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The Book vs. Movie Discussion Pt.1

Hey girls (and boys..?) welcome to the first part of our discussion. Please tell us what you think, no matter if you agree or disagree with us. We'd love to hear all of it, every tiny little bit! I hope that we will have a great discussion so that I can post a recap of your thoughts. But let's start! *rubs hands*

The "Book vs. Movie" Discussion (Pt.1)

Mrs.V: I remember my first time in the theatre and I was so excited. The prologue was stunning and hearing Bella’s voice saying the first lines of the book made me full of hope that the movie will be close to the book. However, would Edward really hunt a deer??? Naaaah, they don’t taste good enough.
Fanny: Oh... but I loved the deer! It kinda symbolized Bella, you know, she's all Bambi and fragile and shit, so... I thought it was good.
Mrs.V: Oh Fanny, this never came to my mind...but you are totally right and then it's rather super sweet!
Fanny: And holy popoly - was I excited too!
I almost pee'd ma pants, and I was so thankful Betti had agreed to bind and gag Artsie. *laughs* She was totes going berserk in her little corner. But all "Mrs. Eloquent" could utter was something like: "mmbblgrmblllarglearks". I had a good time!

"Yeah you’re the bomb...!" (m)
Mrs.V: Anyway, the movie pretty much started like the book:
Bella is moving to Forks and is getting her super duper truck as a present from Charlie. Here we also see Billy and Jacob for the first time, which is different from the book but doesn’t hurt at all. This scene was actually quite funny.

Fanny: The scene was clever too, because we quickly learned a few things like how Charlie and Billy were friends, where the truck came from, that Jacob is good with cars and that there's an indian reservation and such... not bad for once, Melissa!
And Jacob was so cute!
Mrs.V: *pouts* ...uhmm, really??
Oh - but we all waited for Bella’s first day at school. Oh My Edward, we will see him there for the first time. Fanny, have you been excited too?
Fanny: Are you kidding me??? I almost beshitted myself in advance...
Mrs.V: After all the introduction of the secondary characters like Mike, Jessica and Angela...
Fanny: Yeah, yeah... Mikey Jessie Angie fucking Eric... c'mon Edward!!!!
Mrs.V: ...we finally find ourselves in the cafeteria.
Fanny: Hooohhh.... drum roll!! The cafeteria... I was already half died then!

"Who are they?" (m)
Mrs.V: And then, they come in. One-lovely-Cullen-after-the-other and at last... HE enters the room. Ok, in the book they just sat at the table, but to let them come in was much more „dramatic”. Also, we don’t want to be fussy.
Fanny: Just one... wait - I want to be fussy!!
That scene was shitty! Honestly, I mean, let's get it straight here, ok? So first: Emmet and Rosalie - am I the only one who thinks Rosalie had a real fat bum? Wait....
*rewinds DVD*
... here they come, here they cooome, heeeere...and THERE!!!
*hits pause button*
...look at that, look at that!! Here you see the couple from behind - OMG that ass!! Embarrassing... and now...
*hits slo-mo play*
... see? Pawlomp Pawlomp... how she walks! Jeeesus, where did they buy those jeans? Walmart??
Mrs.V: Fanny... honey, calm down! I’m totally with you here, yes - her ass looked fat and she really looked like a cheap bitch. But hey, look there is Alice coming…
Fanny: This is just NOT how Rose was described in the... oh... Alice.... ohhh *puts both hands on her heart*... she's just perfect!
Mrs.V: Edward walks over to the rest of the family with this Edward-smile on his face and sits down.

Fanny: I admit, I wasn't even very fond of Edward at first sight. I don't know - he just looked different from what I had imagined. I wanted to ask Artsie about it, but since she was still gagged, she just rolled her eyes and said "ngl". I took it she didn't like him neither...
Mrs.V: What exactly DID Artsie like about Twilight? Just asking…

"...a.k.a. flatworm!" (m)
Mrs.V: The Biology scene!!! Bella comes in and a ventilator blows her scent in Edwards’s direction and this hits him ..hard.... But please, did Edward need to take the hand in front of his mouth just like he was about to vomit? I didn’t like how they showed the effect of Bella’s scent, at all.
Fanny: Nor did I, MrsV.! Guess what? Betti had brought a friend who didn't know the books at all, and she really thought Edward suffered from sudden nausea in that scene. We had to explain a lot...
Mrs.V: Yep - same here, BFF saw the movie first without having read the books… really stupid.
Fanny: Well, I... *clears throat*...I took the freedom to draw some small storyboards - sotospeak - of how some scenes should have looked like if they were done closer to the book. I don't know if I... *looks down nervously*
Mrs.V: Oh really??? Show them, sweetie - I´m sure they're great!
Fanny: Uhm... Betti doesn't know I brought them. Will she see this? Or worse: will Artsie see this?? I mean, it's your decision since you're the host, right? If you say...
Mrs.V: Nah, we won´t tell Betti, she doesn´t need to know – I´ll guide your back! Artsie is totally banished from this discussion here either - no worries!
Fanny: OK! *claps hands frantically* So this here.... *opens her portfolio* ...is....
Mrs.V: Wow, awesome: is that a portfolio? I’m stunned, Fanny, and I can´t wait to see your drawings – since I know Betti I know they will be amazing!! So much work, sweetie...
Fanny: Yeah - cool portfolio, hu? It's genuine leather! I used Betti's credit card and her amazon account to... oops! I mean... doesn't matter! Anyway... this here is how the scene from the book would have looked like. I did it all on my own:

Mrs.V: Ohhooh, how… awesome… and OooO… I mean: wow… *cough*
Fanny: Yes... I know, it's a little overwhelming at first. But you will get used to it: I brought more of these, just wait and see! *giggles* Shall we go on? Oh, I think I sooo love guestblogging...
Mrs.V: Yes, I love it too…. somehow… yes, we go on…

"I didn't had a chance to introduce
myself last week" (b,m)
Mrs.V: Well, we all know Edward runs away from Bella and was gone for a whole week. In the movie we need to get over this period and then meet Edward again in Biology. The following dialogue is super sweet and I love Robward pretty much in this scene! Edward tries to read Bella, tries to find out more and asks her personal things and, well, about the weather...

Fanny: At this point, Artsie said: "ardemurwfaffinafonemeifgoo".
Later I found out that she meant to say: Carter Burwell's "Fascination Theme" is good. *shrugs* Whatever... But:
Here's when I started to rrrreally like movie Edward. Yummy! *licks lips* He looked totes different! He does through the whole movie btw! He looked different in almost every new scene - was that intended? Or just slipshod? Dunno... anyway: From the moment he said "I'm sure I can keep up", I was done for him! Aahhhh... *pretends to faint*
Mrs.V: No fainting, we are not done yet! They talk after class, walking down the corridor...
Fanny: ...where he looked pretty hunky, right? *wiggles eyebrows*
Mrs.V: Oh yes so sexy… *sigh*...and there Bella suddenly asks about his eyes. „It’s the fluorescence“ and Edward walks away. Here my workmate said it was a stupid scene, since Bella so suddenly changed the subject and asked about his eyes. So they changed a bit this scene, it was definitely not exactly like in the book - but hey, this is fussy.
Fanny: Did your workmate read the book before?
Mrs.V: Yes she did - she is just really annoyingly fussy!!
Fanny: Betti's friend was confused too. And I tell you this: They made a big mistake with that eyes issue in the movie, real BIG mistake!! They refer to the eye color changing twice: first in this scene, and later again in the wood, right?
But do they explain it? Oh noes! Not once!
BIG mistake to skip the dialogue where Bella talked about how she discovered that hungry men are not very easygoing.
In the first biology scene with black-eye-Edward staring at Bella, Betti's friend even said: "Really bad actor, this Pattinson! He doesn't look at all like he's falling in love with her..." *shakes head* This is not good, not good...
Mrs.V: *narrows eyes* Fanny, don’t digress, come back to the scene we are talking about .. fluorescence?
Fanny: Yes, ok... sorry... right: fluorescense!
I actually loved that scene. In the book he just said nothing.
But here... Rob's acting is awesome. He's all like "fuck, she caught me" and "what shall I say?" and "shit, what am I doing here anyway" and at last "...just outta here!!!" Up for an Oscar, I say!

"Can't you just thank me
and get over it?" (b,m)
Mrs.V: The car crash! Here the big differences start. While in the book Edwards stays much longer with Bella, holding her tightly and making sure she's alright... in themovie, Robward safes her, looks deep in her eyes and runs away.
Fanny: Yep! Gorgeous!
Mrs.V: One of the people I talked to, was disappointed about that scene because it was so much different. Are the changes too much?
Fanny: Nah... they're good, because...
Mrs.V: Well, too sides on that: On the one hand in the book you get to know how much Edward cares about her, this we definitely miss in the movie. But on the other hand, I liked Robward springing away - it showed pretty much how complicated his feelings are - saving her, yes but at the same time he realized what he has done and runs away.
Fanny, let me ask you directly: Are you ok with the changes, or did you miss the part of Edward taking care of her afterwards?
Fanny: *nods politely* Thank you, MrsV.
I personally think, in this scene the movie beats the book. I found the crash scene in the book rather annoying - I mean, it was almost too complicated to grasp... all these twists and turns the van took, and then again, and then from the other side, and then her legs and whatever... I tried to draw the book crash, but... look:

Mrs.V: You, uhmm... are really talented, Fanny *cough*.
But I see... this is quite confusing...
Fanny: Said so!
But in the movie? Much better! No confusion:
Van. Comes. Bella. Shocked. Edward. Zoom. Wham.
Deeeeeep look *swoons* - and hop!
Genius! I could replay that scene again and again, it never grows old. That Look! Says it all! Much better than the boring lame conversation that follows the weird crashorama in the novel.

"What if I'm not the superhero,
what if I'm the bad guy?" (b,m)
Mrs.V: In the book month passed by, but in a movie you don’t have so much time and it is not easy to show it. Also the following scenes are not easy to discuss. There are a few things happening in the book that are more or less losely implemented in the movie:
  • Edward apologizing being rude an ignoring Bella. „I’m being very rude“ (b)
  • Mike's, Eric’s and Tyler’s invitation to the spring prom
  • Edward’s offer of driving Bella to Seattle „Will you go with me to Seattle?“ (b)
  • their first lunch meeting „Edward Cullen is starring at you again“ (b)
  • Blood typing „So you faint at the sight of blood?“(b)
Fanny: Oh the blood typing... *sighs*
Mrs.V: In the movie we have:
  • The field trip including some of the book scenes. „You don’t even say Hi to me.“ „Hi“ (m)
  • The cafeteria scene „Edible art, Bella?“ (m)
Fanny: Edible art... *snorts* edible art... that sucks! *shakes head*
Mrs.V: We definitely miss the Blood typing scene, and it is a pity really. I know many of you would have loved to see it as well.
Fanny: Well, as chance would have it, I brought another...
*rummages in her portfolio* ... yes, here it is:

Mrs.V: This, I guess, is the scene after the blood typing ...uhm, right Fanny?
Fanny: What else? *turns pad to take a second look*
Exactly as described in the book, or what?
Mrs.V: ...um, yes! Edward also never asks Bella to spend the day with him and only Mike asks Bella out.
So the field trip scene was new and honestly: I love this scene, although it’s totally different, the scene tries to wrap up a few parts of the book, yet in a different order.
I mean hey, who of you would have wanted to miss „I had an adrenalin rush, it's very common, you can google it“ (m)??? Also, we see at the beginning of this part, Edward eavesdropping Mike’s invitation, Bella’s refusal and Edwards’s happy and relieved smile. Edwards’s invitation also never happens. Do you miss that, is it important for the story?
Fanny: I don't think so.
It cannot be important, I didn't make drawings for it, ok?
Mrs.V: Well, I might say it's more than ok… *sighs in relief*
During the cafeteria scene Bella tells Edward about her theories and we hear him saying
„What if I’m not the superhero, what if I’m the bad guy?“(b,m) A line exactly out of the book! Love it when he says that.

Fanny: I sooo love his facial expression at Bella's answer. And the crooked smile (yeah, Rob can actually DO the much mentioned "crooked smile" from the book!) when she suggests to "just hang out". Lovely!!
Mrs.V: It was so sweet when she asks so awkwardly “just hang out – have fun” like a normal teenager, cute!
But we miss the blood typing scene. Not alone was this scene quite funny, but I would have loved to see Edward carry Bella to the nurse.
Fanny: Yes! This is why I did the graphic. So you guys can at least... well it is for all the Twilight fans who missed it as much as I did...
Mrs.V: Oh Fanny, thank you so much ..uhmm I mean your drawings – really are the cup of a cupcake…
Fanny: You're welcome. But it's actually nothing, just... *shrugs*
Mrs.V: I would say this scene was rather important for the development of their relationship and it is definitely missing in the movie.
Fanny: *nods fiercly*
Mrs.V: But Fanny, I would say we stop here, OK?
Fanny: Oh noes! Just yet? But we...
Mrs.V: What about watching the movie from the beginning again without any distractions? We can go one next week... I must say I’m a wee bit exhausted…
Fanny: Ok, let's watch the movie! *jumps up and down* Great idea!
You can recover while I comment the best scenes for you, and... oh - speaking of comments! Do you think we'll get a lot of comments?
I love comments!! Oh, and Artsie will go green with envy...
*rubs hands*.
I bet she will not have half as much comments over at Betti's blog, because that list you gave her - wow! Tough challenge and wicked things you... oh, sorry... you're tired, hu? Ok. I stop. Stoppididop! Mouth closed. Mh mh mh... see you next week, folks! *waves*

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23 truly lovely comments..:

Countess Twicula said...

I could not agree with you guys more!There were several scenes from the book that i was dying to see like the blood typing, now that you've mentioned it but instead they made a very fast-forward version of the novel.Maybe they could show us that more time has passed by than only a few weeks.It would be more realistic.
Congrats on your discussion;i luved it!

Honolulu Girl said...

Holy freaking shit. 1) Mrs. V, your discussion is awesome and 2) Fanny is one creative and completely talented artist. I absolutely love the sketches. LOL!! and I agree with you on the blood typing scene. I need to watch Twilight tonight to catch up for the next discussion. This is like College, I need my book in front of me and will watch the movie and take notes. Love you both!! Great discussion!

Kelly O said...

OME, I watched the movie just today and was just... I cannot believe the differences between Twilight: Book and Twilight: Movie.

Had I not read the books (several times) thoroughly I would have had no clue what was going on. No Sadie Hawkins Dance? No Tyler being in bad shape in the hospital and then falling all over himself to ask Bella out to make up for it?

And we're completely glossing over all Things Described In Great Detail By Stephenie Meyer To Only Be Changed Completely In The Movie - Charlie's cabinets, the Cullens' whole house, the ballet studio, the whole Bella Cooking for Charlie (we're in a diner now, really? For exposition I guess... it's the most we really get.)

The only redeeming thing about this movie was Rob Pattinson. Seriously. And even then at some points he looked just... constipated instead of worried. But when he smiles (or lord help us laughs) it makes the pain go away. Rob Pattinson could just stand in front of a camera and smile for ninety minutes and I would totally buy a ticket. I don't even like Edward the Character but I like Rob Pattinson (or rather my girly bits like Rob Pattinson.)

Although, disturbing fact, I think I have a crush on Billy Burke now.

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

couldn't wait till Wednesday huh? Don't blame you lol. You both made some excellent points. Here's my addition.
Loved the introduction. It spoke to the heart of the beginning of the book and stayed on track.
Meeting Jacob and Billy. I kinda wished we hadn't met Jacob so soon and that way the beach seen and his initial introduction would have been longer, better, and more set up since he is such an important character from here on out. I feel like as a whole the movie itself didn't show enough Jacob(even though I'm Team Edward)I'm just looking at it from a person's perspective who hadn't read the books. Seeing glimpses of him 4 times doesn't help for a set up but i'm getting ahead of myself sorry lol.

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Cont>>The Cullen intro to me was perfect, even though Rosalie had a big ass and Jasper looked coked up lol
Biology...yes I think the hand over the mouth was a little bit overkill and I think Fanny made a really good point with her drawings. They should have done like a close up of him inhaling and then his eyes going wide in shock then slitting in hatred and loathing. Woulda been better. I honestly didn't like the way Edward carried himself when they met again in biology. He acted nervous and stuttery. In the book he seemed more refined and confident. Its still played really well by RPattz but its a bit OOC.
Florescents=nice walk away ass..seriously when I saw it in theaters for the first time that is exactly what went through my head lol
Van Incident I liked it and I agree with you that they portrayed in the correct way on screen
Meeting Carlisle--how could you and Fanny have left that out! I loved his intro it was delicious. Plus this is the scene in which I began to fall in love with Charlie. Comic Timing For The Win! Bella and Edward's confrontation in the hallway was really good but I remember watching it in the theater and thinking when he said "Can't you just thank me and get over it" he kinda sounded like a gangster lol his accent was definitely off there lol.
Hands down the bloodtyping should have been in the movie. They could have shortened the edible art cafeteria scene and put that instead, its one of my few complaints. I wish they kinda would have included somehow maybe during the field trip all three guys asking her out not just Mike. Not that I don't love the google it line cause that was a great addition so that could stay but one of the funniest parts of the book for me is when Edward purposely holds up traffic in the school parking lot for Bella's "suitors" LOL I still laugh out loud every time.
Now that I'm done writing my book to you lol looking forward to the next chapter lol

Honolulu Girl said...

God, Susie. You reminded me but I was too quick in my typing.
1) I love the intro Twilight. I love the music and hearing her speak. It's really moving.. for me..
2) Yes, what the fuck is up with Rosalie's ass and I thought I was the only one on the planet that noticed that. For goodness sakes, your a Vamp. Doesn't fat ass go away when you become a Vamp? Rosalie squeezed into some tight ass mother effin jeans and then she like shook that ass as she walked by. Seriously I go do a whole post on just her ass, but I'll spare you. Sorry. Just ranting.

Call of Duty Widow said...

I totally agree with everything you guys have said. I saw the movie before I read the books and I'll admit I laughed my ass off the whole time I watched it. RPattz's face was white but his ears were always red. That really bothered me and I hated the red lipstick on the vamps.

After reading the books I've watched the movie at least 10 more times. There are still several parts that make me cringe everytime in second hand embarassment. First, I agree, Rosalie's ass is huge in those pants...just because it's designer doesn't mean you'll look hot in it. Second, I can't help but be annoyed by KStew's chiclet front teeth and her mouth breathing. Seriously, did any flies land in her mouth during filming? Does she have a deviated septum? Third, you could totally see Emmett chewing in one of the cafeteria scenes. Hello, vampires don't eat! Crap, I can't remember anything else since it's been several months since I've read the books and I watched the movie while I was writing up reports at work. Maybe I'll add more later lovelies.

Anonymous said...

Let me preface my comment with this fact: I saw the movie BEFORE I read the books. So I didn't know to be annoyed until the 2nd or 3rd time I watched it. I'm probably not as hard on it as people who read the books first.

How can anyone not like the cafeteria scene?! As everyone probably knows, it's the moment I fell in love with Edward Cullen AND Rob Pattinson *swoon* *thud* Much prefer it to the book description.

I completely agree about the crash scene - I've read it AND listened to the book on CD, and I still don't understand all the physics of what happened. The movie handled that MUCH better.

The loss of the blood typing scene was a HUGE shame. Of course, the first time I saw the movie, I didn't know what I was missing. But, now that I've read the book, losing that scene was a bonehead move.

Fanny, I LOVE your storyboards - more please :)

Amy said...

What a great post!

I too only read the books after I watched the movie, so there is a special place for the film's idiosyncrasies. I agree that the car crash scene in the book was way complicated. I kept re-reading it and trying to envision it, but that didn't work too well.

Blood typing scene is sadly missed. The airport scene at the end of the book as well should not have been skipped, in my humble opinion. While I was reading it all I could think of was why wasn't this in the movie!?

Stan said...

Excellent post! I've been sitting here nodding in agreement with everything you wrote and laughing too. Also, fantastic storyboards!

Totally agree with the bit about the crash in the book, I still can't work out what's going on and I read it about six times everytime I get to that bit.

cutie said...

Firstly. UH-FREAKING-MAZING POST!!! Truly this is a fantastic discussion and I ADORE it. I knew it would be an EPIC win. The End.

Secondly. EVERYONES comments are FANTASTIC!!! Truly. =D
To those I say, umm.... Being of the fat assed I truly didn't mind her fat ass. Honestly, I thought it was fabulous that they kept it real. But that's just me and my fat ass loving a little junk in the trunk if ya know what I'm sayin'! *wobbles eyebrows suggestively*

Now onto the movie vs the book (and yes I am watching it as I type).
I, too, loved the opening! Fanny, great insight into the deer and Bella. I also thought the opening had a great “feel” to it. The song worked perfect with the feel and I liked that we got a look at Bella’s mom and Phil (even if it was a wham bam thank you man.) I also liked how they showed the differences between Phoenix (a desert) and Washington (the exact opposite, sofa king green).
Charlie was ALL win for me with his awesome stash. Honestly, I thought Melissa did a bang up job of condensing the first few chapters of the book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blood typing chapter but I can see how it would have slowed down the movie and might have been awkward for those who haven’t read the book. *quickly ducks down covering head*
But think about it? Those who saw the movie first said they didn’t even miss the scene. While it’s totally romantic wonderment, and of course we would have LOVED seeing it on the big screen, I’m not sure it would have translated correctly…
Now where was I??? Oh yes, rambling about the movie. I too wish Hadwicke would have directed Mr. P differently in the first bio scene… the whole covering of the noise acting like a weirdo was ridiculous!
But his smirk in the hallway I DIED!!!
When Mike and Jessica meet Bella it was a fantastic scene “that’s so funny…” bwhahahaha
Okay so yeah… Mr. Pattinson won my heart the weeks building up to the release of the movie, but his entrance into the cafeteria… lack luster at best for me. I really enjoyed how they introduced the Cullens but when he came in I didn’t get any flutters however there were two BIG time flutter moments:
1. Crooked smile when Bella says “can we just hang out” *cutie dies*
2. Dr. Cullen’s big entrance *cutie dies again*
I heart Mr. Molina hard-core. Loved the deleted scene when Edward attacked Bella in Bio. (Midnight Sun for the win!) Loved the father daughter interaction between Charlie and Bella. Got annoyed at the “bad” vampy scenes (more Mr. P PLEASE!!!). Favorite ya really gotta listen quote: Eric: Let a playa play. *giggles* And adore the line:“Butt-crack Santa.” “What the kids really loved those little bottles.” out of control!!!
I’m gonna stop there because truly I am out of control for sure! And I have a sudden urge to reread Midnight Sun! Did I say I loved this discussion? Well I do.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Wow, I woke up and saw all your comments. They are epic!!! I love all of them.

And I will so do a recap. You might very good points Fanny and me left out. But they will be all go into the recap.

The recap will probably be posted on Sunday, so there is plenty of time for everyone to comment!

Fanny??? did you see all the lovely comments we got? Awesome! I'm so excited - and apparently they all love your .. uhm.. art...

Smuttier Than You said...

Ya'll cease to amaze me! And I have to say I agree with you 100%! I watched the movie first (on DVD because I was resisting the whole Twilight movement wholeheartedly) and fell in love. That was until, I read the books, all of them....*cough* in 6 days.

It was not until I read the books that I realized how lacking the movie was. I wanted to see the blood typing and the aftermath of said-blood typing, I wanted to see more time pass before they started crushing on each other.

And Rosalie's jeans....for fuck's sake! What the hell was that? Come on bitch, get with the times! It looks like she rode a sandpaper mechanical bull before putting them on! Soooo not in style!

I have an assload more to say but unfortunately I have to go play professional....so I'm thinking I'll be back to comment some more. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Have to weigh in on this! My biggest complaints about the movie, other than the terrible directing, acting and makeup, are the way they basically deleted Edward and Bella falling in love. Come on! That's why we love the book. By deleting the blood typing scene and condensing the meadow scene, they changed the whole feel. They took it from an epic love story to a confusing teenage lust story.

One last complaint, Bella was supposed to already know that Edward was a vamp when the whole Port Angeles/Dinner conversation takes place. Edward realizes that she doesn't care what he is, it's true love!

I still can't wait for New Moon. I have to keep re-watching Twilight and suffering through my second-hand embarrassment anyway. Oh, and Rosalie's ass looks fantastic! Don't hate on the curvy girls.

Sorry it's not letting me sign in.

bierbeck said...

I did not like the movie the first time I watched it. I ran out to redbox to rent it as soon as I finished reading the first book-yes I was way late to the whole Twilight thing. Just got into it, this July. I actually thought the movie was terrible the first time I saw it. But then I read the rest of the series and became totally obsessed with all things Twilight and so I bought the DVD and watched it many, many more times.

I had a hard time with the intro of the Cullens because except for Alice none of them looked anything like I thought they would. I did have a close idea for Edward since I had seen Rob in magazines and stuff before I read the books. I really did not like Jasper at all.

I liked the Biology scene for the most part except for when Edward says "Hello" he sounds terrible. I could also do with a few less facial expressions from Bella.

I guess my biggest problem with the movie was that I did not feel the love and chemistry between Bella and Edward. I have watched the movie with the bonus feature of Catherine, Robert and Kristen commenting and Catherine says everyone kept telling her they were falling in love too fast and I agree. It just seemed like all of a sudden they were in love and I did not feel it.

I did like the car crash in the movie. The book's description was complicated.

I can not wait until you discuss the meadow scene. I have lots of comments on that one. Also the restaurant scene.

SBGDGT said...

Preface: I watched the movie before *gasp* I even knew it was made from a book! *ducks from thrown pencils* I watched this movie 7 times in the 6 days I had it rented. (give me a break, I made my mom take it and watch one night! LOL) I instantly fell in love w/ the story, b/c lets face it, the movie wasn't all that great. Kristen's constant eyes rolls, Rob's contipation, horrid lines, etc... STILL I fell in love w/ the story! And I haven't seen the movie since reading the books mulitple times. So please forgive me. This might be a little haphazard...

I love the opening, even though I had no clue who the hell was jumping at the deer! But Bella's voice over that scene was great. I right away fell in love w/ awkward Charlie. Billy and Jacob were fun, and it was ok for them to be a little better of friends here. I really liked the Cullen entrance for the movie. It was fine for them to already be sitting there in the book, but being a movie, it needed the more visual dramatics. And I never thought Rose's ass was huge (but I myself am "a white girl w/ a ghetto booty" to quote friends), cause I could not get my eyes off the camp that Cousin It made on her head. BAD WIG! I didn't know that Edward could read minds so I didn't know why he was already glaring at Bella. In Biology class, I thought maybe she farted? Or he SBDd? Or he ate some bad meat and was about to hurl!? LOVE that story board! Perfect recreation :) I was confused at the "timing" of the movie. I had no idea so much time had passed. The wreck was much better in the movie, very straight forward. I still haven't figured the book's crash out in my head. And I'm a master nerd at figuring things like that out! :p As I didn't miss it at first, the blood typing was kinda important for their blossoming relationship, I wish it was there, but oh well.

To conclude, I LOVED the movie when I saw it, but after reading the books, they flowed much better. I am going to have to go back and watch the movie again, now that I understand much of the "looks" from Edward. (honestly, Midnight Sun explained a lot of his looks better than Twilight. Ya know, since obviously it's his own words.) OK, I think that's all I can think of for now :) Look forward to part 2!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, third time is a charm: Ok, I'm watching right now so I'm refreshed.

I really do like the intro, I love the song choice, I love the way they show a little of the desert and then transition to Forks. I feel a sense of dread for her..

Intro of Charlie. First I love Charlie. The way he acts reminds me a lot of my grandfather. Movie Charlie might be more entertaining to me than Charlie in the book.

Jacob in the movie. I really hated his wig. That's all I'm going to say about him since we're just discussing the beginning.

Ok, now the introduction of Mike, Jessica, Eric, etc.. In the movie, I do not like the acting. Mike is ok, but Eric (Justin) is too over the top for me and for some reason he bugged me.

The Cullen walking into the Cafeteria. This is obviously better in the movie than in the book but I still stand by what I said. My only complaint with that scene is Rosalie's jeans. Maybe a different outfit? I'm sorry. I can't get over it. But Alice in the movie will always forever be just as I imagine Alice to be. I just adore Alice. As with the first Biology scene. Seriously Rob's acting. WTH? He looks as if he smelled a bad fart and wouldn't you as a Bella, be what the fuck is your problem. He's holding his mouth the whole time. K sorry, this is turning out longer than I thought. I'll stop. I will say crash scene in the movie is way better than the crap that Stephanie wrote. (sorry, the van in the book did what? and then Bella hit her head..very confusing.) Ok, now I'll stop. Till next week.

Mrs. Robward said...

Ok, so I was sure I would have so much to say about the differences of book/movie & ladies if I had the time I would get a notebook, go watch the move & then reread the book, but sorry, i dont have enough hours in the day (I am srsly behind on IBYLT)

So i totes agree with what ya'll r said!

I get tingly when Ed enters the cafeteria *swoon*

They could have left Jacob out of the whole movie & I wouldn't have minded - oh wait, he is kinda important for NW isnt he :shrugs: Oh well....

I still think Ed was smellin Newton's farts that scene instead of Ed smellin Bella. SHE SMELLS GOOD! not like ass.

Edward you had me at "HI, I didn't get to introduce myself..." I mean really, I started to squirm in my seat

Car crash, i didn't like movie version, BLAH

Blood typing I missed & all that other too.

What really urkes me about the movie is that in the book they spend ALOT of time getting 2 known each other. They set together at lunch, Edward watched the minds of others to follow her (ok I know that's MIDNIGHT SUN, but..) their adoration is genuine to me in the book, where as in the movie ya kinda never know WHY they fall in love? Because she smells good? Because he has eyes that change colors?

Confession: I have been known to watch the DVD & fast forward through the non ExB parts! *le sigh* (many, many times!)

This post = Awesomesauce ladies! w00t!


One Pushy Fox said...

Wow! Mrs. V and Fanny you guys clearly rocked the house with this post because these comments are awesome!

My thoughts...

I read the books first. I hate when I do this because it ALWAYS ruins the movie for me and I was EXTREMELY nervous when I was stalking the movie online before it premiered and saw the dreaded "Spider Monkey" line. *facepalm*

However, I found that I was able to compartmentalize the movie. Basically, I ignored all the things that weren't in the book and didn't add to the experience (uh, did I already mention "Spider Monkey?" Yeah? Ok, then...).

And I was really overall happy because even though so many good things were left out and so many odd things were added (Butt Crack Santa?) I felt like overall it was true to the story's feel.

I did wonder how anyone could keep up with the love story without having read the books (didn't the relationship just seem awkward without knowing all the behind the scenes pining that went on?), but more power to you ladies who fell in love before the books. Your love is strong!

Oh and my two cents on Rosalie are: she didn't bother me at all. I loved how Nikki played her all biatchy! And I didn't think her butt was huge (but, then again my butt is on the badonk-a-donk side itself, so who am I to judge!).

Well that's it for now. I am SO looking forward to the posts that cover Butt Crack Santa, Spider Monkey and Charlie's shot gun scene (which was CRAZY PRICELESS!!!).

itsjustme said...

I'm late as usual, but I finally made it over here. I had not read the bookswhen I saw the movie. To be honest, I was only half paying attention until I saw edward walk past the cafeteria window (right before he comes in the door) and I said, "who's that" before Bella did. After reading the book however, I did miss the blood typing scene. I agree about the movie van scene was way less confusing than the book. I liked the edible art scene; swoonworthy.I'm not even going to mention Rob's lopsided smile or we will be here all night.For the record, I did like the movie. Movies are never quite as good as the book. I suppose it is just not plausible to adapt everything to the screen. I also feel that it is important to remember when watching a book based movie that you are seeing one persons perspective and that in no way should change the perception in your own head. Great post! Fanny, love the sketches babe!

uhyesplease said...

Oh - want to read all the comments too - but that won't leave me time to comment!

OK - It sounds weird, but I have no problem accepting both as a separate entity. I lovce the books for the booksake and vice versa. That being said, I can also love/hate on both too!

I completely agree with you guys on almost all counts! I didn't have a problem with Rose's booty. I mean, I think it's less her curves and more a poor choice of wardrobe. Wardrobe overall was a bit crappy. My bff said it best, "I always thought Rosalie was more Beyonce, like BAM! She'd kill everyone with her confidence and killer looks."

Now, as far as Jasper goes...yikes. I laughed at his entrance everytime - and nearly ruined Edwards entrance because i was tearing up trying to surpress the laughter and not break out into a Josh Groban tune. Cuz to me, it was like Josh Groban with a gigantic stick up his ass.

And then Edward entered and I thought, "Yep - that's what all the hubaloo is about. Holy shit." And I nearly jizzed in my own pants.

Ok - so can I be the total jerk here. I was happily surprised when Eric was cast with an Asian guy and Tyler with an African-American guy. In my whitebread mind I just assumed they were white - so after the intial, "Huh?" I was completely cool with it.

You guys totally rocked this post! It's so fun to talk about too!

And great pics, Fanny!!

Stoney said...

Oh you guys crack my shit up. I love this! Can't wait for more.

I absolutely HEART the storyboards.

Great job!!!

Annie said...

I completely agree, the Blood-Typing scene should have been in the movie!!! That was one of my favorite scenes in the book and I'd been so eager to watch it onscreen...

This discussion rocks, I love the storyboards! Can't wait for next week. :)

But right now I have a date with a certain little film that starts with the letter "T." ;)

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