Monday, August 24

In-laws dazzled by Mini-E ...

Weekend! Heaven for all the things you can´t do in the week because you have a job and need to work, a bit. I should say, since I started this blog my work-to-do list became longer and longer...

Anyway, weekend!

But what really annoys me is when I have to do something which interferes with my plans of doing nothing but reading FanFic, writing a blogpost, making a video or whatever is Twilight-related. It was one of those weekends, it was my mother in-law´s birthday and this traitor of a husband was not there, so I had to go alone!!!

While I was complaining about MrV, I ask Mini-E to accompany me.

Mini-E: hu ? Seriously? What if they don´t like me, or worse what if they think you lost your mind? What if they see me sparkle?

MrsV: Oh Sweetie, they have to love you, everybody does and today is cloudy so you´ll not sparkle. And really, I don´t care what they think. It would be so boring without you.

Mini-E was convinced rather fast so I took my car and drove to the in-laws. Mini-E was just a bit pissed that I didn´t let him drive.

Mini-E: Hey, let me drive. You don´t let my out so often and you know how I love to drive.

MrsV: Don´t be silly, you are a doll! And besides that I´m not Bella and love to drive myself.

Mini-E: Uh, that „doll“ hurt!

So we arrived there and I kept Mini-E in my pocket, waiting for the best moment to take him out. Outside the men took care of the barbecue and I thought that Mini-E would like to help them a bit. He was a bit disgusted by the smell, but this was better than being in the darkness of my bag:

The first look from DaddyV was priceless as I took Mini-E in the front of his apron.
But they became friends fast and Mini-E helped with the barbecue.

When we sat down on the table I had a small discussion with my inner Twi-shame-self if I should really cross the line, take him out and just put him on the table. Needless to say that my Twi-shame-self becomes weaker and weaker...

I´d would have so loved to take pictures from the faces when I finally released Mini-E from the darkness. But Mini-E is really a charming boy and won the hearts of the women super fast. Just to mention they are all from 65 to 75, but they all were quite dazzled by the sweetness of Mini-E. They even looked if he is anatomically correct.

Mini-E: This.Was.Embarrassing!!

MrsV: Oh don´t be, I still love you without your icestick.

Although he was a bit ashamed of all the attention, he was all the gentlemen and took care of my liquids. He knows me quite well and knew I wouldn´t get over this evening without an appropriate amount of alcohol.
When we finally got to the desert I got more relaxed, knowing that the evening is soon over.

Before I could go home they ask me if I´ll now take Mini-E to bed... Heeellllo??

Really, they thought I´m totally insane, but MommyV rescued me:

MommyV: No, she can´t take him to bed since she´s always cold and he wouldn´t help her get any warmer...

Love MommyV!

12 truly lovely comments..:

Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Awww! Mini-E looked like he actually enjoyed himself in the end.
And kudos to you for being so brave to have him out. I doubt I'd be able to do that.
Then again, I have walked around a major city with a painted on 'tash...

Alice said...

"But what really annoys me is when I have to do something which interferes with my plans of doing nothing but reading FanFic, writing a blogpost, making a video or whatever is Twilight-related."

Hahahaha I can SO relate to that!
Witnessing all the fun you have with Mini-E, makes me want to get a Pocket Edward as well!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Mini-E should have taken off his Jacket, at least. He looks as if he's about to leave any moment, which is not polite. Besides, I like him in blue.
You should buy him a tiny clothes hanger (Mattel? Barbie accessory?), and for the next barbecue event, a small apron too.
The birth of Grillward... hey FF writers: inspired? Anyone? LOL

Countess Twicula said...

I hope your relatives didn't take you for a lunatic!!!That was so hilarious!!!How did you come up with that?NIIIIIIICE!GO mini-E!!!

Latchkey Wife said...

Mini E rocking the BBQ! I would have LOVED to see the looks on their faces! He's such a charmer though, how can you not love him!

Mrs. Robward said...

I am so glad Mini E got to go to the BBQ.

He looked like he was owning those shish-ka-bobs!

That dessert looked delish!

(pouts) I am so going to get my own Edward!


P.S. I love You Long Time for the pimpage!

Fire Crotch said...

I can't believed they all looked to see if he was "anatomically correct." I would have spewed my alcohol all over the table. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

uhyesplease said...

Brilliant! I loved all the pics and totaly lol at the grill pic and the grammas checking out mini E's goods!

And big pat on the back for representing the family (since Mr V wasn't there) and all us twitards at your MILs party! Whoo hooo! Go Mrs. V!

Bitches said...

This was hysterical! I can just see the lil old ladies checkin out Mini-E's bits! Oh, yea, and that dessert looks super tasty!

Bereth said...

I can't believe they did check on him!!! I loved the pictures! Mini-E has to be careful next to the fire is dangerous for him...


Pushy Fox said...

Mini E does know how to charm the older ladies, that rascal!!! I love that Mommy V rescued you and knows enough about Twilight to know he can only keep you warm with thoughts of him. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks for all your nice comments! I was actually a bit ashamed at the beginning but it is getting easier. And I had so much fun, without that the evening would have been hell!

Mini-E cheers for you and is happy to entertain you :-))

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