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My Twinacè and beloved best TwiBFF:

Betti. Music. Twilight.


Always wanted to know more about FanFiction? And what the hell a "..ward" is? Cutie wrote a wonderful post about this including also some rec's you might want to check out. Got and check this post!

Breath Me by fragile little human.
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please read it, she was wonderful honest and open!

In the Blood by fragilefoxes
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Your True Colors from Not What you think
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I'll be your lover too by Mrs Robward
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Wanna know some facts about me? Here we go, but be warned I will be truly honest about myself:

I’m German! This means my English is far from being perfect but I try my very best. If you something extraordinary odd feel free to tell me so, otherwise I will never improve.
Why do I write in English anyway?  I started reading all those wonderful blogs when I got addicted to Twilight and well, they are all in English and I wanted to be part of this.  

I’m 31 married with no kids and I’m doing a PhD in biology, so I can be called a scientist.

I’m blond although it needs some help from the hairdresser

I’m extremely emotional!

I’m a true friend and loyal.

I love stylish tech-stuff like everything from Apple.

I like fast expensive cars, although I drive a small one but I hope someday I can buy myself an exclusive fast car.  (You see, the title of my blog was no coincidence)

I love getting emails, so fee free to write me:


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