Monday, October 5

The big Book vs Movie discussion Announcement!

Everything started with a book called Twilight, followed by the other three and at the end we were all addicted and devoted. We read all about Bella and Edward’s epic love and at the same time we fell in love with Edward. *sigh*

Then came the movie and the hysteria increased a bit more. I tell you here and now I’ve seen the movie at least 8 times, maybe even more but I somehow stopped counting… I know most of the lines and quotes by heart and love to “quote – battle” them around. Sounds like a teenie? Well, yes – sometimes I think I went back in age during all this here…

However, while we mostly agree about the book, the opinions about the movie differ quite heavily.
Tons of people don't like the movie, but others - like me - clearly love it. What makes the movie for some people so lovely and for others so bad? Why are some of us totally happy with the movie while other ones are disappointed? Is the movie so much different from the book? In addition, is it really a bad thing or did we simply expect too much? While thinking about all this, an idea pooped up in my mind.

Why not discussing the book vs. the movie? Yeah, Why not?

A few weeks ago I send a desperate mail to my TwiFF Betti to ask for her help. I realized soon that this would be just too much to handle alone. Unfortunately, Betti is really a busy woman and couldn’t find the time for this, but she said that Artsie or Fanny would assuredly help me out. (You may ask who the f** are Artsie and Fanny? Meet them at Betti.Music.Twilight! ) Anyway, I discussed with both of them to see which one would be the better choice for this epic task.

Fanny is a really sweet and cute girl totally devoted to Twilight; Artsie however lacks all enthusiasm about it. She doesn’t even like the book *snorts*. The choice was rather easy, since we will have to spend quite some time together and I also want to have some fun …
Fanny is totally excited about our project and she promised me some “Fanny- special” (whatever that means…). To make things easier she will come over here to my place for the next weeks. I guess, Artsie was a wee bit pissed that Fanny will have all the fun of guest posting alone. Moreover, we don't want to have a pissed and bored Artsie for such a long time. That's why Betti and me thought abut some …uhm… tasks for Artsie while Fanny is gone. Read all about this at Betti.Music.Twilight! Every time Fanny and me will post an Movie vs Book discussion, Artsie will post some of her… challenges.


*claps hands* we will have tons of fun, I'm sure!
Coming back to what we are planning! Fanny and me thought about a schedule and this is how we worked it out:
We will divide the movie into four parts and post the fruits of our labors Wednesdays. (I wanted to go with three, but uhm Fanny is so freaking excited, sometimes even excessive…) Although, I have to say I'm not sure if we can strictly stick to the schedule… you know Fanny, don't you?? If not, you will get to know her Wednesday and then you will know what I mean…
  • October 07: Bella moves to Forks and we stop right before Bella is going to LaPush
  • October 14: We will meet Bella and Jacob in LaPush and then we stop right after The Meadow scene.
  • October 21: “About 3 things I'm absolutely positive…” until “ you brought a snack”
  • October 28: Edward runs away with Bella and we are finally ending at the Prom!
  • November 04: final remarks or things we forgot to discuss – or whatever, let's see ;)

I'd love to discuss these things with all of you and I really hope you step into this discussion, because I'm pretty sure you all have a lot to say about this topic, right? Moreover, we won't discriminate here, whatever you have to say, say out loud!

See you on Wednesday!

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19 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I'll send Fanny over as soon as I will have talked her out of the idea that she needs a backpack and a lunchbox...
I'll also have to make sure she has NO ACCESS to any pencils or other drawing material.
I guess it's too late now to change my mind on this whole... enterprise?
My verification word is "thequit" - I swear!!

Smuttier Than You said...

I can't wait to dive into this discussion because I've got a piss load to say on the matter for fuck's sake!! And I'm working from home today to nurse a migraine and keep myself from punching someone in the throat which means I have all kinds of time on my hands! *does the happy dance which looks like a mild epileptic seizure* XOXO

Anonymous said...

Can you include deleted scenes at the end of your discussion? I just watched them and the movie would have made way more sense had they included some of those scenes.

Fanny said...

I'm here, I'm here!!!! WoOoo00t!!!!
And look: I have my OWN identitititity....
(at least until Betti will find out, that is)

Oh, Smutty - you can come here on Wednesday and spit it all out, richt Mrs.V?

I'm so excited... sqeeeee!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Betti: nope it´s too late! No way back! but we go through it together!

@Smutty: Fuck migraine - poor girl! and that´s exactly why we do this discussion I guess everybody has to say a lot and I'm so curious to hear all of it! Uhm and I guess Fanny too?

@Anony: Actually that´s really a good idea, I like it! Thanks! I will discuss this with Fanny:)

@Fanny, Sweetie!! god that you have your own identity now, so we don´t need to bother Betti all the time. I guess she will have nevertheless a lot to do wit Artsie!

Mrs. Robward said...

Soooooo, this is what you two have had up ur sleeve!

This is sumtin I most def have an opinion about!

I fell in love w/the movie 1st & hence why I became disappointed w/it after i read the book. I still think it's a good movie (shut up Mrs. R u will have time to discuss this more later!)

Oh & I need to rewatch the movie for the 6745284639 time. It's been a while.

::fist pump::

"Let's get it on"

Mrs. R

TwiNabler said...

Awesome....I am totally in!!! Just reading the outline for discussion made me do a little sigh and say to myself...."I love Twilight"!!!

My oppinions of the movie aside....I'd watch just about anything just to see our Edward in action!

Conf word....WOOFS....hmmmmm, maybe Jacob is getting jealous!

uhyesplease said...

How exciting!!!!! I'm just tickled pink you two are up in hijinks together!

Honolulu Girl said...

I'm like you Mrs. V. I actually like the movie and it will always be a classic to me. Now this is not saying that the acting is exceptional, just saying that the movie touched me as the books did and I will always look back on it fondly as I do Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty and Pink, etc.. I look forward to Wed.

One Pushy Fox said...

I can't WAIT for this to get started. Woot!!!!!!

And, hooray for Fanny and her new identity!!!

TwiSoup said...

OOOO *jumps up and down* I'm so excited for this.
What a fab idea! You girls have fun it's nice to have a buddy to help feed the addiction.

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

A new discussion HOT DAMN! I've been wondering if you and Betti were scheming something? So excited for Wednesday!!

itsjustme said...

This is going to be fun! I'm looking forward to it.

sprtzmom1721 said...

I have never been disappointed that I watched the movie before reading the books. I never had to imagine Edward as anyone other than Rob. And I am eternally grateful to Catherine Hardwicke for casting Rob and for refilming the first kiss scene. That will stay with me forever!

@Mrs. Vanquish - Great idea!

@Fanny - Hopefully this means we will get to see more of your phenomenal graphic designs along the way!

@Honolulu Girl - Like your movie references :)


Fire Crotch said...

I suppose I will just need to go ahead and watch the movie again to refresh my mind. Hehe. Looking forward to the discussion!

Annie said...

Thank you for giving me another reason to watch "Twilight" (not like I needed another, but oh wells!). :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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