Saturday, August 15

Enough whining !!!

It has been three days since I had to face my super hot Doc who removed some of my Wisdom. It's fine, I didn't feel wise before, so there is apparently nothing to miss. Although it was by far not as bad as I thought, I'm a little bit sniveling at the moment. MrV and Mini-E were really sweet the first days. Mini-E even watched over my sleep while MrV was already gone for work.

Mini-E watching me while I sleep

MrV took over the food part because Mini-E was a bit disgusted when I asked him to make me some mashed food. Yes they are both really cute and even let me smoke and drink coffee 'cause they both know how bitchy I get without this.

my coffee-BFF , smokes and Mini-E - everything I need to be happy

Today, Mini-E told me to stop whining and start doing stuff I neglected the last days, stuff like laundry, cooking for MrV and the promise I made to MrsRobward and her Twitter background. Apart from that he reminded me that I wanted to make a new video with his pretty face. Yes, Mini-E likes them a lot, one could say he is really flattered. Hmm, and because he was so cute the last days I promised him to do my best, but he shouldn't be so pushy!

Good things need time, sweetie!

*sigh* so I'll go on, work on it and hope I'll have something pretty good ready the next days...

this pic will definitely go into the next movie..!

4 truly lovely comments..:

Anonymous said...

What is it with Mini Es and watching you sleep? I had to get a case for my little stalker - he's was creeping DH out ;)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Oh he just watched over me while Mrv was gone, and the sweetest thing ever: MrV put him there before he left the house !!

But I guess that Mini-Eddie-Stalker is a bit creepy in the bedroom when your DH is there :-)

Mrs. Robward said...

Glad to know you had Mini-E to watch over you! You never know when those damn wolves are gonna strike!

You held good on ur promise to me! Ur are the queen of Twitter backgrounds!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey Mrs Robward, I´m glad you like the background although it just simple one, but the face is the one we love , so .. :-)

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