Thursday, July 16

Team Carlisle anyone?

I'm Team Edward, no doubt! However, I think Carlisle should get some love, too. I mean it's due to him that Edward is in our lives. Carlisle is Edward's father and at least for that he needs our support.

Yeah, Team Edward!!!

Unfortunately there are mostly Team Edward or Team Jacob (aka. the dog) people out there! ( I apologize now, once for all, for being rude with Jacob, don't blame me). For example, if you just go and do a simple google search and compare the number of hits :

  • Team Edward 60.8 million
  • Team Jacob 25.5 million
  • Team Carlisle 3.9 million

I think, this didn't do him justice!

Anyhoo, why is that so?

It's not like Edward or the dog are still on the market, at least not after Breaking Dawn. Edward, well he has Bella and dog apparently likes monsters from Scotland. Therefore, it cannot be the fact that Carlisle is married to Esme.

Might it be the age? Yeahh, the dog is definitely out of my range, 17 is really punishable. While Edward is also 17, this doesn't matter since he's in fact around 100, much more mature and sexier and hotter and *yummie*, simply it's just Edward! Carlisle was 23 when he got turned and now he's a few centuries old. Well, with vampires age doesn't matter.

Maybe it's the hair thing. Nobody has hair like Robward! Here is a nice lecture about rob's hair. Maybe some girls might like Jacob´s hair, I have no clue... And honestly, Carlisle hair is just ordinary.I could find a billion reasons for Team Edward, while I can't find any for Team Dog. Maybe just this one pic there.... but sill, it's a dog and I have an animal allergy.

So, just take a second and remember some Carlisle moments from the movie. Carlisle is always the good guy. Really, he's amazing and it's not just MommyV who thinks so.

As he entered the ER I thought „Damn he's hot and that smile!",... apart from this freaking white make up (Specially in this scene it's horrible!).

Recall the ballet studio where he said: „Son, remember who you are!", or when he put the bitch Rosalie in her place: „.... and we protect our family!" There he won my heart! He's lovely. Maybe he's not as sexy and hot as Edward, but he's cute and charming. Remember the sweet moment in New Moon where he pieces up Bella. To all that comes the fact that Peter is just perfect for this role. He seems like a really nice and loving family-guy

That's why I think Carlisle will get a special place in my Twilight heart, too.

And think about that: If you'd like to become one of them, Carlisle is your man! You never know if Edward might be bored from Bella at some point (the chances are quite good, I guess) and then: whoosh!! You're there!

11 truly lovely comments..:

caring erratic hairbrained mom said...

You know, if my husband hadnt gotten fixed, our nexy child if a girl was going to be named, Im secretly on his team. I linked up to your blog, hope you dont mind...

Mrs. Vanquish said...

No not at all, thank you for linking!!!
Then, welcome in the Secret Carlisle Team.:-) And Carlisle is just a awesome name.

EtomyB said...

Hey! So... I do like Carlisle. He's pretty awesome. He's too father-figurey for me, though, and I am in love with his son. (Bella, you say? Who is this Bella person? Never heard of her)
"Maybe just this one pic there.... but sill, it's a dog and I have an animal allergy." -- LOL!!!Classic!
Oh, and it's never bad to be rude to Team Jacob. They deserve it. *wink*

cutie said...

I do agree that poor Carlisle is left in the dust. Which is utter sadness, especially when I hear about these Team Lukewarmers (aka Team Country) freaking make a choice! But that's not what we are talking about here.

If I were forced to acknowledge anyone else was in the movie or book Carlisle would be the man I'd pick. WHICH is saying a lot!

You KILLED me with, "dog apparently likes monsters from Scotland." WAY to freaking funny!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks for your comments, I love them!! I´m always happy to find a new comment.

@EtmyB Yes, he is just the father here, that´s why he get that space in my heart. Bella? that´s the one, Edward will get bored with, I hope :-)

@cutie: lol now I have to google wtf is Team Lukewarmers, Luke from Luke Skywalker? No clue ,
I´ll go and check that...
Apart from Carlisle, there is just Alice left who I like , but she´s a chick, doesn´t count!

marie said...

Carlisle is possibly my second favorite character of the series. As for my other thoughts, EtomyB took the words right out of my mouth! Bella who?

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@ I´m so happy that Carlisle is not so alone in the world! :-)

Annie said...

I agree that Carlisle is amazing. My heart also skipped a beat the first time he walked into the hospital after Bella's accident. And I think the actor did an incredible job portraying his compassion in the film. So yes, I'm a proud member of Team Carlisle! :D

cutie said...

@ Mrs. V - Team Lukewarmers is mine. As in luke warm water (neither hot nor cold) or middle ground people. Those who toe the line. Won't commit. There's a biblical reference there as well, yep I'd even take it that freaking far, but I don't want to debate religion. Just know I am all BUSINESS about this ridiculous Team Swisscrap. Hell, even Bella realized how wrong she was! Oh man, I can feel the rant. I am done. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Carlisle fan, and, like a lot of y'all, completely swooned the first time he walked into the ER in the movie. Book Carlisle is even better! Although I'm still trying to figure out why he didn't have any clue that Edward and Bella might want to use some protection...

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