the book, they kissed for the first time after the Meadow, but being in her room gives the scenery a warm atmosphere, just like the Restaurant scene.
Fanny: oh.... oh.... *fans self*
MrsV: “Just stay very still, don’t move “… Squeee!! Sorry, I have to calm down, I am always so excited and turned on by this lovely kissing scene! I love the music playing and to see the two talking, and finally Bella sleeping in Edwards’s arms. *sigh sigh sigh…*

Fanny: oh.... this little montage right after the actual kiss was one of the best scenes!!! So sweet.... and it was perfect that there was NO music at all during the kiss. So you could here the smooching and the breathing... oh, the breathing.... *fans self more frantically*
MrsV: Although they missed again one more thing: Edward is supposed to be super cold, but in the movie, where is that??

Charlie’s big scene!

MrsV: Edward wants to take Bella to play Baseball and meets Charlie for the first time. Charlie is awesome in this scene! “Alright - click! - bring him in.” Priceless!
Fanny: Oh yes, Billy Burke totally stole the scene! Awesome... and the pepper spray! But was something like that anywhere in the book? Hm... oh wait!! I made a tribute to Charlie and the pepper spray... awww, Chief Swan!

Supermassive Black Hole, the Baseball scene or:
Jaspers big scene!

Fanny: Jasper?? What... why... Jasper?!?
MrsV: Really, this is the best Jasper scene ever, he just rocked this one! I love the Baseball scene so much.
Fanny: Well, yes... ok.
MrsV: Wait how often did I said “I love this scene” already?? Maybe just because I so love the movie…..
The baseball scene together with muse was just awesome. That is why I have this YouTube video for you: enjoy! But pretty please come back! Did you see that Edward is flipping the bird to Emmet? *giggles*

Fanny: He did what?!*rewinds* oh... *rewinds again...and again... and again....*
MrsV: Anyhoo, I think this is enough for today, and next week, we'll continue with the Nomad’s appearance.

So folks, again... tell us what YOU think about this part of the movie, did you like the changes they made? Do you miss something from the books? Tell us!
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22 truly lovely comments..:

Smuttier Than You said...

Because I was a massive fail on ya'lls last discussion, this may get a bit wordy.

-3 things I was absolutely positive...
I'm thinking they must have had multiple make-up artists because if you look, its almost like completely different techniques throughout the entire movie.
The book explains his going to hell statement in that he feels like he has no soul and thereby has no chance at an afterlife let alone heaven. Whereas the movie, not so much.
Wet Edward, is a yummy Edward. I'm thinking they shot him in the rain and her under cover for 2 reasons, 1, to show his gentlemanly side by giving her the space under the tree, 2, wet Edward is swoon worthy and panty dropping Twilight fans generates revenue.
I have to agree with the lack of Jasper, they should have highlighted that a little more. Very important piece of information.

Ahhh, lighthearted Edward! But I'm curious if they may have overplayed that part just to show the change in his mood when Billy and Jake were about to pull up.
Billy driving *shakes head* and not only that but he as driving a truck. In the book, it's a car.
And I'm sorry, I'm not battering fish with something in a paper bag. Don't they know about ZipLock?

-What did you expect?
While the house was beautiful and the inside what I imagined in the book, the outside was all wrong.
I LOVE Emmett in this scene! Gah! So effin cute!
*side note* really digging Fanny's eye rolling Edward!

-Yeah, this is my room
Interesting little fact, Melissa Rosenberg was part of the writers strike so Catherine Hartwicke is the one who came up with the spider monkey line. I missed the whole growling and springing on her part soooo much! Huge disappointment for it to not be included.
I'm thinking Edward would definitely take Bella up in the treetops. He knows even if her clumsy ass slips, he will catch her. The real question is, would book Bella let him? Remember how scared she was the first time they ran in the woods? She kept her face buried in his back out of fear of hitting a tree.
Bahahaha, Mike shaking his ass! Sooo funny, but do you think book Mike would really do that? Not so sure...

-I wanna try one thing
*sigh* I loved this, even though it wasn't in alignment with the book. THIS part of the movie, they did right.

-Charlie's big scene
I really love Charlie, 70s porn moustache and all.

-Supermassive Black Hole AKA Supermassive Whack A Mole
Jasper spinning the bat, the man has magic hands, I'm just sayin...
I wish Rosalie and Esme had put a lil more bend in the bill of their hats. This is Mr. NSS's favorite scene because of Rosalie's ass in baseball pants. GAWD, Jasper after he swings the bat, sweet baby Jesus, his mouth *fans self*

SBGDGT said...

Ok, I'm at work right now so a quick note. Fanny's mention of Kristen's "B" face made me LOL. I got a few weird looks. And I loved that pic of Charlie, and even the flying squirrel! Ok, i'll be back later for some discussion comments.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Another great discussion. Yep!!
Thanks, Mrs.V, for babysitting Fanny, she's almost behaving herself when she's with you. Amazing!

Annie said...

I suck for not commenting last week! But I will make up for it this week FOR SURE because I love this post. Srsly. It's just brilliantly written and I love how you each play off of each other.

I'm going to have to come back because my comment is going to be more like a dissertation, lol. But I just wanted to say I adore the photoshopped goodness this week. Especially the one of Robward rolling his eyes, hehehe. I swear, everyone is always rolling their eyes in The Twilight Saga. What's up with that?

::in my best Ahnold voice:: I'll be back!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok sorry for the lengthy comment. I'm going to just give my observations about the movie because it's been a while since I read Twilight (too much fanfic out there)
So: Arrival at school. I just want to say that Edward acts weird to me when he's walking with Bella. "Uh, not that guy" He has a odd smirk but it could be the horrible shade of lipstick that is bugging me about the whole scene.
I do like this and think Edward is adorable in this part. For the life of me I could never understand what he says in the end (is it just me or is his American accent sometimes bad?) but he says Complications? Duhh.. And then yes, the infamous Billy driving and giving wolf evil eyes. Exactly. How??
As for The Cullen House: I thought the movie house was great, had no issues with it. The Cullens cooking, cute. I actually didn't notice Emmett wielding his knife around till I watched the DVD commentary with Catherine and she pointed it out. I will keep my mouth shut about Rosalie and the jeans again but Alice *sigh* that's when we meet her. I just adore Alice. I didn't notice a thud but now I will look for it. Edward and Bella in his room. Remember when he spins her around to dance, her hand does some weird thing and her boney fingers curl up. ARGH! That part always creeps me out. Spider Monkey. NO comment. Just a stupid line. That's all.
The Baseball scene. MY FAVORITE SCENE. I love Muse. I can't say that enough. I love Muse and paired up with The Cullens playing Baseball in slow motion. Awesome!! "My monkey man" Love it!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Wait to clarify my one comment. I mean we don't meet Alice for the first time in the Cooking scene, just that we see her come in with Jasper.

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

So first off im a little behind, but i want to comment on the scene where edward comes back from "vacation". i thought they did a terrible job. the first day he comes back he is asking all these questions if this happened in real life the girl would be creeped out by the dude.
ok ok back to this week...
i'm glad i wasn't the only one that noticed Edward soaking wet and Bella extremely dry what is she water repellent. no way in hell can you be that dry sitting under a tree while its raining. i can just imagine some smug asshole (jealous cause he cant be edward) standing right over rob with a fire hose. lol
i would love to live in the Cullen's house even though they digitally added the third floor. i thought this was one of the best/funniest scenes in the movie the lines "get a whiff of that", alice drops in and says
* heart flutters* "oh she does smell good" " its ok jasper you wont hurt her" and also the graduation caps cracked me up.

Then it goes from best lines to the lamest line in the movie. "better hold on tight spinder monkey"
*rolls eyes* speaking of rolling eyes fanny's drawing is hilarious *winks at fanny*

So the make out scene was hot, but it creeped me out a little. Edward (jumps through window) "do you do that a'lot?" "just the past couple of months" admits to watching her sleep????? STALKER who the hell does that? and whats he doing while watching her sleep? i recently read a lemon where Edward caught Bella in a compromising position fantasizing about Edward i think it probably should have been the other way around... Edward the peeping tom...
finally the baseball scene. it must have been cold cause the make up couldn't cover Alice's red nose.
or the fact Esme is wearing mittens??? i love rose in this scene she actually smiles while playing around with Emmett, then turns fierce when Bella calls her out HOT STUFF!!!!! i agree with Mr. NSS's. Rose in baseball pants :).. i'm not sure why a'lot of you criticized her for having a fat ass???(most men i know including myself like a little junk in the trunk.) in my opinion Nikki reed is very pretty i like her as a brunette better though.

itsjustme said...

Well, you started out with Edwards sexy ass strutting around in the parking lot smirking and went straight to wetrob so I'm pretty sure this is the best thing I ever read already. Holy crikey. I never noticed that Billy was driving before. Silly me always gets dazzled by Edward. This "q & a" part where they get to know oe another went way too fast for me. The least they could have done is a montage of different scenes of them talking, but to someone who had not read the books yet such as me at the time, it seemed like it all happened in like 2 days from the restaurant to the baseball game. I agree that Edward would have never said spider monkey, but I love it just the same. I loved the house and the scene with the family. The eye roll is priceless. My fave part is when he's all nervous and says, "Umm..yeah..this is my room" and he looks so beautiful! *swoon* The jump out the window sucked. I'm sure it was Catherine's fault and not Rob's. The kiss. Wow! The only way this could have been better is if he had been kissing me. The twitch in his jaw after the first peck gets me everytime. So damn sexy! But I gotta complain for just one sec. When he pulls away from her and 'flies" to the wall. He says, "your stronger than I thought" she responds by saying, "I wish I could say the same for you" Bella would not have said that and it's a bitchy thing to say to my Edward and I don't like it one bit. Charlie's "bring him in" line is one of the best in the movie IMO. Such a good dad. Jasper does steal the baseball scene, swinging that bat around. I love Edward flipping off Emmett-shows real brotherhood. And the Muse song is perfect!

bierbeck said...

Ok so here my observations:

Yes Edward does look very different in almost every scene of the movie. Rob even comments on this in the narrative version of the movie. He is gorgeous in every scene so it does not really matter, but it is weird!

The Billy driving thing is wrong. In the book they explain the reason they are selling Charlie the truck for Bella is that Billy is now in a wheelchair and can no longer drive.

I love the scene where he shows Bella his room. I love how Edward seems nervous and shy. Have you seen the version where Bella talks about making rainsticks? I am glad they cut that out.

I actually like Bella's Lullaby but would be really interested in hearing the version Rob composed for it. Does anyone know if that is out on the internet somewhere?

Kissing scence- swoon! I love all the kissing in the book but it does not compare to seeing Rob doing it. It is so steamy. I have been known to rewind and rewatch that part of the movie over and over:)

Billy Burke is awesome in all scenes- nuff said.

The first time I saw the movie I thought the baseball scene was really hokey. The second time I watched it i even skipped over it! But now after seeing it several more times I can appreciate it for just being fun.

Thats all I have for now!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Wooot!, already such great comments!

@istjustme: Now I'm really really confused isn't the line in the kissing scene like that:
Edward: I'm stronger than I thought.
Bella: I wish I could say the same.

But hey, I'm the german maybe I got it wrong all the 1000 times I saw this movie *giggles*

itsjustme said...

Sorry, I misquoted a little. She does say, "I wish I could say the same". The "about you" part is implied. I just think it's really rude. I hate that part and it ruins the scene for me. Book Bella would never have said that. Would any young girl in love say that? She sees he's in pain, scared and confused. He throws himself against a wall and says she stronger than he thought. She rolls her eyes and all snarky says I wish I could say the same. I'm pretty sure she used face C here. Fanny?

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ itsjustme

You feel very protective about Edward, hu? LOL

What IS implied here is: "about me"!
She's ashamaed a little for humping Edward when he just had told her to stay the fuck still, ok?

"I wish I could say the same (about me)".

But it's really nice of you to stand by Edward's side this way :)

itsjustme said...

I suppose your right. I never thought of it that way. I think it's more the way she says it that bothers me. She seems so put upon. Thank you for clarifying for me Betti, but I still don't like that line.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

@ itsjustme

That's always the problem with Bella/Kristen... in that scene she focused on face a) instead of face c). That killed the line...

itsjustme121799 said...

This is true! The change of face could have totally changed my mind about the scene. This has truly been enlightening!

Alice said...

"A mood we missed during the movies while in the book he often showed his lighter mood to Bella. "

Couldn't agree with you more. This bothered me the most. Edward looks so serious in the movie. While in fact he was more of a cocky and playful kinda guy in the books. Such a pitty!

Call of Duty Widow said...

Since I'm finally commenting so late due to the work week from hell and too much Halloween festivities, I don't have much to add since everyone has already said it! Again Fanny, love the illustrations. The eye roll one made me choke with laughter. Everytime I see the cooking dinner scene I get hungry. I wish someone would make me italiano like that!

And again, Rosalie's ass isn't huge, it was just the stupid wash on the jeans. Not a good wardrobe choice for anyone. The makeup thing was very variable. I think the one thing I noticed most was how red Rob's ears were in some scenes. Mucho embarassment I guess makes the ear's turn red!

Since this movie obviously focuses on Edward and Bella getting together, I'm really looking forward to New Moon, then Eclipse. I'm not sure how much of the Cullen's and their personalities will be shown in New Moon except for Alice's. I have high hopes!

The whole bring Bella to Edward's house to meet the family scene was good. Edward acted exactly like a regular 17 year old would. He was totes embarassed by his family!

Fire Crotch said...

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Edward and Bella walk into school. "Everyone's not that guy...oh he just looked...heh." I loved it! Plus Edward had on his sunglasses. Sexy! I did feel like the whole getting to know you as a vampire section felt kind of rushed, but I guess you can't have everything.

Oh, and another favorite part...when Edward jumps off her truck, pulls out the dent, and then forgets he's supposed to be an American vampire and slips into his British accent. So yummy!

And yeah, Billy driving? That whole scene was just all sorts of messed up and forced.

"Not the moats." Heh...another good line. I was suprised about the house because it was not at all what I pictured from the book. However, I do think it was pretty cool. And I especially liked the graduation caps...for matriculation...sounds so dirty! And the line where Esme tells Rose to, "clean this up, NOW!" was awesome!

Okay, when I first saw the scene in the room and Edward dashed off out the window with Bella I thought he was going to crash through the windows. I didn't realize that the doors were open. Kind of weird, but at least now I don't freak out every time I watch the movie. The dancing thing was awkward...pretty much everything about this scene was awkward, so it was good that we could laugh about the spider monkey thing and the crazy bad special effects.

Flying squirrelward...epic genius Fanny!

I can't talk about the kissing was incredibly awkward watching it with my mom and my 12 year old niece because you knew we were all putting ourselves in Bella's place. And the panties...too bad they weren't Pattinson Panties. But really, I was a little shocked because Edward is supposed to be so prim and proper...can't believe he was okay with having her around in just a t-shirt and panties...I thought she wore sweatpants in the book.

I need to have the Charlie Pepper Spray Rambo pic blown up into a 8.5x11 so I can frame it...hilarious! I almost peed my pants Where the hell did I put those adult diapers?

The baseball scene...the girls hair all looked so bad. The hats didn't help. The music was awesome. I need more Jasper bat tricks. The growling was epic fail, but I think this has been covered multiple times. The monkey man thing...I think you need to keep monkey quotes to 1 per movie unless the movie is about monkeys.

Another wonderful job Mrs. V. and Fanny!

First Blush said...

I’ll be back with my post but here’s a quickie for Bierbeck and Fire Crotch.

Bierbeck: Here’s the link to Rob P’s version. Totally love it…

Fire Crotch you are hilarious: The monkey man thing...I think you need to keep monkey quotes to 1 per movie unless the movie is about monkeys.

I cracked up at this line of your post. So true, so true.

Annie said...

“About 3 things I was absolutely positive...“
First of all, I would've been seriously peeved if the above line didn't appear in the film. I'm so glad it did, and I felt like it appeared in the right scene. Like mentioned above, was the whole "getting to know your vampire boyf" scene a bit rushed? Yes, but I will forgive everything thanks to the beauty of Wetward. I thought I was going to drop dead out of my theater seat when I first saw that scene... ::dies again::

And also I thought it was a bit silly that Robward was wearing glasses in the scene where they arrive at school together for the first time, but I think Hardwicke was trying to go for the whole Robward-as-James-Dean look.

I looooved when Edward jumped onto her truck and then fixed the dent (although I didn't catch that second part until after a couple viewings of the film -- I was too fixated on Robward to notice precisely what he was doing, lol). I do like that Edward shows his lighter side here as it helps Bella (and we as audience members [and Bella wanna-bes]) see the more "human" side of Edward.

While I didn't catch the Edward fixing the dent thing the first time I saw the film, I did note two things of importance:

1. Robward's British accent slips into his pseudo-American accent when he tells Bella the line about her being not being worried to be invited into a house full of vampires. Watch that scene to hear what I'm talking about! It's adorable! :D

2. Billy is totally driving the car when he should totally not be driving the car. Oops! But who cares, really, when you have Robward in the same scene? ;)

"What did you expect, dungeons , coffins and moats?"
Another great scene. Loved the shot of Rose, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme cooking for Bella like the good little domesticated vampires they are. The part where Emmett brandishes the knife at Bella when she first enters the room always makes me giggle. Kellan is just so Emmett. I thought Carlisle and Esme were great, and so was Rosalie. Was she extra bitchy? Yeah, but that's how I see the character, so it works.

It also bothered me that Alice makes a very audible sound when she lands on the floor. I was like, um, I thought vampires are supposed to be stealthy? Like ninjas, you know? But that was brushed aside by the more immediate concern of Jasper looking constipated. What was up with his expression in that scene?!

And Edward's eye-rolling was priceless. (As is Betti's gif!!!) They should have had more eye-rolling in the movie as it's one of Stephenie Meyer's favorite ever things in the books. No lie, it happens at least five times every chapter.

“Yeah, this is my room…”
I love this scene so fricking much. His room was amazement -- I really feel it captured the essence from the book. The part where Edward takes Bella flying (really, we can't call it anything else) from tree-top to tree-top wasn't exactly what I expected from the film, seeing as we don't have anything like that in the book, but I do like the part where the two of them are up in the highest tree looking at each other instead of the awesomely awesome natural beauty around them (though I can't blame Bella for being distracted, lol).

But my absolute favorite part of this scene was the part where Edward tells Bella, "You really shouldn't have said that" prior to taking her flying. Why? Because we have our first (if I'm not mistaken) instance of the famous "crooked smile" in the film. ::swoon::

Annie said...

**part 2**

“I wanna try one thing… “
And speaking of swooning, oh em gee, the kissing scene. It was just perfect. They both really captured the awkwardness mingled with the excitement of the first kiss between Bella and Edward. I wasn't too fond of the spesh effects of Edward flying backwards (Hardwicke really likes seeing Robby fly, I guess), but as it leads into my second favorite thing in this scene -- the post-coital snuggling where Edward lays in bed watching as Bella sleeps. Awww....

Charlie’s big scene!
Yay for Charlie!!! Billy Burke is amazing. The to the End.

Supermassive Black Hole, the Baseball scene or:
Jasper's big scene!

Another awesomely awesome scene! I loved it, of course, and as testament of how truly cool this scene is, my own ever-loving boyf who hates Twilight (true story), loved this scene. It is just that cool.

And Jasper is amazing when he says, "Oh, I think we can handle that" to the nomad vamps. His southern accent is on full display and I love the little glimmer in his eye as he says that. Sorry if I'm getting a little ahead of myself and the discussion here, but I just had to bring that up!

Awesome discussion, ladies! I can't wait for this week's discussion. :-)

uhyesplease said...

Woah - I think people have totally taken the epic comment cake! which is fantastic and takes the heat off me trying to repeat.

OK - I think the going to hell line is hilarious - but I really like the line where B goes, "Everyone is staring at us." E says, "Uh, that guys isn't. Oh wait, he just did." Kills me. And yes - he looks hot and is FINALLY smiling!

Fanny - I loved that part too - "if I were drinking your blood, for instance.." LOVE IT! And the cute look on his face too (YES on the teeth!)

Fanny - you totally outdid yourself on your eyerolling vid. Uh-Mazing!

Squirrelward - HILARIOUS!

MrsV - I think we already chatted about the lullaby...:) *hugs*

Oh the kiss....I giggled like a schoolgirl. In the theater, I had jr high-esc flashbacks. Like I briefly wondered what it would be like to kiss someone like that - like i was some kind of virgin or something. WTH was wrong with me! Seriously - I turned 13 or something watching the kiss!

Fanny - Billyburke aka rambo! classic!

MrsV - oh yeah - Jasper totally took that AND Edward flipping of Emmett is hilarious.

Love this discussion, ladies!!!

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