Friday, August 7

It's time, It's time...

...for a new video.

Today, I'm a slave for Rob got his 1000th hit on youtube! This is fucking marvelous, amazing, spectacular and a wonderment!!! (Love Cutie for introducing me to this word - I learn so much from you all)

In the last week, I was totally overwhelmed and stunned by the reaction I got from your guys. When I first posted it, I was scared: „Will there be someone who likes it?" „ Will they hate the music?" „ Will I have more than my hits on youtube?" But the feedback I got was amazing. Actually, it has been even posted on other awesome blogs. This was seriously the biggest surprise and I'm truly proud that you guys posted my stuff on your wonderful pages. I love you all so much for this.

STY and JJ posted it on Twitarded

TwiLife posted it on her blog

Half_my-self on her Livejournal

Well, this peerless reaction made me think about a new video.

hmmmm.... *thinking process begins* .....

The pictures are easy. He's so damn pretty and adorable that I just need to screen for the pic's I like most - and those are already a lot. Okay Music. This is much harder it made me already a headache thinking about what kind of music should be in the next video. I even discussed with lovely Betti, she is plainly the music expert. We tweet around and she gave me her ideas - Love you Betti for your input! At some point I'll come back to your ideas because there were so great!

In the end, I went through my tons of music on my MacBook and found „Freedom". It just clicked! I love this song, it's just a great masterpiece of music and I chose the pics that fit hopefully to the song.

Truly, I hope you enjoy!

Note: to see it full screen go to youtube!

15 truly lovely comments..:

Countess Twicula said...

Why are you doing this to us???
(Please don't stop making these videos!)It's inspiration!
I'd loved so much to be that cigarette...***sigh***

half_my_self said...

Mrs. V - you are brilliant! I remember the actual video, with all the big-time models from the 90's...and this is so much better w/ all the HOTNESS that is Rob.

Please don't stop! You really have a knack for this! :)

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

I LOVE this video so much...major snaps for the Awesomeness that is this video!

hispersonalbrandofheroine said...


And I assure you, at least 300 (minimum ;) of those 1000 hits on I'n a Slave for Rob are me LOL!

Thanks for another great vid of my lustpuppy

Bitches said...

Great video & nice song choice! I'm watching this right before bed, so here's to hoping for some good dreams...heh

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

thanks for lighting up my monday with the ultimate mouthporn/jawporn/smokeward compilation.
think i just drooled into my salad...

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thank you so much for your feedback :-))

I´m really really happy you all liked it! That´s why i did it.
Truly, Love you all!

cutie said...

Dear Lord this was amazing!!!

Um... I think I need to watch it one more time... yes, definitely one more time.


Pushy Fox said...

I can't believe I didn't comment on this yet! I loved the song and I adored the pics!! I just saw your first video over at Twitarded (I'm working my way through posts I didn't read when I was stuck in WA land) and it was HOT!!! Well done, Mrs. V! Well done!!!

Snarkier Than You said...

I know it's YOUR birthday but it's like you just gave ME a present!!! Wow - that was an awesome vid - please keep making them! (And I'll admit it - I love that George Michael song. There, I said it.)

I don't care if it makes me late for work--I have to go watch that again (might as well watch it a few more times and then clean up all the drool at once, you know?)!

I think I need to share this with as many people as possible. As soon as possible!

: )

Hope you have a great birthday!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Girls, thanks for watching my stuff, really thats so great you like it! And well, the good think you can watch it whenever you want, it´s not a VHS so it won´t get bad!

I´m glad you also liked the music choice, this is always the hardest part!

and @STY: hey, you are free to share :-) with whoever and wherever you want!

Alice said...

L.O.V.E. the pictures you picked. Can't wait for your next one!

Alice said...

Oww btw song suggestion:

Lou Reed - Wwalk on the wild side

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Hey alice cool that you found your way to my blog, and cool that you follow me- Lovers my follower!
I´m sure there will be a next one as far as there are enough rob pics :-) and thanks for the music suggestion, that´s always the hardest part.

My Twilife said...

HOLY SWEET LORD MOTHER OF JESUS...I love this video...the way you make Rob come at me on the screen...major computer eye fuckin going on right now! KUDOS! Keep it up!

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