Thursday, August 13

It was my birthday....

..and it was a real Twilight Birthday!

Thanks Rob - when do I get my present???

Although it would have been much better if they didn't remove my wisdom teeth at my Birthday, isn't that sad? If the Doc wouldn't have been so damn hot, I would have complained. But, since I have such a cool family and lovely friends the day was still great. MrV is totally aware of my obsession and he apparently don't mind at all, quite the contrary he even helps me wherever he can.

He bought me the english Twilight collection together with german Twilight and NM as hardcover (Eclipse and BD I have already). I love books and I also love hardcovers, maybe not for reading on the beach, but definitely to have them in my shelter. I have to admit, I never read the books in english and I always wanted to, now I can! But MrV even went one step further and made me the greatest gift ever:

He'll make sure that I 'll see the NM premiere in November and not later in January, and he'll book a great hotel room because he knows that I'm picky on hotel rooms. Oh I love him! This will be a great trip wherever it goes. *makes the happy dance*

And finally I got my Mini-E - squeeeee - BFF bought me Mini-E together with a „stupid lamp" cup!!! See, she's really great, knows always what I need. Our NM trip together will be so awesome, specially with Mini-E who takes care of us!

finally my book collection is complete..

Apart from my family, I also had you all here! I can't tell how surprised and overwhelmed I've been when I saw Annies Danger Magnet Birthday post! I was so stunned when I saw my banner in Safari-favorite-bookmark preview and I had to look twice until I realised that this is not my blog - no it's the Danger Magnet!! She is such a lovely sweetheart, Thanks again Sweetie! Truly lovers you!

I got even some funny and lovely eCards form FireCrotch, STY and MrsRobward! Thanks for thinking of my birthday!

Last but not least: Thanks to all the wishes I got yesterday in Twitter. Mostly I couldn't answer because my brain was so woozy from the general anesthesia and I still had my parents here and I couldn't tweet as much as I liked. But be sure, I read them all! Thanks to Seesmic and TweetDeck I can't miss them!

And now Mini-E tells me I need to take my medis and rest! He really takes very well care of me and it's god that he's so cold, my cheek thanks him, a lot! (noooo don't get this wrong naughty girls, I'm talking about the cheek in my face!!!)

yes honey, I´ll do whatever you wants...

And I´ll let you go with the present I got from Annie. It´s such an wonderful video that I´ll like to share it with you, too. Thanks again Annie, the present was nothing else than PERFECT!

9 truly lovely comments..:

Latchkey Wife said...

Mrs V - Happy Belated Birthday! So sorry I missed it, what a bad bloggy friend I am!! Hope you had a great day despite the tooth extraction!

Fire Crotch said...

So I have decided that I want to marry your husband too! Kudos Mr. V!

Pushy Fox said...

Ooh, ooh, hooray for Mr. V!!! Where are you going in November to see the movie? Will it be released somewhere in the EU in November or are you *starts the excited clapping* coming to the states? If so, I'll throw out a shameless plug for Chicago!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@Latchkey: No problem missing my day, actually it was just by chance that the rest got it. But happy that you find your way to my happy bloggy place!

@Fire: We can talk about prices.. Let me hear your offer!

@Fox:Unfortunately I can´t tell yet. I´m discussing this with BFF and we are desperately waiting for something before I can tell where we go. This is some stupid german superstitiousness. Don´t tell anyone otherwise it will not happen!

Annie said...

Um, Mr. V. rocks !!!! That's awesome that you'll be seeing it in November with the rest of us. Now we just have to figure out a way for Betti to see it earlier, too.

I'm so sorry that you got your wisdom teeth removed on your birthday of all days! Man, that sucks. At least the doc was hot and you came home to some goodies and family! Hope you're feeling better...

mmMoxie said...

Happy B-day! I wish Mr. Moxie was as supportive as Mr. V. Our men need to realize how "appreciative" we are when they encourage our Twilight obsession.

Bereth said...

So I did promise didn't I? Here's my little comment, and you are the first!!
Does your husband have a single brother, cousin, friend that wouldn't mind sharing my addiction just like yours does? I would really like to meet him! HAHAHA
I hope you had a great BDAY! *hugs*

half_my_self said...

You've got a thoughtful and wonderful hubby in that Mr V!

I'm glad you had a great birthday overall!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks again girls for all the warm wishes :-)
Yes, MrV just rocks with all my Twi addiction but I´m sorry there is only one MrV out there... Hope he will be still cool when he realize that this addiction will not end so fast ...

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