Thursday, August 20

Twi-pimping the office!!!

Finally, I left behind all shame I might have still had and Twi-pimped my office. Actually, since I received The Precious from FireCrotch (always lovers you for this!) I dreamed about hanging one of those posters on my wall. I mean, looking at THE face the whole day, could it be better? Maybe, if he would site beside my while I´m working. Yes this could be better, but would I really work then? No, probably not. Ok, I digress ...

Where was I ? Ah yes, my office!

Well, normally scientists like to put some cool research stuff on their walls, something nobody ever understands except themselves. But, there is one office where you can find this; and in case the quality is too bad: Yes, you see nearly-naked pretty female asses.

Yes, asses, arses however you like to call them

My BFF (when you read this: lovers you a lot!) is actually in the same office and her place looks like this:

Honestly, I was all the time pretty much jealous, although I really don´t like Robward so much in this poster. But anyway, She has him on her wall!!!

I´m in an office with two other women, I infected both with the Twi-virus. While workmate I „likes“ the books, she thinks about herself being too old (44) to adore a 17 year old - I told her a billion times : Rob is 23 and Edward is 118, so what´s the deal???

Workmate II handles the Twi-virus much better: She loves the books and starts rereading them. Yes, this is when the infection becomes chronic. In the beginning she didn´t like Rob *pouts* , but I showed her some pictures and convinced her that indeed, he´s Mr.Sex himself!

this fucking gaze convinced her

Anyway, to pimp the wall I needed workmate I already at home so that she can't complain about it. And when she tries complaining Monday, I'll just ignore her and tell her:That's my wall, you don't need to look at it! (Note to myself: Try to be a bit nicer than that...)

Naturally, workmate II was easier to convince that we need these posters on our wall. She was quite dazzled by The Precious - I'm a good friend, I let her even look at it - a bit... But at least this convinced her that we really NEED him on our wall.

So today when all were gone, BFF and me took The Precious and finally did it!

We put him on my wall! Yes!

Now my place is really a good Twi-working station: I have a copy of Twilight - in case there is someone who I could infect, The Precious and His Hottness on my wall.

And because BFF and me like workmate II, we even put a poster directly in front of her. Not the hardcore pure SexFace (she's not ready for this yet), she got the sweet one with KStew:

Aren't we nice?

I guess there is no need to mention that actually I'm really selfish and her poster is hanging right next to me..?!?

11 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

You did brave, I'm sooo proud of you!!

Hihi, my word verification for this comment is: gatdchu.


Shiny Volvo Owner said...

Hehe you tok the big step and Twilighted your wall!
Welcome to the Twi-hards :P
Now all you have to do is make the black and white picture bigger and stick it on the wall above your monitor :P

uhyesplease said...

Hilarious and so brave - and yes, I'm old, but I'd maybe up the font a bit?

The comment font is gooood for my tired, old eyes!

Alice said...

Oooohh I´m so proud of you for being so brave! I am one those scientists who have dorky stuff on their walls, not that fun. You are actually inspiring me of sneaking in a little Mr. sexface myself. I´m sure my gay colleague wouldn´t mind ;)

Limey_1996 said...

Yeah! Bloody brilliant! haha Now, hopefully you won't sit drooling at him all day and get some work done. Good luck with that, don't think I could get a single thing done with him looking at me all day....

Arses, asses hahahahahaha

I was actually going to make Rob and Kristen's VF shoot my screen saver, but then I'd have to take off the kids photo with the dog. So decided to me a nice mum and leave them on, but I was thinking maybe I could cut the dogs face out and photoshop in Rob's?? haha

Great post! :D

Anonymous said...

You are so brave, my dear! I wish I had enough courage to Robicize my office :( Oh, well, at least I have pics to look at online...

Bereth said...

I am sooo jealous. This makes me want to have an office so I can "robicize" it any way I like. I have no shame and wouldn't care about what other people say... But since I am in my car all day, I don't think Rob and driving should come together. Lots of accidents might happen.


OMG my verification word is waxing, that's not nice

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Betti: Lovers you Betti! Always!

@Shiny: oh I´d love this b/w pic on my wall, but honestly this would be by far too distracting! Thanks again so much for the pics you made for me! Love them!!! I should hang up those!

@Uhyes: Honey, I changed the font! :-) Hope your eyes will not get tired anymore!

@Alice: If you look at my wall w/o being too distracted from Rob: right next to him is the freaky science stuff!

@Limey: Glad you found your way to me! Cheers for you!! And I will never ever forget our ass tweets ! But uhhh, you can´t look at the Dog, although Kstew looks beautiful in those pics..

@FlH: Really, I was glad to have BFF holding my hand while doing this! w/o her I couldn´t have done this ...

@Bereth: No!! always be safe while driving!! Take the best pics on your iPhone and look whenever you stop driving.! did I tell that my iPhone pic is also Mr.Sex? :-))

Countess Twicula said...

You set the best example girl!I wish we all learn our lesson and spread the posters out there!Gosh i don't even dare to hang a poster to my room let alone in an office!I admire you more now...!!! ;-p

Fire Crotch said...

Yessss!!!! I have been waiting for this for weeks! Superb job!

Bitches said...

Yay! Your office looks loverly! I'm a tad jealous of get to gaze at him all day long! However will you get any work done?!

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