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The Book vs Movie Recap Pt.1

I am so blown away by all those lovely comments. I never ever thought Fanny and me would get so much response from you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you discuss these things here with us. While I have tons of fun doing this here together with my TwiFF Fanny, with all of you being part of this is even so much better. All the comments are so awesome and I try do do every one of you justice. First let me thank all of you who comment here:

Countess Twicula, Honolulu girl, Kelly O, Susie from ApplesNFeathers,

Call of a Duty Widow, fragile little human, Amy, Stan, cutie,

Smuttier Than You, chiquitin517, Bierbek, SBGDGT, MrsRobward,

onepushyfox, itsjustme, uhyesplease, Annie, Stoney

I know you miss Fanny, but she’s all busy working on the next drawings and watching Twilight over and over… but she left a little message:

So it’s just me and since Betti is super busy, nobody corrected my post, which means you have to deal with my odd german English. But you know me already, so take it with a smile.


Most of us simply loved the Intro and since Fanny told me about the symbolism of the deer I love it even more. Bella is the fragile innocent deer hunted by Edward. Great.

Honolulu girl: I love the intro Twilight. I love the music and hearing her speak. It's really moving.. for me.. I really do like the intro, I love the song choice, I love the way they show a little of the desert and then transition to Forks. I feel a sense of dread for her..

cutie: I, too, loved the opening! Fanny, great insight into the deer and Bella. I also thought the opening had a great “feel” to it. The song worked perfect with the feel and I liked that we got a look at Bella’s mom and Phil (even if it was a wham bam thank you man.) I also liked how they showed the differences between Phoenix (a desert) and Washington (the exact opposite, sofa king green).

Oh yes I love the music, and the small cactus symbolizing the dry Phoenix was lovely.

Susi: Loved the introduction. It spoke to the heart of the beginning of the book and stayed on track.

SBGDGT: I love the opening, even though I had no clue who the hell was jumping at the deer! But Bella's voice over that scene was great.

SBGDGT, me neither *giggles* I just got it when watching the extras on the DVD, but when I thought about it afterwards it makes so much sense!

Rosalie’s ass

Gosh girls, I never thought this special topic gave so much to discuss, but nearly every one of you had something to say about this:

Honolulu girl: Yes, what the fuck is up with Rosalie's ass and I thought I was the only one on the planet that noticed that. For goodness sakes, your a Vamp. Doesn't fat ass go away when you become a Vamp? Rosalie squeezed into some tight ass mother effin jeans and then she like shook that ass as she walked by. Seriously I go do a whole post on just her ass, but I'll spare you. Sorry. Just ranting. . My only complaint with that scene is Rosalie's jeans. Maybe a different outfit? I'm sorry. I can't get over it.

Call of a duty widow: First, I agree, Rosalie's ass is huge in those pants...just because it's designer doesn't mean you'll look hot in it.

Smuttier Than You: And Rosalie's jeans....for fuck's sake! What the hell was that? Come on bitch, get with the times! It looks like she rode a sandpaper mechanical bull before putting them on! Soooo not in style!

Really, Rosie´s ass was highly controversy discussed….

cutie: Being of the fat assed I truly didn't mind her fat ass. Honestly, I thought it was fabulous that they kept it real. But that's just me and my fat ass loving a little junk in the trunk if ya know what I'm sayin'! *wobbles eyebrows suggestively*

chiquitin517: Oh, and Rosalie's ass looks fantastic! Don't hate on the curvy girls.

one Pushy Fox: Oh and my two cents on Rosalie are: she didn't bother me at all. I loved how Nikki played her all biatchy! And I didn't think her butt was huge (but, then again my butt is on the badonk-a-donk side itself, so who am I to judge!).

uhyesplease: I didn't have a problem with Rose's booty. I mean, I think it's less her curves and more a poor choice of wardrobe. Wardrobe overall was a bit crappy. My bff said it best, "I always thought Rosalie was more Beyonce, like BAM! She'd kill everyone with her confidence and killer looks."

I think the effect of her ass was mainly due to the shit wardrobe. Nikki is in a great shape and gorgeous, so this f** jeans really didn’t do her justice at all. I loved her playing all the bitch, this was great, but in the jeans she just looked cheap for me. And just to get this straight, I don’t mind if her ass is fat or slim, it just looked like that in this horrible jeans. I expect much better clothes in New Moon!

The crashodrama.

*giggles* that was great Fanny, I love “the crashodrama”. And well, most of the girls agreed that it was much more complicated in the book and loved how it was displayed in the movie. I read Twilight about 5 times and I never ever got it right…

Honolulu Girl: I will say crash scene in the movie is way better than the crap that Stephanie wrote. (sorry, the van in the book did what? and then Bella hit her head..very confusing.)

fragilelittehuman: I completely agree about the crash scene - I've read it AND listened to the book on CD, and I still don't understand all the physics of what happened. The movie handled that MUCH better.

Amy: I agree that the car crash scene in the book was way complicated. I kept re-reading it and trying to envision it, but that didn't work too well.

Stan: Totally agree with the bit about the crash in the book, I still can't work out what's going on and I read it about six times everytime I get to that bit.

SBGDGT: The wreck was much better in the movie, very straight forward. I still haven't figured the book's crash out in my head. And I'm a master nerd at figuring things like that out! :p

However, MrsRobward didn’t like the car crush scene in the movie: What exactly didn’t you like? Did you miss Edward taking care of Bella afterwards?

Mrs.Robward: Car crash, i didn't like movie version, BLAH

Blood typing scene

*sigh* this scene is so lovely in the book and is missing in the movie.

Countess Twicula: I could not agree with you guys more! There were several scenes from the book that i was dying to see like the blood typing,

Honolulu Girl: I agree with you on the blood typing scene.

Susie: Hands down the bloodtyping should have been in the movie. They could have shortened the edible art cafeteria scene and put that instead, its one of my few complaints.

fragile little human: The loss of the blood typing scene was a HUGE shame. Of course, the first time I saw the movie, I didn't know what I was missing. But, now that I've read the book, losing that scene was a bonehead move.

Amy: Blood typing scene is sadly missed.

Smuttier Than You: I wanted to see the blood typing and the aftermath of said-blood typing,

SBGDGT: I didn’t miss it at first, the blood typing was kinda important for their blossoming relationship, I wish it was there, but oh well.

Annie: I completely agree, the Blood-Typing scene should have been in the movie!!! That was one of my favorite scenes in the book and I'd been so eager to watch it onscreen...

While cutie also loves the scene in the book, she thinks it was fine to leave it out, because it would have slow down the movie:

cutie: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blood typing chapter but I can see how it would have slowed down the movie and might have been awkward for those who haven’t read the book. *quickly ducks down covering head* While it’s totally romantic wonderment, and of course we would have LOVED seeing it on the big screen, I’m not sure it would have translated correctly…

While I personally missed the scene badly, I agree with you here, it is always a tough decision when leaving out scenes, but you can never ever translate everything in a movie. We have a book with 500 pages and just 2 hours on a big screen. I guess that is why they decided to take it out.

Missing the Daddy’s

*looks uneasy to Fanny* : how could we have missed discussing the two daddys? I am glad Susie from ApplesNFeathers reminded us. *hangs head in shame* Fanny was so appaled that she insisted on making up for our mistake with a little home-made gift. It is... well, see for yourselves:

Susie: Meeting Carlisle--how could you and Fanny have left that out! I loved his intro it was delicious. Plus this is the scene in which I began to fall in love with Charlie. Comic Timing For The Win!

cutie: Dr. Cullen’s big entrance *cutie dies again*

You are both so right, actually I loved his intro tons. He won my heart immediately, although they really overdid the white make-up.

Honolulu Girl: Intro of Charlie. First I love Charlie. The way he acts reminds me a lot of my grandfather. Movie Charlie might be more entertaining to me than Charlie in the book.

SBGDGT: I right away fell in love w/ awkward Charlie

Charlie was definitely great; he was pretty much like I had imagined him in the book!

Kelly O: Although, disturbing fact, I think I have a crush on Billy Burke now.

*giggles* you are not alone Kelly, I know one more who has really a crush on Billy *looks over at Betti.Music.Twilight!*

Falling in love with Edward:

I fell in love with Edward right in the cafeteria scene when he walked hin and fragile little human is a big fan of cafeteria-Edward:

fragile little human: How can anyone not like the cafeteria scene?! As everyone probably knows, it's the moment I fell in love with Edward Cullen AND Rob Pattinson *swoon* *thud* Much prefer it to the book description

Itsjustme: To be honest, I was only half paying attention until I saw edward walk past the cafeteria window (right before he comes in the door) and I said, "who's that" before Bella did.

uhyesplease: And then Edward entered and I thought, "Yep - that's what all the hubaloo is about. Holy shit." And I nearly jizzed in my own pants

MrsRobward: I get tingly when Ed enters the cafeteria *swoon* Edward you had me at "HI, I didn't get to introduce myself..." I mean really, I started to squirm in my seat

Fanny wasn’t all for Edward in the cafeteria scene, just like cutie. Betti and Fanny fell in love during the second Biology scene.

cutie: Okay so yeah… Mr. Pattinson won my heart the weeks building up to the release of the movie, but his entrance into the cafeteria… lack luster at best for me. Crooked smile when Bella says “can we just hang out” *cutie dies

Sooo… *pointing to cutie* I heard you were the entire small little spoiler girl for Twilight? I didn’t have a chance for this since I came rather late to Twilight, so no chance for spoiler or falling in love with Robward earlier.

Kelly O: The only redeeming thing about this movie was Rob Pattinson. Seriously. And even then at some points he looked just... constipated instead of worried. But when he smiles (or lord help us laughs) it makes the pain go away.

Oh my Edward, yes his smile is priceless *sigh*

The big “Bella-smells-so-bad-so-that-Edwards-covering-his-nose” scene!

Hm, it seems we all agree here, the scene wasreally bad directed or bad acted. I can’t judge who had this stupid idea to show the scene like this, but whoever it was: it was just really bad! They could have ask Fanny, Susie or everyone of us how to do that scene..

Honolulu Girl: As with the first Biology scene. Seriously Rob's acting. WTH? He looks as if he smelled a bad fart and wouldn't you as a Bella, be what the fuck is your problem. He's holding his mouth the whole time.

Susie: Biology...yes I think the hand over the mouth was a little bit overkill. They should have done like a close up of him inhaling and then his eyes going wide in shock then slitting in hatred and loathing. Woulda been better. I honestly didn't like the way Edward carried himself when they met again in biology. He acted nervous and stuttery. In the book he seemed more refined and confident. Its still played really well by RPattz but its a bit OOC.

Perfectly agree Susie!!

cutie: I too wish Hadwicke would have directed Mr. P differently in the first bio scene… the whole covering of the noise acting like a weirdo was ridiculous!

But his smirk in the hallway I DIED!!!

SBGDGT: In Biology class, I thought maybe she farted? Or he SBDd? Or he ate some bad meat and was about to hurl!? LOVE that story board! Perfect recreation :)

See Fanny? People love your…uhm..drawings.. (yeeahh I know they are storyboards..)

Mrs.Robward: I still think Ed was smellin Newton's farts that scene instead of Ed smellin Bella. SHE SMELLS GOOD! not like ass

Aww Stacy, I laughed my ass off when I read this part of your comment. *still giggling*

Jacob –The Wig- Black

I know, we really didn’t discuss Jake at all. But I am rather biased to be honest, and he had such a small role in Twilight that I forget even to think about discussing him. However, I am not sure but I think… that Fanny somehow loved Jakey-boy? We never talked about this.. But so good that we have Susie:

Susie: Meeting Jacob and Billy. I kinda wished we hadn't met Jacob so soon and that way the beach seen and his initial introduction would have been longer, better, and more set up since he is such an important character from here on out. I feel like as a whole the movie itself didn't show enough Jacob(even though I'm Team Edward)I'm just looking at it from a person's perspective who hadn't read the books. Seeing glimpses of him 4 times doesn't help for a set up but i'm getting ahead of myself sorry lol.

Edward and Bella falling in love…sooo fast …. too fast:

I really loved those comments on Edwards and Bella too fast developed love. All happened so fast and suddenly they are so in love that they would die for each other:

Bierbeck: I guess my biggest problem with the movie was that I did not feel the love and chemistry between Bella and Edward. I have watched the movie with the bonus feature of Catherine, Robert and Kristen commenting and Catherine says everyone kept telling her they were falling in love too fast and I agree. It just seemed like all of a sudden they were in love and I did not feel it.

I simply felt it because I know what happens, but this is not the same, you are totally right about this..

chiquitin517: Have to weigh in on this! My biggest complaints about the movie, …, acting and makeup, are the way they basically deleted Edward and Bella falling in love. Come on! That’s why we love the book. By deleting the blood typing scene and condensing the meadow scene, they changed the whole feel. They took it from an epic love story to a confusing teenage lust story.

Mrs.Robward: What really urkes me about the movie is that in the book they spend ALOT of time getting 2 known each other. They set together at lunch, Edward watched the minds of others to follow her (ok I know that’s MIDNIGHT SUN, but..) their adoration is genuine to me in the book, where as in the movie ya kinda never know WHY they fall in love? Because she smells good? Because he has eyes that change colors?

Perfectly agree, we have not really a clue why they love each other. I just think they had no clue how to show that in only two hours.

One Pushy Fox: I did wonder how anyone could keep up with the love story without having read the books (didn't the relationship just seem awkward without knowing all the behind the scenes pining that went on.

I am happy that I read the book before seeing the movie; I have to ask BFF how it was for her, since I forced her in the theatre without reading the books.


uhyesplease: Ok - so can I be the total jerk here. I was happily surprised when Eric was cast with an Asian guy and Tyler with an African-American guy. In my whitebread mind I just assumed they were white - so after the intial, "Huh?" I was completely cool with it.

Hehe, not at all! I was surprised like hell, although I also really didn’t care.

Itsjustme said something I totally agree with, you really spoke directly out of my heart. Movies are never as good as a book. One always has to keep that in mind when watching and judging a movie based on a beloved book.

Itsjustme: For the record, I did like the movie. Movies are never quite as good as the book. I suppose it is just not plausible to adapt everything to the screen. I also feel that it is important to remember when watching a book based movie that you are seeing one persons perspective and that in no way should change the perception in your own head.

Let me say this ones more, your comments were all so awesome and I tried hard to do every one of you justice. I hope I see you again next Wednesday when we discuss Port Angeles and The Meadow! Fanny is working concentrated on her drawings and we are excited to see your comments.

Oh and please have a look at Betti.Music.Twilight! Artsie did a wonderful Recap on her first challenge and has a great surprise for all of us!

8 truly lovely comments..:

Alice said...

Wow, now that's what I call a thorough recap! Rosie's ass also bothered me, well not her ass persé, but the jeans are just totally wrong for her figure. I think they did a good job styling the boys and Bella, but Alice and Rosalie? These girls are supposed to be über stylish. Any SA at a nice boutique could have done a better job.

Smuttier Than You said...

Loved the recap!! I do need to maybe clarify though, I have no problem with the size of Rosalie's ass, just the style and cut of the jeans. Like I said, looks like she rode a mechanical sandpaper bull ;) XOXO

Susie From ApplesnFeathers said...

Recap was kick ass. I think its great that Rosalie's ass got a section of discussion lol and the Dr.Cullen & Charlie Swan people paper chain...priceless

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Mrs. V *kisses to you* for putting together such an insightful recap. First, I didn't realize I curse a lot. Note taken... LOL! Second, I love other peoples points of view. It's because of all you that I understand or see things that I wouldn't have caught on my own. *so kisses to everyone who comments as well*
Oh and yes, I don't have a problem with Nikki's body just not in those jeans. Those jeans normally would look good going to a club but not for...intro of Rosalie. That's all...

cutie said...

YAY for recaps!!!
Great job Mrs. V. Thank you so much for doing this. =)

One Pushy Fox said...

Ditto! Yeah for recaps. And, Fanny, I love the Carlisle/Charlie chain dolls. LOLarious!!!

uhyesplease said...

Oh the wigfail! hilarious!

And yes, the Daddy chain was great - except all I could think of was the *ahem* daisy chain of loving I just read in The Trip Home ff by MsKathy and kinda blacked out for a minute..... So then I continued and realized it was just a drawing of chain dolls and I wiped the drool of my chin and was able to continue reading the post....

Yikes, see, I'm all about the lemons - I see them when they aren't even there!

What a great recap!!! Everyone had such killer comments!

Amy said...

Okay, for some reason I didn't realize that our comments were actually going to be part of the re-cap! If I had known I would have tried to make my comments a little more thorough and interesting. LOL Hopefully next time :) I really like reading everyone's comments. I love a good and lively discussion.

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