Sunday, August 16

Everytime we touch - for my love for Twilight, Edward, Bella and ... Rob!

Somehow I found my passion in doing videos, just Edwards knows how the heck this could have happened. Along with my Twilight addiction came the Rob addiction, came my blog and finally making videos. My first Slave-Rob video and the Freedom-Rob video had both incredible responses which makes me truly happy!!!

But, I´m not just addicted and devoted to Rob, first came my Love for Twilight and the incredible love story. Last weekend I went through my favorites songs and *sigh* I found „everytime we touch“ and damn, I love this song. It waters my eyes. Yeeaaah, I know I´m an incredible emotional person, but hey that´s me :-)

Maybe that´s why I love Twilight so much.

Anyway, I found tons of YouTube videos with this song because it just fits so well. But my lovely Cutie encouraged me to do my own. She was right, I had fun doing it! And although this is no hot-sexy- screenlicking-Rob video I hope you like this as well.

It´s done with all my Love for Edward, Bella, Twilight and well, also Rob!

Go to YouTube and watch HQ! Don´t forget to comment and rate :-)

13 truly lovely comments..:

Mrs. Robward said...

you are a Hot-movie-making-sexy-leo-bitch & you rock!

'Nuff said.


half_my_self said...

that just made my romantic heart melt!

another great video, Mrs V!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey girls, thanks for your comment.
@ Mrs_Robward: I like being called Hot-movie-making-sexy-leo-bitch :-))
@ half_my_self: oh yes this is something for the romantic chicks of us

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

You know I tend to leave funny comments.
Not this time.
I swear I'm crying right now.
And I'm not easy to get.
But honestly... this is just too beautiful and touching.
I don't know how you made this or what exactly is the trigger here - I even forgot that it's Rob and Kristen I'm seeing. It just pushed some button deep inside silly me. (or to put it another way: Artsie passed out and Fannie just went off like a rocket)
Thank you for this tender and precious three minutes!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Betti, this is hands down the most wonderful comment ever! I have no words, I´m so touched! I told already what a incredible emotional person I am and your words really affected me.

Annie said...

What a beautiful song, and the pictures really do it justice. Great video, Mrs. V!

My Twilife said...

*tears* My Heart just melted! Love me some romance! Can't wait for your Breaking Dawn Hot Honeymoon sex video! TEEHEE

itsjustme said...

Love your vids!

cutie said...

Okay I suck! I didn't realize I hadn't commented. *hangs head in shame*

Your Edward & Bella video is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, truly. And I am SO glad you listened to me. Thank you for making this beautiful video. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@ Annie: I just can say, I love this song so much, I always have tears in my eyes when I hear it.

@ Twilife: naughty girl:-)) And sometimes romance is so good for heart and soul *sigh*

@itsjustme: Thanks!!

@ Cutie: No need for shame! I´m just glad you find your way to me anyway :-) Still so happy you´ve been there to to encourage me.

Bitches said...

I absolutely LOVED this one! Perfect song & the pics you chose were amazing! Rob was smokin hot (as always) & Bella was super-pretty in the pics (I have to admit that sometimes I think she looks like she just rolled outta bed heh) as well! You're definitely the queen of videos! : )

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks Bitches and *bows* for the compliment.
KStew can look really really beautiful but sometimes she just looks like , well like you said. And her clothes choices is sometimes weird like at the Teen Choice Award...

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