Monday, July 13

Did you feel the void after BD ...?

After I finished BD I felt so lost, so I started again with Twilight and the other ones. I repeated this five times in a row and I still felt lost. In between I read Midnight sun and I love love love it and I'm so mad with SM that she didn't finish it, but again I felt lost. I was so fucking desperate.

*sigh* things are so different now...

The natural development was the search for compensation. While this search I stumbled over Fanfiction. I had no idea that such kinds of stuff exists. I was cautious. I mean, is it right to read that stuff, as those people take characters from an author and make it their own ?? What if they fuck off the characters ??

But there was this big fat void and I had to fill it! Damn it, so get over here those Fanfic stuff!!

With this a whole new world opened! I started with Post-BD FanFic, but I'm not a big fan of that little small annoying Renesmee. Well, and then there is all this Twi-smut stuff around. Thank God that there are so many bloggys dealing with this, so I didn't have to search myself. Thank you all for this!!!

You know, I'm really picky, I don't read everything!!!

One thing I never read was AU human stuff. I mean, I like the whole sparkle vampire stuff really! A lot!! There was no point reading this, it felt completely wrong, out of space to me.Hmm, then a read this post here! The title didn't tell me much, but if so many people like it, it cannot be that bad, right?

There has to be something and damn, I have to know!! I don't like being left out..

I started and read the whole weekend! I just stop shortly for a nap, but no way, I had to finish this story. I won't go more into detail because we are discussing it here, anyway. (Thanks Cutie) But after that, I'm not afraid any more of reading human Edward stuff and I know that there are tons out there just ready to read!

Such an awesome story !!!

Well, now comes the best thing:

The thing that really helped me filling this void.

First, I was just happy finding all this wonderful blogs out there! And there are all funny, cute, smutty, wonderful and just everything what I need!!

Then, I started commenting, which was already great, still somehow it wasn't enough. So Mrs.V was born and together with her all this here! It's great, to finally have a place where you can tell, write and post whatever you like. The best thing is that there also nice wonderful people who also read this and not run away :-))

I love Twi-bloggy wonderland!

Love you all, Twi-bloggy Sweeties and Follow-Sweeties!

You all made this Twisession thing so much better!

And this is just for all the SuitRob Lovers around:

8 truly lovely comments..:

marie said...

You are awesomeness! There were a few of us who said they had a deep love for suitRob/tuxRob. Thank you for the lovely picture!

Kristen said...

ok - so next post i request some jeansrob lovin'. :)

And yes - ff is totally the way to go post BD. And waaaay more satisfying in a LOT of ways!

Check out Cuties FF list - and if you need any personal recs, let me know. :)

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@ marie: You are welcome, and because I love those pics so much I just have to go and post them - again and again..!

@Kristen : I´ll do that! Actually, there are so much more JeansRob pics. so it´s hard to find the best ones..:-)
At the moment I´m reading through all those links I found over in bloggyland! It´s a lot !! :-) But if you would tell me your favorite, I would be happy!

Ana Cristina said...

Swoon @ SuitRob. He's the bestest Rob of them all!

I too am looking forward to the WA discussion. I'm almost up to chapter 8 and am loving Wide Awakeward so much!

Thanks goodness for twibloggy friends and fanfic. *sigh*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

@ ana WA is wonderful! And I´m planning to reread it again, I have to ! Also to be prepared for the discussion on Friday :-))

Fire Crotch said...

Dude, I love the cartoon! And Betti's button is super cool!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

I´m just lucky to have all those softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator, with that it´s easy. But thanks anyway :-))

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

LOL - the story of my life!
Agree, and:

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