Sunday, July 5

The Beginning ... right into the A.T. era

This is the following of this post:

After the audiobook arrived, I immediately started

listening and I fell in love. This was conceivable, right?

Normally, I just hear audio´s when I´m driving to work, but here I couldn´t stop the whole night and I finished within two days. Before it was even at the very end, I ordered the remaining audiobooks and the books.

I was dazzled right from the beginning, but I think this

happened to most of us.

While listening to Twilight I remembered the theatre in Thailand and that this book is even a movie!

Holy shit.

I have to see it !

Problem, it was March and fuck, do they still show it??? Is the DVD already released?

Oh.My.God. What to do ???

I looked it up at the biggest theatre here in Munich and damn! I was lucky!! It was the only theatre still showing it, only once a day and at 5 p.m. Doesn´t matter! Since Mr. Vanquish is quite often flying around in the world, I took my chance.

I´ve never been in a movie alone!! I never even considered going in theatre alone. But now everything is different, we are in the A.T era and I.Have.To.See.This.Movie !!! Well, I saw myself sitting alone in the theatre, when next day BFF Vanquish asked my about my weekend planes:

BFF Vanquish: What are doing in the weekend.

Mrs. Vanquish: I´ll go in the cinema...

BFF Vanquish: With whom?

Mrs. Vanquish: Uhmmmm, alone??

BFF Vanquish: What are you going to see and why the fuck are you going alone????

Mrs. Vanquish: Uhmm, this is a teenage, very romantic love film with vampires... so Mr. Vanquish wouldn´t like to see it and I´m not sure who else would like to see such a movie...

BFF Vanquish: I´ll come with you.

Mrs. Vanquish: Are you sure, it will probably really cheesy and don´t forget the vampires!

BFF Vanquish: Doesn´t matter...

I love her! I really do :-)

And this was the beginning, I infected her! I did it !

The experience seeing Twilight the first time was breathtaking!

BFF didn´t read the books so she didn´t know what to expect, but she was speechless. We bought some popcorn but as right after the commercials the deer hit the screen, we didn´t touch it anymore. We were both stunned and just staring at the screen.

I was not sure who could play Edward, but fuck!!! Robward had me as he walked in the cafeteria!!!

I will never forget the moment i saw him first time!!!

Shit, that they only showed it once a day. If they would have shown it again, BFF and I would have gone to see again right after we walked out!!! If I would still live in B.T. this would never came to my mind...

I have to tell, although BFF loves Twilight, Edward and Rob she´s not

an obsessive Twihard person. But I love her for letting me be like this and she´ll go to New Moon premiere with me.....

All movie pics are from everglow, thanks so much!

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