Tuesday, September 29

The sexy bad (nor not so bad) Vampires.

Since I promised you something last week, today I want to focus on the other Vampires we find in the TV shows. Apart from our tortured Vampires we always find a second main character which most of the times appears darker then the main figure.
He’s the one who enjoys being a Vampire and never bothered killing humans to feed on them. Specially in the beginning one always has the feeling that those are actually the really bad Vampires, the ones we need to be scared of. It seems like they lack all humanity.

But is that all we can say about them: dark, sadistic, rough, bad, totally vampire, no soul, no heart, no feelings? Nope, there is much more and that’s why I tempt to say that they are often the more interesting characters. 

Let’s see whom we have:
Spike (Buffy), Damon (Vampire Diaries), Eric (Oh my Eric, True Blood), Joseph (Moonlight) … But uhhhh there is someone missing? (And before you say something I didn’t include Interview with a vampire, no Tom Cruise and no Lost Boys… Sorry)
We definitely miss this type of character in Twilight!!! James? Na, he’s dying in the beginning, no nice thing to say about him. Aro, Caius, Marcus: The don’t count in here… They are too different. Too sad…

However, what all those Vamps have in common is the joy being a Vampire and the joy of scaring the shit out of others.They are mostly arrogant, sniffy, and contemptuous of every non-vampire creature. This is how we get to know them.

Anyway, there is more inside those characters than just that. When we get to know them better, we see that they are not as dark and evil as they pretend to be. Although they are the real creatures-of-the-night, they do reform during the show/movie. For example: Spike really goes through a huge development, fells in Love with Buffy and although he was that evil guy one starts to sympathize with them. Just like Damon (Vampire diaries) in episode 3. I’m really curious how this character will form during the next episodes. Eric, well Eric…all we have to say about this particular vamp you find here in this big post from FireCrotch and me.
At some point we see how this bad Vamps fells in love with a girl and shows that he still has something called a heart or even a soul and the darkness mingles with softness we’ve never seen from them before. That’s what makes them more intriguing you see how they find back what they have lost over centuries. Humanity, kindness and probably something like a soul? This confuses them, a lot.
But do they seek for redemption, just like the tortured vampires? What do you think?

Let’s go to the close up:


At the beginning he was pretty much annoying. The punk vamp, truly evil and he likes to hit and scare humans, specially women. But it happens that he felt in love with Buffy and then tries to get his soul back with the hope that Buffy will finally love him. I know at lot of you really liked Spike.


Unfortunately I can’t say so much about him since I didn’t read the books. There have been just 3 episodes released so far. Damon is that entire arrogant, evil and definitely sexy Vamp. Who is just there to torture his brother Stefan. But the last scene of episode 3 showed a bit more from him and that indeed there is some softness in him. We just need a bit more time to see inside him.


He’s Mick’s best friend and enjoys the vampire-living, parties and fresh blood, and this please from pretty women. Although he represents here the “bad (not so bad) vampire” he is mostly a funny guy and one tempts to like him easily. But because I <3 fragile little human, he makes his appearance here on my blog.


Oh well Eric, he is definitely all I said above and more. He’s fascinating and intriguing. The more we see from him the more we want to know him better and see behind the facade. If you are a big Eric fan, read more about him here! And I have to say it, I love this picture with Sookie and Eric.

I’m a bit unhappy with this post because I couldn’t include anything Twilight here. But I promise you’ll get more Twilight you ever dreamt of here in the next weeks… more on that I’ll announce soon…

Anyway girls, who is your favourite bad – not so bad- Vamp? I guess it will be tough between two of them…  I bet on ….   Well, let’s see! Or do you still prefer the ones with more kindness and humanity, the “tortured” ones?

For me – like most of you  - Edward will always be my favourite. He has everything, sexy, kindness, softness but can be tough when we need it.
But like last time, Edward cannot be voted today. So I’ll take Eric! (but Damon is also a hot one….)

Friday, September 25

Eric is So Tortured. Well, is he - or not?

Well, somehow my last post really gave way for a lot of discussion. Some of you have been disappointed that I didn’t include Eric in this post. But I had my reasons. I didn´t consider Eric being one of those tortured Vampires because he obviously loves being a Vampire. He never had problems killing humans or taking their blood.
But I’ll let someone speak for Eric, so here is what FireCrotch from WeBitePrettyHard has to say ( you will find everything from FireCrotch in black and my thoughts in red :

(**I’m going to try and do this without spoilers from the books (which makes things awfully difficult because that’s how I fell in love), but if you haven’t finished season 2 of True Blood, you should finish and then read this post.**)

I know I know…people are still so Team Bill.  And you are all still probably sobbing uncontrollably wondering what happened to Bill after he proposed to Sookie in the season finale.  Yes, I understand the Bill love, truly I do, because I too cared for Bill…but the adoration has waned and now I only have eyes for Mr. Northman.  “Why?” you may ask.  I know he seems like a BAMF and up to no good (case in point, chaining a bunch of peeps up in the basement of Fangtasia including our beloved Lafayette). Yes this is a good point, Bill would have never done that and this was really mean and so bad-vampy like.  He has been around for a thousand years and there is very little humanity left in him.  He doesn’t have a problem killing or drinking from humans (unlike Bill).  He seemingly gets off on the power he wields being sheriff (especially over Bill).  But let me count the ways that I heart Eric:
1.      He can fly and he likes teacup humans. (I hope we will see him flying in the next season! But yeah Fire this is really really a reasonable reason for loving him …;) )

2.     He doesn’t take crap from anyone (well except for the Queen…Yahtzee anyone?).  He was a warrior, and a good one at that.  He was so good that on his deathbed, his maker asked him to stay with him forever because he was impressed with his mad battle skills.

3.     He’s a tricky bastard.  Yup, he totally tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so that they would be bonded together.  And then we all (ok, all of us minus Betti) got the treat of a totally erotic dream with Eric. If only the camera man could have swooped a little further down and to the left. *sigh* (Gosh this scene was awesome and seeing him smiling was so wonderful)

4.    He is loyal.  See number 5 below for my comments about Eric’s loyalty to Godric.  Have you noticed how close he and Pam are?  I could say so much on this subject from the books, but I won’t, except that Eric is Pam’s maker.  And Pam colors and styles his hair.  ‘Nuff said.

5.     He loves deeply.  Raise of hands for those who teared up when Eric pleaded with Godric not to leave him. (I cried like hell and even watched it again… ) Yup, that’s what I thought, you can put your hands down.  For a thousand years Godric and Eric raped, looted, pillaged, and plundered their way through the world.  Godric taught Eric everything he knew about his new life in death.  We are only left to wonder at their close relationship, but doesn’t this picture really say it all?

Just for the record, I love him too! While I was definitely Team Bill in the beginning, Eric gained a lot of profile in Season 2 – and the haircut finally made him sexy! Reading the books made me love him even more. He is the more interesting character, he´s conflicted and not knowing what goes on in his head makes him even more fascinating.

But coming back to what FireCrotch has to say about Eric being tortured:

So why do I say that Eric is tortured?  Because he has loved and lost.  And there is something about Sookie that he is drawn to whether he wants to admit it or not.  He has lived for centuries, and yes, very little of his humanity is left, but in those moments with Godric, I think we got a glimpse of Eric’s former life.  He is a deeply private man who is now facing the rest of his life without his maker.  Has he lived long enough?  Does he still have purpose?  And what of Sookie?  Why does he continue to pursue her?  Eric has a lot on his emotional plate right now. 

This is totally true, he starts realizing that his feelings for Sookie are much more than just the wish to have sex with her or  taste her blood. But does this makes him tortured? I would rather say confused. It´s been a long time since he felt something close to Love and that´s maybe why he simply doesn´t recognize the feeling for what it is. Seeing Eric crying in this episode really showed that Eric is a lot mor than just the bad Vampire who owns a bar and likes to frighten some humans. Also, I guess it is hard  for him to admit these feelings to himself.

In comparison, Bill had to leave his wife and children behind, but he’s only had to deal with the loss for 150 years or so.  And maybe he still has some living relatives…who knows?   Yes, he is determined to mainstream, and no he didn’t really want to turn Jessica, but really, why is he such a pussy when it comes to protecting Sookie from Eric?  Bill feels that he was cheated out of his life with his family and death, but it certainly didn’t stop him from living it up with his maker Lorena for decades.  So tortured, perhaps…totally whipped, absolutely. 

Whatever he has done during the time with Lorena, at some point he stopped it because he hated the “life” they were living. You remember the episode where he visited his remaining family? There he realized that this life is gone and he can never have it back. He lived the life Lorena showed him and at that point he simply didn´t know any better. He would do everything to be back human again, do you think Eric would give his Vampire life for a human mortal life? I guess not.

I disagree…I think that Eric would give his life…he did save Sookie during the bombing (even though he tricked her into sucking the bullets out of him and thus ingested his blood, hehe).  But if he had not covered her, she probably would have died.  And for those of you who say Eric wasn’t in danger of dying from his wounds, I say to you that vampires did die in the blast, so potentially he could have died saving her.  I think this was where we finally got to see Sookie’s importance to Eric (even if he did act like a total ass after the fact).

Oh yes you are totally right, this was an important scene and definitely showed how much Eric cared for her. But I still believe he did that with the knowledge he wouldn´t die. I know some of them died, but still I think he cares more for his own life than for a human’s. I mean, yes he wants to have Sookie, but he still doesn´t know that he loves her.
One part for Eric I want to add. It was the episode before the bombing, where Sookie was captured and he came to rescue her and Godric. He handed himself to Fellowship so that Godric and Sookie could go. This scene showed a lot of his character, when I saw it I couldn´t believe what he was doing. I loved him a bit more after this episode and it made me forget the fact that he called Lorena to get Bill out of the way so that he could get closer to Sookie… 

It seems that Mrs. V and I have different views on the subject of Eric being a tortured soul, erm, man, erm, vampire.  What do you think? Yeah, tell us - what do you think??

Tuesday, September 22

The sexy tortured Vampire

Since I need things to distract myself from all those spoilers floating around, I´m happy there are things out there like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I´m glad I found a *cough* link *cough* where I can watch those shows, although they haven´t reached Germany so far.

Anyway, I guess I have a crush on Vampires at the moment,  or, should I say, the crush came back. When I was much younger, I loved Buffy - a lot! I ´ve seen every single episode and was a proud owner of all the seasons on DVD. This is years ago, and it´s nothing compared to my Twilight obsession - nothing! (Did I say nothing?)

However, let´s count what we have: Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, and Moonlight.  Side note: You probably know Moonlight from fragile little human's wonderful story Breath Me. It was a TV show but only had one Season, which is a pity because I liked it quite a bit! Side note two: I didn´t include Interview with a Vampire, although they would fit perfectly, because I just didn´t want to write about Brad Pitt ...

But, they all have a few things in common, without which I wouldn´t love them so much. One of these things: The tortured Vampires.

Let´s name them : There is Edward *sigh*, Bill (True Blood), Stefan (Vampire Diaries), Angel (Buffy), and Mick (Moonlight)

All of them struggle with being a Vampire, and they desire a human girl.  Love is what makes those stories so beautiful. The "good" and gorgeous Vampire would do anything for the fragile human (although Buffy was far away being fragile..), even being mortal again, to have a long and happy life together *wink*.  What makes them also so adorable is that they are so tortured by being a vampire; they hate themselves, which seems so  vulnerable. Strong and vulnerable at the same time is an amazing mixture!

Apart from all that, we can easily imagine us being the beloved human. Hey, who wouldn´t love being adored by a strong man who is totally nuts about you, protects you against everything evil, and thinks you are the best and most beautiful woman in the world??

And let´s face it: Vampires are sexy and hot!

Why? Well it's not just because they are mostly played by gorgeous guys, but it's also that the whole mythos around those Creatures-of-the- night is dark but yet erotic. Somehow, the combination of pain and love makes our tortured Vampires so sexy, and this will last forever since they never die! While the erotic part is definitely missing in Twilight, we get quite a bit in True Blood! I´m not sure where the Vampire Diaries will go, but I guess it won´t be as hot as TB. Buffy at least had sex with Angel and later with Spike - although the scenes are definitely not as erotic as in True Blood. So if you want some hot scenes, including biting, blood, eroticism, and sex - watch True Blood!

Anyhoo, let´s have a closer look at the guys:


My first! The Vampire with a soul, and gosh I was in love with him! This big dark guy who always looks as if he´s in pain - and indeed he was! He appeared quite often in my teenage dreams... I was mad that Buffy and he didn´t end up together just because they made this Angel Spinoff!

Mick St.John

Thinks of himself being a monster and follows the human girl since she was a small kid, finally falling in love with her. This so sweet and lovely!  I liked him and the show a lot, but he hasn't appeared in my dreams. But I included him for fragile little human!


Before I hear a few of you screaming, stay calm! I´m still Team Eric. Eric belongs into a different category of vampires (coming soon). Anyhow, I have to separate the books from the show, and the first season was really nice to Bill! He takes advantage of the new synthetic blood to live among humans, because he doesn´t like to be this frightening Vampire. He would do everything for Sookie - even dying! I like dark guys, brown hair, and, although he´s a bit older than the other boys, I like him still a lot in the show! But the white make-up was sometimes way too white! And, I always have to giggle when he says, "Soooookie!"


Ok, the first thing that caught my eye were his brows!! Hell, they are way to prominent!!  But he´s kind of cute - also again a boy with dark hair. The first episode didn´t do it for me, but the second was much better! And he has such kissable lips! Really, look at them! I have to see the rest of the show to write more. I haven't read the books (so far...), so let´s see how the show progresses.

Edward (oh Edward...)

Oh well, Edward, he is really the most adorable, loveliest, prettiest and.... well he´s Edward!!
What makes him so much more wonderful than the other ones? Look at him, just look at him!!! I mean, although I like all the other guys, Edward really won my heart. None of the others made me obsessed and addicted like Edward. I guess it is the way SM describes his personality, and Midnight Sun just did the rest! Besides that, Rob really became the Edward/Robward, and I just adore him an awful lot! Yeah, I guess you know how I feel ...

This was the part about our tortured vampires, and, before I hear something about Eric or Spike, let me say this: they belong in a different category, and I´ll write about them soon! Promise!!!! Next week, or sooner, let´s see ...

Edward is obvious, but who is your favorite tortured Vampire? (Eric doesn´t count here!!) Is it Angel? Stefan, maybe Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire? Mick? Did I forgot one??

Tell me girls!!! Say it, say it out loud!

Thanks so much fragile little human for proofreading this post, I love you!! Really do! 

Friday, September 18

Me and the disaster of the New Moon premiere!

Caution: this will a whiny pathetic post, in case you are already in a shitty mood yourself, don´t read on but come back and read it later! I definitely need people who pity me... 

I guess I need to start at the beginning. When the dates of the New Moon premiere have been released I was immediately pissed, because the former Germany release date was January7. Ridiculous!!! There was no way I would see NM that late, rather will hell freeze or Bella will go with Mike to prom before I would see NM first time in January.

At the same time, BFF applied for a two weeks workshop in the states, New York to be precise and this would go until: November, 19!!! 
Destiny!!! Fate!!!
We formed the genius, marvelous plan that she will fly home later and I would meet her in NYC on the 19., we would see NM and have a great weekend in New York. 
Doesn´t that sound fabulous? Oh Yes it does!!! I was so hooked! MrV even promised to take care of a good hotel. I was even close to convince my Twiancé Betti to come with me ( you remember we are twigaged?).

However, they changed the German releases date and accelerated it to November,26.! Better, but not good enough! This is still one week later - one week where nearly every blogpost will look somehow like this: 

*Squeeeeee, cutie and Memory_Jean in the New Moon premier* - *Twitarded fighting the kiddies at the New Moon premiere* - *New Moon - Bitches!! * - *fragile little human, BFF, drinks, New Moon premier*  

and so on and on ....

Anyway, the plan was still on, and BFF and me were still excited about it. The only little, tiny, small thing missing was the acceptance. I never ever doubted they won´t take her. I can´t post a picture form her, but she is all lovely, beautiful and so smart!!! They would be stupid not to take her.. 

But!!! so they did. They rejected her! We got his fucking email this week.. 


All this wonderful master-plan dead, over, not working any more! I can´t tell how fucking pissed I was, or still am! Unfortunately, she just can´t do it either way, meaning flying with me just for this weekend.

I still could do it alone - MrV thinks this would be crazy like hell, but he did crazy stuff himself. But do I really want that ? Seeing the movie alone might be OK, but I´m not that kind of person who likes spending so much time alone on a trip. And hey, what is better to see this film with someone as excited as you are? We are not talking  about any movie, we talking about New Moon - my favorite book and Edward fucking Cullen, played by Robert fucking Pattinson. I would sit alone in a big city and would have nobody to talk about it and I´m such a chatty person.

So here I am desperate, whiny, pathetic, pissed, mad and simply fucked up! 

The only thing which keeps me up, is the knowledge that my lovely Betti  will come to Munich and we´ll see New Moon together! This, we would have done nevertheless, but it makes me incredible happy to finally meet her - I never even thought we would meet at some point, but Twilight brings us all together, even in real life.

However, I won´t see New Moon at the same day as you all, but I´ll have Betti!!! We will scream, cry and laugh together and me thinks we will get some bruised from squeezing our hands and wrists...

My new photoshop love made me do this here, but Betti is truly the bestest of the best, she made this beautiful Comic-Betti and the popcorn!! Lovveee you soo much!!!! 

Tuesday, September 15

The Vanquish most wonderful comment award !

Yep, I give away a award! Why? Well, simply because I can! When I first started blogging I just did it for me, but soon I realized a blog without comments is a book without reviews, Bella without Edward, Rob without his hair. My heard is always jumping whenever I see a new comment,no mater what kind -short -long- kind - funny, whatever! 

There are many lovely people who always take their time to comment and I appreciate every single one of them! That´s why I decided to design a comment award. 

I´ll give this award away from time to time. Whenever I find a wonderful comment, or a extremely funny one, or just someone I simply love. No rules there! 
But there is one person who nearly comment every single post since we met. Not only does she comment, she always thinks of something original, funny or just lovely, just like she is. However, there was one comment which went directly into my heard: 
You know I tend to leave funny comments.
Not this time.
I swear I'm crying right now.
And I'm not easy to get.
But honestly... this is just too beautiful and touching.
I don't know how you made this or what exactly is the trigger here - I even forgot that it's Rob and Kristen I'm seeing. It just pushed some button deep inside silly me. (or to put it another way: Artsie passed out and Fannie just went off like a rocket)
Thank you for this tender and precious three minutes!
This was a comment on the Everytime we touch video and being able to touch a women like her was really something extraordinary for me..  
I guess her most funnies comment was this one
Mini-E waving goodbye with (...his bedsheet...) a handkerchief is (...almost more than I can take...) just too cute.
I'm really looking forward to some pics of him posing (...awkwardly...) proudly in front of famous Canadian sightseeings.
Or may Mini-E naked in all his (...incompleteness...) glory, while the sun is (...slightly deforming...) tenderly kissing his (...playmobil-like...) velvet-like skin?
This would be (...the nemesis of the civilized world...) just great!
Have a good time, you both!
I really love her a lot and when she says things like this even more:  
„Anyway... you're the bomb!“ (from here) 
„ I'm very proud of you indeed!!
You really do resist your own personal brand of... omg you're brave and strong like a true Cullen!“ 
(from there)
Oh my  goodness, she said I´m like a Cullen??? That´s one of the most amazing compliments I ever got...  And she gives her 2cents even when she´s doesn´t care about the topic, like with the WA video. Always honest! 

Thats why - Betti - gets the first award! Love you honey (you said ones I´m allowed to say that, right?). Take it and keep it, it´s all yours! Apart from that, I hope you´re not mad at me anymore for this little bit of teasing yesterday, but designing this award really was a lot of work and my photoshop skills exploded with this. I had to learn quite a bit to be able to do this award and I really wanted to make it good. 
Anyway girls, I love you all and let´s see who will be next ... 

Monday, September 14

Spoiler free - or how to remain pure

The last days have been horrible! Truly.fucking.horrible! 
It´s been a while since I decided among others to stay spoiler free, which means to avoid any trailers, teasers and set pictures. Why the fuck doing so? I mean I know the plot by heard and New Moon is absolutely my favorite!

Well, I save my brain, my eyes, my screams for the big day - meaning November, 20! It is in a way stupid, since I gonna see New Moon definitely tons of times afterwards, but I won´t miss the first feelings I´ll have sitting in the cinema and see it for the first time on a big screen. This will be heaven - true pure heaven, and it will be overwhelming and Betti really  needs to hold my hand! You will do that my friend, yes? 

I mean, I´m not completely pure. I ´ve seen the MTV movie awards and saw the first official trailer and it was like a unicorn. I just knew: this movie will be great! They will do it right! Apart from that I saw set picture, yeah I saw them and I was like a junkie. I had to see them, all of them, now. But the reunion scene pictures changed me. This was just too much, way too much, way more than what I wanted to see. And around this time I met some wonderful people in Twitter and some of them told me they stay spoiler free. But what really changed me completely was this post from KG and cutie. (There is also a list from people which stay together pure) 

But how do I manage this??? The web is full of spoilers and the days where there is a new teaser release are horrible! Twitter is going nuts about it and nearly every blog post something about it. The last days have been pure hell. I needed all my willpower not to watch  it and somehow I managed! 
I´m pretty much proud of myself! 
What helps also to stay pure is a blogroll, you see immediately the post topic and can simply avoid going to this site.

Well, basically what you need it an enormous amount of strength and will! Still, it is pure freaking fucking hell!  So, don´t click at the links and avoid the spoiler blogs. 

But are there any  spoiler free blogs left? I mean, we need something to distract ourselves, apart from reading FanFic or other Vampire books.  A few, only I few I know are left. Here is a list of blogs, I know won´t post any spoilers: 

SuperSecret Twilight blog - cutie is really the purest of all of us

If there are more sites, let me know I´ll update the list and add yours. You will find the list on the sidebar :)

So find the will! It is never to late... 

Friday, September 11

The full of Randomness - I´m back post.

Mini-E and me are really back from vacation, although it could have been longer and having to work again really sucks, a lot !!! 
However, here I am *waves* and I´m happy to be fully back in bloggyland and Twitter. 

But before I´ll tell you about my holidays, here are a few things I need to say first:

1.) Cheers for my  55 Followers!!!! 

While I relaxed and the girls took over my blog (here and there), the 50th Follower  found my blog and now there are even more: 55! 
I can´t tell how happy this makes me. Welcome all and thanks so much for following me and reading my stuff. When I started this blog I never - ever thought I would have so many cool, lovely, awesome and amazing followers. Really,  this makes my bloggy heart so fucking full of joy! You are all so wonderful. 

2.) Thanks sooo fucking much for the two guestposts!!! 

cutie and marie: I´m still so thankful you two took your precious time to write a post for me. It was just awesome, I so love this post full of beautiful Rob pics -SuitRob oh my loveliness - and your tit and tat craziness. I love you girls! Your are a wonderment! 

FireCrotch and Bitches: You girls are the best! I knew you would come up with a True Blood post, but this video you did was awesome!!! I even forced MrV to watch it but he was for some reason not as excited as me.. Thanks so much for doing this for me. You are amazing and I give you a big hug!  (Sorry for entering your bubble, FireCrotch; Bitches, you are Ok with a hug? ) 

Girls, if I can do something for you, ask me!  

3.) FanFiction updates

There have been a few updates during the two weeks and I still need to read them all. Here´s my „at-the-moment-(in-the-meantime-updated)-reading-list“: 

Breath Me (fragile little human)
Answering Bell (ilsuocantante)
The Office (tby789)

You know, they all yell at me „Read.Me.Now!!“. I love them all for different reasons and I always try to be a good reader give my review, so sorry for the delay. I´ll try to read and comment soon! 

4.) Blog Updates

There is no way I can catch up with everything I missed. I´m glad I had internet during my holidays so I could read at least some of the posts, but there are still plenty unread ones out there.  And I love reading this wonderful blogs and I love to comment. Anyway, now I´m back and also back to read and comment.

5.) Undercover fragilelittlehuman mission...

The last two days I was quite nervous since I was on a special Twilight-mission for my lovely fragile little human. Today, I managed!!! But it was tough. I can´t tell more since I´ll definitely do a post about it and I´ll not take away the fun. Anyway, all I can say is: you´ll find me brave and you will laugh about me (Betti did...), but that´s fine. So please be patient.... 

6.) short and random vacation impressions 

I´m a shopping addict - bought tons of clothes
I read like hell - read 6 True Blood books 
I ´m a coffee addict - love Starbucks and always buy a new mug
I´m an apple freak - Mac is my life now ;)
I´m devoted to my Mini-E - who posed for every stupid pic! 
... and I bought my first Chucks for 15 years  (this makes me feel so damn old...) 

So this were basically my vacations: quality time with MrV, shopping, sunbathing, swimming, reading, coffee, wine....  I´ll definitely show you some pics in a different post. 

But for now: 
End of randomness!!!! 
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