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The Book vs. Movie Discussion Pt.2

Before we start, I wanted to tell that Fanny and me have been really overwhelmed by the response we got. It was amazing how many wonderful people step into this discussion and had fun with us. I really hope it will be similar this week. We love you all tons!

The "Book vs. Movie" Discussion (Pt.2)

"La Push, Baby, it’s La Push..." (m)
: In the book, Bella and Jacob meet here for the first time, but as I said earlier, this is absolutely unimportant. The important difference here is that Jacob tells Bella the whole(!) Quileute legend, and not just parts like in the movie.
Fanny: Yes, but we get the main points. AND: we get those backflash images! I loved the hunting scene, the wolves and the treaty hand shake!
Mrs.V: Really? I mean, 4 (!) Cullens over one single deer? Agreed, the idea was good... but that was it. In the book Bella realized right the day after talking to Jacob that Edward could be a vampire, in the movie we are not there yet: Bella googles the Quileute legends and finds a bookstore in Port Angeles. The word vampire hasn’t been mentioned yet! Next day Bella asks Jessica if she can go with her to Port Angeles to be able to buy the book.
Fanny: U-hu... and then the real fun begins...
Mrs.V: What do you think of the changes they made in the movie? I think the tension gained from these changes.
Fanny: Hmm... do you think so? I found them kinda lulling to sleep, to be honest.
Mrs.V: I know most of the people would have read the books but not all of them, and you need to build a certain tension in a movie to get the audience. If everybody would have known already that Edward is a vampire, some of the following scenes wouldn’t have worked out well and a certain dramatic would have been missed.
Fanny: If that is so... then at this point of the movie, the unknowing watchers are better off than the hepcats - if there are any who really are THAT unknowing, that is. I mean, even if you didn't read the book - who in earnest could NOT know the movie was about vampires? Ads and trailers and such, hu?
Mrs.V: Well, I...
Fanny: So - I think this Bella-finds-out-about-Vampires-in-a-long-process was rather needless and boring! Ok, there was obviously some Macbook product placement deal, I guess. So she HAD to google a lot.
Mrs.V: But...
Fanny: As I said in Pt.1, I would have prefered the long conversation during their drive home from Port Angeles as it was in the book. That's why I made this... uhm... other storyboard.
Mrs.V: We'll be discussing this later... you m... oh? Another storyboard? Oh...!
Fanny: It shows all the strong and confusing feelings Edward had, and the way he was torn...

Mrs.V: Very vivid, Fanny! *cough* Would you mind telling me what the... is that cereals there on my blog background?!?
Fanny: Where... oh... yes, sorry! I was drawing during my breakfast this morning. But don't you think a scene like that would have touched peoples' hearts much more than Bella doing the google-dee-hoop? Right? Ok, but that's AFTER Port Angeles actually, and we're not there yet. Sorry, MrsV. - I get so easily carried away when it come to Twilight...
Mrs.V: I see... The fact however that Bella doesn’t know about Vampires yet, will influence the following movie scenes quite heavily.
Fanny: *brushes away breakfast crumbs*
Mrs.V: Anyway, let’s go to Port Angeles... * rubs hands*.
"Get in the car!" (m)
Mrs.V: After Bella dramatically bought the Quileute legends book – Bella the Danger Magnet gets into trouble with some jerks. Ok, my pulse quickened quite a bit when the Volvo came into the scenery...
Fanny: ...vrooom... *giggles*
Mrs.V: ...Edward got out of the car and … uhm, growled?
Shit, this growling was much more like purring! It was nothing like I had expected Edward would sound when he's angry.

Fanny: I didn't even notice he growled. Not before someone pointed it out to me. Bad sound editing, but yes... it was there.
Mrs.V: This was really bad and I was really, really disappointed! This could have been awesome… but naahhh… nothing threatening…
Fanny: Yes, you're right. I liked however the way he turned on his heels and stepped back to the car... it was kinda cool and here he really looked like a guy you wouldn't want to mess around with - know what I mean?
In the book he didn't get out of the car at all, because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold back.
Mrs.V: But then he drove away and (you know I have this crush on cars…) this was really cool, Zack - boom - turn around and gone! Sexy!
Fanny: Ooh yeah, the fishtail turn... did you know btw. that "Volvo" is Latin for "I turn"? Artsie told me that. She would always come up with irritating stuff like this when we talk Twilight. But this one is funny, right?
Mrs.V: *giggles* Well, so good to have Artsie for this stuff... .
“I feel very protective of you” (m)
Mrs.V: Ohhh...
Fanny: Ohhh...
Mrs.V: ...here comes one of the loveliest scenes in the movie – the restaurant *sigh*.
Fanny: Lovely... *sigh*

Mrs.V: Wasn’t it sweet how Edward dazzled Jessie and Angela in front of the restaurant?
Fanny: Ohhh...
Mrs.V: Although they completely forgot Edward's white make-up here.
Fanny: They did? I thought it was intended.
Mrs.V: The light in the whole movie is more blueish – cold, which fit’s perfectly.

This here is the only scene where we have a warm coloring and...
Fanny: It sets you in the...
Mrs.V: ...it sets you in the mood for the scenery.
Fanny: ...mood for the... hey, I was just going to say that!
*looks up, stunned* I think I love you, Mrs.V!
Mrs.V: *gasp* God, Fanny, I love you too, sofa king much!!!

Mrs.V and Fanny are dancing around,
entwined, squeeing and giggling hysterically
- - -
- - -
- - -
12 minutes later... :

Mrs.V: Ok... *wipes eyes*
Fanny: *sniffs* Where were we?
Mrs.V: Edward is admitting the mind reading, but most of all he admits his fascination and obsession with Bella.
Fanny: Yes. Ohhh...
Mrs.V: “I feel very protective of you”.
Fanny: Well, actually he says: "I (break)... I feel (one more break)... very (another really small break)... protective of you." Oh god, so intense!
Mrs.V: But the dialogue that always makes me sigh is this one:
“I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.” – “Then don't.” (all m) I even have gooseflesh while writing it...
Fanny: Uhm... really? I've been chronically goosebumpish ever since we started part one of this discussion.
Mrs.V: ...love love love the scene, his face is soo beautiful… he is so gorgeous here… I fell even more in love with him here...
Fanny: And so did I! *embraces herself, swooning*
But it was so different from what we got in...
Mrs.V: ...the book?
Fanny: Hell... yes!! Oh my god - we even are finishing each other's sentences now! *embraces MrsV, swooning*
Mrs.V: We are meant for each other I'm sure!
*hugs Fanny hard* OoooOo, I have an emotional moment...
Fanny: Awwww...
15 minutes later... :

Mrs.V: Ok. *clears throat* In the book we get much more than in the restaurant scene – or better: afterwards, when they are back in the car driving home. Which is perfectly portrayed on this TP... aww TP, really Fanny! Was that necessary?
Fanny: Uhm...
Mrs.V: Bella tells Edward here finally that she knows that Edward is a vampy. Movie-Bella is still not sure about that and she needs to read in the dramatic book, do some MacBook googling. We see some flashbacks and then she knows…
Fanny: I think, the main difference between book and movie here is the whole mood, especially what is with Edward.
Movie-E is generally more tortured and dark.
Mrs.V: You're right, Robward is pretty much influenced by Midnight Sun.
Fanny: In the book, all of the I-know-what-you-are dialogues, whether in the restaurant, in the car or in the cafeteria, were much more light-mooded, even good-humored sometimes.
Well, they tried to put something like that in: "Yes. No. To get to the other side...", and of course: "Money- sex - money- sex - CAT!" *giggles* But in the book it was all more fascinating. And more logical, or so I think.
Mrs.V: However, now the movie makes a big mix up of scenes and things that happened much slower in the book.
Especially our beloved meadow scene was totally screwed, but wait - let’s go step by step!
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" (b,m)
Mrs.V: Which brings us to the forest scene – the scene we all saw 100.000 times in every trailer and promo.

I loved very much how the scene started, Bella going to the woods followed by hunky Edward! *shivers* This dialogue is already a classic and all of us can cite it by heart. Although, honestly: did Bella really look like she’s NOT afraid? She more looked like she would pee her pants right now…
Fanny: Ok - I didn't want to do that, I really didn't. But we must talk about Kristen Stewart now!
Look, if an actress has only three different facial expressions at her disposal, then judging the intended display of emotion is quite... um, demanding, admittedly. But we can't deny she threw in everything she's got!
I took the effort to illustrate her repertoire for you...
Mrs.V: Oh, you shouldn't have...
Fanny: Just wait a sec... *rummages in her portfolio* there:

Fanny: So you see... in order to show that she wasn't actually scared but nonetheless emotionally agitated, she made the right choice: "Face (c)"! That's what being a good actress is all about, don't you think? I mean it could have been worse - she could have chosen "Face (a)", after all. Go figure!!!
Mrs.V: Ok, Ok if we're talking about Kristen, I would like to mention I liked her as Bella. I mean, yes I see the lack of different facial expressions (which you perfectly showed in this..uhm. storyboard), but I thought she fits into the role.
Anyway Edwards takes Bella “up the mountain – out of the cloudbank”(m) - she needs to see what he looks like in the sunlight. OOoOoooo. Ok, let’s see Sparkleboy!
Uhm, ok I better say not too much about the sparkle-diamond effect, I’d just like to mention that they had a poor budget and did the best they could afford for the money they had, Ok?
Fanny: I don't think there's anyone who didn't feel the sparkle effect was an epic fail. But the lame twinklepinkle aside, I was happy however, that they showed the very moment. In the book, that was missing, remember? There was a chapter break, then Bella said: "Edward in the sunlight was shocking". But at this moment they were already lying in the grass, relaxed and comfortable.
Mrs.V: Personally I think the scene could have been done better. We are rushed through “my family, we are different from others of our kind”(m) and “I’m only afraid of loosing you”(m) to finally “So the lion fell in love with the lamp”(b,m).
Fanny: Just a sec... *takes pen, scribbles frantically* Like that?

Mrs.V: What the...? Oh! Lamb, ok? In love with the lamb! God...!
Fanny: *giggles* Sorry, I could not resist...
Mrs.V: Jesus...! Rather like this:

Anyway, the meadow: it's all too fast, definitely too fast!
Fanny: Yeah! *snorts* Tell me about it!
Mrs.V: It’s a pity, this is the scene every one of us waited for and then they cut it so short and mixed it up. The meadow was one of the key scenes in the book and also one of the most emotional ones. They spend the whole day together and slowly get to know each other. We read from Edwards’s inner conflict when he’s so close to her, Bella’s overwhelming scent. This whole touching thing was so sweet described in the book, how Edward put his cheek over her heart or Bella touches softly Edwards’s hand and face.
Fanny: Oh, one of my all time fave Twilight moments: when Edward listened to her heartbeat, a sound so precious to him, and then sighed... oh my god, I'm almost crying right now just thinking of it! I couldn't even finish the storyboard I wanted to make, because I was crying all the time and the paper got all wet, so... well, like I said: I just... *sobs* I.... couldn't.
Mrs.V: This was wonderful in the book and we get nothing like this in the movie. This was really the break-through in their relationship including the first kiss and the first sleepover. I miss that. Sweetie, what do you say about the meadow?
Fanny: I totally agree with everything you said. I mean, it was even hard to understand THAT and WHY Bella fell in love all of a sudden. Although Kristen was bravely varying her three faces all through the meadow scene. And Edward's gymnastic display and all... *shakes head*

Mrs.V: I mean they tried to show how conflicted Edward is: “This is the skin of a killer, Bella” - “I wanted to kill you” (m) Edward’s last and final attempt to keep Bella away from him:
“As if you could fight me off. As if you could outrun me”(m,b). Including some fast vampire speed running (????) and some tree damaging…
Fanny: Uhm... he did that in the book too, actually. But there he at least apologized for his absurd behaviour.
Mrs.V: Exhibit: One more thing I'd like to add here in this part: the appearance of the Nomads. In the book we don't meet them before the Baseball game, but in the movie we see them earlier. First we see someone running away and then finally we see how Wayland gets killed. This all happens before Bella knows about vampires. Why did they do that? Let the bad Vamps appear earlier? And then we even have a dead man. Maybe to increase the tension? Did the movie need that? Did WE need that?

Fanny: Yeah, folks, DID WE? Come and tell us your thoughties! We wanna know all about it...
Mrs.V: *wipsers to Fanny*: I really love working on this part, I just hope all the girls come back and comment just like last week. It was awesome, wasn´t it?

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26 truly lovely comments..:

rpfangirldc said...

OMG! I have been saying some of this stuff since day 1. Finally someone has said something.

Loved it!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, I'm coming back to properly comment with the book in front of me and eyes on the tv *while watching Twilight* but I just wanted to say that well... you guys make me laugh with the images and you guys dancing for 12 minutes.. *cracking up*
Ok, I promise to come back and give my thoughts.

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

My fave: the lamp! LOL...

Twilight movie quote:

"It's a pretty good worklamp."

*walks away, giggling*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks Betti, I guess it was necessary to point at this again, right?


*points at Betti* it is really good that I love you that much.... just saying...

bierbeck said...

Fanny I was laughing so hard at the part about Kristens different faces and the drawings that go with it that I literally could not breathe. I still can't stop laughing about it. I do agree with Mrs. V on that though. I do like Kristen for the role, she really is perfect for it, although her facial expressions do drive me crazy.

While the restaraunt scene in the movie is very sweet and one of my favorite scenes in the movie, it was still nothing compared to the book. There was so much more in the book. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time I was reading that part in the book and it just did not come across in the movie. And the car ride home in the book was so important and they pretty much just skipped over it in the movie.

The meadow scene was by far the most disappointing scene in the whole movie. It is the most important part of the book and it is so forced and awkard in the movie. When Edward says "Do you think you can outrun me?" in the movie I cringe with embarressment for Rob and that is really hard for me to say since I LOVE Rob, but really it was awful. When they are laying together in the sun later Rob is laying in the wierdest position and it again seems very awkward, and not in the good way.

No need for me to comment on the sparkle scene since it is all agreed that it was awful.

Thanks again ladies for the laughs. I am loving your discussions.

Stoney said...

*claps hands* I kept notes this time while I read. I am so smart S-M-R-T!

Edward Growl: Erm...major dissapointment for me.
I wanted some farking protective
demon rawr. Not the pussy, barely
audible "purrrar"!

The Volvo: This was probably
my hubby's fav part of the movie.
"No honey, I will not be impressed
if you try to do this with my Nissan - thanks for the effort though."

Restaurant scene...on the top
of my fav movie moments for shiz.

Sir Sparkles-a-lot: I always watch this scene with the commentary on and I laugh my fucking ass off. Rob is to die for..."I don't see nothin' wrong..."

Movie Meadow Scene: EPIC FAIL.

Did we NEED nomad tension?:
*Sigh* I don't want to say yes...but I have to. For the hubby's out there that DIDN'T read the book and were forced against their will to watch the movie (as well as those non-readers) probably really needed
an early-in-the-film intro to the
'bad' vamps. And to be totally
honest...any extra Cam G. is fine
by me...

Thanks again ladies...superb job!

i wear alice cullen pjs said...

nice job ladies ..... :)...talking about Kristen's facial expressions, anybody notice how many times Kristen bites her lip in the movie? not just twilight but a majority of her movies its highly annoying.

itsjustme said...

Ok, let's see. I agree I would have rather seen the long convo ib the car as well. I did like the Volvo scene. Everytime I watch it, I hope this time Edward will hit them with the car. The make-up I thought was intentional. I always felt that he looked more "human" as the movie progresses b/c Bella is awakening human emotions within him. The dinner scene is my favorite of the movie. He is beyond beautiful. This scene started my Robsession b/c of the holy voice of seduction playing in the background.*looks around* Who the hell is this Kristen everyone keeps talking about? Yes, def the meadow scen is too short.Also, I think I would have liked the sparkle effect better had Robward taken his shirt completely off. JS

SBGDGT said...

Oh, that was fun! Squeeing and giggling make everything happier! I got a big grin and actually LOL'd watching you guys! I might have been the one that tried to interrupt about 7 min into the squee, but I gave up and patiently waited!

Bella's computer searching skills ticked me off. :p She doesn't know about the vamps already? Come on! Ok, fine! She didn't. Trip to Port Angeles. Walking. Walking. Creeps. Volvo! I LOVED when it whipped around the corner!Mmm! Robward growled? Purred? what!? Did I miss that? :-/ I heard Catherine say that Robs understudy did that scene and they were all really scared he did so good there compared to what Rob did. Ouch! Sorry, back to the discussion... Yeah, Edward dazzles the girls. That was great! The dinner was nice. OH! He can read minds. A-ha! (do we find that out any time before this in the movie? been a while) The lighting helped here too. To skip a lot of yada, yada, I liked the way Bella finds out about the vamps a hell of a lot sooner in the book. But at the time, the movie worked out just fine. I still wasn't sure what made these two fall in love. When did that happen? Where was the chemistry? Did I blink for 10 minutes and miss it? Bella tells Edward she knows, he's running w/ some bad CG (Yes, it was a small budget, but still), and the Lion and the Lamb. Ok. I'll take you're word on it because oh, how that line melts my heart every time. Movie or book. The meadow scene SHOULD have been extended! But like I've said before, I didn't know it was missing when I watched the movie 1st. And I watched the movie like 5 times and still had no clue what Bella saw when she looked at Ed in the sun! Yes, budget, but being a complete twi-virgin, I was at a total loss for ideas.

Nomads: I am so torn on that question! *deep breath* For the movie, they needed to set the tone for the "bad guys". By showing vampires hunting the way they normally do, and making them pretty twisted, if you ask me, then it sets them up for the showdown later. It gives Charlie something to do and adds another piece of the puzzle to finally clue Bella in. In the book, they are not initally "bad guys" they are just not vamp vegetarians. They weren't meant to be bad, just curious passers by. I think since we get a lot more of the emotional set up in the book, which could not be conveyed in a short, small-budget, adaptation, then the visual set up of their feeding was good.

One final note, AGH! I love her movies but Kristen annoyed me w/ her eye rolls and her little breaths... I think that Danielle Panabaker would have been the PERFECT Bella, and she can act. (I have a pic of her on my blog if you're curious). Ok, I've said my piece and can't wait for part 3! :)

randomreetie said...

I have a silly movie-related question. How did Bella's book end up in her bedroom? When she got out of Edward's car at the police station she wasn't carrying anything. When she left with Charlie she wasn't carrying anything. In the next scene she has her Queliute book, which she never reads anyway.
Oh, and another thing about that scene. If Edward can read everyone's minds, how come he had such a pained expression trying to figure out why Carlisle's car was at the police station?
Just wondered.
And I was laughing so hard at the KStew's expressions "storyboard" that I couldn't continue reading and had to walk away momentarily. Excellent job!

awcrap said...

I'm so disappointed I missed part 1!
You mentioned the part I HATED most about the movie: Where was the sense of humour? I loved the "crooked little smile", the sarcasm, the insided vampire jokes; instead we get angst overkill!
The 3 faces of Kristen--HAlarious and unfortunately TOO TRUE!!!
I completely agree with your assessment on the meadow scene; WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT, I was prepared for some seat wiggling enjoyment here and instead...
The restaurant scene, WAS pretty but where was the
Edward: "I Dazzle you?"
Bella: "Frequently."
part? THAT'S MY FAV. LINE! Did I miss it somewhere???
LOVE the review ladies, excellent job! Thanks for starting my day with a smile and deep thoughts.;) Can't wait for #3!

uhyesplease said...

Yep, for the first time ever I’m writing this comment in a worddoc first and then gonna C/P it! Cuz I love this discussion so much!

Ok – the whole dumbass computer/book thing is dumb. I agree. However, it just had to happen right, to get her to PA and the book store, etc. I do really really really like how the movie actually built some suspense w/ the bad vamps sprinkled throughout (the book didn’t mention it at all until they showed up at the baseball field. Like SM was like, “What? A good book has some suspense in it? Hmmm? Maybe a little action? Hmmm? How about some bad nonvegetarian vamps with killer pecks that can try to kill Bella for some reason other than to piss off a vamp they don’t know. Wait. That’s the ticket – let’s let the one with the smokin’ hot abs be the one to try to kill Bella for no real reason…..yeah……that’s it…)

I digress….

I do miss the big conversation about him being a vamp in the car, but I did like that scene in the movie (despite *insert chapped lips saying “vampire”*) quite a bit.

Here comes the Volvo - The movie commentary was pure WIN. I’ve never actually watched one before with that feature on – so when he makes the ‘gay’ voice during the scene I was in STICHES. “Sssssseriously guys……Let’s keep it sssssimple” Dying…. And when Catherine and Kristen totally burn him by saying the stunt guy did it way better. ROTFL!

And yes, the car doing that fishtail thing sorta made my panties burst into flames. BFF turned to me at that point in the movie and we both said, “oooooh, I wish our husbands could do that!”

Restaurant scene – I loved it. I know it’s different, but it totally worked for me. I just channeled my inner 16 year old and loved it. (Money…sex….cat.)

When you and Fanny danced around – I just died laughing….

I LOVE THE FACES OF KRISTEN!!!! Dying…completely had to show it to DH and he laughed too.

Side note – so I saw Adventureland the other day. Good flick. However, I’ve always been a KStew defender – thinking that she portrayed Bella as a blinky, sighing, lip biter as a personal choice. It was kinda annoying, but I just thought, “Hey, that’s what she decided to do as a actor, so whatever.” And then I saw her in the other movie and realized. “Uh, nope, that’s just her. That’s Kristen.” Shit.

Ok, the Meadow. I was sad. I really liked it in the book - E was so angsty and tortured. I got the feeling that for a moment he really thought about killing her. But in the movie? Nope. Instead kinda whiny, over explaining and perched in a tree. The best part of the movie was when Kstew tripped (a la bella, but I think it was probably accidental!) and the commentary when Rob goes, “I’m a schweady guy!” Also – one big prop to Catherine was all the dialogue w/o sound. So in the meadow, in that big tree (a la spidermonkey) and in Bella’s bed there was just music and them moving their lips. In my head it was genius because we could put in whatever dialogue was our favorite that they could ‘talk’ about. So that saved the meadow scene for me….

However, it was really shot like a big sex scene, but there wasn’t any touching. Weird.

And as hot as the bed kiss scene - I miss the kiss at the end of the meadow....so cute and way more 'appropriate' in a high school way than their first kiss on her bed. Ya know?

So, epic comment for epic post and epic discussion! See why I had to wait!!! LOVERS YOU TWO!

First Blush said...

Hi Mrs. V! *waves*

Ana at TDM highly touted your book vs. movie blog and requested we all get up and take trip over HERE as a birthday gift to her. Who am I to say no? :)

First, I saw the movie before I read the books and I can tell you that I didn’t need to read the story to see Edward and Bella fall in love. So where was it in the movie?

- E. saves B. (check) I’d fall in love after just that part
- B. asks where the Cullens are and Jessica says they go camping. Bella’s definitely interested. (check)
- E. saves B. in the Volvo from drunk monsters (double check)
- E. tells B. he feels protective of her in the restaurant (swoon/check)
- E. tells B. he doesn’t have the strength to say away from her anymore (heart flutter…dizzy, who needs a check)
- E. & B. just before the meadow. Forget the lion x lamb just watch how he places his hand gently over her heart. (more flutters…yup they’re in love no more checks necessary)

Ok so not everyone liked the movie. Case in point was my hubby couldn’t get through the first 20 minutes. He HATED the movie and didn’t even get to the Port A. scene. Here are some things that even a twi fan hates:

Bad acting/bad lines
- Bad Growl vs. Good Car. The growl was definitely not menacing. The stare would have been enough. However the escape in the car makes me nearly forget the bad growl. (**spoiler question** why are they changing the Volvo in NM?!)
- The bizarre hair on the restaurant waitress (what was that!) She sort of looked like a scary Minnie Mouse.
- In the car after the restaurant. Bella: ‘WOA What is going on?’ What kind of a stupid line is that? It sounded like a bad voice over and no one talks like that in the first place.
- In the meadow. I love both book E and movie E. but when R. P. traps B. and asks her to tell him what she’s thinking because he can’t read her mind… Poor Rob it looks like he’s thinking ‘Ew, I actually have to touch this mossy stuff. Yuck.’ He seems kind of girly there.

Not like the book:
- I read this somewhere else so it’s not an original thought but book E. would have never yanked book B through the forest like movie E. did. He probably would have broken her arm in two if not severed it. He would never be that rough with her.

Remembering that I saw the movie first, I have to admit that I was ready to freak out when Edward walked into the sunlight. I had no idea what to expect (melting skin, scary frightening monster) the twinkles were actually a relief. Also I think they needed to introduce the bad vampires so you knew why the Cullens reacted the way they did at the ball field.

This was fun, thanks for the suggestion Ana. FB.

Countess_Twicula said...

You commented on all the right points girls.Ever since I saw the movie I got disappointed from the little time the filmakers dedicated to the precious ''chit-chat''moments of Edward & Bella.Instead they added inutile details like the ''purring''and the ''sex-money-CAT detail.Also there's one thing I don't get at all; enlighten me should you know:What is he talking about at the beggining of this scene?

Countess_Twicula said...

When she demands some answers why does he responds with ''yes.no.to get to the other side.and the square of π''???Please answer me if you have any idea.And isn't that dialogue a bit of and irrelevant?

First Blush said...


Bella asks for answers and Edward is being flippant by responding with answers to questions that weren't asked.

Rhetorically: Yes, No

Why did the chicken cross the road?
'To get to the other side'

All he's doing is evading her real question of what are you and how did you save me...again.

One Pushy Fox said...

Mrs. V and Fanny, another fabulous job. I don't think I can add anything that hasn't been said above, except Fanny, I adore your art!!!

Countess_Twicula said...

First Blush,
Thank you very much for the explanation. English are not my mother tongue and sometimes that gets in the way.But finally now I know!

Amy said...

Another lovely discussion!

The restaurant scene is my second favorite scene (after the Biology class). I would say that scene has *sigh* written all over it, but you already took care of that lol! Whenever I think of it, I go back to the Midnight Sun version where we learn more about the waitress and how she slipped her number to Edward and such. I still found the "CAT!" amusing, but the book, I think, captured a deeper connection. In the movie it went from "Here, eat your mushroom ravioli" to "Hey, I'm going to bring you to my house" super quick for me. Oh, and I didn't realize the whole cold vs. warm thing! Thanks for pointing that out.

Now to the meadow scene. I didn't read the book when I saw the movie so I guess I have a bit of a different perspective. I was freaked out by the whole, "Come with me!" and grabbing Bella's arm and crap. Then he starts talking about how he's killed people and she keeps telling him, "I trust you." But then, there's the whole putting his arm against the rock and trapping Bella part when she says, "Now I'm scared." Then Edward says, "Good" or "You should be" I don't remember exactly, and then 2 seconds later she's all, "I'm not afraid of you." I was all kinds of confused! She seemed pretty freaked out to me, as was I, but then she's not? Ugh. Book version definitely tops this ridiculousness.

As for the Nomads...I honestly fast forward through those parts when I watch the movie. They just weren't captivating to me.

Well, thanks for another great discussion!

Alice said...

“I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

*sigh*. I loved how he acted all tortured when pronouncing "strength".

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Ok, I better comment now because this is going to be a busy weekend. First it should be noted that I saw the Movie before reading the books. I have to agree with you on everything. Edward saving Bella. Was there a growl? I didn't hear it. All I saw was Edward giving them a hard glare and I had to ask my hubby did he get into their minds, what? Why did the guys run off? Needless to say, them spinning off in the Volvo. Cool. Now the restaurant scene. In the book this played out much differently in my head. Maybe more intimate in my head but regardless. This is where they're relationship changes in the movie so I won't be it up. Plus Rob's song playing in the background. Mmm.

Meadow Scene. There's no doubt that the Movie did not do this scene in the book justice. They seemed to be having more of an Q & A then an actual romantic rendezvous and the Movie does show Edward in some awkward positions while lying on the ground. With out the book in front of me, don't they kiss a lot, even though Edward is strained and has to stop and pull Bella off of him? I can't remember. That should have been shown in the movie. As for Edward sparkling. Um, it didn't bother me. I think in general why does he sparkle? That would be more a complaint that I would have with say Stephanie Meyer, then the movie, but it's her interpretation and I respect that. Outstanding job ladies!!

Mrs. Robward said...

So I may or not told you both, but I saw the movie before I read the books. Hell, I OWNED the movie before I read them. Then I read them all 4.5 quickly & I watched the movie over & over & over! I would get all excited to watch a certain scene, then to be reminded that is in the book, NOT the movie. ....Disappointment.

** the La Push scene was so so IMO. Maybe it's because there wasn't much Edward? I srsly watched the movie & fast forward thru the non-Ed parts!) It's important I suppose for the whole "scaree story" thing.

I agree w/Ganny, the whole drive home from Port Ang SHOULD have been better. He pulls off the road in the book & the movie scene was just..blah.

Edward's scary face + growl, not so scary. I would rather have a lip ripple & show us then sharp teeth! Why didn't he just dazzle them bad guys, OH WAIT! That's Tru Blood & Vamp Diaries, ::snicker::

**The restaurant scene, O.M.G. my favorite of the whole movie (I think) Eddie boy is some hot stuff! Love him singing in the back ground & then the smooth sexy word that float from his mouth...I jizzed in mah pants!

**Mrs.V you say u like how the meadow scene starts? Not me, it kinda makes me baby barf in my mouth just watching it. Sorry. She's not supposed to be scared but she looks like she just shite herself and then Ed's nostrils are all flaring.
The scene was rushed, the effects were eeww, I HATE seeing him rip that tree up! The sparkling doesn't bother me, except for him turning away when he says that he is a killer, "turn back around here, let me get a closer look....." the meadow was TOTAL let down for me, the best part was when he cornered her in between the rocks ::wiggles eyebrows::

Could have done w/o the nomad thing. WHOCARES =]

So there is my 2cents!

Love Love Love this chat!

Mrs. Robward

Mrs. Robward said...

I forgot to say, the whole little scene we see of Bella on the couch & Vamp Edward biting on here & then he has blood dripping DOWN his chin!

I want a entire movie of THAT!

Mrs. Robward

Call of Duty Widow said...

Hey ladies, I'm getting this in at the last minute (Thanks for the reminder Mrs V). Again, I saw the movie (and laughed at it) before I read the books. I've seen the movie 10 plus times but only read the books one time. I never noticed that Edward growled at the drunk dudes, I just thought he looked constipated. The stunt driver was awesome!

I liked the restaurant scene, mostly because of the guy who was thinking about cats. Mrs V knows I'm a crazy cat lady :) This is the part where Edward seems most vulnerable and human. It's definitely a big part of where I fell in love with Edward and Rob.

The Kristen Stewart facial expressions story board: priceless. I've seen several of her movies and she is the same character in every one. I'm not sure how much of her mouth breathing and lip biting I can take.

The sparkle effect would have only worked if Rob was totally naked. That's the only way I wouldn't have noticed the cheesy tinkling noise in the soundtrack.

My main problem with the movie is that they don't really show any reasons for Edward or Bella to fall in love with each other. I missed all of the discussions they had getting to know each other. Cramming some of that into the movie wouldn't have been to hard, would it?

Amber said...

I hope I'm not too late...I've had this post open for a week and just realized that my time has run out. LOL

I wasn't really thrilled with the way she found out that Edward was a vampire. But it's hard to discuss without moving into the car ride home discussion, which you pointed out comes later.

I liked the way the "rescue" scene was handled, but I would have liked a more pronounced growl as well. Apparently there were issues with the growls, the commentary mentions that in the baseball scene.

The restaurant scene is absolutely wonderful. It's one of the closest things we get to the getting to know each other scenes in the book. Although, it seems strange for her to know that he can read minds before she knows he's a vampire. The dialogue is wonderful here.
I love that Rob read Midnight Sun before he did the movie and we get the more tortured Edward. In the book it's all through Bella's eyes...I think Rob's Edward is more authentic. (Well, for a fictional character)
Missed the car ride home the way it was in the book...

I agree, I liked the way the "meadow" scene started. That was lovely and dramatic. I think she did look afraid before she said it. Not that she was afraid of him, but afraid of how he might react to her knowing what he was.

I have 2 problems with the meadow scene. The first your pretty much covered...it just wasn't there compared to the book. We didn't get the time they spent together, learning each other. We didn't see them testing their limits...and we didn't get that beautiful first kiss. I honestly could have dealt with the sparkling just fine...if there weren't little chimes playing. And he was definitely lying strangely in that scene. At least they left in the lion and the lamb lines...those are my absolute faves and I swoon every time.

Now here is my second issue...
They moved away completely from the reason that Edward took Bella to the meadow in the books. In the movie, he took her there to try and scare her away. Thinking if she saw more physical proof of what he was, she'd come to her senses.
In the book, it was him sharing another level of himself with her. It was something intimate and special. A gift he was giving, displaying his trust in her. I missed this sentiment in the movie.
It gives people who hadn't read the books a very different view of what that whole scene was supposed to me. In the books, it was a turning point for them. I suppose it was in the movie too...but it just happened too fast and without the love behind it that you found in the meadow of the book.

Okay, I think I've written enough of a book now! LOL Can't wait for the next discussion. This is wonderful.

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments!!!

The Recap is up now : http://letsridethevanquish.blogspot.com/2009/10/book-vs-movie-recap-pt2.html

Take your time and read the wonderment that came form all of you :-))

And my dear people, just so you know: I am gone next week so the next discussion will be October 28. Hope to see you all again! *waves*

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