Saturday, August 1

Eclipse cast - a German girl will meet Rob!!!

Here in Germany, TV is full of boring casting shows. We searched already eight times for a new music Superstar - needless to say that none of them had more than one song in the Top 100. We searched Germanys next Topmodel and now we are looking for the next Super actor in a show called „Mission Hollywood" *roll eyes".

Germany is looking for the next super cool actress....

Why do I tell you this? Normally I wouldn't care, at all, but the winner gets a role in Eclipse! I was speechless first time I heard that. Not that I wanted to take part in the show. No, I'm as far from being an actor as Rob is from being the next man in my bed. But, damn! This Chick will meet Rob and all our beloved other Hotties? She will meet him and work with him. Heeellooo??

Hence, I had to watch it to judge myself if she'd deserve it. But it was so freaking bad that I really really couldn't watch it every week, no way!

Anyway girls, I owe you at least watching the final. Guess what, there have been today and I forced myself to watch it.

In this show the girls have to play different scenes from famous movies, like Dirty Dancing or Pulp Fiction. Since they will get a role in Ecplise, they had to play the Prom Scene in the finals.

No! The Prom Scene!!! They dan´t do that!!!

No way I can see those chicks pretending to be Bella and kissing a guy who pretends to be Robward. No! Enough is enough. But I did it and now I 'll have to watch Twilight at least twice today to get that freaking stuff out of my head! It still makes my shaking...

However, the winner is: Sabrina

And because I love you all so much I have the Prom scene from the show just for you. *evil* It will be in German, but I guess all of us know the text by heard. It's not yet on youtube.

Warning!!! Watch it at your own risk. click here!

Anyway, I'd say she looks pretty and much like a typical blond German girl. Remember her face, we will see her in Ecplise!

Bree???? Honey, need to tell you:

You´ll die in a few seconds..

They didn't tell which role she'll get, but I assume she will be one of the Newborns, maybe Bree? Actually, she should be happy being Bree at least this would include text.

What do you think could be the role in Eclipse, for an inexperienced winner of a German TV Show?

5 truly lovely comments..:

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

WTF?? Ok, I actually think she's not THAT bad. But bad enough. And paticipating in the sort of crap these casting shows are, it pisses me off that she might actually be in Eclipse.

And because I know she's most likely googling herself on a regular basis... just in case:

Schnucki, das war nicht SO schlecht, aber auch nicht gut. Und schon allein die Teilnahme an so einer Volksverdummung namens "Casting-Show" sollte Dich selbst für die kleinste Statistenrolle in Eclipse disqualifizieren.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Er... that "Edward" was worse. Almost unbearable. Just saying...

DG said...

UGH, that show. My firend was sure that Uncle Till actually banged the Russian. *shudder* ( Alles Volksverdummung wie z.B. Gulia in love) I refused to watch when I heard about the role in Eclipse. Unbelievable. I am hoping for the same thing. two seconds as a newborn and you are out. That equals half a day on set at the most I´d say. GOOD!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@BettI : Lool, I never thought google would bring her here, but anyway: *waves*. I just hate all this Casting shows, and I guess that for real talents it might be not the best start in a career. Just my two cents.

@DG The show was even so bad, that they switched the timeslots for this show, from evening to Saturday afternoon which shows how bad this whole thing was.

cutie said...

Holy Haberdashery!
*giggles uncontrollably*

Okay confession, so I've had a "few" beers, which has lead to some blander pain, but I miss your page and I decided reading your blog was more important then my need to go pee. An-E-way, I watched the freaking video and let's just say I AM AMAZING for not peeing my pants! Bwahahahhahah

Dear Lord, someone get them a fucking room! They really liked kissing one another! And I totally was able to follow because that is my favorite scene and I do so lovers it so, I may or may not know it by heart.

She is SUPER pretty, beautiful. Why are those talent shows so freaking lame? I can't wait them ever. And I thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the sacrifice to watch it for all of us.

Now, I've gots to pee for sure! And I know you love having that visual in your head.

*rushes off to the bathroom giggling*

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