Friday, August 28

Mini-E and Mrs V are going on a holiday...

for almost two weeks to be precise. We are flying over to Canada and stay there at a very nice place on a lake in Ontario.

Needless to say that I´m a tiny little bit pissed that we didn´t choose the west coast of Canada. MrV ask me at the beginning of the year were I want to go this year. Normally we spend at least two weeks in Thailand end of the year, but since I want to finish my PhD at some point, I have not so much time. That´s why I choose east coast, since it is not that far (unfortunately still 9.5 hrs). Imagine how pretty damn cool Vancouver now is? I would have tried to figure out where His Hottness stays and convince MrV that this is exactly the hotel we need to stay. I had a few dreams where I meet Rob at a Hotelbar, including some drinks or a few more and... Well, you know!!!

Anyway, it will be the east coast now, and that´s where we stay:

I picture myself lying in one of those chairs...

I hope it will be as nice as on the picture and I hope for some relaxing days with tons of time to read. Since I dont´t want to carry everything with me, the first thing in Canada is the visit of a book store where I want to buy The Host and the TB books. I guess that will keep me busy.

However, my bag at the moment looks like this:

I´m really not able to leave behind my Twi-stuff, having them around is like breathing. And I never read the books in english, so it might be like the first time, I hope :-) I need the movie because MrV - the traitor, has much more holidays than me. He is already on the road and will pick me up at Toronto Airport. So I need something to spend my time with, since reading FanFic without internet is not possible! Along with that I will take my beloved MacBook, which hopefully means that with internet at the hotel I´ll be around sometimes in Twitter.

I wanted to tell one more thing before I leave:

My blog and SweetRob are a bit concerned that I leave bloggy alone for two weeks, since he´s just a few weeks old. All I can say is, that this will not be the case! There will be at least one guestpost from two amazing and lovely people and hopefully a second one from two more wonderful and funny people (depends on the time they have). This brings me to the W - questions:

  • When: Don´t know, but I bet Twitter will know it
  • Where: here!! Where else...
  • Who: I don´t tell!
  • What: I don´t know myself, I gave them complete freedom (was that really smart MrsV?!)

I´m really happy that those wonderful people will post here, and I´m excited and feel really honored that they do that for me, for bloggy and for SweetRob.

I love you all a hell of a lot!

Time for me and Mini-E to say Bye, and I ´ll see you soon hopefully in Twitter!

*takes a kleenex and waves*


I´ll miss you all!

Wednesday, August 26

Our Wide Awake video

Yes, it´s ours because you all spend your time reading it, sigh over it, discussing it and making beautiful banners and pictures for it. We all spend the last weeks with this story and although it is sad, it now comes to an end. The only thing which is still missing is the epilogue but the main story is over and so is the discussion at cutie´s.

I simply loved it. Loved the time with Edward, Bella and you all.

When I started doing all those videos I soon had the idea of making a video for Wide Awake. I mean, everything was there for making it: the songs on EtmyB´s blog and all those amazing pictures from the discussion and the recaps. I told cutie about the idea and she was immediately enthusiastic about it. So, I began and week for week I added the newest pictures and banners and it all started to form a video.

And I had wonderful people who helped me:

first and foremost cutie: who spend hours in correction my typos, encouraged me with her enthusiasm and just did everything to make it better and better.

fragile little human: She made this wonderful banners and she hold my hand together with cutie while the making process.

KG: always watched the progress and added her thoughts. She is just wonderful!

Thanks girls, for doing that with me. Although, it took much more work than all the others videos together, it was just worth it and I truly loved the time with you!

For all those who didn´t read it yet, you can still watch the video, there a nice Rob and Kristen pics.

But now, just watch it and read cuties last and final ending post.

*wipes away a tear and waves*

Go to youtube and watch it HQ. Cutie and me went to hell and back this morning while we tried to upload it, it was a nightmare!

Monday, August 24

In-laws dazzled by Mini-E ...

Weekend! Heaven for all the things you can´t do in the week because you have a job and need to work, a bit. I should say, since I started this blog my work-to-do list became longer and longer...

Anyway, weekend!

But what really annoys me is when I have to do something which interferes with my plans of doing nothing but reading FanFic, writing a blogpost, making a video or whatever is Twilight-related. It was one of those weekends, it was my mother in-law´s birthday and this traitor of a husband was not there, so I had to go alone!!!

While I was complaining about MrV, I ask Mini-E to accompany me.

Mini-E: hu ? Seriously? What if they don´t like me, or worse what if they think you lost your mind? What if they see me sparkle?

MrsV: Oh Sweetie, they have to love you, everybody does and today is cloudy so you´ll not sparkle. And really, I don´t care what they think. It would be so boring without you.

Mini-E was convinced rather fast so I took my car and drove to the in-laws. Mini-E was just a bit pissed that I didn´t let him drive.

Mini-E: Hey, let me drive. You don´t let my out so often and you know how I love to drive.

MrsV: Don´t be silly, you are a doll! And besides that I´m not Bella and love to drive myself.

Mini-E: Uh, that „doll“ hurt!

So we arrived there and I kept Mini-E in my pocket, waiting for the best moment to take him out. Outside the men took care of the barbecue and I thought that Mini-E would like to help them a bit. He was a bit disgusted by the smell, but this was better than being in the darkness of my bag:

The first look from DaddyV was priceless as I took Mini-E in the front of his apron.
But they became friends fast and Mini-E helped with the barbecue.

When we sat down on the table I had a small discussion with my inner Twi-shame-self if I should really cross the line, take him out and just put him on the table. Needless to say that my Twi-shame-self becomes weaker and weaker...

I´d would have so loved to take pictures from the faces when I finally released Mini-E from the darkness. But Mini-E is really a charming boy and won the hearts of the women super fast. Just to mention they are all from 65 to 75, but they all were quite dazzled by the sweetness of Mini-E. They even looked if he is anatomically correct.

Mini-E: This.Was.Embarrassing!!

MrsV: Oh don´t be, I still love you without your icestick.

Although he was a bit ashamed of all the attention, he was all the gentlemen and took care of my liquids. He knows me quite well and knew I wouldn´t get over this evening without an appropriate amount of alcohol.
When we finally got to the desert I got more relaxed, knowing that the evening is soon over.

Before I could go home they ask me if I´ll now take Mini-E to bed... Heeellllo??

Really, they thought I´m totally insane, but MommyV rescued me:

MommyV: No, she can´t take him to bed since she´s always cold and he wouldn´t help her get any warmer...

Love MommyV!

Thursday, August 20

Twi-pimping the office!!!

Finally, I left behind all shame I might have still had and Twi-pimped my office. Actually, since I received The Precious from FireCrotch (always lovers you for this!) I dreamed about hanging one of those posters on my wall. I mean, looking at THE face the whole day, could it be better? Maybe, if he would site beside my while I´m working. Yes this could be better, but would I really work then? No, probably not. Ok, I digress ...

Where was I ? Ah yes, my office!

Well, normally scientists like to put some cool research stuff on their walls, something nobody ever understands except themselves. But, there is one office where you can find this; and in case the quality is too bad: Yes, you see nearly-naked pretty female asses.

Yes, asses, arses however you like to call them

My BFF (when you read this: lovers you a lot!) is actually in the same office and her place looks like this:

Honestly, I was all the time pretty much jealous, although I really don´t like Robward so much in this poster. But anyway, She has him on her wall!!!

I´m in an office with two other women, I infected both with the Twi-virus. While workmate I „likes“ the books, she thinks about herself being too old (44) to adore a 17 year old - I told her a billion times : Rob is 23 and Edward is 118, so what´s the deal???

Workmate II handles the Twi-virus much better: She loves the books and starts rereading them. Yes, this is when the infection becomes chronic. In the beginning she didn´t like Rob *pouts* , but I showed her some pictures and convinced her that indeed, he´s Mr.Sex himself!

this fucking gaze convinced her

Anyway, to pimp the wall I needed workmate I already at home so that she can't complain about it. And when she tries complaining Monday, I'll just ignore her and tell her:That's my wall, you don't need to look at it! (Note to myself: Try to be a bit nicer than that...)

Naturally, workmate II was easier to convince that we need these posters on our wall. She was quite dazzled by The Precious - I'm a good friend, I let her even look at it - a bit... But at least this convinced her that we really NEED him on our wall.

So today when all were gone, BFF and me took The Precious and finally did it!

We put him on my wall! Yes!

Now my place is really a good Twi-working station: I have a copy of Twilight - in case there is someone who I could infect, The Precious and His Hottness on my wall.

And because BFF and me like workmate II, we even put a poster directly in front of her. Not the hardcore pure SexFace (she's not ready for this yet), she got the sweet one with KStew:

Aren't we nice?

I guess there is no need to mention that actually I'm really selfish and her poster is hanging right next to me..?!?

Tuesday, August 18

New blog design ,*cheers* !

Yes you are at the right place when you´re looking for the Vanquish blog.

I´m so excited to see it finally online, but here it is: look around - my new blog design done by the wonderful and talented Ragan from the Blogger Boutique. I think she did an amazing job and I´m really happy, *dances*.

Whenever you decide to have a new design I can truly recommend Ragan, she gives time slots for your blog design so that you really know when she´s working on it. And you can always have a look what she´s doing and tell her what you like and dislike. I send her the order in the weekend and I was lucky enough that she had time for my blog already this week.

A lovingly thanks to Ragan: You did a wonderful job and it was great working with you. Apart from that I´d like to thank also "one memory at a time" for letting us use her design kit.

If you´d like to put my button on your page (and I´d love to see that) then you have the choice: Betti´s wonderful driving Edward or my new lovely Button fitting to the new design. Take whatever you want!

So I really hope you like my new page and will still visit me here!

Mini-E loves the new design!

Sunday, August 16

Everytime we touch - for my love for Twilight, Edward, Bella and ... Rob!

Somehow I found my passion in doing videos, just Edwards knows how the heck this could have happened. Along with my Twilight addiction came the Rob addiction, came my blog and finally making videos. My first Slave-Rob video and the Freedom-Rob video had both incredible responses which makes me truly happy!!!

But, I´m not just addicted and devoted to Rob, first came my Love for Twilight and the incredible love story. Last weekend I went through my favorites songs and *sigh* I found „everytime we touch“ and damn, I love this song. It waters my eyes. Yeeaaah, I know I´m an incredible emotional person, but hey that´s me :-)

Maybe that´s why I love Twilight so much.

Anyway, I found tons of YouTube videos with this song because it just fits so well. But my lovely Cutie encouraged me to do my own. She was right, I had fun doing it! And although this is no hot-sexy- screenlicking-Rob video I hope you like this as well.

It´s done with all my Love for Edward, Bella, Twilight and well, also Rob!

Go to YouTube and watch HQ! Don´t forget to comment and rate :-)

Saturday, August 15

Enough whining !!!

It has been three days since I had to face my super hot Doc who removed some of my Wisdom. It's fine, I didn't feel wise before, so there is apparently nothing to miss. Although it was by far not as bad as I thought, I'm a little bit sniveling at the moment. MrV and Mini-E were really sweet the first days. Mini-E even watched over my sleep while MrV was already gone for work.

Mini-E watching me while I sleep

MrV took over the food part because Mini-E was a bit disgusted when I asked him to make me some mashed food. Yes they are both really cute and even let me smoke and drink coffee 'cause they both know how bitchy I get without this.

my coffee-BFF , smokes and Mini-E - everything I need to be happy

Today, Mini-E told me to stop whining and start doing stuff I neglected the last days, stuff like laundry, cooking for MrV and the promise I made to MrsRobward and her Twitter background. Apart from that he reminded me that I wanted to make a new video with his pretty face. Yes, Mini-E likes them a lot, one could say he is really flattered. Hmm, and because he was so cute the last days I promised him to do my best, but he shouldn't be so pushy!

Good things need time, sweetie!

*sigh* so I'll go on, work on it and hope I'll have something pretty good ready the next days...

this pic will definitely go into the next movie..!

Thursday, August 13

It was my birthday....

..and it was a real Twilight Birthday!

Thanks Rob - when do I get my present???

Although it would have been much better if they didn't remove my wisdom teeth at my Birthday, isn't that sad? If the Doc wouldn't have been so damn hot, I would have complained. But, since I have such a cool family and lovely friends the day was still great. MrV is totally aware of my obsession and he apparently don't mind at all, quite the contrary he even helps me wherever he can.

He bought me the english Twilight collection together with german Twilight and NM as hardcover (Eclipse and BD I have already). I love books and I also love hardcovers, maybe not for reading on the beach, but definitely to have them in my shelter. I have to admit, I never read the books in english and I always wanted to, now I can! But MrV even went one step further and made me the greatest gift ever:

He'll make sure that I 'll see the NM premiere in November and not later in January, and he'll book a great hotel room because he knows that I'm picky on hotel rooms. Oh I love him! This will be a great trip wherever it goes. *makes the happy dance*

And finally I got my Mini-E - squeeeee - BFF bought me Mini-E together with a „stupid lamp" cup!!! See, she's really great, knows always what I need. Our NM trip together will be so awesome, specially with Mini-E who takes care of us!

finally my book collection is complete..

Apart from my family, I also had you all here! I can't tell how surprised and overwhelmed I've been when I saw Annies Danger Magnet Birthday post! I was so stunned when I saw my banner in Safari-favorite-bookmark preview and I had to look twice until I realised that this is not my blog - no it's the Danger Magnet!! She is such a lovely sweetheart, Thanks again Sweetie! Truly lovers you!

I got even some funny and lovely eCards form FireCrotch, STY and MrsRobward! Thanks for thinking of my birthday!

Last but not least: Thanks to all the wishes I got yesterday in Twitter. Mostly I couldn't answer because my brain was so woozy from the general anesthesia and I still had my parents here and I couldn't tweet as much as I liked. But be sure, I read them all! Thanks to Seesmic and TweetDeck I can't miss them!

And now Mini-E tells me I need to take my medis and rest! He really takes very well care of me and it's god that he's so cold, my cheek thanks him, a lot! (noooo don't get this wrong naughty girls, I'm talking about the cheek in my face!!!)

yes honey, I´ll do whatever you wants...

And I´ll let you go with the present I got from Annie. It´s such an wonderful video that I´ll like to share it with you, too. Thanks again Annie, the present was nothing else than PERFECT!

Monday, August 10

What´s up Arizona? .... funny non-Vampire quotes

When I posted last week my all time non-romantic favorite quotes, I found myself rather desperate. I mean, there are so many cool quotes in the movie that it was so damn hard to find a short list. But my post was nearly done, so I decided to just let it as it is. Lame, but that´s how I am and it was really really late :-)

Anyway, I thought it might be funny and you might laugh remembering the best non-Vampire quotes from the movie. Actually, I need to thank Betti, FireCrotch and FLH for the funny Tweets were we collected them.

Honestly when hearing some of them I can´t stop laughing and somehow Mike is really the best source for that:

  • What's sup, Arizona? How you likin' the rain, girl?" Honestly, what should one answer to that?
  • „Look at you, huh?´re ALIVE!“ *waving hands in the air“ (Really, that is the best one!!!)

Isn´t his facial expression here not adapted?

  • „Wanna go to ..Prom... with ... me“ Ohh Golden Retriever, not really! I prefer Vampires. Sorry dude!

  • You and Cullen, huh? I don´t like it. He looks at you like.... you’re something to eat.Oh you have no clue how right you are!!

This here is really a classic from Eric:

  • *La Push baby, It´s La Push“ no more words needed...

Two old *cough* men, I mean Billy and Charlie and this dialogue is priceless!

"I´m down with the kids!“ „ Oh yeah, your the bomb!“

And just to clarify things and because I can never have a post without Rob´s face: Bella went to Prom with Edward! Honestly, who wouldn´t?

Friday, August 7

It's time, It's time...

...for a new video.

Today, I'm a slave for Rob got his 1000th hit on youtube! This is fucking marvelous, amazing, spectacular and a wonderment!!! (Love Cutie for introducing me to this word - I learn so much from you all)

In the last week, I was totally overwhelmed and stunned by the reaction I got from your guys. When I first posted it, I was scared: „Will there be someone who likes it?" „ Will they hate the music?" „ Will I have more than my hits on youtube?" But the feedback I got was amazing. Actually, it has been even posted on other awesome blogs. This was seriously the biggest surprise and I'm truly proud that you guys posted my stuff on your wonderful pages. I love you all so much for this.

STY and JJ posted it on Twitarded

TwiLife posted it on her blog

Half_my-self on her Livejournal

Well, this peerless reaction made me think about a new video.

hmmmm.... *thinking process begins* .....

The pictures are easy. He's so damn pretty and adorable that I just need to screen for the pic's I like most - and those are already a lot. Okay Music. This is much harder it made me already a headache thinking about what kind of music should be in the next video. I even discussed with lovely Betti, she is plainly the music expert. We tweet around and she gave me her ideas - Love you Betti for your input! At some point I'll come back to your ideas because there were so great!

In the end, I went through my tons of music on my MacBook and found „Freedom". It just clicked! I love this song, it's just a great masterpiece of music and I chose the pics that fit hopefully to the song.

Truly, I hope you enjoy!

Note: to see it full screen go to youtube!

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