Tuesday, August 4

Hey, you can google it!!!

After reading FLH last blogpost, it came to me that there are some quotes in the movie that I find just awesome and which always make me giggling when I hear or read them. Be nice with me! I might have taken quotes which could be also in the book. To my own personal defense I have to say, I ddin´t read them in english. But I´ll do that - soon!

There are some lines and quotes which are truly funny, great and awesome. Sometimes when I hear them in a normal non-Twilight related conversation I have to restrain myself not to start giggling like a teenager. Which can be extremely embarrassing....

You might have read a similar list before or even posted it yourself, but here I am and here is my list. It will be not a list with all the lovely - wonderful - romantic quotes, they might come in a different post.... I don´t feel romantic today.

„What exactly is that?“ : I love this small scene in the hospital when he tries to convince Bella that she sees just weird things and I love the expression on his face. It is not just the sentence, it is also the way how he says that... His voices is so sexy!

get over it Bella!!!

„ I had an adrenalin rush. It´s very common, you can google it“ : This scene is definitely not in the book, but this is one of the truly my favorite . I always smile and giggle hearing it.

yeah Bella, google it!

„You really shouldn´t have said that“ : The small smirk is adorable and extremely sexy! There comes the bad boy!! Actually, I would love to see a bit more bad guy Edward.

uhhh Edward, wanna play bad guy???

„You better hold on tight, SpiderMonkey“. I like the whole scene, apart from the bad stunt effects and I can´t look away seeing Robward smiling...
Let me be your Spidermonkey,
I´ll not faint I promise!!

„ You brought a snack“. Ok, not a quote from Edward, but this one is the greatest It is already classic! Oh Edward, I´d love being your snack

Take Bella, I don´t mind,

I´ll take her place...

And while I was screening the internet for the pics (everglow) I found tons of other cool and lovely scenes, and I really hat to force myself not to take them all. I´d would have been too long and too late for me. But I just love talking about all that stuff, so I might make soon the next post: The loveliest scenes, the dumbest faces, the most "sigh" moments, and so on and on.

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Mrs. Robward said...

Funny, I like them all but the SpiderMonkey one I think it is so LAME!

We all want to GOOGLE it Edward, I promise.

*sigh* can't wait for the movie..


half_my_self said...

Great pick of quotes...the first three are my faves, too!

Call of Duty Widow said...

The Google it line is my fave. There's just something about the way he says it. *swoon* (and I don't usually get swoony)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage!! A lot of people don't like the Spidermonkey line, but it makes me all gooey inside. Two other lines (which hopefully I've typed correctly) in the movie that I like simply because of the way Rob delivers them:

"Probably not." At the salad bar, when Bella asks Edward if he'll ever tell her how he stopped the van.

"Um, this is my room." Well, it's probably obvious when he says that.


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

I apologize to the english readers, but the following can't be properly translated. I just have to spit it out though.
"You brought a snack" is one of my fave quotes too.
And I almost threw up and vomitted oon my own shoes when I heard voiced-over James say the words:
"Ah, was für den kleinen Hunger!" *gag*
Could you believe that?!?
That was at rock bottom...

Fire Crotch said...

If you were going to include non-Edward quotes, then you need to have Mike's classic, "How you likin' the rain?" Love it!

And I like the banner...you changed it right? If not, then I am stupid.

And guess what my word verification is: suped...awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the google it one.. All of them are great of course.. but google it.. priceless..

I just love your background.. its fantastic!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

The google one is my fav, too!

Thanks Aimee and FireCrotch for the design compliment. it took some time but now i like it!

@Betti: the german translation are sometimes really really bad. I remember one more thing, Renee ask Bella if she has a boyfriend and if he´s "indie" and the german translation is "Indianer" aka a Native American. heellooo???

@FlH : uhh I like those too, Oh Robward.. he has sex in his voice!

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