Monday, August 10

What´s up Arizona? .... funny non-Vampire quotes

When I posted last week my all time non-romantic favorite quotes, I found myself rather desperate. I mean, there are so many cool quotes in the movie that it was so damn hard to find a short list. But my post was nearly done, so I decided to just let it as it is. Lame, but that´s how I am and it was really really late :-)

Anyway, I thought it might be funny and you might laugh remembering the best non-Vampire quotes from the movie. Actually, I need to thank Betti, FireCrotch and FLH for the funny Tweets were we collected them.

Honestly when hearing some of them I can´t stop laughing and somehow Mike is really the best source for that:

  • What's sup, Arizona? How you likin' the rain, girl?" Honestly, what should one answer to that?
  • „Look at you, huh?´re ALIVE!“ *waving hands in the air“ (Really, that is the best one!!!)

Isn´t his facial expression here not adapted?

  • „Wanna go to ..Prom... with ... me“ Ohh Golden Retriever, not really! I prefer Vampires. Sorry dude!

  • You and Cullen, huh? I don´t like it. He looks at you like.... you’re something to eat.Oh you have no clue how right you are!!

This here is really a classic from Eric:

  • *La Push baby, It´s La Push“ no more words needed...

Two old *cough* men, I mean Billy and Charlie and this dialogue is priceless!

"I´m down with the kids!“ „ Oh yeah, your the bomb!“

And just to clarify things and because I can never have a post without Rob´s face: Bella went to Prom with Edward! Honestly, who wouldn´t?

11 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Strike! Mikey is the true Lord of the one-liners. Was there any other purpose why he was in the movie?
Oh yeah... he had to wave his ugly ass right into Bella's face while she was eating *gag*.
Thank God for little blessings like for example a window glass!
But I think he looks quite cute in your Golden Retriever pic. Oh wait, Mike is the guy with the rose in his teeth, right? Or not? *confused*
Anyway... you're the bomb!

Bereth said...

My all time favorite is the "La Push baby". But now I can't decide between the Frankenstein "You're ALIVEEEEE!!" one... Both sound pretty dorky to me. HEHE Have you done any Edward's quotes post?


Tasha... said...

I'm gonna have to admit, I have a lil soft spot for Mike in my Emmett-loving heart. Don't tell anyone! shhhhh....

And I was going to say something else profound, but I mentioned Emmett and now everything is fuzzy. your blog...and your banner!

Fire Crotch said...

I love these quotes...Billy and Charlie crack me up. Thanks for putting up this post. And dude...I love your new background!

hispersonalbrandofheroine said...

I want to smack the shit out of Mike

the rest are funny ;) LOL!

half_my_self said...

I swear, Mrs. V...I think we are long lost twins...from every single quote right down to not leaving a post w/out a Rob pic!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Betti: Mike the lord of the one-liners! I should make a pic out of this! Great :-)

@Bereth: Really, this one Mike quote sounds really sounds like Frankenstein *ugly*

@ UhhTasha, really a soft spot for Mike! This makes Emment a bit jealous, don´t you think? I´m glad that you like my new layout!!

@Fire: Yes those two men are really hilarious, hope to get more from them in the next movies..

@hpboh: Mike is really only there to make our eyes roll.

@half_my_self: Hey, it really sounds like that! We should really go after this :-))

Jenny Jerkface said...

Poor Mike Newton looked so cute when he asked Bella to the prom, lol.

And I wanted to smack the shit out of him when he said 'how you likin' the rain...'


Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

They say its your birthday well its my birthday to!!!(not really) If you can tell me which awesome 80's movie that's from we can still be friends LOL! Thought I'd leave you a quick Bday comment! Happy BIRTHDAY!!

uhyesplease said...

This post was great! How you likin' da rain, grrrrl is the best quote ever!

My other favs: from Jessica, "Yeah, my boobs do look really good." And, "Aren't you supposed to be all like, tan, or something?"

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Jenny: yes Mike really locked desperate in this scene, but this is really his best scene!!! *allivvvveee* lol

@Susie, Thanks for the B-day wishes and damn you got me, I couldn´t even find it on google! I just know the Beatles song but now I´m dying to know the movie! My excuse: You know: in the 80s i didn´t speak english yet :-)) Anyway tell me please:-)

@Uhyes: Thanks!; and well lol Jess is also a good source: "You are their shiny new toy" And her look when Bella tells her and Ang to write about eating diseases!

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