Wednesday, August 26

Our Wide Awake video

Yes, it´s ours because you all spend your time reading it, sigh over it, discussing it and making beautiful banners and pictures for it. We all spend the last weeks with this story and although it is sad, it now comes to an end. The only thing which is still missing is the epilogue but the main story is over and so is the discussion at cutie´s.

I simply loved it. Loved the time with Edward, Bella and you all.

When I started doing all those videos I soon had the idea of making a video for Wide Awake. I mean, everything was there for making it: the songs on EtmyB´s blog and all those amazing pictures from the discussion and the recaps. I told cutie about the idea and she was immediately enthusiastic about it. So, I began and week for week I added the newest pictures and banners and it all started to form a video.

And I had wonderful people who helped me:

first and foremost cutie: who spend hours in correction my typos, encouraged me with her enthusiasm and just did everything to make it better and better.

fragile little human: She made this wonderful banners and she hold my hand together with cutie while the making process.

KG: always watched the progress and added her thoughts. She is just wonderful!

Thanks girls, for doing that with me. Although, it took much more work than all the others videos together, it was just worth it and I truly loved the time with you!

For all those who didn´t read it yet, you can still watch the video, there a nice Rob and Kristen pics.

But now, just watch it and read cuties last and final ending post.

*wipes away a tear and waves*

Go to youtube and watch it HQ. Cutie and me went to hell and back this morning while we tried to upload it, it was a nightmare!

21 truly lovely comments..:

cutie said...

I had so much fun helping you make this video, Mrs. V. But truly I did very little, outside of occasionally losing focus and sending you RobPorn verses pictures we could use. ;)

It was the perfect ending and a fabulous idea. And it's a beyond amazing video.

practicemakesperfect said...

Best f**king vid ever.
love the story and now this vid.
thank you!

Alice said...

Wow Stunning video! I loooved wide awake. It was a hell lot better written than the twilight saga imho. And you picked some amazing quotes! Congratz!

Have you read withering the ferns yet? That one is great as well. It's shorter, so the characters can't develop as much as in wide awake but it's again incredibly funny and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh so Beautiful, made me happy and sad.

Latchkey Wife said...

I have no words. Just awesome!

itsjustme said...

Just wonderful! I love all the videos you have made, but this was such a great idea.

Bereth said...

You have dazzled us with this great video Mrs. V. And I know you say you are not an artist, but I do think you are. I heart your vids!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Good job... as always!!

Just this time not quite my cup of tea.
No tears like with the last one which killed me.
But I guess it's because of the topic - LOL.

I liked the moving ornament very much...

mmMoxie said...

Love the video! I'll bet that was a lot of hard paid off.

I'm not into fan fic so much but I did read Wide Awake and thought it was AWESOME!

Can't wait to see more of your videos :)

marie said...

Absolutely beautiful Mrs. V! =)

Pushy Fox said...

Mrs. V, I said this on Cutie's blog too, but you did an AMAZING job on the video. I FINALLY finished WA last night and I awoke to this wonderment. I lovers you for it. :)

BTW - I also love the "new" layout! Very, very nice look!

Honolulu Girl said...

Props to all you wonderful ladies for putting this together. Wide Awake was a beautiful story and you all captured it. I love seeing all your names in the credits. I'm like hey, I know that name, and than name and that name...

Bitches said...

Great video! That must've taken forever to make! I especially liked the "I think your vagina is showing." hehehe

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I didn't do anything but tell you how awesome your work is! This video is perfect - I love it!

(BTW, I downloaded the song on iTunes. Don't think I'll ever be able to listen to it without this video playing in my head *grin*)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Girls, you all made this work so much more than worth it! Reading your comments makes my heart jump and really happy!

I saw the video countless times during the process, but it is nothing compared to see it "online".
The song I know by heart now and it will always remind me of all this here.

@Honolulu Girl: It´s great that the community grows and grows and we all get to know each other since we are all sharing the same devotion!

@Betti: I appreciate your comment since you don´t even like the story. *hugs*

KG said...

the new layout it most beautiful!

i am so glad i was able to help you with the video, although i didnt help much. it turned out AMAZING!!

luv u lots!

Limey_1996 said...

That was hauntingly beautiful!

Thank you soo much. :D

SwanPrincess said...

I can't see the doesn't look like it's still on the post. Is it just me or is it not there anymore? I'd really love to watch it!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

now you scared the shit out of me! But it is still there maybe go to youtube? You might see it there.

now, it took a load off my mind.

Megan said...

wow... that was... awesome. the song was perfect. all the pics were great... loved all the quotes from the story. i just started it about a week ago and literally JUST finished it about 20 minutes ago and i had been waiting to watch your video til i was done... what a great way to end it. THANKS SOOOO MUCH!

yoga ninja mama said...


like many readers, i have a strong emotional tie with this story. and this video MAY have caused a tear or two to slide down my cheek.

may have. i'm not confirming anything :).

this is a beautiful video.

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